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Back to the rootsLast Saturday, dad left to fishing early morning. I found mom in the kitchen, preparing lunch. I was watching her legs and ass in tight trousers and my cock got hard by that view. We had some fun quite long time ago, almost 2 months, so I took my chance. I came to her from behind and touched her ass and tits without a word. She let me grabbing her tits in bra, but when I reached her pussy by my other hand, she stopped me.’We should stop’ she said. ‘We should stop doing that, all these things’I was a little bit in shock. She always enjoyed being with me, even told me how much she loves it.’Why? We both enjoy and like what we do. It’s our really strong bond, and I don’t wanna just break it.’ I answered and kissed her on lips. I had my hand on mom’s ass and waiting for her answer. I saw in her eyes how she has been thinking about us, how she was hesitating, but still wanted to do that dirty things with me.She üsküdar escort put her hand on my boulge in my pants, felt my hard cock in my pants.’You are not going to stop, are you?’ She asked me. I said that I will not stop so easily and took her breast into my hand. I licked her neck, ear, kissed her cheek and mom finally confessed that she wants it as much as me.’Fuck, just do it….I want it.’ Mom kissed me like a lover a put my trousers to my knees to reach my cock.She put it into her mouth without hesitating and sucked me like a real pro.She licked the tip of my cock, played with my balls and enjoyed it as much as mother can.I was standing in the kitchen and being sucked by my own mom. I liked it and wanted more. I put her up, took her t-shirt and bra of her and licked her hard nipples while she put her pants and panties down. I did the same, so we both were naked, playing tuzla escort with each other like a dirty lovers.’C’mon, we have not much time’ said mom and went to livingroom. She layed on her back, spread legs wide and wait for me to join her. I was standing in front of her, jerking my hard cock and looking at my slut mother with spreaded legs, wet pussy waiting for my cock only. That view was fantastic.I got between her legs and slowly slide into mom. She grunt a little bit, put her hands on my ass and pushed me deeper inside her. At the beggining I was fucking her slow and gently, but as she has been more and more wet, I did her faster and harder. Mom’s nude body was so warm and her nipples so hard. I loved being in my mom again. I enjoyed it more than mom, and soon I was close to cum.Mom stopped me and sat on me. She gave me slow sensual ride. She knew how to move with pendik escort her ass to please me.She was holding my head, kissing me, licking my neck while I was moaning and wanted to cum soon. Mom started to ride on me harder and faster.’Wanna cum?’ She whispered into me ear ‘Cum honey, cum inside, if you want. I missed this so much. So much.’Mom was close to cum as well and began to fuck really hard. She was almost jumping on my cock, moaning, begging for cum, almost screaming. If dad would come, he would hear us at the front door definitely.We came both almost at the same time, me little bit earlier. Mom enjoyed my spunk inside her a lot. She didn’t stop riding me even I already came every drop inside. She came a little later, but the harder.After our hard, loud finish, she stayed sitting on me, looking at me and softly smiling.’This was so bad, so dirty.’ she said ‘Did you enjoy it? I did, a lot.I missed this so much.’ mom was really satisfied. She kissed me and went to get her clothes on.I did the same and noticed that she cleaned her pussy with her panties and leave them. She stayed without panties for the rest of the day.When she came back to cooking, I came to her, kissed her and make her sure, that she is still my beloved mom.

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