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Bus sexThis is my first story in Xhamster.. This story is about how I enjoyed my neighbour whoz a dirty slut..This happened when I was in my college now am 30 years old. There was a 33 year old lady next to my house. I use to see her from the terrace every evening she is very boutyful with a nice plump buttocks and a little over sized boobs for her otherwise normal figure.many days i use to see her and mastrubate imagining her.. I use to travel in bus to my college. one day when i was coming back from my college I saw this lady in the bus, it was a moderately crowded bus and I got in and stood at a place such that I can keep a check on her figure. In about fifteen mins the bus came to halt as it broke down and all of us had to get down and wait for the next bus.The next bus came after 10 mins and it was jam packed already and i decided to take the bus only if she boards it and in my mind i thought she may not take this but to mys urprise she took that bus and I followed her. After great difficulty I went past the pendik escort crowd and got in saw her standing a few feet away from me. I slowly pushed the crowd and wanted to stand near her and if there is a possibility I wanted to touch her. I moved a little forward and I was a foot away from her. She was standing there and a guy behind her and another guy on her left. I am on the right side. Bus started moving and I kept looking at her i could feel something strange in her facial reactions kinda wickedness.. i slowly pushed back to see whatz happening the i saw the guy standing behind her was keeping his hand on her buttocks and slowly caressing it. i was getting aroused and I pushed the crowd and moved behind a litte more and I saw the giy standing on her left is trying to press his cock on her thighs it became interesting. I kept watching, then in few mins the guy behind her was pressing his cock on her nice round buttocks. I could now see his cock throbbing in front of his kartal escort pants making a pole and he was pressing it nicely on her buttocks and she was also pressing her buttocks on his cock and in few mins she started moving her buttocks in a rotating motion and the guy was standing stiff and straight and in the meanwhile the other guy managed to put his cock on her hand and was pumping her hand.. she was in ecstatsy and i was thoroughly turned on to see the lady enjoying two cocks at once. I the moved a bit closer and wanted to try my luck and the guy standing behind slowly told in my ears “this lady is a very good company I used to find her in the bus once or twice in a week.. come and try her buttocks u’ll feel good.. i’ll press my cock on the left side of her buttocks and you can press on the right” and i was in heaven the i moved a little closer and kept my cock on her buttocks and started rubbing it nicely while the other guy was rubbing on the left side. if few mins I maltepe escort could not control and I wanted to feel her buttocks better so I put my hand in my trouser pocket and adjusted my undies to pull my cock out of my undies.. now my cock is directly pressing her buttocks with just my pant covering it.. after few mins she turned back and told me to pump her nicely.. I started pumping her and the other two guys asked me what she said.. i told them she needs to feel more cocks so loosen ur underwear and make her feel ur cock.. the guy on her left side now unzipped and took his cock out and kept it in her hands and started pressing.. i pumped her nicely while she was moving her buttcoks constantly on both out cocks.. when we were just about to reach out destination.. i told the guy to take out his cock and spray his cum in her dress exactly on her buttocks and I did the same… when she got down from the bus I was walking 3 feet away from her and saw her cum covered buttcks swaying up and down while she walk… from that day on I grinded her daily in the us and later we became friends and she use to do it with lot of strangers as per my commands and I use to pump many of her friends and relatives whom she brings on the bus and we tricke them to do this..write ur comments to sluttraining16@yahoo.co.in

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