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A Black party in full swingI was head down in that filthy bed; my ass pointing to the ceiling.A huge black cock was pounding my soaking wet and now I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. The bastard was too thick and he was fucking me in a rough way.I came twice, although my cunt was feeling a bit sore.Suddenly, the nigger tensed his back and I sensed a wad of his sperm gush into my stretched pussy. He was the third black man of the night enjoying my slippery cunt.He whispered: “good bitch…” as he pulled out.I sensed his sticky cum oozing out from my pussy lips and running down my thighs. I felt like I needed to go to the ladies’ room and clean up.I left the room and got a few steps in that direction when another black man appeared in front of me. He said he was my next fuck.He led me to the bathroom and then he guided me past another sensual redhead who was getting fucked standing up.I rolled over an empty bed and spread my legs for Kenny, my new lover. He dropped on top of me and into me with a single motion. Kenny claimed my cunt was hot and so slippery. He stroked me long and slow. I suddenly felt myself building to an orgasm. I asked Kenny to beat me in slow motion; I wanted to cum before him; I needed to cum…So he slowed his pace and I sensed my orgasm coming closer.I felt myself building higher and higher. All of a sudden I began to shake while feeling him slam deep inside me. Kenny noticed my own climax and he then pumped me harder, until he grunted and came deep inside of my horny cunt…He pulled out and moved away, giving me time to look around.There were a lot of black guys istanbul escort in the room, at least a full dozen.Some were standing around with limp dicks dripping sperm, while others were fucking sensual women in every imaginable position…A young black called Benjamin came closer and he smiled at me.I watched a sexy brunette on a bed across from me, riding a huge black cock as she moved back and forth in a wild manner.She smiled at me and I recognized her as Melanie; our good old neighbor Claus’ wife. I thought she was a conservative wife; but I was wrong…Old bitch Melanie maintained eye contact with me as she rode this magnificent black cock in a steady rhythmic motion.All of a sudden I watched her body shaking shake with a full blown orgasm. Her black lover pumped his seed up to her womb…It slipped out from Melanie’s reddish cunt and she rolled off the guy.I noticed Melanie had cried, her make up smeared on her nice face. She caressed her cunt and signaled at me that she was sore now.Two blonde women walked between Melanie and me, heading for the ladies’ room. Both had fresh sperm running down her thighs.Two black men approached my bed. Both were handsome and very well hung. They introduced themselves as Ron and Mickey…I stared at both limp black cocks, dripping sticky cum…We chatted for a while; their naughty hands began to explore me.I reached down and took a grip on both cocks, squeezing them.Both guys started sucking my nipples, as I felt some long fingers invading my slippery cunt and rubbing my clit. Ron then made avcılar escort me cum on his fingers.Meanwhile, both niggers got hard again. Mickey was even harder than his mate; so I said he would be first.He moved between my thighs and slid his cock into me. He fucked me very hard and came after a couple of minutes. He then got up, muttered a thanks for letting him fuck me and he moved away.Before I could invite Ron to take his turn, he was already moving between my spread thighs. He asked politely if I was sore; but I then assured him I was not. Ron fucked me missionary. He brought me to a nice orgasm and after I stopped shaking he started pumping me again. I could feel his cock as the sperm pumped into me. He then got up and left…There was a clock in the room and it was just midnight…I thought about my beloved hubby, waiting for me at home, with the promise I would bring him a good cream pie to lick that night…I washed up in the ladies’ room, squirted a generous amount of lube gel inside my well abused pussy and I then went back to the main room.Two giant niggers lifted me up, without a word. They carried me across the room. One of them made me put my arms around his neck and then I felt his huge hard dick entering my well lubed cunt.I gasped at his size; he was really huge and thick.He started pumping me in the air, grabbing my buttocks as I grabbed his neck. His huge black dick felt so good in my cunt.After pumping for a short while, he stood quiet. I then felt two hand spreading my ass cheeks apart and I braced myself for the next…A huge dick şirinevler escort entered my butthole, passing through my tiny sphincter with no resistance at all. I cried in pain; because it hurt…Both niggers found their pace in my holes.They fucked me in a wild manner, as I held myself on the chest of the guy who was fucking my cunt.The guy in my asshole came first. He grunted in my ear and I felt his burning semen filling my anus. He stood there, with his hard dick buried up my ass.His mate kept pumping my cunt and he made me cum before he filled my pussy with another warm amount of semen.I was exhaust; but those niggers did not give me time for a rest.One of them sat on the bed and made me straddle his lap. I opened my eyes wide as I felt his huge erection impaling my poor cunt again. The huge bastard grabbed my hips and made me bounce onto his cock.I was going to pass out onto his black cock; when his mate spread my buttocks with his hands.Again I braced myself and soon a huge hard piece of meat invaded my stretched asshole.Both men fuck me with no mercy at all, making me scream and cry in pleasure and pain…As both of them filled my holes for a second time, they pulled out and kissed me goodbye.I was left lying on the bed, totally exhausted, my both holes felt really sore right now.My good girlfriend Laura came to me. Her sweet shaven pussy lips were oozing cum and she smiled at me, saying I looked the same way.I begged her some help to stand up and get out from the house. I was done for the night…Laura grabbed me and helped me to dress up. When we were ready to go, Byron, our good black host approached us, thanking us for our cooperation; he added the black party was still in full swing and insisted if we wanted to stay a bit more…But I was really tired and sore. I just wanted to go back home to my beloved hubby…Worst of all, Victor had warned me he wanted to taste my tight asshole tonight…

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