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A Si ster’s Lust chapter 11The water splashing in the shower was so loud that Gail couldn’t hear the whispersin the other room. The lovely brunette teacher had no idea that Jerry, Herb andFrank were planning out exactly what to do when she stepped out of the showerstall.Gail’s head was pounding miserably and the lovely young woman was convincedthat she had a hangover. That only served to convince her even more not to takeanother drink. Drinking had gotten her into trouble in the first place, after all. She’djust finish her shower and go to bed early. Crystal and Jerry had said they weregoing to a party tonight so she would have the apartment alone. That suited Gail justfine. She didn’t really want to talk to her sister and Jerry any more tonight. The wholesituation was much too disturbing and Gail had to admit that she was undecidedabout exactly what to do. It seemed rather mean to tell her Mom and Dad aboutCrystal but the young teacher didn’t know what else to do. It was a mess and eventhe soothing spray of the steamy shower didn’t seem to help clear her mind abouteverything that had happened.“Mmmmm,” Gail sighed, lifting her smooth round breasts and letting the steamyspray splatter against her feminine flesh. That felt wonderful! Her nipples hardenedinto crinkled rosy points and little ripples of heat coursed through her warm body.Perhaps she should put a shower into her own small apartment. It certainly waswonderful, taking a shower after such an exhausting day!A slight smile flickered across Gail’s lips as she soaped her creamy white breastswith the soft washcloth. It almost seemed as if the exhausted woman could washaway some of the shame from the incidents of the past two days. She was going toforget all about the upsetting things that had happened . . . forget the fact that she’dacted like a wanton, begging Herb to fuck her that night on the blanket . . forget howshe’d urged Frank to push his huge cock all the way into her warm, sucking mouth . .. forget how warm and wet Jerry’s tongue had felt sliding into the trembling chute ofher pussy.Even though Gail’s mind told her to forget, her body had other ideas. Just thinkingabout the lewd and wicked things she had done made her wet warm body trembleand a new heat began to grow in her shuddering feminine tunnel. Of course it hadbeen the effect of the alcohol, but she was feeling almost the same way now, withthe rushing water splattering out against her breasts. The lovely young womanrubbed her body vigorously with the washcloth, trying to erase the feelings that wereflooding through her trembling flesh.“Oooooh!” Gail moaned, a blush rising to her cheeks. How could this be? Sheshouldn’t be feeling these wicked urges now, when she hadn’t touched a drop ofalcohol!Gail shut her eyes and moaned again, thinking of the way Herb’s huge cock hadfilled her cuntal tunnel only two nights ago. The aroused young teacher could almostsee the turgid length of Herb’s lust-bloated prick behind her closed eyelids as herfingers moved down to squeeze her aching, heated breasts savagely. She shouldn’tbe feeling like this! It wasn’t proper for a woman who wasn’t married to lust after aman like this! The lovely young brunette trembled wildly as she realized what wouldhappen if Herb or Frank or even Jerry were here right now. She would beg them tofuck her . . . she knew she would, and the realization made her tremble even harderwith shock.“Nooooo!” Gail sighed, accepting the truth but not liking it one bit. She was starvedfor a man again and alcohol had nothing to do with it. At this aroused moment, Gailknew that she would have settled anadolu yakası escort for any man at all. Her body wouldn’t care whowas caressing the firm mounds of her bosoms. Her lusting body didn’t care aboutanything except the satisfaction she’d feel if a stiffened, lustily jerking cock invadedher squirming cuntal tunnel.Gail practiced all of her self-control, trying desperately to put such lusty thoughts outof her mind. She told herself she was just tired and upset over everything that hadhappened. She wasn’t really feeling this way at all. But all Gail’s frantic denials didn’tchange the way she felt at all. It was impossible to stop the lewd desires that wererippling through her squirming pussychannel and with a sob of surrender, the lovelybrunette pressed her fingers tightly against the trembling mound of her cunt.As the lusting brunette felt the tingles shoot through her moistly sucking channel, shegroaned again. There was only one thing to do and she had to do it beforesomething even more drastic happened. She would have to give in and do that sinfulthing again to her own body. She’d have to pretend that a man was fucking her.There was no other way to stop the traitorous action of her body.With a jerking motion, Gail’s fingers shot down to her squirming cuntal slit and sweptover the cock-starved pinkness. Her face was red with embarrassment and her heartwas pounding so loudly in her chest that it almost frightened her. The splatteringwater was making her more and more aroused and her cuntal lips were swelling withheat. She had to do something or she’d go stark raving mad!“Aaaaaah!” Gail groaned, pressing her fingers tighter. The petal-soft tissues wereopening now, squeezing open and closed over the moistly creamy mouth of hervagina. A trail of heated cream trickled down the inside of her quivering thighs andwas washed away by the steamy stream of water. Perhaps this wasn’t behavingprudishly either, but Gail knew that she simply had no recourse. She fought down awave of guilt as her fingers pressed tightly against the damp fleecy curls of hercuntal mouth and the thrills began to grow larger, ever larger.“Yessssss!” Gail sighed, trembling anxiously, squeezing her entire cuntal moundtightly. She shook her silken-haired feminity savagely, feeling the cream seep outbetween her fingers. There was no way that Gail could stop now. She was much tooaroused to stop the thrilling action of her own fingers.“Aaaaaah, yessss!” she whimpered, plunging her fingers down, inserting themdeeply and fucking into her spasming cuntal mouth with lusty force. Her thumb creptup to massage the tender sensitive bud of her shamelessly erect clitoris until sharpsavage bursts of heat tore through her body. This was exactly what she needed andthere was no way that the tortured woman could stop now.“Mmmmmm!” Gail moaned throatily and slid her hips forward, letting the steamyspray splatter against the fluffy hair of her cuntal mound. Now her finger wasprobing, plunging all the way up her blazingly heated cuntal chute. She gave a lowguttural mewl and shook her head back and forth as her finger slipped and slid in thesteaming depths of her pussy. She had to have more! One of her slim fingers didn’tfeel at all as wonderful as a real man’s cock!With a sob of surrender, Gail inserted another slim finger and yet another until threefingers were joined together, sliding and plunging up the warm moist tunnel of herflaming femininity. It felt so wonderful that her breath caught in her throat and hereyes grew wild with the growing passion. This ataşehir escort wasn’t as good as a man, but it was ahell of a lot better than being frustrated all evening.“Ooooooh, yes!” the shuddering teacher gasped, giving way to the lovely sensationsrippling through her aroused body. Her arms squeezed in against the sides of herswollen quivering breasts and her crinkled, heated nipples pounded out against thestinging spray of water. Her nipples were like two heated marbles, shivering underthe force of the water, infused with lewd heat, throbbing in testimony to her arousedpassion.“Aaaaaah!” Gail gurgled, not even noticing when the water in the hot water tank wasused up and the spray began to cool. The frenzied young brunette thrust her hipsforward and slid her firmly rounded buttocks against the bottom of the shower stall,lifting her body up to meet her desperately plunging fingers. The fires of lewd desireshad been kindled again and the aroused young teacher moved frantically, circlingher hips and shoving them forward to meet the downward plunge of her searchingfingers. It didn’t matter that the water was turning cold, nor did it matter that she wasshivering under the icy blasts. Gail didn’t even feel the temperature of the water. Herbody was consumed with lusty heat and the cooling water could do nothing toquench her fiery passions.“Aaaaagh!” Gail gurgled, her mind all at once whirling with lewd thoughts. Shegasped and choked with delight as her body trembled desperately. She needed aman. . . any man! Her fingers, proved to be a poor substitute for the thickened heatof a man’s skewering cock. But there, was no man here, or so Gail thought. Thelovely aroused brunette would have been very shocked indeed, had she known thatright now three men were tiptoeing into the living room with one idea in mind . . . tofuck her within an inch of her lusty life!Frank, Jerry and Herb stood outside the door, glancing at their watches. They’dgiven Gail plenty of time to get home from her meetings and relax. Now the rest ofthe evening was up to them. They had to convince the hypocritical brunette that shewas making a mistake by telling her parents about Crystal and Jerry. And sweetreason hadn’t worked at all! They had only one alternative and this was it!“Shhhh!” Jerry grinned as he unlocked the door and heard the unmistakable soundscoming from the bathroom. His finger flew to his lips in a gesture for silence, thenpointed at the closed bathroom door. There was no mistaking what was happening inthe bathroom. Gail must have gotten horny and decided to take matters into her ownhands. This should be a lot easier than any of them had thought!“Wait ‘til I give the high-sign and then we’ll surprise her!” Jerry whispered, eventhough the sound of the shower was loud enough to drown out any sounds theywould make. “We’ll catch her when she’s really steaming and then we’ll all give it toher!”There wasn’t a sound as Jerry opened the bathroom door and he and Frank filed in.Herb would wait in the living room for just the right moment to join the party. Theinside of the shower doors were slightly steamy but that didn’t cut down that much ontheir visibility. The beveled glass showed Gail’s lush body in all its glory, her legsspread widely while her fingers hurtled into the creamy pink mouth of her femininity.Both men felt their cocks harden jerkily in the front of their pants. Gail was a beautifulsight and they were going to have a lot of fun with her tonight. And this time theywere going to make sure she didn’t claim she was drunk as an excuse. This timeGail ümraniye escort was going to get fucked stone cold sober and all three men were willing to betthat she’d love it by the time they got through with her!+ + +“Aaaaaaah!” Gail gasped lustily, feeling her nipples thrusting out into hard, achingpoints on the tips of her white, sloping breasts. This was wonderful and she’d been afool for not indulging her greedy hunger sooner. Of course it wasn’t quite as good asfucking was, but she had resolved to be a good example for Crystal.The aroused brunette whimpered passionately and drew her legs closer to her body,giving her fingers full access to her squirming, clutching cuntal tissues. The wet,plunging sounds her fingers made as they hurtled to the back of her flaming pinkcuntal chute made her quiver with desire. Thank goodness Crystal and Jerry hadgone out tonight! Here she was, acting like a wanton again, but thank God there wasno one to see her!“Fuck meeeee!” Gail cried out, her face pink with shame. The aroused youngteacher’s passion was growing with each second. Gail’s lusty hunger grew and grewwith each plunge of her bunched fingers and then she was at the peak . . . thedizzying peak of ecstasy.“FUCK MEEEEEE!” Gail screamed, driving her fingers into the deepest recesses ofher slippery pussytunnel with abandoned frenzy. The fiery waves of orgasm rushedthrough her body and made her cry out again and again as she gasped and shiveredin delight. Her fingers suddenly twirled and plunged in the hot pink sea of her cuntalchute and her quivering vaginal mouth gaped widely, opening and closing in aturmoil of lewd rapture. Her heated cuntal tissues were flaming pink, glistening withflooding juices as her fingers dipped and rose, dipped and rose until her shiveringorgasm crashed to that final bursting crescendo of joy.“AAAAAAAGH!” the trembling brunette squealed, touching the very back of hervibrating pussychute. Her velvety sheath was blazing with desire and her body wasshattering into millions of lust-filled pieces. She squealed in rapture again and againuntil her voice was hoarse with strain and still the lightning bursts of orgasm did notstop. Thrill after thrill swept through her burning coralhued tissues until her voice wasonly a whimper of satisfied exhaustion.“Oooooooh, God!” Gail gasped, her flushed face turning suddenly white with horror.What had she done? She’d acted like some kind of common wanton right here inCrystal’s shower and she hadn’t had even one drink! Could it be possible that shewas wrong about everything? That perhaps it wasn’t the alcohol that made her dothese lewd and disgraceful things?“Terrible!” Gail sputtered, pulling her fingers from her weakly spasming cuntal mouthwith a violent jerk. She reached up swiftly to turn off the cold water and shivered inacute embarrassment. Her moral values had been tested tonight and she had madea mockery of every one. The shivering teacher was thoroughly ashamed of herselffor what she had done!With shaking fingers, Gail reached for the big fluffy towel hanging over the showerdoor. She dried her body vigorously, rubbing the towel over every inch of hertraitorous body until she felt a little less chilled. Gail still couldn’t get over what hadhappened to her tonight. She had thought that by stopping drinking she could stopthe lewd thoughts that ran through her mind, but that hadn’t worked at all. Theremust be some way of turning back into a moral woman. There had to be! Gail knewshe’d just die if she had to spend the rest of her life fighting the compelling urge forfucking!The young teacher’s face was livid as she opened the shower door and blinked insurprise. Her cheeks flushed even more painfully and she let out a gasp of purefright as she saw the two men waiting for her. There were two men to witness hershame, Jerry and Frank! And both of them were grinning at her with their turgidcocks poking obscenely and lustily out in the air!

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