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A Great Time Had By AllI was asked by my company to visit a clothes trade show at the N.E.C. at Birmingham, we were looking for some new items to logo and become our corporate wear, we would need suits and casual wear for men and blouses skirts and casual wear for the ladies. I was staying overnight as the show was huge.I arrived at the NEC and started to look around I had been there for a couple of hours wondering around talking to sellers when all of a sudden I spotted a familiar face! Oh my god, it was Sarah, the girl I had stolen a secret evening with in a remote hotel! Now this trip was about to get a bit more interesting.I did not want to let on to her colleague on the stand that I knew her so I casually walked on as a buyer, which I actually was but I had a different agenda today. I was stopped by one of Sarah’s colleagues before I could approach her and as I was talking Sarah saw me! I gave her a wink to let her know her secret was safe with me. As you walked over your colleague recommended you look after me as the blouses and dresses I required would be more in your field. As we walked around the rails of clothing you asked me what the hell I was doing here? I explained what my company wanted and said this could be an extremely big order for the right person and smiled.I would expect some serious hospitality from the company who won this order I said placing my hand on your bottom, I am sure that can be arranged Mr Jones you said, as your hand brushed my hardening shaft through my trousers, I glanced around, no one seemed to be paying us any attention so hidden by the clothing I ran my hand straight up your skirt and cupped your panty clad pussy! I could feel the heat emanating from you as I stroked your sex and watched your face flush in front of me. For the casual observer it would have looked like we were just involved in the normal buyer seller/designer conversation, but below the line of clothes we were involved in a completely different conversation. Your hand was now rubbing my rock hard cock through the thin material of my suit as I pulled your panties to one side and slipped two fingers into your soaking wet sex.Suddenly we saw your boss approaching and I quickly removed my fingers from you and covered my bulge with my suit jacket. She asked if everything was ok and you explained who I was and how much I was in the market for, your boss took you to one side as I pretended to blouse the clothes on offer and told you to pull out all the stops, she wanted my order at any price, “you have an unlimited expense account, just make sure Mr Jones sign’s on the dotted line and buys our clothes”. When you return to me you are beaming, I guess I better take you to dinner you say. Walk with me I say and as your boss has told you to look after me you could hardly refuse could you! I walked onto one of the huge stands run by one of the market leaders, I picked up a blouse and said we better go to the changing room and see what this looks like on you! At first you were a little confused, why would you want a blouse from one of your competitors, the blouse was of course a rouse, I just wanted to get you alone in a changing room where we could carry on from our earlier games.As soon as the spacious changing room door shut I pushed you against the cubical wall and slid your skirt up as I kissed you. I guessed we did not have much time so I quickly whipped my cock out and immediately felt your hot fingers wrap around its girth, again I pulled your panties to one side to give me access to your still hot but now even wetter pussy. I finger fucked you as you jacked my cock expertly, the excitement and thrill of making out in a cubical in the middle of one of the countries biggest clothe shows was immense! As we neared orgasm you suddenly turned round and looking over your shoulder said “fuck me, fuck me now from behind” I did just that, as you bent forward slightly and arched your back I slid my long thick cock slowly into you. I felt your legs tremble as I slid deeper into you, then holding your hips I began to thrust, hard, time was running out but we were both close, we fucked frantically trying to keep quiet at the same time, I felt your fingers frigging your clit as my cock ploughed in and out, you could feel me swelling within you as I could feel your pussy start to contract on me. That was it, I lost it, I released my boiling hot seed deep within you. I felt your legs buckle as you came long and hard. I held you by the hips, still istanbul escort embedded deep within you, until you recovered your composure, we then dressed and walked from the room as though nothing had happened. Maybe the grins on our faces would have given it away, but no one was looking.We returned to your stand and I told your boss that I was very interested in one of your lines and would like to talk to Sarah about it Sarahght she immediately suggested that you arrange to meet me after the show so we may discuss my “purchase”.Later I drove to Sarah’s hotel, as I drove up I thought wow Sarah is well looked after, the hotel was a true 5 star affair, I walked in and approached the large marble counter, I was just about to ask for you when I spotted you at the bar. After a quick drink the taxi arrived to take us for our meal. We had been quite sensible till then, but now in the back of the cab you threw your coat over our laps and I felt your hand sliding up my inner thigh! My cock sprang to life immediately and I put one arm around your neck letting my hand slide down your top and caress your bra less breasts, your nipple responded instantly as I caressed and pinched it to full attention. Meanwhile you now had my cock out of my trousers and in your hand, I could not believe I was say in the back of a cab with my cock out!! I found it extremely exciting, the driver kept glancing in his mirror but could not see what you were up to. As you expertly worked on my cock I was getting hotter and hotter, I knew I could not fuck you there and then in the taxi but I was sure I would have you before the meal.As we pulled up at the restaurant I hurriedly struggled to get my rock hard cock back into my trousers, we paid the fair and made our way across the car park. My cock was still throbbing as I stroked your ass as we walked. The car park was deserted and at one end I saw a low wall, I told you to lean against it. You were looking down on a shopping precinct with hundreds of evening shoppers milling around as I stood behind you pressing my bulge against your hot behind. Finally I could get my hands around you and into your pretty panties. I could not believe how wet you were! Your panties were soaked! I toyed with your pussy until you started squirming your bottom into my groin, then I freed my still rock hard cock and flipped the back of your dress up and right there and then, looking out over all those people I stripped off your knickers and slid my cock deep into your pussy. You cried out with a stifled cry but no one looked up, we were so horny it was a frantic fuck, ramming hard into you from behind one hand on your breast the other on your pussy it did not take long to bring you to a shattering climax, I was not far behind, seconds later I released my seed deep within you, looking down as we recovered no one paid any attention to the couple fucking above them.Guess we better eat then I said. The meal and the company were excellent! But we were looking forward to dessert back at your hotel. As we walked back to the taxi rank you confessed that you wanted to suck my cock in a public place, I smiled at the thought of having that done and looked around for an opportunity to make it happen. I spotted a statue of to one side of the precinct, looked like it would do nicely. It was a warm summers evening and there was still allot of people milling around, I sat on the plinth of the statue and turned slightly, at this angle if you knelt between my legs you would not be seen and that’s exactly what we did. As I casually sat there looking like I was taking in the night air you were busily hefting my thick cock from my trousers. My body stiffened as I felt your mouth sink over the swollen head of my cock, I could not believe we were doing this! Hundreds of people walking just yards from us and you were sucking my cock like a pro. Your expert tongue and mouth working to bring me off as you cupped and stroked my balls you felt them tighten, working my glands to the very back of your throat as I came in a shuddering climax, spurting my seed straight down the back of your throat and into your hungry belly. I could not believe you had swallowed my cum and that you were still working on my softening cock, it felt indescribable. I then saw you start to stiffen and your body was jerking softly and I realised that your fingers were working away at your pussy as you finished me off avcılar escort your orgasm stole through you.We had done it! We had just had oral sex in front of hundreds of people without anyone noticing!As we left the shopping plaza, me with shaky legs, we managed to hail a cab to get us back to the hotel, I was looking forward to this evening with relish. We could not wait to get back to the room and were kissing and groping each other like a couple of teenagers in the lift, as we tumbled into the room we could not get undressed fast enough. As you finished undressing I started the shower running, your company had spared no expense on your room and the large plush hotel suite cam with a huge wet room type shower. We walked into the shower and I pored almost a whole bottle of shower gel all over your wet naked body I then slid my hands all over you enjoying the warm slippery feeling of your soft wet body. I paid particular attention to your lovely 38D breasts and your neat and pretty pussy. Turning your back and placing your hands against the wall I soaped you all over but as I slipped a finger in your ass I felt you jump! I don’t like that you said, I tried it once and it was painful. Trust me I whispered and slid my finger into you up to the first knuckle, I slowly slid in and out of your bottom as my other hand expertly played with your soapy pussy. I felt you slowly relax to slippery finger and added a second one, I didn’t move them until you had become accustom to the size and feeling, then as your excitement mounted from the attention your pussy was receiving I slipped a third finger into your delicate bottom. 10 minutes later you were panting and starting to work against my probing fingers.Suddenly I removed my fingers and you felt empty, now actually missing the feeling. I swiftly replaced my fingers with the slippery head of my cock. I placed it delicately at your entrance and let you control what happened next! My cock was rock hard as you pushed back against me, I felt the tip of my cock slip past the rosebud of your ass, you stopped as you took the time to become accustomed to the girth of my cock. I reached back around you and slipped my fingers through your sex again, toying with your hard clitoris as we rocked together. Slowly ever so slowly you inched your way down onto me, 20 minutes later I was imbedded up to the hilt in your gorgeous ass! I began to fuck you slowly, I could not believe how tight you were and the sensation was indescribable. From the sounds coming from you I guessed you were enjoying it too! I now started fucking you properly with long powerful strokes, and every out stroke made you feel empty and as I slid back in you felt full and warm! I could feel you coming as I slipped a finger deep into your tight pussy, I could feel the contractions clamping down on me, I joined you and spurted my hot seed deep within your beautiful bottom as I grasped your tits from behind.We towelled each other dry as we came back down to earth and jumped into the big clean double bed.As we lay on the big hotel bed, I thought, this is an opportunity that is too good to waste! Before I go back to my wife I am going to give Sarah a night she would never forget. I stripped two pillow cases off and tied them around your wrists, then stretched you out on the bed and tied you to the bed head, as you were thinking we were maybe going to try some light bondage I suddenly jumped up got dressed and headed for the door! where the hell are you going!! You said looking very puzzled. I am going to offer you for sex to the well dressed gentlemen we saw at the bar, this is going to be an experience you will never forget! Oh god, you can’t do that!!, I reminded you that you were here to make me happy and if that meant fucking every high power business man in this hotel then so be it! Now when I come back I want you to be very nice to these gentlemen and do what ever they ask you to do OK!At the bar I found a group of 3 very high class looking business men who judging by their dress were obviously big players. Gentlemen may I buy you all a drink? What’s the occasion they asked? Well gentlemen being a businessman like yourselves I know what it is like to travel the country and spend long lonely nights on your own in a small hotel room. Well Sarahght if your up for it I have a woman in my room who needs a good fucking from more than one man! It was obvious I had their full attention as they started throwing şirinevler escort their drinks down their necks. Hang on one said, fuck it, I am here with my wife! I am sure she is welcome I said, is she up for it? The man thought for a while and seemed a little reluctant to talk in front of his colleagues, yes he finally said, we do a bit of swinging so I recon she would do this no problem. OK I said, you go get her as we finish our drinks and I will take you back to my room.In the meantime you lay there tied spread eagled on the bed, un able to to do a thing about you new situation but the more you thought about it though the hotter you got, Your belly was filled with butterflies and your pussy was tingling like mad, a frustrating itch that you could not scratch! Your thighs came together and you squirmed in anticipation.5 minutes later Steve came back with his wife, a gorgeous hot brunette, we all introduced each other and I explained what I had in mind. As you lay there panting from the expectation you hear voices in the hall and your breath stops………Oh god, strangers are about to see me tied naked and spread eagled on this bed! Too late! We all walked into the room and I made my introduction. Please say hello to Sarah, she will be your sex toy for Sarahght. I looked around and saw that each pair of pinstripe trousers had a huge tent in the front. I popped a couple of bottles of Champagne that I bought back from the bar and suggested that we help ourselves to you. Steve’s wife didn’t hesitate she slid up the bed and planted her mouth straight on you wet wonton sex. The sensation hit your brain like a freight train, she knew exactly which buttons to press and how hard to press them.I am going to untie you Sarah and I want you to do what ever our guests tell you to do ok, you nod in agreement. As I release your wrists one of the gentlemen stepped up and said, grab my cock and jack me, another gentleman stepped round the other side of the bed and said, grab my cock too I want the same treatment, Steve straddled your chest and said, Suck my huge cock while my wife gulps down the nectar flowing from you. I stepped behind Steve’s wife and slid into her wet pussy as she ate yours, I was loving the sight before me, there was you on your back with a cock in each hand and one in your mouth and a pair of hot lips and a long tongue working at your pussy. I want to fuck you now Sarah said one of the guys, so do I said the second gent you were wanking, I want you to sit on my cock and my colleague is going to fuck your ass do you understand? I saw you nod and reluctantly pull away from the ladies hot tongue.Luckily you had some baby oil in your bag and began to lubricate the guy who was about to fuck your ass as you slid down onto the large pole of the gentleman beneath you, next the guy walked around behind you and slowly worked his long slim cock up your ass. I pulled my cock from Steve’s wife and walked around in front of you, Sarah suck my cock and fuck the gentleman below you hard. You wasted no time in licking the girl juice from my cock and bringing me close to orgasm, I told you to slow down and suck me gently, The two gentlemen worked both your holes expertly one fucking in as the other fucked out, soon a perfect rhythm was set up but I reminded the gentlemen no one was to cum inside you, I wanted to see you covered in their cum, Steve’s wife nearly came on the spot when I said that, she said that it was a fetish of hers to eat cum and she would love nothing better than to lick you clean!This was going to be fucking brilliant I thought, I could see you cum again and again as the gentlemen’s huge hard cocks ploughed into both your holes, filling you completely. Steve had his cock in his wife’s mouth and was looking close to loosing it so I said Sarah, time to lie on your back now and take what’s coming to you, I slid my fat hard cock deep inside you and started fucking you hard, fuck back up at me I said and felt your hips thrusting up at me. All around you were posh business gentlemen wanking their huge cocks over you! I pulled out of your beautiful cunt and spurted my scolding hot seed all over your smooth belly and tits, this seemed to set the rest of and hot slippery cum splattered all over your hot body making you writhe in pleasure, I couldn’t help slide my fingers down over your wet pussy and bring you off one last time.As you lay there panting in orgasmic bliss, Steve’s wife could not wait to start cleaning you off. She licked every drop of hot sperm from your lovely tits spending a long time cleaning your erect nipples, she then worked her silken tongue down your belly taking with her every last drop of four guys cum from your body. Finally with everyone satisfied we bid farewell to the business men and Steve’s wife and fell exhausted into bed.

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