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Cajun Ass Queen Part 4Cajun Ass queen Part 4By lilguy lilguy4147@Yahoo.comTwo Plump ass Women fight over man continues..fight turn to v******eCajun Ass Queen Part 4Author Note- This was a commission I did for more info smiled as she twisted her hand“You fucked up now you fat cow” Caj saidShe slapped Jane hard leaving big bruises. Jane tried to block her attack but she continued slapping and slapping. She was pushed into the wall and another slapped hit her face. Jane tried to fight but Caj was too skilled. She dodges a few blows by Jane and laughed. She caught her in the stomach. She grabbed her hair and gave her a few more slaps, then a punches drawing blood and blackening her eye“Is that all you got. Thought you couldn’t fight your spoiled rich bitch”She had her against the wall and started to cruelly punch her tits. Jane yelled in pain as she punched her into bruises g****s“Small target but guess it would do” Caj LaughedShe held her hand back pressing her bigger breast into hers. Both of them were dripping with sweat from their beauty contest. She held her with ease looking into her eyes. She held his wrist as she rubbed her pussy against him“Come on little girl try to get out. Your little tits no match of mind. Look how it crushes your small little tits like pancake I have the superior body. Feel how hard my nipples are against your tiny little raisins. My tits are huge, round firm let soft enough to lie on. You look like a c***d compared to me you little slut” Caj Said spitting in her face. She shook her as at Tom who was stroking his cock. “Think your X lover likes it. He enjoys the greasy look of my butt. My thick ass and thick ciliate ass bouncing up and down. Even with you can get enoughShe licked her tears and grabbed Jane tits. She grabbed tough enough to leave fingers prints. She scratches it drawing blood. Jane never felt so helpless. She knew Caj could do anything she wanted to her right now. Jane big ass was pressed against the wall as Caj squeezed harder making popping sounds.“Oh Yea” Caj Moan“Damm you bitch“Ahhh sticks and stones. Your protest too much…look how wet your pussy getting, getting dominated and beaten by me” Caj SaidShe slapped him hard.“Ahhh what the matter (slap slap) little baby going to cry (slap Slap) come give me a kiss. I blew your husband early I want you to feel how his cum taste on my lips (slap slap) let me see those pretty little lipsShe kissed her, shoving her tongue in her mouth and wrestling down Jane tongue. Jane was moaning as she rubbed Jane’s clit, squeezing it hard, digging her nails into it. She cried, her tits were now black and blue do to Caj action. She was showing no mercy as she made out to Caj delight. She was humiliated watching her ounce ass slave, jerked off to this woman. Tom cock was rock hard and dripping with cum as he stroked and stroke never taking his eyes off her ass. Jane was frighten by Caj now, not knowing what she was capable offShe grabbed her by the hair and tossed her into the table breaking it. She stood over her and slammed a foot down on her ass, sticking it between her cheeks. She tried to get up but she kicked her right down. She held her foot on the back of her neck. Caj cupped her breast and smiled at Caj. Caj pointed to some baby oil on the counter as she continued to stomp her. He tossed it. Caj took the oil and poured some of it out her breast. She rubbed her breast together, rubbing the oil deep in her skin making it glisten. She let hit her belly so the light shine off it showing ever fold of fat. She played fully sucked her breast as she kept Jane done with eases licking her“Behold the new Goddess”“You look wonderful“Arrrg” Caj yelled“If you had a true Queen ass….that wouldn’t hurt your whore” Caj Said“Please help me” Jane yelled out to Tom“Oh don’t think he be helping you slut…isn’t that right Tom”“Yes Goddess…she means nothing to me now” He SaidCaj twisted Jane hair and pointed at Tom“Look at his cock…look how thick and big it is. Bet it makes your mouth water you fat cow. Well come take a good look…it’s the cock you will never have again. Its mind now. Look how thick and vein it is, look how it pulsates. How it already dripping with pre cum. How it ready to erupt bet you love to touch it…stroke it for me lover”“Yes Mistress Caj”Jane tried to loosen her gripped only to get punch by Caj repeatedly“Bet you never even been in a fight whore” Caj SaidShe pulled Jane closer to his cock…letting her face be inches away from his cock“Smell those balls slut…the balls you will never have” Caj SaidShe slapped Jane and pushed her to the ground. She got on her face, smothering her with her superior ass.“Cant breath little one…cant breath” Caj laughedShe started using Jane tits as a boxing bag. Her tits bounce up and down as she beat her. blood squirted out as Caj showed no mercy“Wow your tits going to be even more worthless then before” Caj Said “Your tears feel so great on my ass. I heard pig tears good for the skin”“Ohhhhh God it hurts” Jane Said“What the matter rich girl…can’t buy your way out of getting your ass kicked” Caj Said “Come on Tom let me see that cock. Don’t cum let…want all that jizz on his face”“Anything for you Goddess”Caj twisted her nipples driving her ass into her face back and forth. She lifted her ass up just as she was about passed out from dress. She let her have a good look off her superior ass that now glistens with tears. She slammed her ass back down on it driving him into the ground. Her cheeks gripped her nose so that Jane head lifted up every time Caj bounced up and down“I mean look at these things look how easily I crush them” Caj mockedShe twisted her nipples grinding into her face. Caj was really getting into getting wet and wetter, feeling her face against her ass. She started to moan.“Yeas smell my skank ass whore” Caj said twisting her nipples” I said SMELL it”Jane did as told smelling her ass.“Mmmmm nice and sweaty just how you like take a good wiff as I let out my gas your dumb whore. Smell all of it”“Damm you”“Lick bitch right there. Stick your tongue into it…Clean my ass out; you’re going to be my personal toilet paper” Caj SaidJane was red face with embarrassment. Tears ran down her eyes as she knew she had no choice. The girls she thought she was above now were dominating her. She was forcing to push her tongue into her ass hole going back and forth. She let out some gas filling her nostrils. Caj laughed hysterical. She was getting wetter and wetter“Yea…lick my ass your whore. Love to have my ass licked. Think you can taste someone of your X husbands cum that I have in there. Lick it deep; come twisted that tongue all around…nice and high. Right there, faster slower…ooohhh shit. Made sure it was nice and stinky for you. I been jogging wearing leather before we got here, because I know you would end up under my ass soon you bitch. Think she likes it …look how wet you wife pussy getting Tom”She spread Caj legs open showing. She was soaking wet. Caj pushed her finger deep into her pussy spreading her pussy lips and making it dripped on the floor.“What a whore” Tom Said in disgustedShe was grinding against but this time finger her pussy. Jane moaned as she had a whole hand deep into her cunt.“Ohhh fuck” Jane Said“You…little bitch you came” Caj Said “You fucking came”Caj sucked her fingers.“Taste like Pork” Caj laughed getting Tom to laugh with her. “Snap a picture” Tom got the camera. Caj buried Jane face in her ass and cupped her breast. She licked her lips for the picture as Tom flashes pictures. She played with her hair. Jane was force to lick her ass as she did this humiliation.“Make sure you get how firm my tits are, the way it glistens with sweat. The way it shines under the light, I am older but my tits are firmer and prettier. My ass …takes a picture of it as it smothered this batches face, making it near impossible to breath. I want you to see ever fat bounce and shake”“Ohm God mistress it’s amazing” Tom Said“Get a view of this bitch cheesy ass. Notice how many has to dents or cracks it, hairless…smoother, round and enough to take a bite out of. Now look at this bitch pathetic ass, old crusty…useless. How every did you manage to fuck it?” “I don’t know mistress” Tom Said“Bring that Cock over here” Caj said hungrilyHe walked over to her and handed him his stiff cock. It felt heavy in Caj hand as she started to work it, making her cheeks red with the girth of her cock. She slobbered down on it making sure Caj heard the sucking sounds. She let it hit the bag of her throat as she gagged“Ohhh fuck” Tom moaned putting his head back as Caj bounced up and down. She stroked his shaft and sucked his balls, before giving a long lick up his shaft.“Do love the taste of some sweet salty balls” Caj moaned sucking faster “Well aren’t you going to stop me Jane. Aren’t you going to stop me from licking your husband’s big juicy cock? Thought you were going to put a foot in my ass Jane, and tossed me out with the trash”She punched Jane’s already bruises tits again“Look how swollen they are now. Like two big g****s. Come on Jane teach me a lesson. Show that you’re Queen of the house” Caj mocked“She all Talk Mistress Caj” Tom Said“Yea I know bitches like her. All talk and bluster. There was this one skinny little whore in high school. A real bitch…acts like she ran the place. She was the head Cheer leader you see. So I fucked the entire boy fired she was dating. Film and I sent her the video. She tried to fight me. I kicked her ass up and down the football field. Drag her in. I made her sucked my pussy as the boyfriend and the football team fucked my ass. I had her licked it clean. Any cum that didn’t cum in my ass came on the bitches faces. She was soaked head to toe as the entire team pointed and laughed. I took pictures to celebrate. Have a whole album of broken bitches I wrecked. When we were done I put her in a dumpster like the garbage she was. bakırköy escort The entire school years she was my own little piss bucket. Whenever I had to go I dragged her ass into the Bathroom and went. Think the slut fail in love. She told me she masturbated to me every day…the little slut. Broke her like I am going to break you”Caj got up off her and grabbed Jane neck. Jane tried to escape but Caj was on top punches her making sure she didn’t dare escape. Hard slaps bruises her face. Caj got on the side of Jane. Her hands squeezed her neck hard making imprints she was kneeling hovering over Jane. Her free hand stroked Tom’s cock“You see this…THIS is my cock now whore. Look at my spit on his cock look at it glisten…I can make it cum as many times as I want”She squeezed, making the head of his cock pushed out like a mushroom. His cock was sensitive to her touch but she knew how to keep him on the edge without going over”She licked the tip of Tom cock, twirling her tongue around and tastes some cum dripping out. She squeezed hard fisting it faster and faster“Ohm shit I am about to cum” Tom Said“Open your eyes bitch” Caj Said squeezing her neck hard while slamming a fist down on Jane’s ounce proud titsTom cock spurted cum over Jane’s face. Some got into her eyes. Caj held Jane face up rubbing it into her cheeks.“Come of give your fat ass face a nice complexion” Caj laughed“Please you win” Jane Said“Of course I do bitch…but I am not done with you let” Caj Said “Your hubby got off, you got off. It’s only fair that I cum”Caj sat on her face rubbing her pussy in her face. “Stick your tongue in baby….yea right there…comes on right there”Jane was force to take a big whiff of her pussy that was now soaking wet. Her big pussy lips ran across her face dripping wet.“Don’t think this whore is motivated” Caj smirked “Hand me the belt”Tom handed the belt to her. Caj took the belt and cracked it in the air making a scary sound. She spread Jane legs and cracked it across Jane’s pussy“Faster PIGGY…FASTER” Caj said “(crack crack) faster bitch ( CRACK) get deep in there…ohhhhh yess….suck it now suck it (Crack Crack) Ohhh yea that’s itTom was still flashing pictures getting harder every second her saw her. His cock was still rock hard. Jane gasp for air as Caj rode her. Caj might tits shook as she was riding her. The sounds of the belts cracked filled the room and was making her pussy nice and bruise“Yea lick it you cow…is my ass still too fat for you bitch” Caj Said“Teach her a lesson mistress”“I will…think this pig is leaking butter again from her pussy” Caj SaidCaj legs wrapped tightly around her head“Fuccckkkk….suck that clit baby suck it…suck it reall good. I want you to lick it till everything you taste from now on taste like my smell pussy your whore you got me” Caj SaidShe gave her nipple a twist.“Ohhh think you’re going to make a great slave. I may be able to work off the pounds on you and make your ass something worthwhile. I didn’t say stop licking you cunt (crack crack) that’s more like baby. You’re going to get a divorce. That before signing a new prenup where I will get most of the money. You understand me whore”“Yes”“Yes WHAT”“Yes Mistress”“Like that don’t you bitch?”“Yes Goddess Caj”Caj laughed running her hands through her hair. She snapped her fingers and had Tom get her a beer. She started drinking it down as she continued to lick her out“Good girl.Ohhh shit about to cum” Caj SaidShe slammed her pussy in her face as she started to cum“Ohhhh Yesss. OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHORE!!!”She started to squirt. Her pussy juices splash on Jane face soaking her and going down her throat. She rode her up and down.“Ohhhh Fuccck baby…that’s goodShe got up standing over her and stomped on her breast. She started twisting her foot making Jane screamed. She showed off her body dancing around. She got on top of the bed. Jane gets barely moved. Caj leap off and slammed down on Jane tits making her screamed. Caj laughed hysterical. She spread Jane legs open and had her ass in Jane’s face. She started rubbing Jane pussy with her big hits. It doesn’t take long for Caj to break her this way. Jane is defenseless getting her tits crushed by this much bigger and superior woman“Ohhh God” Jane Said“Getting off from that bitch” Caj laughed“Please oh god” Jane moanedJane body shook as she started to cum. Jane body shook as a multiple climax hit her body. She never came so much“Can’t believe you got your pig juice all over my tits” Caj Said“Please…sorry don’t hurt me”“You’re going to pay for that whore”Caj straddled him and clench her fist“Open your eyes bitch wants you to see this coming”She started punching her repeatedly in the face.“Night night whore”A punch came down knocking her out. She woke up bruises and beaten. Her vision was coming back. Jane saw Caj tit fucking her husband who was lying naked on the table. His face was in total bliss. His whore cock was buried into her tits“Ohhhhhhhh Gooood Caj you’re going to make me cum again”“Who the queen of this castle” Caj Said“You are Caj…YOU are give you everything…my business…my house my money…fuuuuuuck”“Are you my slave…my little ass loving slave” Caj said rubbing the head of his cock into her tits“Yes…Caj”“Say it”“I AM YOUR ASS SLAVE CAJUN…I worship no other”Cajun looked back at Jane who was trying to crawl away“Going somewhere little slut” Cajun said skipping toward her. She slammed locked the door as she was inches away“Ahhh poor baby you were so close to” Caj mockedShe grabbed Jane by one of her tits. Jane was screaming as she dragged her to her husband who was lying on the desk“Time to teach you how to jerk off a man…first thing first. He needs something to look at. But sense you’re a ugly bitch…who face I beat in that ship has sailed” Caj laughedShe sat on the desk and dragged her to her.“Well…can teach you other tricks”She spat on her hand and then grabbed Tom’s cock. Tom legs felt weak from the fucking Caj gave him. Jane had no idea how long she was knocked out but it was for a bit. She saw some cum on Caj’s tits, dripping down. She spat on his cock, making the spit dripped down“First thing first…use a lot of spit and lube…strong grip” Caj Said“Ohhh Fuck Caj”She squeezed Jane tits harder as she stroked Tom’s cock“Grab it tightly…then release soft. You have to take control. You have to know you OWN their cock. That why you could never pleasure him because you never truly own them. You have to know how to stroked them”She glided her hand up and down.“See how easily I glide down…long steady glide…when the cock gets sticky…I increase the pace” She Said twisting Jane tits “Never forget to put your finger deep in their ass. Normally I stroke and finger fuck them…but one my hands are full bruising that tit of yours“Ohhh fuck please”“I can make him last as much as I want. But I see the cum on your face nice and crusted. Think your need another coat” She SaidShe was stroking faster. Tom was motionless, staring at Caj ass. Caj was getting drunk with power knowing that she owns both of them.“Don’t you turn away whore”“Ohhh fuck Caj” Tom SaidIt squirted in her face, splashing her face. The cum dripped down Jane face stroking her. She kicked her back.“Your cock extra sensitive now slut boy” Caj said stroking his cockCaj got up and licked her hand. She put a foot on her face.“Don’t you move bitch” Caj SaidShe walked over to Tom and pulled him off the desk. She dragged him to Caj. Caj stuck her ass at slapped it“Kiss my ass slave” Caj SaidHe stared kissing her ass, happily putting his face it“Slow boy don’t be greedy…plenty of ass there to take your time on” Caj said watching Jane whimper on the ground “This was ounce you wasn’t it…him worshiping your nasty ass. Much say…the boys well trained…I am going to take full advance now that he mined. He licks ass and eat pussy like a champ…TONUGE DEEPER Boy. Stick your face in there…don’t you stop…dont you dare stop”Caj laughed. She kicked Jane“What did I say about looking away whore?”“Sorry Mistress”“Damm right your sorry…but don’t worry…I am a kind mistress. I can let you looked my ass as your husband enjoys eating it”She grabbed Jane by her hair and to her feet. “Take a look…see how happy he is…he not even paying attention to you…it like your not there”Tom had both hands on her ass, one hand on each cheeks eating out Caj’s ass“Ohhhh fuck that’s it baby” Caj Said“Ohhh god love you Caj” He Said“That’s it baby let my fat cheeks slapped your fucking face”She twisted her hair“You see…that you see a TRUE ass queen” Caj SaidJane felt humiliated. He knew she made a mistake ever challenging her. Cajun was more worthy then her in every way and now she knew it.“Ohhh fuck” Tom said rubbing his cock with his legs “OHHHH FUCK”He came…this caused Cajun to laughed“My my…little boy came just from eating my ass” Cajun laughedShe pushed Jane head down“LICK IT UP WHORE” Cajun Said“Yesss s…Mistress Cajun” She Said licking the puddle of cum as tears ran down her ass“How does my ass smell boy” Cajun asked putting her hands by her waist confidently“Perfect…totally perfect” Tom Said stuffing her face in“Think your make a great husband…your rich and trained enough. Of course…we will have to burn all your wife pictures…Want that bitch wipe out of your mind. Kiss my feet Jane”Jane did as told“Yes Goddess Caj” Tom agreed“You will take my last name of course…sense you are MY slave after all. Your business and all you’re holding will be mind. I will tell you how to walk and how to dress…and when you cum. UNDERSTAND me ass boy”“Yes Goddess Caj”Stand up boy” Caj SaidShe grabbed him and told him to slip inside her from behind. He slipped deep into her ass fucking her wildly while squeezing her breast.“Come here slut” Caj said motioning with her fingerJane did as told and she grabbed her face“Eat my cunt whore”Caj smiled as she licked her clit getting fucked from both ends“That it slut…higher…Tom thrust faster…don’t beşiktaş escort worry if your knees buckle I will hold you up” Caj Said in completle control“Ohhh shit”“This the harder your cock been sense I met you…16 inches of pure meat… THRUST IT HARDER”“Ohhh shit” Tom Said“Ball deep baby”She grabbed her hair as he drove it all the way home. “Do you hear your husband balls slapping my ass…whore…do you hear it” Caj SaidShe gripped Jane hair to make her lick faster“Ohm fuck mistress…don’t cum let..Don’t you DARE cum let” Caj Said “Her tight ass gripping his cock, milking it for all its worthShe was backing into him as she fucked Jane’s face. Tom body was sticking to Caj with sweat. He grabbed her fat ass, feeling it“That it baby…hold on tight” Caj Said “Ohhhhh shiiit“Your amazing”Caj laughed keeping him on the edge. She continues this for 10 minutes straight he could barely stand.“Going to cum whore…suck it Jane”Caj came on her face coating it, streams of pussy juice dripped out“Swallow it…swallow all off itJane was force to do it.Tom was still fucking Caj ass, ass Jane pulled her hair back. A necklace of pussy juice connected her lips to Caj pussy.“Bet you never thought this would happen…everything you have taken from you and one night” Caj SaidSLAP!!! SLAP!!!Tom was rubbing her tit as he fucked her“Beg to be my fat slave…BEG” Caj Said “(Slap slap) and you better mean it bitch (slap slap)…I want to see tears” Caj Said “Look at me as you say it”“Please…please let me be your fat slave…please”SLAPCaj tapped her chin and pretended to be in deep thought“Don’t quite believe…it…say it louder…say WHY you want to be my fat slave”“Please let me be your slave…please you’re a goddess…I am an unworthy pieces of shit” Jane SaidCaj laughed and slapped her again. Meanwhile Tom cock was pumping in and out of her ass with a steady motion. Caj was fingering herself as she talked“Thought you said I was trash…thought you said I was to old and fat (slap slap) isn’t that what you said bitch” CaJ said“I sorry I called you fat…I was jealous and scared”“Say your Cheesy ass…not worthy”“My cheesy ass not worthy”Caj laughed a sultry laughed that filling the room. She grabbed Jane hair and started to finger herself“Going to cum bitch…going to cum on that FAT piggy face…OINK for me bitch”“Oink Oink” Jane said causing Caj to laughedCaj put her head back as she started to cum“OHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT” Caj moanedA splash of pussy juices hit her face“Cum for me Tom”Tom let loose almost falling back. She held on top him tight. Steam of cum hit her ass.“Fuck…Lick it out whore” Caj SaidShe spread her ass cheeks…showing cum dripping out. Gobs of cum.“Stick your tongue in” Caj SaidJane knew not to hesitated as she gave a smug smile“That it whores…twirl your tongue around. Better get that cock hard again…Tom…you cum at least 10 times with me…NO EXCEPCTION”Caj knew she own them both getting washed in the power“Get up Tom” Caj orderedTom got up weakly“Stroke it” Caj SaidHe was stroking his stiff cock“But it so sensitive now” Tom Said“Ahhh poor baby…stroke it faster”“Yes Mistress anything for you”“Want you to cum on my back…and so it dripped down my ass, and this fat bitch can lick it up my ass“Ohhh God” Tom Said“Here let me help with that” Caj SaidShe grabbed it stroking it“You see you think your cock decided how many times it cum. But I do. I own every part of it…can make it do think your didn’t think were possible” She said rubbing his cock head on her thick ass“Ohhh fuck Caj…didn’t think I had this much cum”“Ohhh the cum I can make you spew is ENDLESS” Caj laughedTom knew this was true now. He knew it more then he knew everything.“Come baby you going to spew for me…spew all that nasty jizz….Jane don’t stop lick…lick around my asshole your whore…lick every part…kiss that brown eye”“Ahhh Fuck mistress” He cried out“Ahhhhh YESSS” Caj said. The licking causing a multiple climax.His cum spewed more than before hitting Caj back and sliding down into Jane’s mouth. She pushed Jane head against the wall a smothered her with her ass. She grabbed Tom, grabbing his ass and sticks a finger in. His cock got hard right away. She kissed him long and passionately. She put his cock against her belly and rubbed it against it.“Cant breath” Jane SaidJane arms went limp as Tom started to cum against her belly. Tom arms went limp passing out. Jane was knocked out. She pushed Jane on the floor and let Tom fall on her back. She smiled and set up the camera to a time. She put her foot on top of both of them and cupped her breast and licked her lips as the camera flashed pictures.“You two really can’t handle me can you” Caj said to herselfCaj was sweat and she poured herself a drink and sipped some fine wine. She got a bit drunk finish off the bottle.“Ahhh DON’T they look cute” Caj mocked “Well you had a 5 minute Tom…time to play”She slapped him awakeLaterJane worked up bruises all over her body, smelling like piss as Caj relieved herself on her. The camera was filming Caj riding Tom’s cock, pussy juiced dripped from Jane’s pussy“LOOK like Ms Piggy awake” Caj SaidShe walked over to her with a cup of Tom’s cum“You were out for a while so made you a drink” She SaidShe poured it all over her face.“Here you want taste more of your boyfriend cum” Caj Said “Open your mouth”Caj spat in it.“You can smell him on my breath whore” Caj Said“Please God…why are you doing this” Jane Said“Cause I can you bitch” Caj Said “Because you do the same to me…give me that wedding ring…want to add it to my collection”Caj stuck her hand out. Jane was taking it off. Caj slapped her and told her to hurry up. She put the ring in Caj hand. Caj admired the diamond.“May add it to my collection…or hawk…which every” Caj SaidShe grabbed her by her hair and brought her to the mirror“Look at yourself bitch…covered in cum…Head to toe. Soaked in my pussy juices, beaten…black eyes…bloody lips…bruise tits. Bruises pussy. Beaten ass. It really not your day is it. But something else not bruises…you don’t match. I know your ass”She laid Jane on her stomach and started spanking. Her hand surprisingly hurt Jane’s ass“Don’t you dare (SPANK SPANK SPANk) try to cover your ass you little bitch (Spank Spank Spank) yea…least it big enough to spank”Jane was crying like a baby. Tom watches and jerked off“Take a picture of these bitches’ tears” Jane ordered“Yes Goddess” Tom Said“Ohhhh please it hurts so bad” Jane cried“Bout time you got a spanking….Maybe you wouldn’t be just a spoiled brat. “ Caj Said “Jerk that cock for me Tom”“Yes Goddess”“Please can’t take anymore”“Shut up you skank (SPANK SPANK SPANK) should of thought of that before you fucked with me (spank spank spank) look your ass red as an apple now (Spank spank spank) won’t be much use to anyone”She kept this spanking out for 5 minutes till she got up lead her weeping on the ground.“My hand is tired…HAND me my belt boy” Caj ordered“Yes Goddess” She grabbed the belt. “Put your hands over that Desk. NOW” Caj SaidJane walked over meekly“Take that (Wack Wack wakc) you stupid whore (spank spank spank) want you to feel the sting…Don’t you DARE take your hands off that desk (wack Wack)”“Ohhh please it hurts”“Suppose to whore” She Said “Look at all those red marks…think it make that cottage cheese ass more interesting (wack wack) look out you fat bitch”She grabbed the whimpering Jane and pushed her against the wall. For 5 more minutes straight she beat her ass, while just laughing. She was getting sexually turned on by her pain. Caj pussy dripped. “OH YEA!!!” Caj SaidWACK WACK WACK. Jane legs were shaking as she was being cruelly beaten. The big walls covered the sounds. But just in case Caj turn up some music. A reggae beat played as she whupped her ass.“Ohhh Goodd no more” Jane said her will broken “I do anything”Caj dragged her to the bed and tossed her down.“Getting tired of whipping this fat whore’s ass…you do in Tom…while I get my lips around that cock” “Yes Mistress” Tom SaidCaj laid on the bed as Caj took his cock in effortless deep throating it. He put his hand on her hair and with his free hand whipped Caj. This was even greater humiliating. A man that was a submissive…was now whipping her ass under her new mistress orders“Please have mercy” Jane SaidCaj licked his shaft, slowly sliding her tongue up his hard cock while her spit dripped down. She gave his balls a nice squeezed“Better not if you want me to continue licking this cock baby” Caj“Yes Goddess” Tom Said whipping harder“Damm you..You cruelly bitch”Caj was bobbing up and down on his cock, taking the entire length. His balls hit her chin. She pulled it out fist it while she sucked his balls. Jane was force to watch Caj sucked her husband cock as her ass was whipped“Ahhh yess fuck your cock tasty…don’t look at her look at my superior ass…that’s it…now look at her ass” Caj SaidTom could barely believe he even use to fuck that ass when she saw it in comparison to Caj. She was magnificent…anything else disgust him in comparrsion. Jane watch as Caj spit dripped down his cock.“Your balls taste so sweet” Caj Said sucking them as she stroked “Whip that bitches ass harder”She grabbed Jane face“Here let me wipe those tears”She grabbed his cock and wipe Jane tears with laughing as they do it. She went back to sucking like the sounds of the belt hitting Jane’s ass match with the sounds of Tom balls hitting her chin. She licked the sides of his cock letting it slide between her lips, giving it tiny little bites. Jane was force to see her expert skill. Caj tongue was longer and her skill surpass the woman of her years. Tom was moaning and convulsing as Jane worked him, going from jerking to lick and back and fourth“Did anyone deep throat this cock baby” Caj Said“No…no one was able to take it”“Oh this thing…had two cocks this size in my mouth before. But you’re the most tastiest. You like watching me don’t you. Watch my saliva..soaked beylikdüzü escort you big juicy cock. Well your going to be getting use to this, cause I am cock hungry..going to suck every drop when I see you. You better be ready to whip that out, at the office, in your house, while driving, even in the movie theathe. Your cock is a work of art, namely love this vien right here” Caj said pushing her finger slowly down the vien of his cock. She was playing his cock with a skill of a flute flavor “Bet that bitch always forgot to suck the balls. Key is to never release the cock. When I sucked the balls, I stroke..When I play with the balls I sucking the cock or playing with your cute little asshol. Come on LOOK Jane” She shook Jane hair and before giving her some slaps“Whip her ass again..dont think the bitch is paying attention”“Yes Goddesss” Tom SaidThe belt cracked across her ass.“Surprise that even affect that Cottage cheese ass. If you had a real ass..that wouldn’t hurt. Nice and firm like mind..go ahead wack my ass”“Sure mistress”“Yes as Hard as you can” She SaidThe belt came down hard multiple times on Caj ass. Caj just yawn“Didn’t even affect me…see the her ass” Caj Said“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg” Jane screamed as he spanked her assTom was about to cum. Jane squeezed his cock hard. She then slowly started to massage it up and down“Not Yet baby…soon” Caj Said She got Caj Closes so she was inches from her lips. Then she slowly started sucking her husbands cock starting at her eyes while she did it. She let it stay in her mouth for a couple of seconds. Her tongue twirled around his cock like a mini tornadoes inside her mouth. His cock was extras sensitive from all the times he came“Now” Caj Said“Ohhhh Fuck” Tom Said“Want you to cum in my mouth” Caj SaidHe gripped his hair and unleash a long stream of cum. Caj kept most of it her mouth. She pulled his cock out and gargled her cum. She grabbed Jane and kissed her, spitting the cum in her mouth.“That it baby…keep it…dont swallow” Caj SaidJane didn’t dare disobey. Tom whipped her ass harder but she kept her mouth closes. Caj looked deep into her eyes.“You’re my bitch…I own your soul. NOW SWALLOW you whore”She gulped it down her throat.“You like the taste of that my slut” Caj said “Nod your headShe did as told“Good Girl…You get a break”She punched her knocking her out“Fucking bitch” Caj SaidCaj woke up with water tossed on her face. On her forhead was the words written “Slut”..“Wake up…little girl..your husband was just giving me a nice ass pounding” She Said putting her head on his neck.She dragged her by her hair to the bed.“Come on little doggy” Caj SaidShe bent over her spread her ass cheeks. Tom walked around her as Caj held Jane by the hair. She shook her ass making the cheeks slap together. She smirked at Tom and motion him over. Tom grabbed her ass and pushed his cock into her tight asshole. She gripped his cock tightly“Yes…fuck me…fuck my tight asshole” She Said“Ohhh Fuck Caj”He was really putting her back into it, driving it in and grinding deeply. Her balls were slamming against him high. She took gripped off her ass cheeks, letting the big ass flesh going through her figners. His balls were flatten in her ass.“Come on fuck my shit hole baby. Fuck me hard…and cum in that cows face”“Ohhh God your amazing..shit your ass feels so good. It so big and round and filled with flesh. I want to worship it” Tom Said“Your going to get another face full slut” Caj Said“Shiiiiiiiiiit…Damm I want to cum in her face. I never came so much. Your ass, I want to pray to it Mistress”Caj laughed “Pray to it your shall…now hush up and fuck me hard..dont dare stop”She was backing up into him making his body moved back and fourth. She gripped her shoulders.“Shit…..No one can handle this ass baby. But your coming the closest” Caj Said “Grab my tits baby”He grabbed her tits massaging them as she fucked his ass. Her gripped her nipples playing with them. She watch Jane spitting on his face as she grabbed his hair.“Get use to the site of your love one fucking my asss..going to get use to it” Caj Said putting on Janes ring “How does it look”“Great…better on you” Tom Said“That what I though” Caj said giving Jane the fingers “He wont even remember you when I am done…I am going to tossed your ass out on the streets after I spend a few weeks playing with you. Then if your bad…going to send pictures of you getting fucked all over to your rich friends. Maybe even pimp you out. Would you like that”“What every you want Mistress” Caj whimpered“Look like your learning” Caj Said “You like all that fat jiggling up and down against you. Your strong body look so small against by big and thick ass. Come on baby grabbed on tightly. Grind against them. Fuck me as hard as you can. Fuck me without mercy”“Ohhh Fuck Cajun” Tom Said“Yess pull it out”He pulled out his cock and she grabbed it pointing to her face.“Ohhh Fuccckk” Tom said spurting all over Jane“Yea get it all out baby..getting ever bit of milk out of that thick cock of yours” She SaidThe cum covered Jane’s face. Caj grabbed Tom and kissed him patting Jane on the head as she did it.“You love me baby” Caj Said“Ohhh Yesss” Tom Said“Want a ring 2 times bigger..then this cows ring” Caj said“Yesss…the biggest”“When your in your…I mean MY house..want this cock out at all time” She Said grabbing his cock.She pushed his cock against her belly. She played with her bringing him to her. Caj nibbled on his neck. She grabbed a glass.“We need ice BITCH” Caj Said to Jane “Go get us some”She went to grab her dress.“Don’t even think about it bitch…crawl your ass naked”Jane took the bucket and walked out. She was in shame. She saw gasp sounds as she walked into the hallway. Every second seem like hours. He walk was slow. She went to the Ice machine and put some ice in it. He walked down the hallways back to the room.“Good girl” Caj said making out with Jane’s husbandShe put the ice in the glasses. Caj poured the wine and clank her glass with Tom glass“Cheers..” Jane SaidThe both drank. Jane took another bottle of wine and sipped it down.“Mmmmm tasty” Caj Said “You scared of me Jane”“Yes”“You should be..cant beat yoru ass at anytime” Caj Said “Can fuck any man you have…can tossed your ass out anytime I want. Took my time breaking you whore…Now what do you think I should do with you”“Please anything you want”Caj gave a wicked smile.“Anything…hmmm that sounds promising” Caj Said “You will stay in my new home..yours…for a month as my live in servant..then after that I decide what to do with you. Kiss my feet in thanks whore”Caj kissed her feet.“Thank you..thank you” Jane cried“Your new name will be WHORE..that what you will answer to understand”“Yes Mistress”“Good Girl” Caj Said slapping her “Tom knees”Tom got on her knees. She order them to each kissed her cheeks, while Caj set up a camera. The camera flashed with each of them kissing and massaging and ass cheeks. She laughed playing with her hair.“Oh you two..are so much fun” Caj Said She dragged Tom to the bed and laid him down. She slammed her big ass on her face and had him eat out her ass.“Come here Whore Caj saidCaj looked like a goddess…compleltly burying her husband face. “Eat me out…your pussy eating skills lacking” Caj SaidJane did as told as Caj guide her wearing to go. She had a glass of wine as she was being licked from both ends. Her whole body drench in sweat.“Fuck yess….right there you two. Tom slower…Jane faster”Caj was in complete ectasy“Yesss…that’s it…right there…fuck”A multiple climax hit her body as heavy body rode Tom’s face. She squeezed her legs around Jane’s head as she came“Fucccck…got suck it…suck my Pussy whore” Caj SaidShe was now drunk, enjoying her power. She had finish off multiple bottles of expensive wine“How does my pussy taste Whore”“Fantastic Mistress” Jane said to terrified “How about my…ass my delicious..fat ass Tom” “Fantastic mistress”She grabbed the wine bottle and smashed it on Jane head, laughing as she face fucked her, keeping her head in tight“Fuck going to make me cum again whore” Caj SaidShe yelled out as she started to cum. Caj whole body shook as she gripped the bed. She was rubbing Tom cock making his cum with ease. She licked her finger again. Caj face blushed as another climax hit“Yessssssssssss” Jane said with heavy breath10 mintues later Both Tom and Jane passed out from lack of air. “Ahhh Yesss” Jane Said tipsy. Trying to stand up. She quickly shook herself off and admired the damage she did. The room was wrecked. The broke the legs of the bed.“Hhahhahahah luckly Tom is Rich that he can fit the bill” Caj Said lighting a cigarette, letting it blow in an open windowShe woke them up and had them switch place. This time Jane was likcing her ass and Tom was likcing her pussy“Never get tired of getting eaten out” Caj SaidBoth Tom and Jane face were soaked with cum. “Jerk that cock” Caj said taking a puff of her cigarette “Then cum on this bitches stomach”“Yes Mistress Caj”Caj was in complete control. Tom did as told each time making Jane soaked with cum“You are not to wash that off for 24 hour..Jane you fat cow” Caj said“Yes Goddesss”20 mintues passed of glorious pusssy and ass eaten..till they passed out again. This time she woke Tom up by riding his cock. She looked so powerfull holding him down as streams after stream of cum went into her pussy“OHHHH GOODDDESSS I LOVE YOU” Tom Said“I know dear boy…I know” Caj laughedTom couldn’t move anymore. Jane tongue was sore from licking her asshole.“Next time I teach your bitch wife what I do with a strapon” Caj Said “Oh by the way you might want to call in sick. The fucking I am giving may be to tired to go to work for 2 weeks. In those weeks going to be fucking you non stop. Your wife may have it bad. So has to be house trained you know. So I think 50 wacks of my belt per day, 60 wack of a bullwhip..and a good har strapon fucking will keep her in line during those 2 weeks” CajTears of joy ran down Tom face.“Shhhhh…Caj is here” Caj Said patting his headHours Later, she had Jane clean her off after running a hot bath. Caj got dress. She took a dog collar and put it on Jane. She then grabbed a leash and hook it to it.“Come on pet..lets go to m future Husband Tom’s and I new home” Caj laughed “First we going to do some shopping”

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