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A New GameGeorge constantly took me to newer levels in our sex life. But this took me completely by surprise. I got to George’s house and he wasn’t home but again there was a letter on the coffee table with my name on it. I opened it with somewhat shaky fingers.What I read though was nothing out of the ordinary. The letter told me to go upstairs and put on a black garter and thigh high stockings. The only odd part was a new long leather coat. I was to wear it and nothing else. I smiled to myself as I looked in the mirror. The new leather smelled so good. I hugged myself and felt the soft leather. Then I looked and on the bed was a mask. Taped to it was a note that said wear me.I thought okay? And giggled to myself as I put it on. I looked in the mirror and stared at this masked woman that took on the appearance of an owl, but a bejeweled owl. The door opened and someone ( George ? ) threw a pair of black leather ankle high boots in the room.I put them on and swirled around looking at myself in the mirror and thought not bad, the leather belt tied around my waist gave the appearance of larger breast and hips. I looked very voluptuous and smiled. I went to the door an opened it expecting to find George waiting but he was nowhere in sight.I went down the stairs looking for George I called out his name but got no response. I turned and walked down the hall when someone grabbed me from behind. I screamed out then laughed but froze when a strange voice said. So you like sucking strangers cocks? And then letting them bed you and have their way with you? I’ve been told you love a hard fat cock up your ass, is this true? I stood dumbfounded and paralyzed with fear. When I got my voice under control I asked who are you and where is George? He grabbed my arms and handcuffed me. I said okay just tell me this is a game you two have devised. I started to feel real fear then quickly dismissed that. The letter, the garments all of it was just another part of a new game. I was told to walk to the living room. When we got there 7 men stood up all of them wearing black hoods. I swallowed hard, wondering what kind of game this was going to be?One of the hooded men walked up to me and indicated I should pick up the envelope on a silver tray. I opened it and stood frozen as I read. “ I Anna H*******n do hereby surrender my body and all of it’s orifices to George C******l. For the total sum of 48 hours.My body and all of it’s orifices shall become the property of George C******l by signing I agree to these terms.” I looked around me and said just what is going on here? George walked into the room and said for now if you will please sign this document I’ll explain. I looked at him and said have you lost your mind? I’ll sign nothing at all until you explain this to me right now George! Anna , George barked out my name; cast your eyes to the floor. Oh god I sighed, yes George.He walked up to me and said here are your choices. Either I bend you over right here in front of everyone and paddle your ass until you cry and beg me to stop , or you sign the document. I felt my face turning red as I said yes George. I’ll sign it. Good George said. I was freed from the handcuffs and I looked into George’s eyes searching for an answer as he said sign it. I replied yes George. I signed the document and handed it to George. George turned and said someone turn off the lights please. I stood in the dark wondering what was coming next. A flashlight bathed me in light as George said please remove your coat Anna. I untied the belt and let the coat slip to the floor.Gentleman you each have exactly 3 minutes to explore her heavenly body in total and complete detail. George turned and said please spread your legs apart and hold your arms behind your head. I thought oh my god so this is his game. Despite everything I felt my pussy begin to seep and moisten with my glistening juices.The first of seven approached me and he fondled my breast and said “ very , very nice, very firm I like the way they jiggle. “ My face turned beet red. He ran his hand down over my tummy then cupped my pussy I involuntarily gasped out. I felt him slide his finger up between my now very wet pussy lips.I silently cursed myself for becoming so aroused. His finger invaded my dripping wet pussy. I felt my slippery wet cunt quiver and squeeze down on his finger. Two minutes remain said George. He put his hands on my shoulders and forced me to kneel down.He took his hard cock out of his pants and slowly ran it over my lips. My tongue darted out in a flicking movement I licked at the pre cum that was dribbling from his cock. His thumb pushed down on my chin and I opened my mouth.I could tell he had a short but very stubby cock because he pushed his cock to the back of my throat and that’s where it stopped. The room was filled with wet sucking noises as my lips and tongue slurped at his stubby cock. My lips were pursed tightly it.I felt his body stiffen and his short stubby cock throbbed as he held my head and began to fill my mouth with hot jets of sticky hot sperm. My tongue made darting flickering movements up and down his cock as I swallowed his gooey thick ropes of sperm.I relished the warm thick creamy sperm that slid down my throat into my tummy. He silently zipped up his pants and went and sat down on a sofa. The second man walked up to me. He said I already know what that cute little mouth can do, but what about your pussy?, is it burning hot and slippery wet with your cunt juices?He asked me to please turn around and get on my hands and knees. With silent compliance I did as I was told. Mm he praised my shapely ass as he ran his istanbul escort hands over it. His finger found the prize it was looking for.He quietly rubbed the lips of my sopping wet cunt and inserted two fingers into me. My unashamed pussy squeezed down on the fingers in me which elicited from him an exclamation of ; Hot, wet and tight, just as a pussy should be.My face was turning red , but my pussy acted on it’s own accord. My mouth opened as I sighed and moaned as he finger fucked me, the excitement of being watched caused my nipples to harden and my cunt to flow. One minute remaining I heard George say. I felt the large bulbous head of his cock rubbing up and down between my pussy lips. My pussy began to quiver and spasm in anticipation. He said I already know her pussy’s nice and tight and hotter than molten lava, it’s her poop hole that I want to explore.After being satisfied his cock was wet and lubed with my hot cunt juices he pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. I pushed back and a low and long sighing moan escaped my lips as I felt his cock inching it’s way into my shit hole.He began to fuck my shitter with short strokes. As my asshole relaxed and opened he went deeper and deeper into me. I felt a bead of sweat on my forehead as I lifted my head and moaned out oh god yes fuck me, uh huh mm yes oh god , yes, uh huh just like that oh god yes right there oh my god yes. He held my hips and started to pound my pooper with long hard deep strokes. I moaned out in pleasure as his cock pounded into the depths of my bowels. I heard him grunting and saying to me “ oh yeah you love it up your ass don’t you , you cunt, “ I looked over my shoulder and said yes, uh huh just like that uh huh fuck me, fuck my tight poop hole oh god yes, fill it with your burning hot sperm, fuck me, fuck me, uh huh, uh huh oh god yes fuck me!With a final deep punishing stroke into my asshole, he grunted out as his hot thick cock crème began to shoot into my butt hole. Endless streams of sperm splattered into my bowels as I cried out in orgasmic pleasure as he kept his cock planted deeply in my pooper as the last dribbles of sperm leaked out and ran into me. George picked number five to be next. As he approached me George said the bidding will began at the end of 3 minutes. Remember what you’ve seen , and be ready to bid on the pleasure of keeping her for 48 hours at which time of course you may do with her as you please.You may invite a friend or… four George said and laughed. I silently gulped and swallowed down the lump in my throat. Number five had me stay as I was as he said his intent was to explore my hot wet slippery cunt. He rubbed his cock up and down between the lips of my dripping wet pussy. He sighed out she’s even hotter and wetter than I expected, she does like to be watched doesn’t she George, I heard him say. George said see for yourself as one of you will get to “ own “ her for the 48 hour period as specified. He slowly inched his large fat cock into my quivering wet pussy as I sighed out long low, mm’s and oh’s and oh god’s louder and longer my sighs became as he went deeper and deeper into my gripping cunt. Soon I was pushing back trying to get more of his hard fat cock into my wet slippery cunt hole. He said you’ll get it all, that is if you can? And he laughed. My heart beat faster as he continued to slowly inch his cock into my now dripping wet cunt.He suddenly shoved his whole cock into me. My mouth flew open and “ oomph “ was all you heard as he buried his very fat and long cock into my stretched open pussy. I moaned and whimpered as he fucked me with an amazing steel hard cock. I was biting my lower lip and I had a grimace of pain and pleasure on my face.He was neither rough or gentle as his fat thick cock began to pound into my sopping wet pussy. My moans came in loud whimpering sighs as my pussy was turned into a sheath of molten hot crème that squished out around his huge long battering cock. Quiet ugh, ugh, and oh god’s escaped from my open mouth as I gasped for air. My pussy was going into sharp quick spasms of pain and pleasure as the head of his fat cock hit my cervix. When he withdrew from me I felt my pussy being stretched and pulled back with his cock.My cunt lips were tightly stretched and were hugging his big fat cock. My breathing became rapid as his cock pummeled my pussy hole. My screams and whimpers of pleasure resonated off the walls. Never had I ever been fucked that hard or deep in my life. I threw my head back and screamed through a long bone jarring orgasm. Number five laughed as he continued the deep penetrating barrage of my slippery wet cunt. George yelled out 1 minute remaining. I thought to myself oh my god there’s no way he’s only been fucking me for two minutes. Soon a combination of his grunts and my moans filled the air. I screamed out; oh god, oh god, yes, yes , oh god fuck me, uh huh, uh huh yes uh huh fuck me uh huh fuck my pussy, oh god yes ,Fuck me.I screamed as another sharp stabbing pain radiated from my cervix as number five drove his thick long hard cock deep into my quivering cunt. I slammed my hips back as his cock slid in and out of my battered pussy. I met each of his deep thrust with a backward motion of my hips as I felt him stretching my cunt open as never before. I cried out; yes, yes, now oh god yes now uh huh oh god yes fuck me uh huh yes, fuck my pussy harder uh huh like that uh huh faster, fill my cunt with your burning hot thick sperm.Oh god yes , oh yes, oh god yes fuck me. I felt his hands grab my hips as he pounded his thick fat avcılar escort cock into my creamy cunt. Waves of orgasmic pleasure swept over me as I felt his cock throb and expand as he pounded me with long deep strokes.He made low grunting sounds like ugh, ugh, ugh, as he made short brutal strokes into my slippery wet spastic pussy. I hung my head as my pussy began to grip and squeeze his thick hard cock as yet another orgasm washed over me as I felt hot gobs of scalding gooey sperm rocketing into my orgasmic cunt.I was so weak from the brutal fucking I sucked in huge amounts of air and whimpered and moaned as I fell forward with his throbbing cock still deep inside me. His thick hot sperm finally came in dribbles as he lay over me and his whole body shook. George and the others burst into applause as I lay there totally drained and fucked into submission. George came over and helped me up and told me to go shower. George came upstairs and told me to sort through the lingerie he bought for me. He hinted I should wear the most transparent of them.I found exactly what he meant at least in my mind it was a simple black silk gown with a see through bodice that held my breast up perfectly. Below that it had thigh high slits on each side. It wasn’t as see through as the top, but when I stood with my legs apart with the light shining I could clearly make out my pussy.Satisfied with my choice I spun around watching myself in the mirror. I smiled at my image and liked what I saw. Then I thought of “ the game “ forty eight hours?…George was going to auction me off? I looked in the mirror and asked myself just what was I going to do.Was I going to allow the game to progress that far? I looked in the mirror and realized I’d already surrendered when I put on the gown. I walked to the stairs three times before I finally got the courage to walk downstairs.When I walked in the room everyone quit talking. There was a raised platform no more than six or so inches high. It was actually just big enough for me to stand on. That is also where George directed me to go stand. George said you all have seen her being used in all three of her orifices as agreed in the document. George said I hope all of you who did not get the chance to partake of her , consulted with those who did.But as you can see. She’s a prize worth bidding for. Once again the lights were dimmed. A flashlight was shone on me from behind silhouetting me as I stood on the raised platform. Behind me I heard George say, so gentlemen. Let’s begin.Number one said five hundred dollars. George scoffed at him. Two thousand dollars was the next bid. On and on it went. Until finally number six with a bid of seventy five hundred dollars ended the auction.A part of me was appalled at the cold callous way George auctioned me off. I knew it was a game plus I was happy that someone wanted me enough to pay over seven thousand dollars to “ own “ me for 48 hours.I felt a warm trickle of my pussy juices begin to flow at the thought of being at the mercy of a complete stranger. I wondered though where george knew them from. Did he know them all? I shook with excitement as I thought of being led off to who knew where.For that matter who knew what awaited me? Only the winner of the auction knew that. George came to me and kissed me very passionately and said I love you more than life Anna but you need to understand your role.I averted my eyes from him and said yes George I know. He ran his hand under my gown and I sighed out as his finger found my wet hot pussy and slid into me. George said just as I thought. I think you like the game.I was blindfolded and helped off the platform. We drove in silence to number sixes house. I could not have ever conceived of what would transpire. I was laid over a round wooden barrel. My hands tightly tied. My legs were pulled apart just to the point of pain and tightly bound.My butt cheeks pulled apart as I was laid over the barrel. My puckered pink anus was fully exposed as well as my tight little pussy. I heard low murmuring voices so I knew more than number six was there. My cheeks burned red knowing others had such an unobstructed view of my pooper and my shiny wet cunt.I felt the first warm trickle of piss strike my buttocks. Then another joined and I felt a stream of hot piss strike my butt hole. Oh god I thought this is way extreme. Another stream of burning hot piss found my pussy, then another on my back, soon all that were there were pissing on me. My whole body was drenched with hot piss. I was released and immediately was tied spread eagle on a bed covered with plastic. Someone was over me and began licking the lips of my pussy. I moaned out and lifted my hips to meet the warm pointy tongue that was so softly and gently giving me so much pleasure.Whoever it was shifted and I smelled the warm fragrant pussy before it touched my lips. My heart leapt and raced as I began to softly explore the warm wet folds of her pussy. I felt her mouth on me as I gushed hot flowing cunt crème into her mouth. My breathing was rapid and deep as I let me tongue explore her hot wet fragrant cunt. My tongue sought out and found the wet entrance to her lilac flavored pussy. My tongue made circles alternating with deep probes until I heard her moans and soft sighs. I lazily made my way to her engorged clitoris and sucked and nibbled it. The sounds of our tongues making wet slurping noises filled the room.I felt her syrupy pussy begin to quiver as my tongue made tiny and quick flicking butterfly wing like movements on her spastic cunt. Her pussy began to flow and fill my mouth with her sweet şirinevler escort flavored crème.Within seconds of each other our orgasms split the air with our moans and long loud sighs as our tongues danced across each others clits. We slowly licked and kissed our pussies as our orgasms subsided into blissful pleasure. That was the last time I was treated gently. I was unbound from the bed and led to a X shaped device and my ankles and wrist were securely tied to the frame. I felt the presence of someone in front of me. They grasped my nipple between their fore finger and thumb and I screamed out as I felt searing pain as what felt like a sharp needle being pushed through my nipple. I was trying not to cry but still tears ran down my cheeks.He moved to my other nipple and pulled it outward and up. I bit my bottom lip as another bolt of searing hot pain exploded as another needle was pushed through the tender flesh of my nipple. Tears were running down my cheeks as droplets of blood ran down my breast.My arms were freed and they were strapped to a wooden yoke that had to have been attached to a pulley as I felt my arms being pulled up and up. I screamed out in real terror filled pain. I heard the snap of a whip and then I felt it bite into my thighs.I was whipped over and over on my breast and my tummy but the most painful of all came when the whip found my dripping wet cunt. I was terrified yet my pussy gushed out rivers of my hot wet pussy crème.As the last of the lashes from the whip landed on my pussy I shook and cried out in orgasm. My head hung down as I didn’t have the strength to hold it up. My mouth was open as I gulped in deep breaths of air.Next I was put into some sort of leather chair like device that supported my back and my legs. My sopping wet pussy and pink puckered anus were exposed. I was raised up in the air and suspended . Then I was slowly lowered until I felt what seemed to be a very large dildo.I felt a long cylinder being inserted into my pussy. Someone said fill her cunt with lube. I felt a warm slippery liquid filling my wet enflamed cunt. Despite everything my pussy was dripping wet on it’s own accord They were also instructed to smear lube over and around my lube filled cunt.As soon as I was lowered down and felt the enormity of the dildo I cried out No, oh god please no. my words fell on deaf ears as I was slowly lowered. I screamed and cried and begged for them to stop but I was being lowered down until the dildo touched my pussy. I cried out and real tears fell down my cheeks as I felt the dildo touching beyond both sides of my pussy lips. My own body weight as I was lowered forced it to press against my pussy. I cried for them to stop. Someone said hold it still it keeps sliding past her cunt. I heard a voice saying there now lower her it’s lined up with her tight little cunt hole.I screamed no oh my god please no it’s to big I can’t take it please , please stop I cried. I felt a burning pain as the enormous dildo found the lubed entrance to my terrified cunt. I let out a loud long scream as I was lowered down more and more.The enormous dildo began to find it’s way into me. To my relief I was no longer being lowered. A murmured voice said give her time and then proceed. Time stood still as once again I was being lowered down and the weight of my body forced the huge gigantic dildo into me. Someone said “ hurry and get her down I want to shove my cock down her throat. “ I was panting and gasping for air as I was lowered further and further down, my cries of pain began to turn into cries and sighs of pleasure. I was on a very fine line of both pleasure and pain.The same voice said “ let go, let her weight force the rest of the dildo into her cunt regardless if she’s ready or not. I screamed out as I was brutally dropped onto the rest of the dildo. As the dildo pierced my pussy air was expelled from my mouth. “ Begin to raise her up and down “ my poor pussy was stretched so tightly around that dildo I thought it would rip me. Instead a ripple and wave of intense pleasure coursed through out my entire being as I cried out Yes , Yes oh my god yes. Oh god it’s so incredibly big.As my pussy adjusted to the monstrous dildo I found myself crying out faster oh god yes uh huh oh god yes go faster uh huh oh god please fuck me. I was stunned but the pleasure was so intense I didn’t question anything anymore. I only felt the extreme pleasure and cried out in orgasmic bliss.When my orgasm subsided I was freed. I tried to stand on wobbly legs but fell forward only to be caught and held up. I was led to the bed and once again bound but this time gagged. Once again the same voice said “ let the anal orgy begin “He read aloud the names of twenty five men. He said “ you will now have the pleasure of buggering her up her ass. “ We have to let her pussy have a rest “ once again I felt myself being lubed and made ready for an anal orgy.The first one to fuck me anally was gentle and slowly pushed his cock into me. I surprised myself by pushing back in impatience and throwing back my head and screaming out loud like a she wolf as hard cock sunk into my dark damp musky bowels.My moans and sighs reverberated through out the room as he gripped my hips and began to enthusiastically pound his hard throbbing cock into my shit hole. Eliciting fuck me’s and oh god yeses from my lips. I was crying out uh huh uh huh oh yes uh huh oh god yes fuck me, uh huh fuck my shit hole oh god yes do it to me. Yes , yes fuck me oh god fuck me, oh uh , uh huh yes, yes my moans only made him fuck me harder and faster until I felt his hot thick gooey sperm fill my asshole with jet after jet of scalding hot sperm.That triggered my own orgasm as I cried out yes , yes, oh god yes fuck me uh huh fuck me uh huh fuck me like that oh god, fill my shit hole with your hot warm gobs of burning hot sperm. Yes , oh god yes that’s it uh huh fill my asshole oh god yes fuck me…Until next time… Mrs. X

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