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Abused Stepdaughter – Part EightThis Story is about a young teenage girl named Sandra, who has had a rough life on her own, but that is all about to change….DISCLAIMER: This story is a complete work of Imagination – All Characters, Incidents, and Places are Fictional. Including Anyone or Place with Similar Names, this Story is intended as Satire and for Adults Only; you must be 18 or over to read it. This part of my Story will be involving R(a)pe, B(e)stiality & Ped(o)philia, it will be Intensely Emotional. I do not condone any Forced Sexual Activity involving Young T(ee)nagers in real life. If you are offended, or disturbed by graphic depictions of sex with young girls… or any of the other Taboo activities that I’m going to be writing about in this story, then you should stop reading this Story Now!——— Chapter 15Sharing the story of their lives….March 11, 1991, later that same Monday evening.Little Rock, ArkansasThe bartender walked over and winked at Jaime, and gave her a knowing smile. Jaime blushed and gave her a sheepish grin, shrugging. “You Need a cigarette?” Annie asked.”No…. but a Jack and Coke would be nice,” Jaime laughed.”Coming up,” Anni said, walking away.Jaime watched the next two strippers dance, giving them only half of her attention. She couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened with Kenzi. It had stopped being a simple lap dance, by the beginning of the third song. She’d just had sex with a stripper. Her mind kept teasing her with images of Kenzi’s tight body writhing against her own, and the sounds of her excited moans. She was becoming aroused, again.The throbbing music wasn’t helping matters, her stool was vibrating against her thighs and backside. It sent shivers through her body. Nor did the black-haired girl on the stage. She couldn’t be older than twenty, her body slim and boyish. Her dance was more playful than Poppy’s or Kenzi’s, and the crowd was cheering on the naked girl. Jaime found her dance more cute than erotic, she liked how her skinny body, and her small tits with puffy nipples looked.Her dance ended and the stripper curtseyed at the applause that went up, a big grin on her adorable face. She collected her money, then she ran to the curtain, pausing to blow kisses over her shoulder, before disappearing through it.Turning back to the bar, she motioned Annie over. “Can I have one more, then cut me off?””Driving?””Not until I get my license back,” she said, smiling.”Then why the cut off,” Annie asked, polishing a glass. “If you don’t mind me asking.””I have plans for later,” Jaime said.”Plans, huh,” Annie replied with a chuckle, and give her a knowing look. “Do these plans involve a certain girl?””I thought you weren’t going to judge,” Jaime laughed.”Oh, I don’t judge, but Kenzi is my friend,” Annie continued, her voice low so only Jaime could hear. “And I’m very protective of my friends.””Good…,” Jaime said, smiling at her, “I don’t know what the girl’s story is, but I think she needs a friend like you.”The bartender gave her a weighty look, then returned the smile, “I think you mean that.””I’m a financial adviser. Kenzi seemed interested when she found out what I do for a living. For all I know, all she wants to talk about, is whether to invest in stocks or bonds.””And if she is interested in something else?”Jaime met her eyes, and held them as she said, “I’m not going to hurt her, Annie.””I’m going to hold you to that,” she said, smiling and pointed near the end of the stage, “You see that guy over there, right?””Yeah,” Jaime said, laughing. “He looks like a very intimidating fellow.””Ah, Alex is a pussy cat, as long as you don’t mess with his girls,” Annie said.Jaime smiled and said, “I get the message, Annie.””Good, then this drink is on me,” she said, placing the glass in front of Jaime.The lights dimmed and the announcer said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the stage, the lovely Kenzi.”Jaime turned to watch Kenzi walk out on the stage. She blinked in surprise to see her in a different outfit. She wore a peach colored bustier that clung to her young tan body like it had been made for her, with an itty-bitty thong that matched the top, black nylons held up with garter straps, and a pair of high heels. A simple black lace choker around her neck finished off the outfit.Kenzi looked stunning to her, and the crowd seemed to agree, giving her the loudest applause, yet of the night. She smiled when her eyes found Jaime at the bar, and she acknowledged her with a slight nod of her head. Jaime smiled back and clapped her hands.Jaime watched raptly, as Kenzi walked around the stage like fashion model, one leg crossing in front of the other. Again, Jaime was reminded of a proud jungle cat, the girl moved with such grace. Coming to the center of the stage, she paused, hip shot to look around the room. The crowd went crazy, eating up the show.Slowly she began to dance, very sensual and almost lazy in her moves. The gyrations of her hips drew the eye and Jaime found herself hypnotized by them. As she continued her slow dance, Kenzi popped the catches on her garters, never missing a step. The bustier was shucked up, then off. She dropped it to the stage, as she covered her small breasts with her arm. A true striptease, she’d show a little, then cover it up, show a little more, then cover it. Finally, in a flourish, she threw her hands up, revealing her beautiful young body.Again, the crowd went crazy and Jaime clapped right along with them. This dance was much different than her last, very erotic and sensual, instead of alluring and innocent. Kenzi teased the crowd some more, pulling one side of her thong down, then the other, but not enough to show anything. She had everyone eating out of her hand, everyone leaning forward in rapt attention. She had Jaime on the hook right along with the rest of them.Turning her back on the crowd, she worked her panties down her thighs, letting it slid to her feet. Stepping out of it, she turned back around, her hand blocking her crotch from view. She danced like that a moment, letting the crowd linger in anticipation, then she slid her hand up her hip, and on to her small breasts.The crowd went nuts, money flying on the stage. Kenzi worked the men sitting at the stage, squatting low to dance right in front of them. Jaime was jealous of those lucky few who had those seats. Still, there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house.Her song set ended, and Kenzi stood up and took a bow, then blew kisses to the crowd. The applause was rowdy, and it went on, until she had collected her money and left the stage.Ten minutes later, Kenzi approached the bar and Jaime. She’d changed into blue jeans and a sweater, but still wore the choker. Jaime thought she looked sexy in it, she hoped Kenzi wouldn’t notice and take it off.”That was amazing,” Jaime said, smiling at the girl.”Thanks…,” Sandra said, grinning shyly, “I’ve been trying for weeks to work up the courage to do that dance. I was so scared I would mess it up.””They loved it…,” Jaime said, grinning. “And I loved it… where did you get that bustier?””Mail order from Frederick’s of Hollywood,” she said, almost giddy, “It looked great, right?””It looked stunning, with you in it… I loved the color with your tan,” Jaime replied with a grin. “And you dance so gracefully…. you had us on the edge of our seats.””Us…,” Kenzi asked, a playful smile on her face.”Yes… me included; I was captivated” Jaime laughed.”Hey…. I’m starving. Would you like to get some late dinner with me, Jaime?”Jaime’s heart skipped a beat, and she said, “I’d love to.””Okay… oooh Anni, I’m taking a break, and not sure when I’ll be back” Sandra said. Jaime quickly settled her tab, and looked over to Kenzi, “Okay… I’m ready.””Come on, Jaime…. I’ll take you out the back. I’m not supposed to be up here dressed like this.” Sandra said, almost shyly, and led her over to a door near the stage,”Why?” Jaime asked and laughed, “You look cute… I especially like the choker.”The girl reached up and touched it, then rolled her eyes, “I forgot about it.””I figured…,” Jaime said.The girl gave her a look, and asked, “Do you really like it?””I do.””Then I’ll leave it on,” Sandra said, smiling, “Come on.”Again, Jaime’s heart skipped a beat. Maybe, the girl really did want something, more than financial advice from her. She took the girl’s hand when she offered it, and let herself be led behind stage. Kenzi left her outside the dressing room, while she grabbed her backpack, then they left by the back-employee entrance.Tank, the largest of the four bouncers, gave them an imposing look, his eyes shifting to look at Jaime. “You know, you ain’t supposed to take clientele out the back,” he mumbled, as he held the door open.“It’s no problem, Tank… she a good friend of mine,” Kenzi sweetly said, and winked at him.They walked through the parking lot to the street, then Sandra said, “I know this little all-night diner three blocks up, it’s called Lenny’s. They have wonderful apple pie.””Okay…,” Jaime said, trusting the girl to get them there. After spending hours in the flashing lights and throbbing music of the XTC club, it almost seemed surreal to be out in the cool, quiet night.———————————–“I need to save for college,” Sandra said, without preamble.”Okay,” Jaime said. “I can give you some advice… or do you want me to do more?”I have some money put back, but I think I’d be better off finding a way for my money to make money,” Sandra said, then glanced over at Jaime, “Can you make it grow quick?””Well it depends, on how aggressive you want to be, there are risks though,” she said, looking at the girl with concern. “How fast do you want it to build? “Well, I have a deadline,” Sandra said, looking away, “I need to have enough saved for college… and maybe some left… I need it as soon as possible.””Why…?” Jaime asked, frowning. “Is there more you’re not telling me?”I need to quit XTC… but it won’t be easy,” she mumbled. “That’s all I can say for now.””Oh,” Jaime said, and didn’t press her to say more, she knew more of her story would come when she trusted her more.”I can’t just quit…” Sandra said and shrugged, “I could fake a parent’s consent form, and get a real job. You know, ‘Welcome to Burger King, can I take your order?’ But I couldn’t get ahead working for just minimum wage. I only danced twice tonight, and made two hundred dollars, three counting your lap dance.””Really…,” Jaime said, her eyes wide, “That much.””Yeah,” the girl said, giving her a playful smile, “What…. you don’t think I’m worth it?””Ooohh, I’m sure you’re worth every penny,” Jaime said, and smiled shrewdly, “I’m just thinking I’m in the wrong business.””It’s never too late,” Sandra said, laughing, Laughing, Jaime said, “You think I’d do okay at stripping, huh?”Having never borne ch(i)ldren, Jaime looked very good at the age of thirty-two. Her body was slender, and in great shape, she was a very attractive, sexy woman, she took very good care of her petite body and appearance. Her honey-hued hair was slightly below shoulder length, and her eyes were, as a lover once told her, “The light blue of a summer morning.” Her nose was small, and her lips were full and pouty. Her tits were of medium size, firm, and shapely, just as they had been when she was a cheerleader in high school. Her tits were the perfect fit for her small body, creamy white on her flawless golden-tan skin, her nipples pointed and candy-pink, set upon quarter-sized aureoles of pale-brown. Her waist was narrow and her stomach flat, with only a hint of roundness. Beneath her dimpled belly button was a pale patch of skin around her shaved-bare pubic mound. The slit of her pussy was as tight as ever, in the shape of a puffy clamshell. She considered her butt it to be her most attractive physical feature, it swelled out into two gently sloping mounds, then curving sharply to her thighs. The cheeks of her ass rippled hypnotically when she walked, and her slim hips had a natural, tantalizing sway, the same lover had told her, after she’d made the comment on her eyes.”It is hard to say with the business suit, but I think you have a nice body, you’re very attractive,” Sandra said, then laughed when Jaime looked at her funny, “I mean that from a professional standpoint, of course.””Well, it’s still a compliment, and I’ll take them where I can get them,” Jaime replied, making the girl laugh, again.”Anyway, how much do you think I’ll need for college?” Sandra asked.”Depends on your major, and what college you go to,” she said, then looked at the girl, “I don’t suppose you’ve already started looking at schools.””No… but I know I need to.””I had to ask… you seem to have your life istanbul escort together better than most adults. I thought you might already have had a plan.””It is a work in progress,” Sandra said, pleased by the compliment.”We’ll set your goal at thirty thousand,” Jaime continued, then looked at her. “You’re what, eighteen?””Aaahh…. no, I’ll be sev(e)nt(ee)n in a few months,” Sandra softly said.”What…!” Jaime said with surprise, she stopped walking and turned to look at her. “How can you be working at that club…. you’re a miner…. what do you parent’s think, do they know?”“Well… it’s hard to explain right now… but to let you know a little, my Mom through me out of the house when I was almost 16…. and Jim, the owner of the club, he sorta took me in. He didn’t ask my age at first… and now that he knows, well he doesn’t care.”“But… oooohh, My God…. you were only 15… but it’s ill(e)gal, you both could get in a lot of trouble.”“Yeah, that’s funny…. Jim knows people…. powerful types. He doesn’t have to worry; he does a lot of ill(e)gal shit.” Sandra laughed. “Don’t worry about me dancing at the club… just make my money grow.””Aaahh, well okay…. what kind of start-up money do I have to work with?””I have about twelve-grand hidden under the floor of my apartment,” she said, making Jaime blink in surprise.”The first thing you need to do, is get a savings account, and get your money out of your apartment.””I tried,” she said, sighing, “Did you know you can’t get a savings account without a parent’s signature if you are my age?””Yeah… that sounds about right,” Jaime said, knowing all too well what a pain banks could be. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll figure out a way to get your money in a bank.””Okay…,” Sandra said, as she looked at Jaime intently. “So, you’re going to help me?””Yeah…,” she said, smiling at her, “I don’t get many clients like you… it’ll be hard, but not impossible. Most of my clients are old men, who are already rich, and want to get richer. I’ve never helped a young girl go to college before.””It has nothing to do with what happened earlier…,” Sandra asked with a shrewd smile.”Honestly, No…,” Jaime said, meeting the girl’s eyes. “If you walked in off the street with your story, I’d still want to help you.””You know, I think that’s true… I know I can trust you… at least a little, my real name is Sandra,” she said, smiling at her.“I’m glad to meet you, Sandra,” Jaime said, and gave her a hug. “You can trust me… tell me more of your story when it feels right.” ———————————–They had arrived at the diner, and went in, and found a booth at the back. They talked a little, as they waited for a waitress to come and take their drink orders. Kim, the waitress, smiled at Sandra, and asked how she’d been lately. They talked for a few minutes before Kim departed to fill their order.Sandra saw Jaime looking at her, and shrugged, “So, I come in here a lot. The food is good, and it’s close to the club.””She seems to know a good bit about you,” Jaime said.”Kimmy?” Eliza said, shrugging again, “She likes to mother me a little bit. Her own k**s are out of the house now and she worries about me.”Jaime looked at her a long moment, then said, “You get that a lot, don’t you? People wanting to protect you? Mother you?””I don’t know,” she said, uncomfortable, “Yeah, I guess I do.””You know,” Jaime said, laughing, “Annie threatened to sic Alex on me if I mistreated you. And I bet Tank has a soft spot for you, too.””Can we talk about something else,” she said, then sighed, “Annie, Tank, even Sally, They’re like family. The only family I’ve got.””Tell me more about how you started to dance at the club?”Sandra gave her a sour look, and said, “No… not yet. What about you? How did you end up following me in there?”Jaime sensed she’d struck a nerve, and backed off. She suspected a lot of bad shit had set her down the path, that lead to the strip club. Looking at the girl, Jaime sighed, “I was thirteen when I met Lana. Even then, I knew, or at least I suspected, that I wasn’t interested in boys, it was girls that excited me. We became friends, then lovers. She was such a lovely girl, so beautiful. We were together for three years. How I loved her. It was the only true love I’ve known. My parents were distant, busy with work. I was raised by a series of nannies, who seemed to care, but I could never be sure, if it wasn’t just to earn a paycheck. But Lana, she loved me, I could see it in her eyes, the way she looked at me.”Sandra listened intently, as a tear streamed down her cheek.”She was sixteen, when she died. She was still so full of life, vibrant. It didn’t just break my heart, it crushed into tiny pieces,” Jaime continued, feeling her throat tighten after all these years. “I read in the paper, that the drunk driver who hit her, was over three times the legal limit, he should have been comatose, not driving.”The waitress brought their food and Jaime was glad for a moment to gather herself. Talking about Lana still hurt, it still felt like a fresh wound. “I cried for days after seeing her in the casket,” Jaime said, with tears streaming from her eyes. “I had lost a part of me and it went down into the earth with Lana.””I’m sorry…,” Sandra said, her own eyes welling with fresh tears.”You asked why I ended up at XTC,” Jaime sighed. “And I assume you mean, why do I like young girls? There’s no easy answer. I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘I think I’ll start liking young girls today.’ It was a process, a nice slippery slope, that led me to who I am, but I think it all started with Lana. She was so beautiful… I look for an essence of her in other young girls maybe, comparing them to her.””And I remind you of her…?” Sandra softly asked.Jaime snorted, then laughed. Shaking her head, she replied, “Not even close…. you couldn’t be less like her, if you tried.””Ooohh…. well, I just assumed-” Sandra murmured.”She was a feisty redhead, pale and fair,” Jaime continued, smiling now, “You two are polar opposites.””Huh,” Sandra said, thinking.”Don’t over think it,” Jaime said, laughing, “You are beautiful and sweet, even a blind man would notice that. While you look nothing like Lana, you do have her spunkiness.”Jaime watched Sandra blush, then she looked away embarrassed. Still, she could see the faint smile on her face. “You know the rest of how I ended up at the club,” Jaime said, and began to eat her cheese burger, it was delicious.Sandra looked at her a long moment, then shook her head and laughed, “Shit… okay fine.””Fine…?” Jaime asked.”My stepdad…,” Sandra began to mumble, and looked down at her food, then began again with a stronger voice “Well… he r(a)ped me several times, over a period of two years.” She paused to wipe tears from her eyes.”Ooohh, My God…,” Jaime softly said, thinking she knew where her story was going.“And, when my Mom caught us in bed that night, she accused me of trying to steal him away from her… and she threw me out of the house, right then and there.” she continued, looking up at Jaime. Jaime saw the tears in her eyes, the pain, and took the girl’s hand. Sandra shut her eyes, and then squeezed her hand hard.Then, once Sandra had control of her emotions again, she opened her eyes again, and glanced up at Jaime, giving her a sad smile. “As I packed a suit case and a backpack, I thought about going to my Aunts place… I would have to take a Greyhound. But I had to get there first, and it was too early for the bus station to be open… so I was walking here. I was going to hang out until the city bus started to run, so I could get to the Greyhound, but it started to rain. I ran to the nearest shelter I could see, the awning over the entrance of XTC. Jim was inside doing paperwork, and saw me on the security cameras. He offered me a waitress job, plus he would put me up in one of his apartment buildings, with reduced rent. I agreed, if nothing else, I could start a new life on my own, and have time to think about what to do next. My apartment isn’t that great…,” Sandra said, then added, “But it’s mine, my own place to relax.”When Sandra paused her story, Jaime reached out, and took her hand again and squeezed it, “So, how did you start dancing?“ she softly asked.”It was about a year later, Jim need an opening dancer, because Mandy was sick. I vividly remember that first time,” she said, shaking her head. “I was so scared to go on stage. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run off the stage crying, but then the crowd got to me, and I started to like what I was doing. With every dance after that, it got easier, mostly because I got to know a lot of the regulars. More than a couple, I call friends, I always say ‘Hello’ when I see them in the crowd… and the money is great.””I understand you had few options at the beginning, but why haven’t you gone to live with your Aunt by now?” Jaime asked, shaking her head sadly.”The same reason I didn’t bolt from the stage that first night, I love stripping and getting the crowd off” Sandra said, laughing, “I don’t want to go back to being a k(i)d. As long as I’m dancing, the apartment is mine, Free cable and internet, and I can do as I want.”“Really…. is it all that easy, or is there something you’re holding back…?” Jaime softly asked.”Hey, don’t spill a tear because of me,” Sandra laughed, as she wiped a tear from her eye. “My life isn’t all that bad… just different. I have people in my life that I care about, and a job that I’ve come to enjoy. I could do much worse.””I wish you could have met Lana,” Jaime said, smiling at the girl. “You two would have hit it off, I’m sure of it.”As they ate, Jaime asked Sandra a few more questions, and got to know her better. She had been a cheerleader before she started stripping, and she was a self-taught dancer mostly, she could just watch a dance routine, and with practice she could copy it. More surprising, Jaime shared a good bit about herself with the girl, more than she expected to. Sandra seemed very interested in her work, and what it was like growing up as a lesbian, life with her parents and the string of nannies. Jaime had never told anyone half the things she told Sandra.When the check came, Jaime picked it up, and paid with her card. When the waitress walked away to run it, Jaime looked at the girl, “Do you want me to call you a cab, or do you want me to walk with to the club?”Sandra tucked her hair behind her ear, she looked almost shy, when she said, “Would it be weird, if I go with you… you know, stay the night? Do you have a couch I could crash on? It’s been a strange night, I just don’t feel like going back to the club, or my apartment.”Blinking, Jaime tried not to sound too excited, but failed miserably, when she said, “Sure, you can stay with me if you like… and I have a comfy couch, but you could have the guest room if you want it.”Sandra looked at her and laughed, “Don’t expect anything… I just need somewhere to crash for the night.”The Kimmy returned and Jaime signed for their meal, then called a cab. They waited in the restaurant for it to show up, then they rode in silence back to Jaime’s house. There was a curious tension between them, and Jaime’s heart was racing nearly as fast as her imagination. Was the girl feeling it, too? Was that why she wanted to come back to Jaime’s place? Or was her imagination getting away from her?——— Chapter 16They made Love passionately….Very late that same night.Little Rock, ArkansasLetting them into the house, Jaime turned off the alarm, and then gave Sandra a quick tour of the place. It was a small, single story bungalow, with three bedrooms and two baths. She showed the girl the guest bath, and bedroom. Sandra walked around the room, taking in her surroundings.”I like your house,” Sandra said, as she sat on the bed.”Thank you…,” Jaime replied, as she fought the urge to join her on the bed.”I could use a shower,” she said, grimacing, “Dancing is sweaty work.””There’s soap and shampoo under the sink, from the last time my sister visited. You’re welcome to use them. Towels are in the cabinet above the toilet,” Jaime said, and smiled.”Okay,” the girl said, getting up.”I’ll probably be in my office, when you get out,” Jaime said, then turned to leave. Pausing, she looked back at Sandra. “You can be as comfortable as you want here.””I know…,” Sandra said, and smiled sweetly.Jaime closed the door, and then went to her bedroom. She closed the door, then leaned against it. What was she doing? Why had she invited the girl back to her place? Was she really thinking about doing what was on her mind? She didn’t want just to look, anymore. After what had happened avcılar escort during the lap dance, she ached to feel Sandra’s warm body in her arms, again.Shaking her head, she stripped out of her suit, then her bra. In just her panties, she looked at herself in the mirror. Thirty minutes of vigorous calisthenics in the morning had kept her body lean and tight. She smiled, as she thought about the girl’s comment, about it not being too late for her to be a stripper. She didn’t have the big boobs or thick booty to make it rich, she sadly thought. But she still she looked good, she probably wouldn’t starve at least, if she decided on making the career change.Laughing, she found some sleep shorts and a tank top, then slipped into them. She let her hair down, then pulled it into a ponytail. In comfort mode now, she left her bedroom and went to her office, and booted up her computer.She was checking her emails, when a soft knock came at the door. Turning, she saw Sandra poke her head in the door, and waved her in. The girl stepped inside, wearing only one of the plush towels Jaime kept in the spare bathroom. Jaime couldn’t take her eyes off Sandra, finally she had to force herself to look away.”Do you need something to sleep in,” Jaime asked.”Maybe later…,” Sandra said, shyly. She went over to where Jaime sat, then let the towel drop. Jaime gaped at her, not believing her eyes. Her eyes roamed down the girl’s body, taking her all in, like she was a cool glass of water, and she was dying of thirst.For a moment Sandra hesitated, then she sat on Jaime’s lap. Then, she put her arm around Jaime’s neck, and pressed her body against hers. Jaime stared into her pale grey eyes; she saw a desire in them that took her breath away. Swallowing hard, she asked, “Are you sure? You know we don’t have to. Hey, your eyes were brown?””I know… but I want to,” Sandra giggled. “I wear colored contacts lenses; and my hair is really blonde.””Really…?” Jaime asked, not believing it all could be true.”The way you talked about Lana…,” Sandra said, smiling shyly, “And the way you look at me… I like the way you look at me.””You’re so beautiful,” Jaime whispered.”Then you go and say things like that…,” Sandra giggled playfully.”We shouldn’t do this…,” Jaime said, looking deep into the girl’s eyes, she loved her real eye color.”Because I’m a k(i)d…,” Eliza asked, then smiled seductively, “Or because the Law says I’m too young, to give consent, that I couldn’t possibly know what I want, or what I’m doing?”Jaime blinked in surprise…Sandra laughed, then kissed her deeply. The suddenness caught Jaime off guard, making her gasp. Then the girl’s tongue was in her mouth, it was awkward at first, but it turned passionate, dispelling all of Jaime’s apprehensions.Jaime flushed with excitement, and sighed, “I don’t really care anymore…. kissing you is awesome.””Okay… great,” Sandra giggled wickedly. Then she leaned in closer, and stopped before her lips touched Jaime’s. Not wanting to play, Jaime moved in and softly kissed the girl, she caressed her cheek tenderly with her fingertips. Pulling back just a little, she smiled at the girl, then leaned forward again. Sandra’s supple lips touched hers, her mouth barely open. Jaime tongue slipped into her mouth, together their tongues danced and caressed.Sandra was grinning, when they broke the wild kiss, and Jaime said, “You’re a great kisser.” Then Jaime’s hand on the girl’s cheek, slipped around to her neck, she pulled Sandra onto her waiting lips. The kiss deepened faster than Jaime expected, their tongues dancing, as their desire grew. Sandra’s passion was driving Jaime crazy with desire. When she finally broke the kiss, she smiled at the girl, biting her lower lip. She saw Sandra was as excited as she was.”I want more…,” Sandra purred, her pale grey eyes flashing.Slipping her arm under the girl’s knees, and one around her back, Jaime got to her feet, and carried the naked girl to her bedroom. Gently, she laid Sandra on her back, her upper half propped up on her elbows, she looked pointedly down at herself, then at Jaime. Getting the subtle point, Jaime pulled her tank top up and off, then slid her shorts and panties down her long legs. Naked, she shivered as Sandra’s hot gaze roamed over her body, she shivered again when the girl smiled wickedly, and purred, “Mmmmm…. so Hot!”Jaime crawled onto the bed, and stretched out beside the naked young girl. Sandra turned so she faced Jaime, their lips meeting. The space between them melted away, and her body pressed deliciously against Jaime’s.Letting her hands roam over the girl’s flank and hip, then down one thigh, Jaime asked, “Is this okay? My touching you like this?”Sandra sighed and nodded, hesitantly she reached out her own hand to touch Jaime’s belly. Her caress left Jaime’s skin tingling in its wake, and she became turned-on, as the girl explored her body further. Sandra’s hesitancy evaporated; her touch became more confident. She seemed to be thrilled by the feel of Jaime’s supple skin beneath her fingertips.Gently, Jaime urged the girl onto her back. Getting to her knees, she smiled down at Sandra, then she leaned down kiss her. The girl put her hand on the back of her neck, and pulled her closer into the kiss. It made Jaime smile, the girl mimicking her own moves.When Jaime broke the kiss, she said, “If I move too fast, or you’re uncomfortable tell me.”Sandra nodded, then Jaime began to nuzzled her neck, she felt Sandra’s pulse racing against her lips, as she placed several kisses there. Then she moved over to her collarbone, and on to the slope of one small breast, the proud nipple pointed and hard. Sandra sighed, as she teased it with her tongue, then groaned, as Jaime sucked into her mouth. She didn’t stop until, Sandra’s back arched off the bed, pushing her breast into her face. The girl’s breath quickened, as Jaime moved lower, and the closer she got to her girlhood, the shallower it became.Jaime glanced up at the girl, and saw her propped up on her elbows. Her pale grey eyes shone with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. She could relate to that, remembering the first time Lana had laid between her legs, and used her tongue to drive her crazy. She had been so excited, and self-conscious, and not completely sure she was ready to let a girl do that to her. She saw the same uncertainty in Sandra’s eyes now, but the girl nodded, giving her permission… just as she had given Lana permission.Lowering her mouth to the hairless crotch, she let her tongue slip between the soft puffy folds, to caress Sandra’s pink bud. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips, and Jaime rolled her eyes up, to see the girl watching her with wide eyes.“Ooohh Jaime… Yes, Lick Me!” the girl moaned.Sandra flopped onto her back, a hand going to her mouth, she chewed on a knuckle, as her hips began to move. Her other hand kept coming up, only to fall back to the bed, like she didn’t have complete control of it, or didn’t know what she wanted to do with it. Her mind was spinning with wild sensations, her experience with women was very limited… Jaime had her feeling things she’d never felt.“Ooohh…. yes, Jaime… mmmmoooohh…” Sandra moaned, as she became more and more aroused. She seemed to be trying to contain the noises she was making, but she was failing miserably. Jaime had her worked into a high state of arousal, her body going crazy under her tongue.Jaime let her hands roam over the girl’s supine body, thrilling to the feel of her lean form. She was soft, and firm, in all the right places, and Jaime couldn’t keep her hands off of her.”Oh, God… oooohhaaammuuunnnggaa…” Sandra moaned, her back arching off the bed, “Your tongue feels sooooo good.”Jaime had to hold her thighs, to keep her undulating crotch pressed to her mouth. She was more than a little turned-on by the writhing of the girl’s body, she found it very arousing, to know she could drive her wild like this.”Oooohh, Shit…,” Sandra gasped, as she grasped at the sheets. “Don’t stop…. please, don’t stop!”Jaime heard the urgency in her voice, and the change in her breathing, she saw her body began to spazz out, and she knew Sandra was about to come. Her whole body lifted off the bed, and Jaime had to follow her with her mouth. She climaxed like that, her body arched like the London bridge, and like the old c***dren’s song said, the London bridge came falling down. Sandra giggled wildly, as her body trembled, and shook her head, as the feel-good juices flooded her bloodstream.”Holy Shit… Wow,” Sandra groaned.”I said the same thing, the first time Lana did that to me,” Jaime said, moving up to give the dazed girl a kiss. Stretching out on her back, she thought she could die happy right then.Propped-up on her elbows, Sandra smiled down at her, “I want to do that to you now…. it’s the lady-like thing to do…,” Sandra playfully said. “Give and get, Right?”Jaime laughed, shaking her head at having her own words thrown back at her. The laughter dried up as Sandra moved between her legs. “Sandra, have you ever heard of, Foreplay?” Jaime asked, almost giddy with excitement. This was really happening.”I’ve heard the word before, but I’m not exactly sure what it is,” Sandra softly replied.”Foreplay can be many things to different people,” Jaime said and smiled. “Kissing, touching, or a caress, basically, anything you can do, to make your partner more aroused. It’s very important, so remember: Foreplay.””Okay… so, kinda what you did to me.””Half the fun, is figuring out what arouses your partner. Different people like different things,” Jaime said, nodding.”The human body is full of erogenous zones, places that feel good when caressed or kissed. Some are obvious, some not so much. It is kind of like Operation, the board game… only if you find the right spot, you get a moan, and not an annoying Buzzer.””Okay…,” Sandra laughed. She moved up and gave Jaime a kiss, then kissed the graceful curve of her neck, her collar bone. She kissed Jaime’s left breast, right on the nipple.”Don’t always go for the nipple…,” Jaime said, as she caressed the girl’s cheek. “The top and bottom of the breast is also very sensitive. A light touch there is very erotic.”Sandra ran her fingertips along the underside of her breasts, her touch as light as a ghost’s kiss, then asked, “Like this?””Mmmmooo…. yeah, just like that,” Jaime sighed, then said. “Now, cup my breast in your hand and gently knead it, letting the nipple drag across your palm.”Sandra did as she was instructed, cupping Jaime’s breasts, she made her moan, and arch her back. Jaime pushed her breasts into the girl’s hands, encouraging her to keep doing it. Sandra had a faint smile on her face, as Jaime moaned again, louder this time.”Now, use your tongue to make circles around the nipple, every now and then caress it with your lips. This keeps your partner guessing, which is very exciting. Anticipation can be very sexy,” Jaime said, as she ran her fingers through the girl’s hair, as she lowered her mouth to her breast. Sandra’s hot, wet tongue drew more moans from her slack mouth.The girl had her so excited, Jaime didn’t need any more foreplay. The heat between her thighs was almost unbearable, she was so aroused. There was just something extremely erotic about teaching the young girl how to please her. She had made herself, as horny as she had ever been, her body aching for release, but she wasn’t finished teaching Sandra how to be a good lover.”AAaaaannngggoo… now move lower… mmmaaahhoo,” she said, around a moan. “Another thing that is really sexy… is contrast. Hot and cold, or light and heavy pressure. Again, it keeps your partner guessing, and involved with what you’re doing to them. Switch between a light fingertip caress, and almost a massage type of squeeze. Or if you kiss… say the stomach, gently blow on the wet print your lips leaves behind, it sends a delicious shiver up the spine.”Sandra was really a fast study, she took what Jaime had said, and drove her wild with caresses and gentle kisses. She kissed the hollow of her hip bone, and Jaime moaned. Sandra nuzzled her there, and Jaime had to smile. It was one of the favorite parts on her body to have kissed or touched. She didn’t know why, but it just got her all hot and bothered.”Yes…. right there, that spot really turns me on,” Jaime said, her voice thick with excitement. She couldn’t take much more of this.Sandra smiled up at her, and asked, “Are you more than a little turned-on?””Love, I was more than a little turned-on, a long time before we even got started. Right now, I’m like a horny t(ee)nager.”Laughing, Sandra asked, “So… what now?”Jaime reached şirinevler escort between her thighs, and spread her puffy cuntlips, so the girl could see, and pointed at the pink hood of her clit, then said, “I don’t know how familiar you’re with making love to a woman… so here’s a few things to start with… a caress or the flick of your tongue on the clit feels incredible.”Hesitantly, Sandra reached out, and rubbed at Jaime’s little bud, her fingers making her sigh, then moan. She stretched out on her stomach, still making lazy circles with her fingers on her clit. She giggled nervously, and bit her lower lip. Rolling her eyes up at Jaime, she waited for permission. Jaime felt like her heart was going to burst its way out of her chest, it was beating so hard, as she nodded. The girl giggled again, then took a deep breath to bolster her nerve, and lowered her mouth to Jaime’s pussy. Sandra’s tongue licked at her tender clit, sending shivers of pleasure through Jaime’s body.”Oooohh, God…. Yeah!” Jaime moaned. Sandra rolled her eyes up at her, and grinned, as she continued to lick. Jaime smiled at her, and whimpered, “Mmmmmooo…. that feels soooo fucking good. Please Don’t Stop,” Jaime propped herself up on her elbow, so she could watch the girl’s tongue teasing between her labia. She moaned, as she brushed Sandra’s hair out of her face, so she could see her better. The girl was driving her crazy, making her hips jerk and her body quiver.Jaime was too excited… she wasn’t going to last long like this. Almost, as the thought entered her head, she felt her orgasm stir to life deep inside of her. For the second time tonight, Sandra was going to make her come. Her fingers clutched at the sheets, her back arching. The girl must have sensed she was close, because her licking intensified at her clit.“OOOooohhh Sandra…. UUUuunnnggaaahhhoooo!” Jaime cried out in ecstasy, as her orgasm pulsed through her body. She collapsed back to the bed, and smiled as her climax slowly ebbed.Sandra looked up at her, her head tilted to one side, questioningly. Jaime sat up and pulled Sandra atop her, then put an arm around her neck, and kissed her deeply. Sandra was grinning when, she pulled back and met Jaime’s eyes. “Sandra, that was amazing,” Jaime said, as she smiled back at her, and caressed her cheek tenderly.”Your heart is racing…,” Sandra softly said.”And my toes are curled,” Jaime said, making the girl laugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited before. I came so fast.””Like a horny t(ee)nager?”Laughing, Jaime said, “Pretty much. You have that effect on me.”Jaime let her hands slip down the girl’s back, to her backside. Sandra pulled back, her eyebrows raised and gave her a questioning look. She let her hands roam up the girl’s flank to tease the sides of her breasts. Grinning, Jaime shrugged, and said, “It’s after three… are you ready to sl(ee)p?””I’m still wide awake…,” Sandra giggled, a playful smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She had picked up on what Jaime was really asking.”Let me catch my breath… and I’ll teach you something new,” Jaime said, still letting her hands explore the girl’s golden-tan skin. “Stretch out on your back…. you’re going to love this”Sandra gave her a quick kiss, then stretched out beside of her. Jaime got to her hands and knees, then crawled between the girls spread legs. Straddling one hip, she pulled the girl’s knees up, then lowered her body until their pussies touched. Sandra was looking up at her, her pale grey eyes curious. Winking at her, Jaime rolled her hips back and forth, rubbing her crotch against the girl’s pussy. Sandra gasped, then moaned, as they squirmed together, she grinned up at Jaime, as she rolled her own hips up in a counter-rhythm to Jaime’s thrusts.Jaime hadn’t completely recovered from her last orgasm, and the friction of their bodies meeting had her making little an(i)mal squeals of excitement. Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm down, she didn’t want to come too fast this time. She wanted to take her time, and enjoy the feeling of Sandra’s lithe body flexing with her own. She wanted to savor this night, because she might never have another like it.Every time their pussies met, it sent delicious shockwaves crashing through Jaime’s body, each one more intense than the one before it. She looked down at Sandra, and saw the slack jawed look on her pretty face, the girl was feeling it too. Jamie urged the girl to sit up, then rolled them, so Sandra was on top. She didn’t need any further urging, and began to gyrate her pussy against Jaime.As a dancer, the girl had a grace that fascinated Jaime. She couldn’t stop watching the girl’s hips, as she flexed and rolled them. It was like she was back on the stage; it was a very erotic dance. Jaime sat up, and lightly kissed the girl. Sandra responded by kissing her back hard, moaning into her mouth. Then she had to break it, as another moan ripped from her slack mouth, Jaime kissed the curve of her neck, and down her shoulder. She cupped one small breast, then teased the dark nipple, until Sandra groaned, and arched her back. Jaime’s hand slid down her taut stomach, and around to grab her butt-cheek, pulling her grinding pussy hard against hers.They were both breathing raggedly, from their frantic coupling, sweat coating their bodies. When Jaime kissed the slope of Sandra’s breast, she could taste the sweat on her tongue, she loved the taste, and she gently nibbled on the hard nipple.Sandra thrilled to the torture, her little noises of excitement growing louder. She put her hand on the back of Jaime’s head, and held her to her breast. Her fingers knotted in Jaime’s hair, as she teased another groan out of her.Distracted with her own passions, Jaime almost missed the change in the girl’s rhythm, the spastic thrust of her hips. Then Sandra’s eyes grew wide, and she panted, “Oooohhhaaa… I’m going to come!”Jaime was close too, she focused on bringing them both to climax at the same time. Sandra came first, her body tensing up. The shuddering of her body, made Jaime orgasm a moment later, their bodies shook wildly together. Sandra reached out and hugged Jaime tight, as they basked in the afterglow, in each other’s arms. They stayed like that for a while, just enjoying the wonderful sensations awash in their bodies.Finally, Sandra pulled back and grinned at Jaime, “What was that called?””Tribbing…,” Jaime replied, a little out of breath still.”That was wild… I’m still trembling all over. I’m gonna need another shower.” Sandra sighed contentedly, as she wiped the sweat from her brow.”I’ll wash your back, if you wash mine,” Jaime said, half jokingly.”Yeah…?” Sandra playfully asked, and grinned wickedly. “But we’d probably end up messing around in the shower.””Well, I don’t know about you,” Jaime laughed, “But I’m spent, I can’t feel my toes.””You say that now, but if you get me all wet and soapy….”The girl’s words put a mental image in Jaime’s head, and she thought the girl might be right. She felt a flush of heat between her thighs, and had to smile. Sandra really did make her feel like a horny t(ee)nager. “I’m not going to be good for anything tomorrow,” she said, shaking her head. “Let’s take that shower, but make it a cold one.”Sandra laughed, as she untangled her body from Jaime’s. She offered her hand to Jaime, when she got off the bed, but she put her arm around her shoulder, instead. As the girl put her arm around Jaime’s waist, she led them into the master bath. Sandra’s eyes got big when she saw Jaime’s large bathtub, and she looked up at Jaime, grinning.”Can we take a bath instead,” she said, looking back at the tub, “I haven’t had a bath in forever. I only have a shower stall at my apartment.””Sure…,” Jaime said, smiling down at her, “Why don’t you get the water started.”While the girl fiddled with the taps, Jaime got them some towels. She sat them on the toilet, in arms reach of the tub, then poured some scented oils into the swirling water. The room became fragrant with wild flowers as the oil began to bubble up.Jaime sighed, as she settled into the water, the heat and soothing oils made the day’s stress melt away. She spread her legs, so Sandra could sit between them, the girl leaned back into her, and Jaime put her arm around her waist, she slid a hand up to gently cup one breast. The girl felt wonderful in her arms.Sandra’s hands roamed up and down her legs, her touch as light as a feather. “This is nice…,” she sighed.”I love this tub,” Jaime said, smiling, “Nothing quite as relaxing as a hot bath after a long day.” She squeezed the girl tight, and kissed the top of her head. Sandra twisted her neck, so she could kiss her lips, it was a tender, lazy intimate kiss.”You know…,” Sandra giggled playfully. “I can’t believe I did this.””What do you mean…. making love with me?””All of it…,” Sandra said, looking back at Jaime, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I did. It’s just, I’ve never done anything like this before.””Why did you?”Sandra thought about it for a moment, then said, “I don’t know… maybe it was the lap dance, the way you looked at me, and the way you talked to me… it was probably lot of things, I guess. Mostly, I just wondered what it would be like with you.””What would… what be like?””Making love with you,” Sandra whispered. “Being intimate with someone is rare for me…. after what happened during the lap dance, I began to desire more, I couldn’t just let you go.””I know how you feel… it was almost the same for me, seeing you stand up for your bus stop…,” Jaime said, kissing her. “I had to talk to you… I was compelled. I’m glad I got off the bus… tonight was amazing.”*******The next morning Jaime woke up to an empty bed, and thought maybe last night had just been a wonderful dream. She looked around the room, but there was no sign of the girl. Sitting up, she glanced at the alarm clock, and saw it was almost 10:30. She grimaced at the sour taste in her mouth, then yawned.Maybe Sandra had somewhere she needed to be today, it was after all Tuesday, dance practice maybe. She hoped the girl hadn’t left without saying goodbye. Too many lovers had done that to her, and she really didn’t want Sandra to be like one of them.Then she smelled bacon cooking and got out of bed, she slipped into a robe, and went to investigate. She smiled, when she saw Sandra at the stove, making breakfast. She had borrowed one of her T-shirts. “Morning,” Jaime said, as she walked into the kitchen.”I’m making bacon and eggs,” she said, glancing over her shoulder and smiling at Jaime, “I hope that’s, okay?””More than, okay,” Jaime replied with a giggle, as she wrapped her arms around Sandra waist from behind, “Mmmm…. smells delicious.””I made enough for the both of us,” Sandra giggled, as she snuggled back into Jaime.”About last night…” Jaime said.The girl laughed, and turned in her arms, and gave her a kiss. Her beautiful pale grey eyes met Jaime’s, and she said, “You aren’t going to ask if I’m okay with what we did, are you?””Well, I was,” Jaime said, then laughed, “Why?””I loved it,” Sandra said, kissing her, again… No regrets.””Good…,” Jaime said, stealing a piece of bacon from the pile, and going to the table, she picked up her phone and called her office. She munched on it, as she watched the girl cook, and waited for the receptionist to pick-up. Sandra seemed comfortable at the stove; she knew her way around the kitchen. She also thought she looked kind of sexy in her shirt, only half of her obviously naked ass was covered.“Hamilton and Hamilton Investments, may I help you?” Connie spoke.“Good Morning, Connie… it’s Jaime Glosson, I’m sorry to be calling in so late. I need to take a vacation day today. Yes… aaaahhooo….” Jaime said, as she watched Sandra bend over and moon her, both of her tight holes looked so enticing. “I’ll need tomorrow off also, Tell Mr. Mattern, I have the Clauson file with me…. Thanks Connie, Bye.” Sandra giggled wildly, as put the food on plates, added toast, then brought them to the table. Setting one plate in front of Jaime, she sat down across from her with her own. Jaime tried her eggs, and sighed with delight at how good they were, everything was delicious and wonderful.”This is excellent… thank you,” Jaime said.”I love to cook, especially for friends,” Sandra said, and smiled sweetly. “I don’t get to do it very often.””Really… hum,” Jaime said, chewing happily.”Maybe, I could make you dinner, tonight?” Sandra replied, looking shy suddenly.Swallowing hard, Jaime said, “Tonight…?””Yeah…,” the girl giggled, smiling nervously.”Dinner sounds lovely,” Jaime said, wanting to get up and do her happy dance.Part 9…. to come soon To Readers who like my stories…Thank You for reading, I hope you enjoyed another look into My Naughty Imagination. Please tell your Like-Minded Friends about my Stories and Page…. I want more Friends to share My Hot Stories with! My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read, so have them send me a Friend Request.Also, leave a Comment…. if you liked the Story, and You Want More!

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