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A deserved breakWhen fiction becomes fiction.This story is based on a French advertising for a band of chocolat biscuits, and is dedicated to Steffaniels one of the most beautiful French Crossdress. I have translated my story from French to English. And I’m sorry if some misunderstandings are still present.French link: http://xhamster.com/user/Stephaniedecouverte_/posts/137220.htmlEnjoy the story, Sweet kisses. StephanieD——————————————-It’s 5:00pm, the bank is closing in 10 minutes. Everything seems quiet, Steffaniels is taking a chocolat biscuite from her desk. She has just time to open it, than a new customer is in the front of the door. Instantanly, she put her hand up and look at straight head to simulate an armed hold-up. The customer leave the place quickly.Surprised, I ask her what’s happening ? She look down to look at my under the desk and reply me that we were going to be disturbed during our break. I look at her smiling and I go back to caress her clit. I ask her to get up her ass, to be able to push up her dress. And she do it.Now I have full access to her clit and I start masturbating her with my right hand, while with my left hand I caress her legs wear stocking. While she quietly finish to eat her second cookie, I begin to eat her own. For a crossdress, steffaniels is well endowed. I take it in mouth and play with. I feel it grow in my mouth, and it seems to be so effective that she slides in her chair so that I could take her completely in my mouth. Then she handed me the tips of her fingers. I lick the rest of chocolate stayed on. When I restart to suck her clitoris, bakırköy escort it has a slightly chocolaty taste, which is not to displease me. I look straight in her eyes. I know that I’m doing some good to her. She glances accomplice. She is completely offer to me. My left hand now begins to caress her ass line. I spreads her pantie. I feel her small hole in the tip of my fingers. So I start to slide one finger into her privacy. She let out a groan of pleasure. From my side, it does not take long for my clitoris starts to swell as sudden excitement. I keep her cock in my mouth, my left hand planted in her ass, with my right hand I goes up the skirt of my suit over my garter belt in order to release my clit from my shorty.Imagine the scene, two crossdress in an office, one on her chair the skirt pulled, her stockinged legs wide open down, spirited and being petted sucked by the second, under the desk buttocks in the air during sex between the legs.But this was short-lived. Steffaniels wanted more, she asked to join her. But to answer, I slipped a second finger in her ass.She drops a new groan of pleasure. And begged me to take it with my clit is taut. I look her without interrupting my treatment.She then throws a look full of desire, I can not ignore it. While I’m going out from under the desk, she pull out a condom her purse, she takes sex my mouth to play with and be sure it is tight. Then she puts on the condom with her mouth. Once properly equipped, her raises from its chair. She leans on the desk and put her left leg on it. I now have a full view of her little hole already beşiktaş escort dilated. By itself, this is a invitation to sex. She turns to me and tells me a “Do not leave me in this state!” I stroke her buttocks and present my sex at the entrance of her hole. I gently penetrates and deeply, to give it time to expand. I’m starting small and going just. The sensation despite the condom is marvelous. And I do not seem to be the only one to enjoy. She arches of a sudden, turning to me. I can not resist this angelic face, and we exchange a French kiss.Imagine a customer arriving, and finding two counselors bank raised skirts, apparent stockings kissing each other on the mouth, and especially the sex of the first planted in the ass of the other.After that long kiss, I resumed with penetrations faster and deeper. Steffaniels starts to moan more. The sensation of her stockings against mine increases our excitement. To keep pace, she has both hands pressed on the desk, bust straight. I take this opportunity to caress her breast through her ??little pink top.But the pace is too fast for me. I am quickly running out of breath and I start to slow down. Too much it seems, because she straightens suddenly, glue his back against my chest and she takes my buttocks and put her nails in to make me understand that I have to accelerate. I slowly increase the speed until she withdraws her nails of my ass. I now know that I should not go slower.She took the opportunity to take my hand, and she begins to lick my fingers. I understand she wants to suck something, even I’m taking her ass.I beylikdüzü escort can not imagine if a customer or another counselor had been there. Finally, I may. Why not our agency manager, Sophie, she is always hot with us. She’s 42 years old and 1m68 tall, but I’m sure she want to have sex with two Crossdress in same time. Now I can imaging her with her little dress opened wide on her chest out of her bra, and skirt mounted at the hip and legs apart, revealing her suspender belt and stockings, as well as her shaved and humid pussy. And Steffaniels starts to lick her with her tongue so clever.Then we change our place, steffaniels sits on the desktop, Sophie impales her ass on her cock. And after I press mine in her pussy. Sophie loves it so much that she shout with pleasure in the office. But my eyes do not leave the steffaniels’ eyes which also seems to enjoy. Now she is yelling with pleasure, bringing me back to reality. She cums, and put again her nails in my buttocks. This has the effect of making me also cumming. I gently removed my cock from my friend. She turns to me and we have a long French Kiss. She told me thank you for this delightful break.Then, I remove my condom and throw it in the trash. It remains to clean the desk where she cummed on. After a knowing glance, I begin to lick the furniture. She accompanies me in my frenzy cleaning, and then we kiss again. We arrange our outfits. It’s 5:15pm, the agency is officially closed for 5 minutes. So we take our clothes and close the agency behind us.Once outside, we kiss again to say goodbye, and begin to go to our respective cars.Steffaniels send me a wink and said, “I can imagine the Sophie’s face, tomorrow morning when she will open the office, and will be at the counter. She will find the condom in the trash, and a small stain that I left deliberately on the desktop.”. I am already starting to imagine that story…——————————————-

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