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Bedpost LoversSamantha and Hannah were twin sisters. Both had long blonde straight hair that went all the way to their shapelybehind and a body. Suffice to say that both were the sexual target of every guy where the girls worked. But each guy was turned down by both girls who really loved each other. No one knew. They had found each sexually at a young age and never looked at a boy since. They promised that they would never lose their virginity to anyone else but each other.Tonight was to be a special night. A very sexual occasion. Samantha took a bottle of wine from the wine rack and opened it for them both.”Tonight we get drunk and fuck.” Cried out Samantha as Hannah laughed and drank.They both finished off the wine feeling lightheaded and ready for anything. Hannah began to strip for her twin sister who watched her with lust in her eyes. Finally naked Hannah posed for her by bending over and spreading her ass cheeks wide showingoff her treasures to her sister.”God Hannah your so hot looking” Came Samantha’s soft sexy voice.Samantha reached out to her but Hannah giggled and ran away.”Its your turn to strip Samantha. I want to see you naked too.”Samantha got up and began to dance slowly seductively and moved toward Hannah. She began to remove her clothes and finally peeled off her panties revealing her bald pussy. Hannah’s breath caught.”Its so beautiful.” She replied reaching out to her.They fell into each others arms on the bed rubbing and groping for nipples and pussies. Their mouths met in a hot kiss. Their tongues twisted inside each others mouths as moans escaped from them. Fingers poked and pinched and Samantha’s pussy was wet and excited as was Hannah’s.Hannah who now had a finger inside Samantha’s tight cunt.Samantha groaned in pleasure with the feeling of Hannah’s finger sliding deeply inside her. She kadıköy escort could feel her tiny finger dipping in and out making her tiny clit grow in excitement. Samantha also reached down and pushed her finger into her sister’s asshole and brought out a sharp cry from Hannah but continued. Soon her finger slid into her all the way making Hannah moan and buck back against her finger to drive it deeply into her ass. Both moved their bodies in rhythm to their fingering and soon they were crying out in orgasm. Samantha’s pussy squirting out little rivulets of cum over her sisters hand and Hannah cumming in short little spurts that ran down her ass to the bed beneath.”Ohhh Samantha….”Cried Hannah. “I want to fuck you so badly.””And I you Hannah.” Came Samantha’s soft sexy voice.Both turned to face the end of the bed and their eyes widened. There before them was a beautiful bedpost shaped smoothly and rising from the bed about twelve inches. Its grooves were cut smooth and its wooden thickness about two inches around. Both turned to each other and smiled.”Ohhh Sam this will be perfect. We can take turns fucking it.” She knelt next to the bedpost gauging its width and length.Elle ran her fingers over the smooth surface. Samantha moved behind her reaching around to cup her breasts. Her nipples immediately hardened and she moaned.”Hannah its so big. Do you think we can take all of it?” Samantha watched as Hannah ran her fingers up and down its thick length. Her pussy was so wet that it was still dripping to the bed below. She had to try. She moved forward and placed her body above the post. Samantha helped her by steadying her. Slowly she lowered her body till the knob of the bedpost pushed against her pussy lips.”Be careful Hannah üsküdar escort it looks so huge.” Came Samantha’s worried voice.But Hannah was determined. She lowered herself feeling the huge knob push into her. At first she thought it would be to much but then she felt the knob slip past her opening and then the pressure of its girth as it slipped into her inch by inch.”Ughhhhh! Sam its so big…” She cried out as she continued to lower her pussy down on the bedpost.Several more inches disappeared into her wet cunt as she now began to move up and down fucking it slowly, carefully. It filled her completely. Her muscles in her pussy tightening around it like a vise. Samantha watched amazed at her sister’s capacity to accept such a huge thing inside her.”Oh Hannah its so hot to see you take all of it. ” Came Samantha.Hannah began to grind down on the bedpost feeling her cunt accept the size of it and she was feeling its length filling her completely. Squishy sounds of juice filled the air as she felt her pussy wet up even more. Samantha reached around her pulling at her sister’s clit making Hannah grind down faster and harder. Soon Hannah cried out in orgasm again but this time with different results. A huge flood of Hannah’s cum shot from her pussy over the bed. Her pussy was squeezing it over and over with each insertion of it. She cried out one more time as she drove it deeper into her cunt making her cum hard and very wet. Samantha held her as she moved off the bedpost. Glistening wetness covered the post and Samantha looked at it with wonder.”My turn Hannah.” And Samantha climbed above the post. Slowly she lowered herself her pussy wet just from watching her sister on the post. She felt the knob press into her and suddenly push past her opening. She grunted from the pressure tuzla escort of it but was determined to do as Hannah did. Inch by inch it disappeared inside her pussy till she had every hot length of it. Hannah held her as she began to move up and down on it.”Ughhhh…ohhhh Hannah its so good.” She cried as her body took over and she began to pump down faster and harder. Wet juicy sounds emanated from her cunt as she began to fuck it with earnest.”That’s it Sam fuck it hard.” Came Elle encouraging her twin sister.”When your done I want to take it in my ass.” The thought of Hannah ass fucking it made Samantha cum hard as she squirted hot juice over and over. Both took turns fucking the bedpost. Then Hannah went to the bathroom and retrieved a jar of Vaseline.”Sam put some on my asshole. Its my turn again.”Samantha slid a gob on her asshole and watched as Hannah climbed back above the post but this time with her ass above the knob.”Be careful Hannah. Don’t hurt yourself please.” Came Samantha watching it hot suspense.Hannah lowered her ass down on the post and felt the knob press against her anus. She pushed down but hesitated momentarily feeling the pain coming from her anus. She tried again and this time more of the knob entered her ass. The slippery jell was helping with each thrust. Soon her asshole opened enough to let the knob in and she cried out in pain.”Ohh Hannah be careful…”Hannah persisted though and began to fuck the post slowly feeling the post enter her more and more. The pain slowly turned to pleasure and the moans were of lust. Samantha watched as her sister sank deeper onto the post letting several more inches enter her ass till all ofit was gone from sight. She moved her ass faster now that her anus adjusted to the thickness of the post. Soon she was fucking it hard and her pussy was tightening and loosening in orgasmic spasms.”Ughhhhhh….arhhhhhh…” Cried Hannah as she felt the hard post impale her ass and bring more cum. After another several orgasms Samantha helped her off the post.”Oh Hannah you are so beautiful so sexy.” Came Samantha who hugged her and kissed her. Hannah’s ass and pussy were sore butsatisfied for now. THE END

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