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At The Stables – Naughty Ch1ldrenAt The Stables – Naughty Ch1ldrenI’m David, 35 attractive with a hard body. Toned after two years fixing this place up. I was your average horny husband and never strayed. My wife and I enjoyed an active but vanilla sex life. I have no complains. We would fuck at the drop of a hat and enjoyed oral especially, if one was tired or we had time limitations. That ended two years ago in a car crash in which my wife died. The compensation from the crash paid for these rundown stables and the money to fix them up. Oh and I can’t father c***dren! Other than that I now have six very wealthy horse owners. Their fees alone will keep the stables at break even and we’re expanding.The General, well an ex Captain really, married a lovely wife 10 to 12 years his junior. Since an incident on active duty the General can no longer screw his wife. Hence our arrangement.Naughty c***dren.The General wanted to roleplay as the Headmaster at Lucy’s weekly fucking. However, he was disappointed when I declined. I wasn’t allowing him to spank me. I foolishly agreed to be spanked by a woman. If he could find one in time.The General and his wife were looking after their horse when I had a very unusual run in with my bookkeeper. Miriam, is a very good looking redhead. She is 10 years older than me, with a body a twenty five year old would happily display in front of their boyfriends cameras. At 5 foot 10 she has a full shapely figure, 38 28 37. I have seen Miriam riding my stallion and believe me, her tits, thighs and ass are firm. Many are the parties I have flirted with her but never dared to take matters any further. Today and not for the first time, I hadn’t done my petty cash. As she was doing a VAT return I was in trouble. The General notices everything! Lucy had just entered the yard riding their mare; Sapphire. Moments later she and her husband are deep in conversation. I watch Lucy’s tight ass as she goes over to the office. I continue my gazing until her Jodhpur cover ass disappears. As 7.00 o’clock comes around, I turn up to the General’s newly built stable block. I’m dressed as a school boy. As best that bakırköy escort I can. Already I hear someone being spanked. As I enter one of the three playrooms I see Lucy, naked from the waist down, bent over the General’s knee. Her lovely legs are kicking the air as she receives the remaining spanks. From my position I can see her bald pussy-lips between her thighs. My dick instantly jumps as I patiently wait. From nowhere I have my ear pinched and these words whispered by a woman, “Naughty boy. You shouldn’t be seeing your school friend being punished by the PE Master. Get in my office.” I am dragged into another room set out as the Heads room. When my ear is released I turn to see Miriam. She is dressed in her mortarboard and gown. My dick stiffens further seeing her flushed face and amused smile. “Now boy, face the wall” she commands. I hear her move back to the adjoining door just before a plimsoll hits bum. Lucy squeals as she counts off six. I wish I could see the spectacle and pump my dick; which I had expected to do. As Lucy’s sobbing changes to pleasurable moaning, Miriam describes, “The PE Master has Lucy’s legs wide apart, still over his knee. Now he’s rubbing her bum better. Oh the crafty Master has one, no two, lucky fingers in the girls pussy. Gosh. I can’t see the Masters hand, he’s going so fast.” Lucy is clearly enjoying being finger fucked by her PE Master. Lucy becomes more and more vocal. Until I hear the final, “Yes,” as she collapses. The headmistress, Miriam, turns and comes up behind me saying, “I bet you are sorry that you’ve not seen the girl’s full punishment?” “Yes Headmistress” I agree. My hips buck as her hand feels my groin. “I can tell” she chuckles. “Mr Spence please come here and bring that girl with you…….” The Head requests. I hear the PE Master bellow, “No girl…I didn’t say you could get dressed. Hands behind your back. NOW.”“Turn boy.” I’m standing with the three of them looking at me. Me, yes. I’m eyeing Lucy’s well fingered pussy. “Boy, look at me when I speak.” “Yes Headmistress.” “As you saw Miss Lucy naked from the waist down its beşiktaş escort only fair….. off with your trousers and pants.” From under my shirt, my dick is totally on display. The PE Master isn’t interested, well he’s seen me fucking his wife. He knows what it looks like. That is true for Lucy but in her case she is anticipating being fucked by it a little later. Miriam, I mean The Headmistress, is very interested. It’s only now that I notice the cane that she is holding. She playfully taps my knob making it wave. Gosh I want to fuck someone so bad. “Boy,” She startles me from my thoughts, “Boy, come here.” The Head now sits and guides me over her knee. “Knees apart. I’m sure that you had a great view of Miss Lucy’s bits. Now show yours.” Moving my knees apart I feel a cool breeze over my vulnerable balls; displayed for all to see. The Headmistress cups my balls and holding them tighter she whispers, “Your balls are in my hands now. So little boy, will I be getting your petty cash on time in the future?” I don’t need to think, “Yes Headmistress.” She firmly squeezes my tender equipment, “If you lie to me boy, you will be over my knee in a flash.” Her hand leaves my balls and taking my dick she pumps it hard. “Is that understood…. boy?” I groan my complete acceptance. “Good. Now…..”With no further words I am seriously spanked. Not 6 but 12. I take it like a ‘man’. “Get over that table boy…..I need more room.” When the Head has me over the table I am told, “Grip the other edge.” I am bent over, my naked pink ass is exposed while my dick is hanging free below me; free but hard.Without warning I get the full force of the cane and I yelp like a baby. “That will never do boy. Lucy, get up on that table. That’s it now shuffle down… Further…. Now pull that boy’s face into you pussy. If you don’t want to feel this cane on your pretty ass, you will muffle his cries….Understand?” Lucy camps my head between her hands and moves my mouth over her aroused pussy. “Yes Headmistress. We’re ready.” I whimper into Lucy’s pussy as she counts each stroke. By the end of the twelve my dick beylikdüzü escort has lost interest but my tongue is still buried in a very juicy pussy. Miss Lucy is visibly shaking with her excitement. “Hold him still while I ease his pain,” the Head instructs Miss Lucy. Now she starts rubbing my balls; thankfully not hit during the caning. The head snakes a hand under me and starts pumping my dick. With a mouth full of pussy and my dick being pumped, I’m hard in seconds. I can’t believe that my attractive bookkeeper is doing such a great hand job. Then, oh god then, her mouth takes my knob while her hand continues pumping my shaft. She must know that I am close to cumming as she abruptly stops. “Stand Boy….There.” The Head commands. “Hands behind your back.” Lucy is still sitting on the desk with her legs apart displaying her dripping pussy.“Now me and the PE MASTER are going for a drink….When you’re are dressed, turn off the lights and lock up. Oh and boy, you are not allowed to pump that dick until I’ve seen you in the morning.” They leave giggling. “Lucy…..Take yours clothes off…. No. No stay where you are.” I ask stripping. I pull Lucy to the end of the table. Opening her legs I look into her lustful eyes. With both hands pulling her thighs hard against me I say. “I’ve wanted to fuck you the moment I saw your exposed ass over the Generals knee…..I nod towards my dick….If you want us to fuck? Would you do the honours?” With a broad smile I watch her hand take hold of my dick and ease it down in line with her pussy.With one easy thrust, we groan as my entire dick slides fully into her aroused pussy. I have never want a fuck more. Lucy grabs the table just under her bum to stop her from being fucked across it. As a result, she is now taking my full force. Her boobs are flying around out of control. I know that she wants to hold them but if she does she will miss the fucking of her life. So she hold on.This is the most intense and shortest fuck I’ve ever had. I explode deep within her, followed shortly after by Lucy. She cums and in doing so pulls me down to her heaving bosom. We are overwhelmed by the strength of our orgasms.We’re in no rush to part but eventually we do. As we do I remember that the cameras will have filmed everything for the General to watch later. With a bit of luck Miriam will also get a seat and may be………..I wonder how Miriam react seeing me in the morning?I hope that you enjoyed this story. Let me know.Regards Jack

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