CAROL THE POWER OF A WOMEN CUMINGTHE POWER OF A WOMEN CUMINGAre you awake – yes – a week or so ago you asked me what was the best time I have had, that has been on my mind since, we have done so much in the years we have together, I am talking about sex now, the best was the beach when you had me stacked out, I really was venerable and helpless, Laying there in the sand in the sun light, with my legs and arms tied to those stacks, my legs as far as they would go, I could feel the breeze go up inside me with my cunt lips so far apart, I know even the guys in the fishing boats could see my open cunt let alone anyone or that matter anything that came down the beach could see how helpless I was, and how they could use me in any way they felt. they would never be known with the eye mask that I was wearing. at first I fought it when you said you were going to the out house, then I realized how wet I was getting even with the sun beating down. I know I was safe with both you and Pall there and you would not allow anyone to outright heart me but even that insurance faded. I alway know Pall wanted to fuck me, and why the situation never arose I never knew, but it never did. I felt something touch my mouth then Pall asked if I wanted a puff, Then I could hear him get up and leave, It seamed like forever until I herd a noise besides the birds, There were people talking, my first istanbul escort reaction came with my cunt, it seemed to open even further, I tried to find a hole in the mask but there were none, my intire body tensed, all my mussels tightened, I just went num, it hit me like a rock that I was completely unable to do anything to prevent what ever was instor for me. I needed to piss and just could not hold it any longer, which gave me some re-leaf but then reality came back. the talking stopped, I could not determine where they were in that sand, there distance, nothing. then I felt it, it was wet and entered into my cunt, I just layed still and excepted what was coming, what ever it was slowly went in further and further and then stop, I cold feel it grow in size, nothing was touching me on any other part of my body, just my cunt, like it was a snake, when it got to the maximum size it, probably could, it pulled back out, I stopped feeling anything again, then I felt sand on my legs, who ever it was started digging between my legs, then the feeling of air on my bottom as it become exposed, the digging continued and then stopped, then the wet snake like object reentered past my cunt lips, but again no other part of my body was being touched, my legs, my feet, no where, I wanted to say something, but what ever avcılar escort it was not going to answer me, instead, and I do not know why, I Just made a low grown when I lit out the breath I was holding. my cunt was reacting on its own and I felt my clit come out from its sheath, like it had a mind of its own. my arms were well tied, I could move my fingers, they just stayed open as my rests turn so my hands were in the helpless position of poems showing. It had to be a cuck entering me for the head was larger then the shaft behind it, then something hit my clit, it was warm and soft feeling. If is was a man he would have to be facing away from me, and pushing hes cuck between his legs, but then were would hes bent legs and feet be, my mind was going a million miles a hour, The next thing I know there was something at my head, then another on the other side, then on both sides above my legs, It had to be men, a lot of men, I felt the sand build up on the sides of me when their knees dug into the sand. then everything went silent again, what was inside of me went as far as it could, then pulled out. I could feel again the need to piss and I did, then it reentered this time a little faster to the same stopping point and again puled out and my piss, this time ran down to my ass hole. each time was faster each time I pissed some, it just seamed şirinevler escort like it would never stop, my clit seamed to be being sucked on, it also seemed to be getting bigger, I involuntary started growing again to the beat of the object hitting the wall inside of me, my mouth opened and my tung licked my lips, the speed kept increasing and increasing, I felt something wet hit my tits, then more and more came down on me, still without any telltale sound the warn rain like substance was now running down my sides, my body started a circular motion and my pelvis moved up words, I felt my feet pull against the ropes that were tied to the stacks, then something was put into my hands, it was something hard but soft on the outside, it had to be cucks, then I felt my tung be touched, after exploring with my tung it could only be the balls of a man, my body had to be totally covered with the lickwood, what was in me was moving so fast I could feel my stomic being pushed outward, and then a feeling like I will never forget of being pored into, which ran out and into my open ass, I cam, it started deep in me, something I never experienced before, when I opened my mouth, full open, the lickwood pored in, and I swallowed, my head went back, my pissing started, my tows curled, I could only make a low grown, It lasted foreverWhen I came down everything went silent again, except my breathing, I do not know how much time went by then I could here both you and Pall talking and moving toward me, then stop, you saying, what has happen, you are covered in cum, Then both of you fucking me before taking the mask off me. To this day you have never told me what you know – and I never will my love, never!

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