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Brief thoughts about women’s orgasms.I have often said that there is no greater gift a man can give a woman than an orgasm – that is other than several orgasms, perhaps!For me one of the pleasures when a woman reaches this exalted state is not only to watch her face as she cums, but to hear the noises she makes in her ecstasy.Of course, there is the variety of methods I might use to bring her to the ‘brink’ – perhaps even holding her there until I decide that she shall have her reward. (A man must show the woman he is in charge, I believe.)Most of you women, when asked, say ‘suck my clit’. I’m always happy to oblige (if I’m not there already) and I usually accompany sarıyer escort it with a finger or two in her cunt. Last month, J. made the same request within a few moments of my stripping her – and she came quite quickly as a result. My friend L., for example, climaxes if, with only one finger gently stimulating her G-spot, I suck her nipples as hard as I can. It’s the nipple sucking that does it for her – and I’m only too happy to oblige because they are lovely nipples. Trouble is, I can’t see her facial expressions when she cums because I am bent over concentrating on her tits. Can’t have esenyurt escort everything, I suppose! When I am in bed with P. she responds well if, without foreplay, I thrust at least two fingers, hard, in her cunt, with one ‘spare’ slipped in her anus. No need for me to be gentle with her – in fact she often asks to be ‘punished’ beforehand and almost climaxes as I administer the paddle. As she approaches her climax with my fingers working hard inside her cunt, she lets out what I can only describe as a whine which becomes louder and more and more high-pitched until I think the next door neighbours might wonder what is going avrupa yakası escort on in mid afternoon! And then she gushes – quite surprised me the first time (when she apologised for not gushing over me) but now I expect it from her.But when I comes to female ejaculation, it is C. who should be in the British Gushing Team (if there were one!). The first time I entered her bedroom, I noticed the bed was covered in towels. ‘I get a little wet’, she said. She not only got wet but sprayed a great jet over the towels while, at the same time giving forth a loud and very high pitched whine – even more impressive than J’s. Fortunately, there are no neighbours near her place, but I wonder what effect the pitch of her whine might have upon her pets. It’s truly something to experience.I’m fucking a new woman next week. She claims that she ‘gushes’ – I wonder what sort of noise she will make to accompany it?And what sort of male ‘noises off’ do you women recall with the men who cum inside you – or over you?

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