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A Cucks Revenge Part 9I suggest reading parts part 1 through 8 if you haven’t yet – the links are belowhttps://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-parts-1-2-931390https://xhamster.com/stories/cucks-revenge-part-3-4-931598https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-5-964720https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-6-965408https://xhamster.com/stories/a-cucks-revenge-part-7-8-998218** A cucks revenge continued **Part 9 – Paige** 6 Weeks later **Clues to my wife’s infidelity with Dick is still present even though Jen assures me that the affair is winding down. I haven’t caught them together on the nanny cam for a while. However, Jen will come home from working late or shopping looking a bit disheveled. Having that just fucked look. I suspect Jen and Dick are fucking at a no tell motel nearby. Ironically Jen has become extremely jealous and watchful of me after I showed her the pics of Lea and I. We are on our third week of couples therapy. Jen will not be honest about her continuing affair with Dick. She is giving the ther****t the idea that she isn’t seeing Dick any more. I’m fairly sure that honesty is necessary for couples therapy to work. I’m getting the impression that she is only going to counseling to help me deal with the fact that she was caught cheating red handed. I do feel a bit guilty about being hypocritical. I can’t Jen tell the truth about fucking my Mother in law without tearing our family apart.My affair with my Mother in law El has heated up. I am over to her place several times a week to help her with her “plumbing”. As well as other handyman duties. She is an amazing sex partner. Loving, attentive, giving, and appreciative. Energetic within limits of her age and physicality. She is always enthusiastic. She really enjoys having sex with a younger man. We have revived her sex life. I bask in her joy of sex. She has been sharing sexual fantasies. She wants to roleplay. She admitted to getting horny when I pretended she was my cougar girlfriend. I’m thinking of arranging an overnight trist for us at a nearby hotel casino. If she feels any guilt for fucking her daughters husband, she doesn’t show it. The only problem is we cannot be totally honest about our affair or we are bound ruin the family. On the flipside…. The taboo nature of this affair adds to the heightened eroticism and excitement of our sex.I have continued my office quickies with Lea. We expanded our sexual environment by adding our cars for private locations to facilitate a quick suck and/or fuck. The risk of getting caught is key to the excitement these dalliances. Without that it’s just getting each other off. We don’t take time for selfies anymore.My nextdoor neighbors daughter Paige has become a real positive force in my life. She and I have been working out regularly in my garages makeshift boxing gym. Paige keeps me on my toes. Motivating me to work out with her on the days when feel like slacking. We have started to jog together now regularly. I have lost 21 pounds and I am hardening up. Paige keeps in shape for soccer. In return for her motivation, I have trained her in the art of boxing. Jumping rope to warm up and warm down. It’s great for developing rhythm, timing, accuracy, hand speed, and arm endurance. It helps develop your overall boxing conditioning, balance, footwork, and punching abilities. She has incorporated kicks to the heavy bag.I got a visit from Trish, Paige’s mom and wife to my wife’s lover Dick. I invited her in for coffee. Trish was concerned that Paige was spending so much time over here.I assured Trish, that I only have good intentions, we are just training. The garage door will always remain open and Jen is here most of the time with us. I noticed Trish bristle with the mention of Jens name, I noticed her eyes roll slightly.Trish leaned forward displaying her ample cleavage as she put her hand on top of mine. She said in a conspiratorial voice, “Oh, I didn’t mean to imply anything torrid on your part. I just want to make sure that Paige isn’t making a nuisance of herself. She can be quite willful at times.”Trish’s hand lingers on top of mine after she speaks. She continues to look directly into my eyes, holding my gaze till it makes me feel flustered. Her cleavage was quite distracting. I felt a slight urgency emanating from Trish. Her body language was hard to read. It’s like she was gazing into my soul to determine truth and integrity. As if she was examining my character. Yet I felt compassion from her. Maybe she was trying to establish some sort of camaraderie? I commended Trish for raising such a strong and intelligent young woman. She should be very proud. If Paige bothers me it is only for my own good. She has been vital in helping motivate me to get back in shape.Trish smiles and taps my hand. After she finishes her coffee, she says, I’m happy that Paige has a….. another positive male influence in her life. I must be going now, I’ve got a meeting at church.I walk Trish to the front door wondering to myself whether the rumours are true about her and Pastor Mark. I she having an affair with him? As Trish leaves she says, Have Jen call me. She hasn’t returned any of my voicemails or texts. I need to talk to her.Moments after Trish leaves, Paige is at my door asking to workout. I tell her to meet me in the garage. I admire Paige for her drive and energy. She is an intelligent, self possessed young woman confident in all her abilities accept attracting guys. I gave her a new set of magenta everlast 12oz. Gloves for her 18th birthday in April. She had the gloves on and was hitting the heavy bag when kadıköy escort I joined her. I put on the hand pads and waved them around to get her attention. Paige took her focus off the heavy bag and stepped towards me. That is when I realized she wasn’t wearing her typical workout attire of sports bra and sweatpants. She had on a tight white t-shirt with “PINK” printed across her breast. Her breasts jiggled freely everytime she hit the bag. Her nipples were visible underneath the T’s material. Paiges’ small yoga shorts left nothing to the imagination. The shorts looked painted on. The ass crack was clearly outlined. Camel toe boldly on display. I was mesmerized by the movement of her young body. I was brought back to senses when one of her punches glanced off hand pad and hit my shoulder. She follows it with, Hey! You gonna move those pads? You seem distracted.I answer, Ah ya…… I am. Your Mom was just over.Paige stops throwing punches and asks, Oh ya, what did she want?I admit, I’m still trying to figure it out. She wanted to make sure that it was alright for you to be spending so much time over here working out with me.Paige rolled her eyes and hit my pad covered hand, Ughh! She is so overprotective. I’m a woman now. Not her little girl.I don’t think it was like that. She told me I was positive male influence on you. She has been trying to talk to my wife but she isn’t returning her calls or texts. However, her body language was conveying something different.Paige suddenly turned white as a ghost. She had something to say but was at a loss for words. Finally she softly said, I caught my Dad sneaking into your house shortly after you left. I left my keys here so I was in your garage. He must have jumped the fence because he came from the back of your property when you were at work. My Dad didn’t see that I was there. I saw him look carefully in both our yards to make sure no one saw him. Then he went inside your house quickly. I saw a pair of arms d**** over his shoulders before your back door closed. I was angry and curious. I snuck up to the back door making sure I wasn’t noticed. I crouched down raising my head just enough to peek in the doors glass. My Dad was standing with his eyes closed. Your wife was on her knees giving him a blow job. I was disgusted and felt sick. I had to get away, so I went to my car. Moments later I saw your wife’s car pull out of the driveway. My dad was crouched in the passenger seat. I followed them to a motel a town over in Farmington. The one by the shopping mall. I watched them go into a room together from a parking lot across the street. First she entered the room then a few minutes later he joined her. I waited 10 minutes. I went to their room. The curtains were drawn, but I could hear the bed squeaking and your wife moaning loudly. I was about to confront them, but I chickened out. God! She is such a whore!I interrupted Paige, Hey! Have some respect. That is my wife you are talking about. Don’t call her a whore.Paige looked stunned then replied in an acerbic tone, Well forgive me if I called your wife a whore. I did just see her with my Dad’s cock in her mouth as well as hearing her fucking him loudly at a sleazy motel. My Dad is just a Man whore. Doesn’t she realize that he has most likely fucked half the wives in this neighborhood. My Mom is probably fucking Pastor Mark who is probably fucking half of the females in the congregation. Please excuse me for having trouble respecting the elders around me right now. Everyone accept for you Don. Why couldn’t my Dad be more like you? Please explain to me why you are not upset! Do you know about my Dad and your wife?I answered slowly and thoughtfully, I’m sorry you witnessed them Paige. You must be very upset. Yes I know about their affair. Of course I was angry and hurt. It’s complicated. I wanted to expose them at first. I even have pics and videos of them just in case the lawyers get involved. I realized if I exposed them I not only would be hurting my family but you and your Mother as well. Jen and I are trying to work it out. We are going to counselling. I’m no saint myself. How bout’ we just work some of this anger out.I lifted my pad covered hands and Paige hit hard and fast till she broke a sweat. I held her ankles as she did 50 sit ups. I was distracted by her camel toe. She caught me staring and gave me a mock disgusted eye roll. She should be used to my gawking by now. I admired her tight young body. I made no bones about it. Then we did some weight training. She laid on the bench and did some butterly reps with the free weights. Her small breasts moved freely and her nipples her were clearly hard under her white t shirt. She dropped the free weights, scooted up on the bench so she could press. She asked me to spot. I positioned myself standing behind her. My crotch was inches behind and above her head. My cock was ¾ hard and growing making a bulge in my shorts. I assist her with lowering the weight bar to her chest. My knuckles brushed against her hardened nipple.As I spot her I can’t help asking, What’s with the outfit? Are you trying to impress somebody?Paige tilted her head back staring up at my buldge. Then said, Yep, seems to be working. I’m done with the bench.I am intrigued. I assisted her with placing the bar back in the benches cradle. She looked at me intently as she toweled the sweat from her head and neck then said, I’ve been asked to the prom.Good for you.Paige continues, He’s really cute and popular. I’m excited but üsküdar escort nervous. He’s been with a lot of girls. He’s going to expect something at the end of the night. Hell, half the girls are planning on losing their virginity and I hardly know this guy.I interject, You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.Paige interrupted, It’s not that I plan on giving my V-card to him. I’m waiting for someone I care about. It’s just that this guy has a reputation for being with a lot of girls, he’ll at least expect a blow job. I’ve never given a guy a blow job. I’ve seen some porn, but ………. I have a proposition that may be mutually beneficial for both of us. Let me just practice on you.I interrupt, Woh… Woh… Now hold on. I think you are a lovely young woman. You are very attractive. I like you as a friend. I’m still married. Hell…. You are younger than my k**s.Oh come on! I saw your wife sucking my Dads cock. Which might I mention will probably scar me forever. It is safe to assume that you are not getting much of your wife’s full oral attention. I’m 18 legal and willing. I won’t tell anyone. You definitely find me attractive. You are gawking at my body all the time. You are really hot for an old perv since you got in shape. I like and trust you. This is not a romantic thing, it is a learning experience. It just makes sense.I am speechless. But I can argue, her logic is airtight. I would be nuts to let this opportunity pass by.Paige hugs me and pleads, please, please, pleeeease?I nod and tell her sure, but I should take a shower first. As we enter the back of the house, Paige shudders at the memory of her Father and my wife did just inside this door. I asked her if she would like anything to drink while I shower.Just water please.I grabbed a bottled water out of the fridge and handed it to her then said I should wash up, it’ll only take a minute. Make yourself comfortable in the meantime.After I took a quick shower, I wrapped a towel around me. I was completely hard in anticipation of what was to come. I entered my bedroom only to find Paige on my computer paging through the digital photos I had of my wife and Dick fucking. Paige looks over at me knowing she’s busted and said, I think I’m going to be sick.I scolded, Hey! Those are private. You shouldn’t go snooping around on other peoples computers.Paige said, “ Don’t be mad” in an affected sexy voice.She walked over to me and pulled my towel off. I stood before her totally naked. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was moving on me but it didn’t feel right.I looked down at her and she seemed like she was struggling to get more of my cock in her mouth. Woh… Woh… slow down Paige. Get your teeth out of the way. Pretend as if you’re sucking a popsicle. She adjusted and it did feel better but there was something missing. I stopped her and sat on the bed.Paige resumed sucking my cock. After a few minutes she stopped in exasperation and said, Is it supposed to take this long? Am I doing it right? My sluttly friends tell me guys cum real quick when you give them a BJ.I reply, Well maybe teenage boys cum that quick. Then ask, Are you enjoying giving me a BJ?Paige shrugged her shoulders indifferently and said, It’s interesting.I had her stand up in front of me and asked her to take her clothes off. She seemed reluctant at first. I encouraged her by lifting her shirt up and over her raised arms. When the shirt was removed completely Paige immediately became shy. She hid her breasts by crossing her arms. I put my hand on her wrist. Physically prompting Paige to put her arms down. She resisted at first.Paige admitted, I’m so flat. They’re just so small.I replied, Don’t be silly. Your breasts are lovely.Paige was not flat by any means. Her breasts were a small A cup, round, firm and perky. As only a young woman of her age could possess. Her areola are a dark pink and the size of a quarter. Her nipples were erect reminding me of pencil erasers. Paige reflexively moved to cover them with her arms again. I stopped her by gently grabbing her wrist urging her arms down. I looked up and made eye contact with her.I mean it Paige. Your breasts are gorgeous. I haven’t been naked with a young woman like you for a long time. Please let me enjoy looking at your body.Paige gave me that stare that she shared with her Mother, looking deeply into my eyes as if she was deciding on the integrity of my words.I sat on the edge of the bed in front of her eyes back on her breasts. I asked her if I could touch them. I watched as Paige went through a series of wordless body language that expressed her consent. Shyly she shrugged moving closer to me. She blew out an exasperated “Tisssss” while moving towards me, shaking her head as if to say, (Really…. you can’t see I want to be touched? I’m standing in front of you topless. I just gave you my first attempt at a BJ and you’re asking if I want to be touched?)Well as my Mom used to say “better safe than sorry”. So reached out and gently cupped her breast. I let a thumb flick across the nipple. Paige let out a nearly inaudible sigh. I didn’t ask this time I moved my face towards her chest. My mouth incircled her nipple licking and gently sucking. Paige let out a moan. One of my hands played with the other breast while the other hand pushed on the small of her back towards me. Pressing her into me. I could feel her bodys tension and apprehension melt away as I held her against me and sucked her breast. My hand came down and began to tug at her yoga shorts waistband. tuzla escort Paige stopped me and stepped away.I want to make this perfectly clear. I’m not going to fuck you Don. I just wanted you teach me how to give a guy a blowjob.I nodded in agreement. Paige kicked off her shoes and began to peel down her impossibly tight yoga shorts to reveal her clean shaven pussy.I suddenly grabbed her and threw her naked body onto the bed playfully. She shrieked in surprise and shock. I jumped up onto the bed above her. My face an inch away from hers. Supporting my weight with my arms and my knees between her spread legs. My hard cock dangerously close to young wet pussy. I grabbed her wrists and lightly pinned the to either side of her head. Paige looked concerned as if I hadn’t heard her say there would be no fucking. I reassured her that I would never do anything that she wouldn’t want to do. Plus we could have lots of fun without fucking. Then I moved my face in closer to hers. I could see that Paige had closed her eyes and tilted her head ready to receive my kiss on her waiting lips. My lips gently grazed hers then immediately traveled down to the side of her neck. Then onto her shoulder. Back to her breast where my lips and tongue played with her nipple. While my mouth was paying attention to her breast my hand began to travel over my neighbors nubile body. My hand explored her naked body entirely but teasingly skirted her pussy for the time being. My hand getting a little closer with every pass. Everytime I came close to her vulva she shivered with excitement. When my fingers followed the crease of her inner thigh up the outside of her puffy outer labia, Paige grabbed my hand and guided it to her clit. My hand and fingers moved slowly on her wet slit. She sighed in approval. My fingers played with the opening. I curled my middle finger into her wetness. More moans. I picked up speed and pressed the 2nd middle finger in. Louder moans. I finger fucked her wet pussy for a few minutes while my mouth played with her breasts.I began kissing and licking down her torso. Between her breasts from her chest to her belly. My tongue darted in and out of her her belly button before continuing on it’s path. Down to her clean shaved pubis. Between her legs I licked where the inside of her thigh meets her torso. Paige pleads as she urgently guides my head back towards her clit. I give it a quick teasing kiss before lower my mouth just above her asshole. I contemplate giving her a rim job but decide to save that for another time after she showers. My tongue extends and I lick her wet slit from taint to clit. I inhale the aroma of her sex like a connoisseur admiring the bouquet of a fine wine. After teasing her vulva with my tongue for a few minutes I take her clit between my lips gently sucking and licking her. My fingers came up under my chin to play with her opening. I checked her body language to see if she liked my oral technique. All indications tell me that she enjoyed it thoroughly. She grabbed the back of my head pressing it hard into her and pleaded with me not to stop. I worked my mouth and fingers on her pussy as she told me she was going to cum. Paige began to shriek and move against my face. She then made it clear that I was to stop by pushing me aside. I noticed that her pussy was pulsing with post orgasm contractions. I gave her a few moments.I said, OK Paige did you feel my enthusiasm while eating your pussy?She nods wordlessly still breathing hard.Enthusiasm while performing oral sex makes a diffference. Are you ready to give it another go and help me out?Paige takes her place between my legs, grabs the base of my cock and takes the tip in her mouth. She attempted to take me down her throat. Influenced by watching porn no doubt. She came back up teary eyed and choking. I told her that it was ok. She didn’t have to deepthroat if it was uncomfortable. That’s pretty advanced. I tell her to tease me a bit first, lick and play with my cock. Lick the balls. I point out the most sensitive part of the penis was the underside of the head. I took her hand and curled it around the base of my cock with just the right pressure. I told her to take my cock in her mouth and move down on it as far as she was comfortable then suck it like a popsicle on the way up. Now move your hand on the base of my cock while your mouth moves and sucks the top. She did so enthusiastically to my great pleasure. Within a few moments she was sucking my cock with great proficiency. I could feel my oncoming orgasm within a few seconds. I warned her that I was about to cum. I had just about enough time to tell her it was up to her whether I cum in her mouth or not. She continued to suck. My first spasm of ejaculation still took her by surprise. It must have shot down her throat. She came off my cock coughing. I was still ejaculating so I reflexively stroked myself through the rest of my orgasm.I looked over at Paige sympathetically and told her. I guess most women hold the tip in their mouths while a man ejaculates. It’s up to you what you want to do but it’s nice if you can keep stroking the cock while he is cumming. She looked at me as she just bit into a lemon then spit into my discarded towel. I chuckled then told her to get dressed because I was expecting my wife home any minute.I watched her as she got dressed. God she has a cute body. Athletic, tight ass and long legs. Youth personified. I ushered her out the backdoor just as my wife’s car was pulling into the driveway. Paige had her head down looking fairly guilty as Jen exited her car.My wife looked at Paige quizzically and said, Oh hey Paige, how are you?.Paige kept her head down as she walked by and nervously said, Hi Mrs. S.Jen stared at me quizzically as she approached. Suddenly I took her in my arms, kissed her deeply knowing full well Paige’s scent was still on my face and mouth. My wife pulled away and stared at me wide eyed and incredulous saying, DON! You didn’t?

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