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A Midnight WalkA Midnight Walk“You’re k**ding me. You are fifty-six years old, and you’re telling me that you have never seen a man pleasure himself?” John chuckled. He knew that Donna had been married for several years, but she had married late, she was nearly thirty before taking the vows. But she had been divorced for close to ten, and he assumed that she had done some dating or just fooling around. The idea that in all those years, she had never even walked in on her husband or a boyfriend was almost impossible to believe. After letting the plan set in his mind, he had to say it. “We need to change that. That is if you are interested?” John put the offer out as plainly as possible. Donna blushed. She had a difficult time even making eye contact, but she did manage a nod. The two of them had been friends for many years. During both of their marriages, they had gotten close to cheating more than once. Most of the people that knew both of them had assumed that they were much more than friends, but it wasn’t true. It hadn’t happened. Now, they both were single. Neither had any relationship encumbrances. They had talked more often. They had met for dinner and drinks. She learned that he was much more sexual than her. He was open about sexuality, the things he had done, the things he wanted to do again, and the things he wanted to try. The one that got her attention was when John admitted that one of his favorite sexual past times was going for long drives late at night in the summer. He explained that if it were late and still warm, which it was often, he would travel a local scenic road. At some point, he would stop to take a look around, watch the stars, just stretch his legs. If his mood was right and there were no other cars around, he would strip naked except for his shoes. John explained that it was a combination of things that made doing that so exciting. It was, technically, exhibitionist. In this scenario, he told, it was a very tame variety of that kink. It was dark, and no one was around. If a car approached, he would see their lights from far away and had plenty of time to get back in his car and drive on. For John, it was the act of doing something naughty. Nice people don’t just go walking around outside naked. He was rarely even close to being discovered. There were no houses close to the scenic road, but somewhere far in the back of his mind, it really turned him on. John explained to her that he might spend two or three hours walking and driving completely nude. He chuckled that it was a thrill to pass a car going in the opposite direction. “For just the time that the other cars headlights illuminated his, they might be able to tell I’m was shirtless, but that was all. The other people had no idea I was actually behind the wheel wearing nothing but tennis shoes and an erection.” Donna enjoyed listening to his stories. He would explain that once he was turned on, it was like a d**g to him. He kept his wits about him, but everything else would dissolve away. That included any shyness or reservation. It also emboldened him. Depending on his need to be home by a particular time for some reason, he might well drive for two or three hours. The events always ended much the same. He would find some stopping point or overlook where he could see for miles in both directions, walk away from his car sometimes a hundred yards or more, and he would masturbate. It never took long for him to reach orgasm. By the time he started, he had been in a heightened state of arousal for over an hour or more. Donna imagined the scene. She could see him standing nude under a dark starry sky. She could see him taking some lubricant in the palm of his hand, checking both directions, and applying it to his hard member. She would nearly pant when she thought of him stroking himself until he ejaculated. Then she could imagine him walking casually back to his car with an oiled and shiny cock bouncing as he stepped, stopping at his car, wiping his hand and cock clean with a towel before climbing behind the wheel and heading back to his house. Now, he was tacitly saying that he was willing to do this with her present. He obviously wanted her to watch him. The question became, was she brave enough to do it? Donna had always been a little flirty, but to most everyone she met, she put on a more respectable veneer. She was proper and seen as an influential person in the community. Now she was considering what would happen if she was caught in the proposed situation? While remembering that he had explained clearly that the chances of that happening were slim to none, she couldn’t use that as an excuse. She wouldn’t commit, and he knew it. SO he offered her a carrot. “It’s going to be in the eighties at night this week. I think Tuesday night, I’m going to want to go for a ride. I will be at the Raven’s Hill overlook at eleven. If you would like to join me, that’s where I’ll be. We could meet up there and maybe go for a walk or a drive and talk. If you can make it, I would love to see you.” John’s opened ended invitation was met with a smile. “I can’t make any guarantees. If I’m not there by eleven thirty or so, I’m probably not coming, just so you know.” She hugged him and giggled a little when she felt his erection pressing against her hip as it strained against the fabric of his slacks. He shrugged like it wasn’t something he had control over, and they went their separate ways to complete their Monday activities. Donna found it hard to concentrate for the rest of her workday and the next. As afternoon on Tuesday approached, she kept stopping to check her pocket calendar to see if anything was going on that evening. She had no plans. She decided as she left work that she was going to grab a bite to eat, maybe have a couple of glasses of wine, and anadolu yakası escort she would make her decision by ten. It was only fair that if she weren’t going to meet John, that she should text him and let him know.John could barely hold a thought in his head on Tuesday. He had done many exciting sexual things with his wife before she passed, and while this would be considered tame by those standards, it had been quite some time. John’s wife had passed four years before this night. He sat in his house, remembering some of the things the two of them had done. She was a great wife, a wonderful mother, and his best friend. She had figured out that John had sexual desires that didn’t entirely mesh with hers, but that was alright. He hadn’t expressed a desire to do anything that was so far out of her willingness for her to say no to. John often thought that she was the perfect sexual partner for him. He knew the things that she liked and always indulged them, and she knew his and was willing to indulge him as well. Even with his known proclivities, she would still manage to surprise him occasionally, even after years of marriage. Losing her was the most significant blow he had ever endured. He had mourned for longer than he possibly should have, but that time was behind him. He was ready to rejoin the world, so to speak. He readily admitted that it was damned sure time to get together with a woman and have some fun.The summer sun had set, and it was dusk when he got out of the shower. He got dressed and gathered what he needed. John wore his running shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt, low socks, and tennis shoes. He had a small container of coconut oil and two towels. He made sure his phone was charged, and he left. It was hot that day, and the setting of the sun did little to cool things off. He rode with the windows down as he turned up onto the scenic road. It was a Tuesday evening. The roadway was popular with tourists, but that was mostly for the views. It would be pitch dark soon, and it was Tuesday. He was the only car on the uninterrupted strip of asphalt. He turned and headed to the overlook he had promised to be. It was still early, only nine-thirty, but he wanted to make sure there were people gathered for a family reunion or anything else stupid. He stopped and got out of his car. He walked around the parking area in the fading light. He saw no one. He even went out to the start of two trails that led away from the overlook. A tangle of spiderwebs across both told him that no one was hiking either. John felt his heart pounding more as it got darker. He checked his phone, no messages. That was good. He got back in his car and started to drive north from the overlook. He knew he had to wait for at least an hour to pass before he returned to the spot.Donna ended her workday and stopped at a drive-through on her way home. She got food even though she wasn’t hungry. It was hours before she had to make a decision about meeting John, but she was already nervous. After nibbling at her food before throwing it away, she sat on her deck, sipping a second glass of wine while she watched the sun went down. She had an argument going on in her head. Part of her lamented that good girls don’t do this kind of thing while another made the argument that she was a grown adult who could do whatever she wanted. One part of her would come up with reasons to stay home, while others shot down every excuse she could come up with. It was dusk when she picked up her phone, put her empty glass in the sink, and got her keys. She decided that she would go ahead and go in the direction of the overlook and make her final decision before she got there. Donna turned onto the parkway and stopped. This was the moment of truth. She could turn left and go to the overlook. She could turn right and go a long way back to her house. She paused until a car pulled up behind her. It was turning right. She didn’t want to be in front of them, so she turned left. Donna accepted that it was kismet that the other car had come along, and she smiled in her decision. John had driven several miles up the road before stopping to turn around. He had driven fifteen minutes north and could be back at the overlook by ten-thirty easily. The spot where he stopped was an overlook that faced one of the more popular photography spots in the area. There was no one there, so he got out for a moment. His heart was racing. He was very turned on. He chuckled and made a decision. It was dark, no one could see, so he let his shorts fall to the ground. He slipped the t-shirt over his head and got back in his car naked. He placed his clothes on the passenger’s seat in a manner that he could grab them and put them back on quickly if he had to. He drove back to the overlook, checking his phone almost constantly. It was nearing eleven when she came to the long straight stretch that the overlook sat in the middle of. There were no headlights in the distance. She knew that if she saw his car there alone, that he would be waiting. If there were any other cars there, he would either be in his wanting to go somewhere else, or he wouldn’t be there at all. If the second were right, it was a problem. She didn’t have cell service. She wouldn’t be able to contact him until she got back closer to town. It put her in a state of near panic until she got close enough to see his small blue two-door sitting in the center of the parking area alone. She saw him leaned against the car in shorts and a t-shirt waving at her. As she pulled in, she had to admit, she expected him to be naked. “Hi! I’m glad you decided to take a ride tonight.” John hugged her as she got out. She kissed his cheek and giggled. “I wasn’t sure I was going to until I turned on the parkway. Then I felt pendik escort a little committed.” They released each other. She couldn’t help but look him up and down. “No, I’m not naked. I thought that might be too much of a shock.” His chuckle put her at ease, as much as it could.” He turned. “Want to go for a short walk to calm down?” It was an offer that was meant to make her more comfortable, but it also was intended to do the same for himself. “Sure!” She stepped up beside him, and they started strolling alongside the roadway. It was warm with a slight breeze. The moon was full, so they could actually see where they were walking. They made their way out to an old cabin that sat in a field beside the road. It was historical, and people liked taking pictures there. They talked and laughed about things as they walked. After making it to the cabin, they turned and started back to the cars. It was then that headlights appeared in the distance. She felt tense. “Isn’t this about the time you would be running for your car?” She asked her question with a nervous laugh as she stepped in front of him to be single file when the car passed.“Only if I was naked. And with you standing in front of me, probably not even then. If they were to look, it would appear that two adults were walking at night. If they checked their mirror when they went by, they might see my white butt, but that would be all. They wouldn’t even slow down.” The walked on the edge of the pavement until the car went by and started fading into the distance. “Would you hold this?” John spoke from behind her as she stepped back onto the road. She extended her hand, and he put his shorts and t-shirt in her open palm. Her heart skipped a beat and then raced. She didn’t look but knew he was now walking beside her nude. She giggled nervously. “You weren’t k**ding. You actually walk around naked out here.” She fought looking. “I sure do. It feels great. You should try it.” John made it sound like a joke. While he would have lost his mind if she did it, he knew she wouldn’t. Just having her show up was a near miracle. As they got closer to the parking area, she snuck a look. He was completely naked except for his shoes. She could see his cock bouncing with every step as it jutted away from his frame as stiff as steel. She felt droplets of nervous sweat running from her brow and down the back of her neck. They walked to the cars. While his was a small two-door sedan, she was driving a full-sized van. Its size gave her an odd feeling of protection. She couldn’t be seen from at least one direction. She tried to participate in light conversation, but it was nearly impossible. John was leaning against his car in the nude with an erection that he would absentmindedly touch every so often. She couldn’t concentrate at all. “I brought a couple of soda’s, do you want one?” John shook his head. She turned and opened her door and leaned in to grab the cold drink she desperately needed. John saw an opportunity. While her attention was elsewhere, John walked around to the passenger’s side of his car. He reached in the window and grabbed the container of coconut oil. He grabbed a big dollop and held it in his palm. He liked coconut oil because it was smooth, rubbed in slowly, was all-natural, and had a low melting point. Just keeping it in your palm allowed it to turn liquid. He walked back to the front of the car and leaned once again before she had closed her van door. She turned and saw him. She was mesmerized as she watched him hold his hand just above his cock to let the warm oil drip onto his skin. Once satisfied with the coverage, he slowly wrapped his hand around the shaft. He heard her gasp. “I hope you don’t mind? I’m so turned on, I couldn’t wait any longer.” He chuckled and took his hand off his member, waiting for some sign from her. She stared and nodded. He continued. She knew this was going to happen. She had thought about it and knew what to expect, but seeing him doing it was something entirely different. It was thrilling, exciting, and one hell of a turn-on. She could feel her own heat on the inside of her thighs. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She was open to all the possibilities but didn’t want him to stop. She had to see him come. She watched as he stroked his shiny hard member up and down methodically. She could see his grip wasn’t especially tight. She knew he was enjoying her watching as much as she was enjoying looking. She could hear his breath deep and regular start to pick up. It felt like he had only just started, but a quick glance at her phone revealed that he had been naked for an hour, and had been giving her a show for a full thirty minutes. “I’m going to come!” His words weren’t an exclamation, just a forceful statement. She took a slight step forward to see better, though she was still three or four feet back. She saw the oil forced from between his fingers as he tightened his grip and pumped his cock more forcefully. He stroked seven or eight times before she heard his air catch in his throat. She had heard the term erupted before but had never seen it until that night. The first spurt was tame. From then on, it was an eruption. The second shot was propelled through the air, three feet or more. The fourth, fifth and sixth had to have gone further. It was incredible. He was balancing himself on the car hood with his free hand while he pumped the come from his hard cock over and over. It was something out of a porn movie. Fortunately, he wasn’t able to pay close attention to her. That tiny bit of freedom allowed her to shake hard as she had a spontaneous orgasm from just watching him. John kept stroking his cock until the last few drops fell from the head of his swollen cock, and he released it. She stood still tuzla escort shaking inside while he walked around and got a towel out of his car. He came back casually wiping the come and oil from his hand before doing the same to his cock. He stepped up close to her and leaned in to kiss her neck. He whispered in her ear. “Did you enjoy that as much as I did?” He stepped back and tossed the towel through the window. “Yeah,” she panted, “I really did. And you say you do this often?” Donna tried to act casual, but her hand was still shaking as she pulled out a tissue and wiped the sweat from her face. “Every so often, maybe once a week or every other week. It all depends on what else I have going on and how I’m feeling.” She admired how calm and collected he was. She didn’t know what to expect after, but he was relaxed and apparently rejuvenated. While he talked, she kept looking, and his cock, which had flagged after he came somewhat, was returning to its previous upright stance. Donna looked at her phone. It was nearing one in the morning. She had to get up and go to work in about six hours. He saw her look and sigh. “Morning will be here soon. I wish you could stay. There are other things I’d like to do, but I know you have to work.” John stepped close and kissed her deeply. Their tongues wrestled for a long minute. While they were kissing, the naughty boy took her hand and placed it around his now hard cock. She couldn’t help herself. She pulled on it and stroked it while they kissed. When their lips finally parted, he started to step back, but she held him in place for a moment by the cock. He chuckled as she let it go, and it bounced up and slapped his belly. “I don’t want to go either, but I have to.” She opened the door of the van and got in, but not before stealing a long look at his cock in the light from inside. She closed the door. “What would you have done if a car had shown up on the horizon while you were stroking your cock?” She leaned forward into the window. “At best, I would have turned my back, but I wasn’t about to cover up.” He spoke as he walked to his car and grabbed his shirt and shorts. “Plus, they probably couldn’t have seen me anyway.” “I want to test that. I’m going to drive up to the next overlook and turn around. I want you to watch for my headlights, and then go lean against your car. I want to see what a passerby would see. Are you game?” She raised her eyebrows to enforce the challenge. John chuckled. “Of course, I am. You should know that by now.” He kissed her cheek as she started the van and backed out. “I’ll flash my high beams, so you know it’s me.” She spoke out the window as she drove away. John knew the next place to turn around was on;y a couple of minutes up the road. So, he waited at the edge of the parking area. When he saw headlights, he stripped again. He turned and walked to the car. He got comfortable in his lean and started stroking his cock again. Even knowing it was her, his heart raced as the lights got closer. The vehicle came into view at the edge of the parking area. It wasn’t her!John was leaning against the hood of his car, in bright full-moon light, naked and stroking his cock. The car didn’t slow but did tap its brakes before going on down the road. John was trembling and more excited than he had been in months. He went back to the edge of the road naked and hard. It was then he saw another set of headlights pop into view. This time the vehicle flashed its high beams several times. He was confident it was her. He walked back to the car and got in position. He was stroking his erection when she drove by somewhat slowly. When she got to the other end of the parking area, Donna turned in and drove to him. She pulled up between him and the road and rolled down the passenger window. “You’re wrong. If someone was looking, they saw you naked and jerking off.” She giggled. “You mean like that other car that just drove by?” He asked.“Were you? I thought you were going to wait until you saw me?” She was shocked.“I couldn’t control myself. I was leaning against the hood of my car, cock in hand when that car drove by.” He chuckled.“Oh my god! If they were looking, they saw you clearly.” Donna put the car in park to recover from what he had just said. The entire time he was talking through her van window, he had been stroking. “I guess it could have been worse. I could have been standing in headlights.” She heard him, but it didn’t register at first as he walked out in front of her van. She saw him look up and down the road before stopping. He was standing clearly in the bright light of her headlights, naked and hard. She stared slackjawed as he started stroking his cock fast and with force. In just a moment, she saw his head go back, and he started shooting come into the night for the second time. This time, she was in the van and knew he couldn’t see her. She leaned back and rubbed her sopping wet pussy through her slacks and came with him hard. She rubbed her pussy while she stared at him, milking his member for her. It was incredible. As the last drops fell from the head of his member, he walked up to the driver’s open window. “So, I guess it was a good thing there weren’t headlights, huh?” He leaned in and kissed her again. She could only manage a nod as he walked back to his car. She waited as he wiped his hands and cock once again, and slipped into his shorts and shirt. He came back to the passenger window one last time. “It’s one-thirty, you had better go. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He smiled, and she slowly drove out of the parking area. She did have to get up in less than six hours, but she knew she was going to have to masturbate before she could even think about sleeping. As the overlook faded into the distance, she couldn’t help herself. Donna unbuttoned the front of her blouse and let the breeze push the sides wide as she drove. She handled the car with her knees as she slipped out of her bra, baring her chest to the night and the cool breeze coming through the window. She giggled at the thought that John had managed to corrupt her just a little.

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