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15 Years of Lusting (Mother-in-Law)I was born in 1954, and I grow up in a small village in central England. I am happy to say that I have had more than my fare share of, shall I say romantic moments, which I would be happy to share with you. I feel that I should tell that what I have to say is true, I have changed people’s names to protect the not so innocent. This first story is about how I met and fell in lust with my partner’s mother. I was thirty nine years old when I met my current partner, Terri was twenty. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let my cock rule my life any longer, and I would settle down with this one good woman. They said it would never last; but now they can eat their words, fifteen years on and we are closer now then we have ever been. This story starts when we had been seeing each other for about two weeks; Terri asked me to pick her up from her mother’s house after she had had her hair done by her friend Jo, and then back to my place for a night of hot lovin’. I rang the door bell and waited, hoping that Terri would answer, and we’d leave quickly. I had met her mother two or three times, just to say hello nothing much, but the vibes were not good.The thing about being so many years older than Terri is that her mother is the same age as me, and she gave me the impression that she didn’t agree with the age difference. The door opened, it was her mother.“Terri’s not here, she’s still at Jo’s having her hair done.” Then she asked me in to wait, but to be quiet because Sally had just gone off to sleep. Sally was Terri’s three year old sister; she walked away from the door and into the lounge, I followed a little reluctantly. “Sit down.” She said. “I’ll find some trousers to put on.” She was doing the ironing, it had been a very hot day, and she must have found the work very warm, because she was wearing only a pale-blue tee-shirt, which just covered her arse.“Don’t get dressed because of me; you’re obviously comfortable like that.” Shit… what had I just said? I was only trying to be nice, but now it would seem like I was coming on to my girlfriend’s mom. I prepared myself for the on-coming assault. To my surprise she simply said. “That’s very nice of you; it’s really hot doing this stuff.” Smiling, she continued to iron.“Has Terri said anything to you?” She asked.“About what?” I asked.“About me; not agreeing with your relationship.”“Not a word, No.” I replied.“When she told me your age, well I couldn’t understand, I thought that you just wanted a bit on the side.” She said.“It’s not like that.” I hastened.“Let me finish.” She said with a smile. “I’m not having a go at you. Terri is a beautiful young woman. You can understand my concerns I hope.”“Yes I can, but…”“You make her so happy, she always smiling and gets so excited when she’s due to met up with you.” She put down the iron and looked me straight in the eye and said. “I’m not going to stand in your way. If it works, great, if not, then she would have a good time, and hopefully no harm done.”“Then you’re okay about it?” I asked.“Well, let’s put it this way, what are you going to call me, Sam or Mom?”“I think Sam would be best.” I laughed.I sat in silence for awhile, just watching her work. It was obvious where Terri got her looks from. This woman was in her early forties, yet she didn’t look a day over thirty. Her long wavy blond hair cascaded over her shoulders, and framed her lovely face, complementing her deep blue eyes. Sam wasn’t very tall, about five, five, but her legs, which I had a very good view of, was nicely shaped and firm. Her boobs were large, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her tits hanging free, swayed from side to side; I traced their outline and could clearly see her nipples pushing out the material of her tee-shirt. I began to feel the tingling of my cock pulling blood from my body, ready to stand to attention. I looked away, trying to find a book or magazine, anything to take my mind of her. This only made things worse; my gaze was pulled back to her legs, hair and most of all, her lovely swinging boobs. To enhance to problem, she stopped ironing, folded a skirt and bent over to place it with the other clothes. My heart leaped into my mouth as I gazed at her beautifully shaped arse, my eyes followed the thin white stripe of lace that just covered her arsehole and on a little more stretching tightly across her bulging pussy. She turned quickly, and pulling down her tee-shirt to cover herself, she gasped. “You saw my bottom then, didn’t you?” I nodded yes. “Oh my God, You saw my bottom.” Just at that moment the phone rang and she left the room to answer it. I tried to push my cock down, I really tried to keep it under control, but as any man will tell you, a cock has a mind of its own and it began to grow. “That was Terri, she’s still at Jo’s, can you go and pick her up because it’s raining and she doesn’t want to get her hair wet?” She told me how to get to Jo’s house, and then went into the kitchen to get a bag that Terri had asked for. I took this opportunity to make my way to the front door, trying to hide my throbbing cock in the process. I began to open the door with back towards the hallway, hoping this would shield my ever growing erection. As I stepped out Sam came behind me; I kind of half turned and took the bag and held it in front of me. “Don’t break her heart.” She said.“I won’t.” I replied.“Don’t tell that you saw my backside that will be our little secret.” Saying this she touched my hand and sent my cock into stiff mode. I said goodbye and made my way to the car, sliding into the seat I felt my cock. It was big and hard, pushing its way, trying to get out of my trousers, this was the biggest hard-on that I had ever had, and there was nothing I could do with it. I thought about pulling my cock out and jerking off, but I had to pick up Terri, it just had kadıköy escort to wait. I fired up the engine, switched on the lights and started off down the road. After a few minutes I saw Terri standing in Jo’s doorway, she quickly ran to the car, pulled the door open and claimed in. Her skirt moved up her young firm legs, flashing a glimpse of her white inner thigh. She kissed me fully on the mouth and said. “Do you like my hair?” “It’s straight.” I exclaimed.“Yes, but not for long, it will bush out again after it gets wet.”“I should be really mad at you.” I said.“Me! Why?” Terri asked.“You set that up, me and your mom didn’t you?”“Well you had to meet her sometime, and I thought, well I didn’t know what I was thinking. Was it really bad? Did she have a go at you?” She asked quietly.“Not at all, it was rather pleasant actually.” “She didn’t say anything about the age difference?” she gasped.“She’s okay with it, as long as I make you happy. And tonight girl, I’m going to make you so happy.” I pushed up the indicator and drove the car down the rain drenched streets towards my flat, with images of my sweet girl’s mother’s arse flashing into my mind every few seconds. Over the following years I saw Sam in various states of undress, mainly from times that she came to stay with us, for a weekend of shopping and doing girly things with Terri. Like the time when I had to take some things over to her new house, this would be about three years after our first meeting, and she had remarried and moved house. I had left the car in the driveway and carried the large cardboard box the rest of the way to the house. Her daughter Sally who was now about six was playing by the front door. “Hello Ben.” She said, with the most radiant of smiles, big blue eyes and blond hair. I smiled back at her and said. “Hello my little angel, how are you today?” “Are my things in that box Ben? Mom said that you would be bringing them today.”“I think that they are, can you get the door for me honey, because this box is very heavy.” She pushed open the door saying. “Will you take it up to my bedroom please Ben? It’s the one by the bathroom.” I made my way up the stairs and across the landing, passing by the master bedroom, I saw Sam squishing her lovely boobs into a tiny bikini top. “Ben! Well you’ve seen it now. What do you think… for the holidays?”“I think that you should get dressed.” I replied as I moved to Sally’s bedroom, praying that I wouldn’t get a hard-on. Another time was when she was staying with us for a short break; she had come out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. The towel must have slipped off, she had just picked it up when I rounded the corner and saw her standing there. She pulled the towel close to her, forcing her boobs up; it just covered her nipples and hanged loosely between her legs. She gave me the biggest of smiles and walked backwards into her bedroom and closed the door. I had an instant hard-on that time. Then there’s the odd flash of thigh and boob over the years that kept my interest. The time came when I knew that I had to fuck this girl was when she asked me to look into her mouth at a filling in a tooth that she had had the pervious day. She sat on the edge of the sofa looking up at me, and opened her mouth. As I gazed down at her open mouth and the invisible filling I said. “No you can’t see it.” But in my mind all I could see was my big hard cock pumping streams of hot cum over her full red lips and pearly white teeth and onto her soft pink tongue. Terri and I parked up outside of my apartment building and made our way to the entrance door. Terri covered her head from the rain with a newspaper from the car as I punched in the security code and pulled open the door. We made our way to the waiting elevator and I pushed the number five in the panel. “You didn’t say if you liked my new hair style, you just said it was straight.” “You look fucking gorgeous.” I said as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. I knew that she could feel the hardness of my cock pushing against her body. The door slide open, and with trembling fingers I fumbled for the door keys. Once inside the door I quickly removed my jacket and jeans, Terri was inspecting her hair in the hall mirror. I moved behind her and slipped her jacket over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. My hands made their way over her hips and onto her firm stomach before slowly lifting her top to reveal her young firm delicious breasts. My fingers sank into her soft white skin and began to squeeze and pull them apart and up. She pushed her bottom back towards me and let out a long low moan as I tweaked her nipples making them large and hard. I tugged her top from over her head and guided her towards the bedroom and the awaiting bed. She hitched up her skirt and knelt on the edge of the bed and raised her arse, and yes, she had white panties. With this most beautiful of sights before me, all I could see in my minds eye was Sam’s lovely arse as I moved her daughter’s panties aside and drove my tongue deep into her arsehole. I don’t know how long I tongue fucked her arse, but Terri was moaning and thrusting back at me so hard onto my tongue, that when I finally moved down to her pussy lips and sucked them hard, my mouth immediately became full of her juice. I pulled her panties down to her knees and spread her pussy lips wide and drove my tongue into her. My face was dripping wet as I moved down to her clit and began to make figure of eights with my tongue as my nose fucked into her gushing pussy. “Oh my God, you’re making me cum so big, please don’t stop.” Terri slammed herself onto my face and let out a long low moan and I could feel the intense orgasm that flowed through her body. Panting and a little tearful Terri fell onto her stomach; I removed the rest of my clothing and dragged her panties üsküdar escort off her legs. I climbed along her body and bit the back of her neck as my cock found her wet open pussy, it slid into her and I began to move in and out. It had only been a few seconds but I could already feel the cum swelling up inside of me, ready to bust into her. “I want you to cum, I want your cum in my mouth…Now.” Terri demanded. I moved off her, and she rolled over onto her back, I placed my throbbing cock by her mouth and leaned over her. Then it came, my body started to tremble and twitch as I shot my load of cum into her mouth. She kept on sucking letting the hot cum run down her throat and out of the sides of her lips. She continued sucking my still hard cock until she pushed me onto my back and straggled me. Taking my cock in her hand she guided me into her, slid down its length and began to ride me. My cock was deep within her and she moaned and cried with each grind of her hips. She leaned forward and kissed me saying. “Fuck me, fuck me now.” I thrust my cock up and deep into her dripping pussy, stronger and harder with each thrust Terri pushed back onto me, and enjoying every inch that I hammered into her. I lay looking up at her lovely body, her flat tight belly, with her huge tits swinging just above me, and seeing the look on her face as she was about to cum again. She leaned back taking the full length of me into her and grinding down with her hips; she gave out a long cry before collapsing onto the bed. “I’m sorry, you didn’t cum.” She said. But I wasn’t finished with her. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and then held her up by the hips; I once again rammed my cock into her. I began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Harder and faster, deep into that wetness, she cum again and again, I could feel her wetness trickling around my balls. Terri was totally exhausted, like a ragdoll, I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head. I looked down at my cock; it was spearing between the lovely plump wet lips that made a squelching sound with each penetration. Like some a****l, I made a long low bellow as I pumped my cum deep into her pussy. I lowered legs from my waist and stepped back. Terri lay on her back with her legs open and dangling over the side of the bed, with my cum slowly dripping from her hot wet cunt. Now fifteen years have past, and the intervening years had been good to us. I mentioned that Sam had remarried, his name is Richard, and he’s a very successful business man, and through him and his contacts made my IT training company a success. So we had health, wealth and happiness. It was about three months ago, I needed an eye test, one of those where they freeze your eye and you can’t see any distance for an hour or two afterwards. Terri was at meetings all day so she couldn’t drive me, and so I suggested that I took a taxi, but Sam was having none of that. The opticians was only a few minutes walk from her house, and it was decided that I would drive to the house and park up, Sam would walk to the opticians with me and help me back. I would stay at the house until my sight returned enough for me to drive home later. The walk back from the opticians was strange to say the least. All I could see was moving shadows of people and of the traffic on the road. Sam held onto my arm squeezing her breast against me. As she guided me around obstacles, I would often trip or stumble and Sam would brake out in laughter. Then the heavens opened and down came the rain, heavy and fast it drenched us to the skin. More so Sam, she was wearing only a light floral dress, I had the foresight (pardon the pun) to wear an over jacket and so I was not as wet as Sam. We entered the house and made our way to the lounge. “Are you very wet?” she asked. “Not really.” I replied removing my coat. “I’m going to have to dry this dress; I’ll put it in the tumble dryer. No looking now.” She laughed as she unzipped and let the dress full to the floor. “I’m sorry, you can’t see can you?” I could see an outline of her body against the light from the French-windows. “No I can’t see you, but I can feel you…” I began to move around to coffee table and make my way towards her. “Oh no you don’t…” She laughed. Making movements like Frankenstein’s monster I chased her around the lounge, I caught by the waist, she was laughing and a little out of breath. I don’t know what happened then. I can’t remember how she became to be laying on the sofa, or how I was knelt beside her. I can’t remember how our lips met and sucked each others tongues, or how my hand had slipped down her flat stomach and beneath her panties where my finger had pushed its way into her soft pussy. “No. No. Stop it… Please” she said. Then her hand reached for mine, I thought that she was going to pull it away, I thought that it would be all over before it started. But to my surprise she pushed my hand hard against her pussy. “I’m your mother-in-law for pities-sake.” She reached up and pulled my head towards her mouth and kissed me. Her tongue found its way over my teeth and lapped at the roof of my mouth. I pulled away. “Show me your tits. Please.” I almost begged. “That would be so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this.” Saying this she slipped her beautiful boobs from her bra. My eyesight was impaired, but not to the point that I couldn’t see the large nipples pointing towards me. I took one greedily into my mouth, and then the other, at last I thought. I move my finger slowly around inside her. “No. Please don’t.” She gasped. I stopped. “No. Don’t stop, it’s been so long.” She moaned.“What has?” I asked.“Since someone made me cum.” She replied.“What about Richard? Doesn’t he?”“Richard and I haven’t done anything in months.” She answered.I couldn’t understand how he could sleep with someone like Sam each night and tuzla escort not be fuckin’ each other silly.Sliding her panties off her legs, I said, “Well I’m going to make you cum, right now.” I kissed her hard on the mouth and slide my two fingers into her; I place my left hand on her lower belly and began to move my other hand very rapidly inside her very wet pussy. “Yes. Yes that’s so good! Yes… No stop, you’re going to make me wee, stop it… Stop it.” She demanded. I didn’t stop, I continued more quickly as Sam’s legs began to shake, she tried to sit up; she tried to stop what I was doing to her. I needed just a few more seconds. “You’ve got to get past it; you’re not going to wee.” I told her with my fingers moving even faster. “Yes I am, I am.” She cried. “Oh my God, my God, what’s happening?” She began to squirt her juice onto the sofa, I moved my hand quickly to her clit and began to rub it as Sam’s body began to jerk and twitch before collapsing back into the sofa. Her hand moved slowly down to feel how wet she was. “You made me wee.” She panted. “That wasn’t wee; do you need a wee now?” I asked. “No.” She replied. “If it was wee, then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” I said sliding my fingers into her once more. Almost immediately she began to thrash about uncontrollably; I could see her stomach muscles ripple beneath her tight skin. She jerked her hips up and thrust her pussy high off the sofa. I knew that this cum would be even bigger than the last, I asked. “Can I cum in your mouth. Sam I need to cum in your mouth.” “Yes… Yes… of course you can; oh my fucking God.” With that she let loose a streaming torrent that shot into the air before cascading back, coving her stomach and breasts. I stood and removed my trousers and shirt before tugging off my boxer shorts. My cock was large and heavy. I watched as Sam laid motionless, but breathing deeply, her body still recoiling from the small after orgasms that flowed throughout her gorgeous body. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “Terri said that you had a big cock,” She said. “But fuck me; I never thought that it would be that big.” “I will fuck you Sam.” I smiled. “But there’s something that I’ve waited years to do with you first. Sit up will you.” Sam struggled to sit on the edge of the sofa. I began to masturbate, I felt my ball tighten as Sam opened her sexy mouth, I pumped and pumped stream after stream of white think creamy cum between her full rich lips, over her pearly white teeth and onto her soft pink tongue. Finally a dream comes true. She swallowed, and then sucked the remaining drips from my throbbing cock before lying back on the sofa. I knelt in front of her and spread her legs wide and pushed her knees up to expose her fantastic cunt. I had wondered if it would be like her daughters with full thick lips and protruding clit, it was; only Sam’s lips were much longer and spread out like a butterfly’s wings. I darted my unswerving tongue into her delicious hot pink hole, and lapped up her running juices before moving down to her arsehole. “That’s my bum! Oh God that’s my bum.” She whispered. “You like bum sex then?” I asked between jabs. “I’ve never done it before. That feels so good.” I asked Sam to knell on the sofa and open her legs as wide as she could. I then slipped my fingers into her pussy, I withdrew them, and they were dripping wet and sticky. Sam cried with pleasure as I slowly squeezed a finger into her arse, then I slid another and a third. “You sure you’ve not done this before?” I asked in amazement. “No. but I wish that I had.” She panted. “You must be a natural.” I said standing and guiding my cock towards her arse. Not wishing to hurt her I slid my cock just a little way into her, moving in and out carefully and slowly. Sam arched her back and pushed towards me sliding down the full length until her cunt slapped against my balls. I began to fuck her hard. Pulling her hips back with each heavy thrust, she gripped the back of the sofa leaving nail marks in the soft leather. If you have never fucked a girl in the arse then may I suggest that you make it a life priority? It’s not the same as fucking a girl in the pussy; it’s as different as a blowjob is to a handjob, just one long sucking feeling, pulling the cum from your balls. With my balls slapping against her pussy I reached round a pulled her up and cupped her left tit and slid my hand down to her pussy. Sam pushed back and sent my cock even deeper into her. I began to rub her clit; this started an uncontrollable stream squirting from her pussy and down her thighs. I fucked her harder, and felt her arse muscles sucking the cum from my balls. Sam became limp in my arms, I thrust into her a few more times before pulling her back onto me and exploding my cum into her.I looked down at her arsehole, it was wide and pink and starting to contract, squeezing my cum out of her, and running over her thick pussy lips. I quickly lay on my back with my head on the sofa between Sam’s legs. I pulled her down onto me, saying. “Fuck my face, fuck my face.” Her pussy lips opened and spread across my nose and face, I began to lap on the mixtures of our juices. Sam took me by the hair and rubbed herself harder onto my face. I took my cock in my hand and began to jerk it back into life. This was fifteen years of wanton lust and my cock was not going to let me down now. It was helped into life by Sam crying. “Oh my God it happening again.” With that she streamed over my face, into my mouth and nose covering my hair, it was the biggest turn on that I had ever had. Sam flopped onto her back on sofa. I moved up her spreading her legs and guiding my cock into her. We fucked more slowly this time; taking time to kiss her and suck on her full nipples. She began to thrust her hips up to me and I know that she was about to cum. I started fucking harder, and faster; she pulled me deep into her and let out a long low moan. As I empted myself into her and fell onto her exhausted, I heard her say. “No wonder Terri’s smiling all the time.”If you wish me to publish more, then please leave a comment, if the comments are favourable, then I will publish more.

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