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A Ride Out WestThanks to Hard-Rock59 for the beginning to and the inspiration for this fantasy…written from your perspective.I was thinking today it would be fun riding my motorcycle with out clothes and you behind me naked, pressed up against me, your breasts against my back, nipples hard as the brush against my skin. your pussy against my lower back. I have a gold wing–so you would sit a little higher than me. We would ride out in the west where there isn’t traffic for miles about sundown. Your arms are around me pulling your body against mine. The mild vibration of the bike and your mound pressed against my back start to make you wet. You lower your hands down towards my belly button and I anticipate what your hands will feel like on my cock. My tip is secreting precum now wanting you to grab it so bad its throbbing. Your finger brushes the base of my cock and I feel shocks go up my shaft. Your supple fingers gently cup my balls and you lift them slightly. I feel the warmth of your hand on my ball sack mixed with the cool desert breeze blowing on me as we travel down the highway and it feels so good. Finally you work your way up my hard shaft already wet with precum. Your hand slides over the head and then back down the shaft and I suck in a deep breath. Do you know how good that feels baby I ask ? You laugh and tease me by repeating the motion and then stopping only to repeat it again. MMMM that feels so good. Finally I cant take it anymore and pull off the road and shut off the bike near a secluded curve of the road. I get off the bike and pull a soft thick sleeping bag out of the saddlebag and spread it on the ground. I come back to the bike and get you and lift you off the bike and take you to the place I have made to have my way with you. As I lift you off the bike, I can feel the wet inner thigh –you must be as excited as I am I think. I am thinking how I want to taste you, put my finger in that wet pussy, feel your hard clit and extract moans from your soft throat as I run my long fingers in and out of your pussy—but I must be patient I am thinking. I need to drive you crazy, feel you wriggle as I touch your body, cup your large breast in my large hands. I lay down beside you now, my cock pushing against your pussy finding its own way almost like it craves to be inside you wanting your juices, almost like a man in the desert craves water. You push against me and my cock slides into the warm wet lips—the head rubbing against your clit. We both shudder at the feeling with anticipation of knowing tonight will be special. I move slowly now gently pushing against your clit careful to not enter in what I know will feel so good eventually. I want to hear you moan in my ear. I want to feel you tremble when I stop, feel your pussy pulse with excitement. My lips now are kissing your neck , my tongue in your ear teasing you playfully. My hands are roaming your body seeking new things they haven’t felt yet. The erect nipples hold special kadıköy escort interest for them–the soft breast with the hard nipples seem to fascinate them. Such a contrast of soft and hard much like my cock soft head made to spread those wonderful pussy lips and hard shaft made to drive it deep into your pussy making us one in excitement and sensations. I roll you onto your back and slide between your legs my tongue and lips seeking their way up your thigh much like a blind man finds his way to a destination he knows will provide comfort. From one leg to the other kissing and sucking softly as they go. As they get near your pussy, I can taste your juices that have made their way down your thigh. The taste and smell drives me crazy making me speed up the search, reducing my patience to wait. My tongue drives into your pussy feeling its way up the wet soft grove til it finds your now hard clit. I circle the clit a few times then gently yet precisely flick my tongue across the side of it slowly back and forth a few times. I keep this up til you are shoving your pussy against my face, your mound rising and falling with the thrusts, soft moans coming from your lips more intense as time passes. I stop when I know you are about to cum and then start again, each time you reach that plateau a little sooner. I vaguely hear a noise it the distance, but am so engrossed licking and sucking your needy wet cunt that its not until a truck pulls to a stop near my bike that I realize we are no longer alone. Just as two guys get out of the truck, you pull my face into your pussy and my tongue takes you over the edge and your pussy covers my mouth and my face with your cum as you have the most explosive orgasm ever. The guys stand nearby quietly, watching in awe as your back arches, nipples so hard, and you scream and moan in the intensity of what you are feeling. When the waves of pleasure subside and you open your eyes, one of the guys finally speaks and says, “hey dude, you need any help with that?” Placing my hand casually on my .45 laying beside me on the sleeping bag, I tell them No, that I have this under control, that your pussy is all mine. They get the message but ask if they can watch me fuck you, not interfere but just watch. I look up at you, still dazed in the pleasure I just gave you, and when you don’t protest, tell them OK but not to even think about coming near either one of us. I can’t wait to feel my cock inside that tight wet cunt Baby, can’t wait to feel you squeeze me inside you as your pussy spasms over and over. I sit back now on the sleeping bag and pull you up into my lap. Fitting against my body like a hand fits into a glove, you wrap your legs around me, lifting your ass slightly and lowering yourself slowly and surely onto my twitching waiting cock. My head drops back as I press my hands hard against your lower back, steadying you, pulling you to me, üsküdar escort feeling your pussy stretch to accept the thickness of my cock as it fills you. As you settle all the way down on my cock, deep inside you to the base, I can feel your ass touching my balls, and love the fact that I am as deep in you as I can be, your juices flowing freely from your cunt and covering my balls and my thighs. Your arms are wrapped around my shoulders and your rock hard nipples are brushing against the hair on my chest, sending thrills through both our bodies with each little movement that you make. You open your eyes now and look directly into mine, and I have never seen eyes as blue as yours, full of passion, and lean forward and draw you into a deep kiss. As you devour my mouth, desperate to taste your own cum that is all over my face, you begin to rock your hips, slowly and in circles, moaning into my mouth as we kiss, grinding your clit against me as you feel my cock so deep inside you. Now leaning back, you seem for the first time to be aware of the men watching us, and look from one of them to the other, both of them now with their cocks in their hands, stroking them, watching us jealously, watching me fuck you and make your pussy so hot and wet for my cock. The knowledge of them watching us really fuels the fire in your cunt even more, and with my hands now on your ass, lifting and lowering your tight cunt on my cock, you lean back, hands on the ground behind you, exposing your tits to the cool evening air, nipples so hard, and start to ride my cock so desperately that I don’t know how much more my cock can take before I shoot stream after stream of my hot thick cum deep inside you. My hips lift off the ground to meet you in each thrust, and I watch you, your eyes wide open, looking from me to the 2 cocks being stroked wishing they were inside you instead. I hear your breathe quicken and feel the muscles in your cunt tighten around my thick cock, and as I pull you back to me, holding you tight, loving the feel of your body moving so naturally with mine, you explode in orgasm and I can feel your pussy spasm and squirt your cum all over my cock and balls. It seems like forever before you finally relax into me, dr****g your arms around my shoulders, lightly brushing your lips across my neck, kissing me, whimpering softly in your saisfaction. but Baby, my cock is still on fire, harder than its ever been, dying to cum inside your tight wet cunt, and I plan to fuck you so hard that you don’t even know your name.Holding you close to me, I lay you gently back on the sleeping bag and reluctantly pull my cock from your hot wet pussy. I ask you to turn over, to lay on your stomach, and you oblige, a little concerned at what I might have in mind, but trusting me not to hurt you, not to do anything but make you feel more of the pleasure we have already experienced. Seeing you laying there, vulnerable, trusting, your ass tuzla escort to me, my cock jumps in anticipation of the possibilities. You told me already that you have never had anal sex, never had a cock penetrate your virgin ass, but I know how much you love it when I eat your pussy and run my tongue around your asshole. Would you let me slide my cock inside you there? Do I dare even try, especially knowing that we are being watched? I lean over your back, my body sliding up yours, kissing your shoulder blades, licking the back of your neck, and resting my hard thick cock directly between the cheeks of your ass. Instead of tensing up, I can feel you relax under me, trusting me, moving your hips to slide my cock deeper in the crack of your ass, and it is so hot and slippery from your orgasms before. It feels so good on my cock, and I know that I have to at least try. I would never hurt you, but I know that if you give me this chance, I can make you feel something you have never felt before. I move my hips with yours, moving the head of my cock directly against your asshole, careful not to penetrate you, careful to take it at your speed. You raise your hips off the ground just a little, an invitation I cannot resist and I move forward, slowly, gently, sliding the head of my cock into your virgin ass for the very first time. It is all I can do not to cum just at the thought of being here, somewhere I never dreamed you would allow me to go, but before I can wrap my mind around it, I feel you rocking back into me, coaxing my cock in farther, deeper, and you are moaning, not in pain, but in pleasure you never have felt before. I pull you up gently to your knees, opening your ass up to me even wider. I can hear one of the guys watching whispering to himself, “oh fuck yes, slam that ass full of your cock” and it drives me wild to know it is my cock you want, my cock that is making you moan and move your hips to me. I grab your hips with my hands, and pull your ass against my cock, grinding into your virgin ass and slapping my balls against your hot wet cunt. You push against me and are now begging me to fuck your ass, screaming for me to fuck you hard and deep, and you reach between your legs and rub your clit while I keep slamming my cock into you. I can feel it deep inside me, the orgasm building to the point I can’t hold it much longer. Desperately, like a****ls we slam into each other, fucking like we will never see another day, sweat pouring off our bodies, and not caring who is watching, who is hearing, we are lost in each other. Suddenly your body tightens, and as I feel you start to jerk and tremble in another giant orgasm, I can feel the cum erupt from my cock, stream after hot stream filling your virgin ass with what I had been waiting this whole trip for. It seemed that I would never stop cumming and could feel it running out of your ass down my balls as I lowered you back down to the ground and collapsed on top of you. I looked up just in time to see both men shooting huge loads of cum themselves at the sight they had just seen. No words were spoken. They just turned and walked away, getting back into their truck and driving off. As we lay there in each others arms, kissing, snuggling, loving the feel of each other, I wondered…did this all really happen? Or was is just a dream?

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