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craving dark chocolate…1i first met malcolm at the gay bar. there was just an instant attraction & the only thing i could do was shyly introduce myself 2 him. he was black, about 6’6″ tall, around 240 pounds, as near as i could tell, with a shaved head & i could tell that he was very muscular, even totally dressed.when we finally made it 2 his apartment, we were both so excited that we didn’t even make it 2 the bedroom 4 our first hot & sweaty soon as the door closed, we were gripping each other, pulling our bodies close 2gether as we kissed, almost violently. my erection was already straining the material of my jeans & i could feel his big cock swelling against the front of my thigh. as soon as i felt his growing thickness, i just knew that i was going 2 be in 4 a treat ! as our tongues connected eagerly, twisting & writhing 2gether, it was different than any other kiss i had ever experienced be4, much stronger & more demanding, also very erotic & totally exciting. malcolm inched his hand down 2 my trembling thigh & then slowly upward until his fingers were resting on my now-throbbing cock. when i felt his hand on me, i slid my hand between our bodies, then slowly started moving it 2 his inner thigh. when i finally felt the shaft of his cock, i gasped. he was semi- soft, as i squeezed the thick bulge that was snaked half-way down his thigh. he was as big as i am when i am fully hard !! i slid my hand further upward, grasping his glorious shaft through the fabric of his pants. as i caressed his massive manhood, i could feel his shaft starting 2 harden, getting longer & thicker under my hand. his breathing was coming quicker & harder, pushing in2 my mouth, as i stroked & squeezed his gigantic, still-growing thickness.i slowly slid my hand up 2 the top of his pants, unbuttoning & then unzipping them. when i slid the zipper down, his monster erection seemed 2 jump right in2 my hand. his cock was a full foot long, very thick & as black as night. the shaft was so big that i could barely get my fingers all the way around it, with a huge vein running along the top of it & the oozing head was covered by soft, silky 4skin. i grinned wickedly, as this was the cock i had always fantasized about. i gently squeezed his shaft & then slid the 4skin down, revealing the fat, mahogany, mushroom-shaped head, glistening with a huge, slimy drop of pre-cum. i licked my lips & stared down at his beautiful pole, as my hand started 2 slide back & 4th, making the skin slide on & off his tasty looking glans, making him squirm & moan softly. i could not believe my first taste of black cock was going 2 be such a mouth-watering meal !!i was so excited that i had not even noticed that malcolm had freed my own raging six-inch erection from my pants & was sliding his fingers up & down my length. i groaned, as he twirled his thumb over the tip, spreading my oozing pre-cum all over the swollen head. he whispered, “this is a perfect white cock, just the size that i love feeling in my extremely tight black ass !” i replied, ” i have never had black cock, in my mouth or in my ass, but i am looking 4ward 2 feeling yours filling my tight asshole & making me cum !” as our tongues twisted 2gether again, searching each other’s mouths, in a frenzy of lust, we just started pulling the rest of our clothes off, dropping everything 2 the floor around us, until we were both completely naked. i just stared at him 4 a few moments, as he was the most gorgeous man i had ever seen. besides having a sexy shaved head & extremely wide shoulders, he was tightly muscled everywhere. my fingertips slowly traced the muscles of his sexy six-pack, on their way down 2 his thick, awesome cock. his hairless balls were huge, like a pair of tennis balls covered by soft black skin. i reached down with both hands, cradling his balls, then stretching them downward. i slid down on2 my knees in front of him, slowly licking the length of his tasty cock, my wet tongue tracing the outline of the huge vein on the top of his thickening shaft. malcolm stood with his hands on his hips, as i licked & sucked his thick pole, until he was fully hard & his monster cock was glistening with my saliva. he groaned softly as i released his huge cock & climbed up on2 the barstool, with my ass hanging over the edge of the seat & my arms wrapped around the back, my feet hooked on the rungs, facing away, presenting my tight & horny ass 2 him. i lowered my chest on 2 the back of kadıköy escort the stool, then i reached back & grasped my own ass cheeks, pulling them wide apart, aching 2 feel him deep inside me. i was actually shivering with excitement & anticipation, & i whispered, ” do u wanna fuck my tight little white ass with that big beautiful black cock ? “when malcolm moved up closer behind me, i could feel the tip of his enormous cock, searching 4 my tight little hole. he slowly slid his cock-head up & down the crack of my ass, smearing my saliva & his oozing pre-cum all over my puckered anus. when i finally felt his fat cock-head pressing against my resisting opening, i gasped, enjoying the sweet feeling of another man’s weapon getting ready 2 invade my completely willing ass. i held my breath, as i felt his probing tool start 2 press harder against my tightly puckered anus & i let out a long groan as i felt my sphincter starting 2 open & the tip slid slowly in2 me. as soon as the huge head had pierced in2 me, my ass clamped down on2 his shaft, holding him tight. i moaned as i realized that i was finally going 2 be pumped full of glorious man-meat. my legs were already quivering & my breath was coming in short, quick gasps. i was so ready 2 feel his huge cock all the way inside me, so i started 2 press back against him 2 let him know that i wanted him 2 delve deeper in2 me !!malcolm grasped my thighs tightly as he started 2 press 4ward, pushing his long, thick cock deeper & deeper in2 my straining fuck-hole. i could feel every muscle stretching 2 accommodate his hugeness. my ass was aching from the feeling of being crammed full of monstrous black cock. as he kept pressing further in2 me, making my cock grind against the seat of the barstool, i started 2 push myself back harder against him, wanting 2 feel every inch of his thickness deep inside me. when he was about half-way inside me, malcolm started 2 slowly rock back & 4th, pulling just a few inches out, then pressing back in, making me engulf another inch with each stroke. my ass was on fire, but it was such a wonderful fire. eventually, after what seemed like an eternity of pressure, i finally felt malcolm’s huge balls resting against mine & i knew that i had finally taken his full length in2 my gripping ass. the feeling was so strange, yet so totally fucking wonderful.malcolm groaned, ” damn, your ass is so fucking tight i can barely get in !” when he was fully inside me, malcolm paused 4 a few seconds, then he started 2 move slowly in & out of my tightness. his fat cock was pulling back, trying 2 pull away from me, but my ass was gripping him so tightly that he could hardly move. i was moaning, as he finally started 2 drag his huge cock out of me. when he was almost all the way out of me, he pressed back 4ward, again stretching & filling me. the sensations that i was feeling were so unbelievable. i suddenly knew that this was the way it was meant 2 be, 4 me, & that i never wanted him 2 take his beautiful cock away from me. i knew that i was never going 2 settle 4 an average-sized cock again !when my ass finally started 2 loosen just a little, malcolm started 2 slide in & out, harder & faster, until i was shaking with lust. the sensation of being crammed so full was driving me wild. my own cock was hard as steel, leaking droplets of pre-cum with every downward stroke, as the head of his massive black cock caressed & massaged my sensitive, quivering prostate. as malcolm’s sweet cock continued 2 saw in & out of me, i groaned & ground my ass back against his throbbing tool. my ass was stretched wide & i was loving every second of being his completely submissive fuck slave !!suddenly, i felt malcolm’s hands slide under my thighs & with a huge groan, he pulled me backwards, lifting me from the barstool. then he pulled my whole body back, until my feet are finally on the floor so i am standing with my feet spread wide apart & my hands are on the seat of the barstool. he is still standing behind me, his arms around the sides my waist, with his hands on seat, 2. my back is fully arched & i am pressing my aching ass backwards against his strong hips, his deliciously long, thick cock is buried root-deep in my wide-spread ass. malcolm started 2 rock his hips, making his cock slide in & out of me, also making my throbbing erection bounce up & down obscenely between my legs. üsküdar escort the feeling of his thickness stretching me open, in this position, was so intense that i felt like i was going 2 pass out. his cock was filling me so full, it felt like i had a fence-post crammed up in2 my tight ass. i was hot, gasping with each stroke, as his massive cock-head hit bottom again & again, over & over, so fucking deep inside my fuck-hole. as malcolm continued 2 **** my throbbing asshole, my erection was leaking pre-cum almost non-stop from the pummeling that my prostate was receiving & when i felt the first spasm of my first completely spontaneous, un-assisted orgasm, i screamed. i had never felt anything close 2 this kind of intensity. each pounding stroke of malcolm’s cock in2 my ass was driving another long, stringy spurt of cum out of my quivering cock & i screamed again, as i felt the hot juices flooding from the opening of my cock. malcolm grabbed my shaft in his hand, as his hot pole kept pounding in2 me, pulling every sticky drop out of me. my cock spurted again & again, as i emptied my salty sweetness on2 the seat of the barstool & all over the floor below. i groaned, ” i never knew i could cum just from your big cock fucking me !!”as i was cumming, my ass tightened down on malcolm’s cock & it must have been 2 much 4 him 2 resist, because he gripped my thighs tightly, ramming himself deep inside me & stretching every fiber of me, as i felt his white-hot cum splashing deep in2 my body. i could feel every wet spurt as it splashed on2 my tight inner walls, filling me with heat & lust, until his sticky seed finally started 2 overflow, escaping from my ass & oozing out around his monster shaft, sliding down the crack of my up-turned ass & down the insides of my trembling thighs. as his pulsating cock continued 2 drool cum in2 me, malcolm dropped 2 his knees, pulling me backward with him & still holding me tightly against him & let me slide down on2 my hands & knees, his softening cock still imbedded deep inside my aching asshole. i kept my ass pressed tightly against him until he was completely soft & then slowly dragged myself off his long, fat snake of a cock. the unexpected emptiness i felt was like an ache inside my body as i slowly slid off his magnificent tool. i moaned, ” oh my god, i already miss feeling your cock deep inside me !!”when my asshole finally released his huge tool with a slurping sound, i quickly twisted around, licking the spilled drops of his tasty cum from his huge balls, then slowly slid my mouth on2 his soft cock, tasting his salty cum & my ass as i let his soft, rubbery cock slowly slide in2 the back of my still-hungry throat. malcolm groaned as i cleaned his sweet cock with my lips & tongue. i slid the 4skin back, licking the fat head of his monstrous cock clean 2 & at that moment, with his taste all over my tongue, i realized that i wanted this cock 2 always be mine ! i wanted every single drop of his juicy seed 2 be spurted in2 my thirsty throat or deep in2 my cock-craving ass. as soon as we had caught our breath, malcolm slid his ass up on2 the barstool, as i squatted down on2 my heels in front of him, gripping the legs of the stool 4 balance. malcolm groaned loudly as i opened my mouth wide, letting the head of his dark cock slip between my lips. i could feel the velvety 4skin on my tongue, slipping & sliding, as my tongue slithered all around his pulsating helmet. i could still taste the salty flavor of his semen & it was making me very hungry, wanting 2 taste more & more of him. as malcolm’s hand gently guided me further, i opened wide, letting part of the thick shaft slide between my lips. when i had about half of his wonderful penis inside my drooling mouth, i could feel the fat head pressing against the opening of my throat. malcolm threw his head back & groaned again, as i gulped in a deep breath, then slammed my face 4ward on2 him, impaling my throat on his massive ebony meat-stick. i had lifted myself up on2 my toes, so my throat was lined up 2 receive him & one of my hands grasped his ass & the other caressed his huge silky balls, as i slid my face 4ward & back on his huge, ravaging cock. with every backward stroke, i would pull away, until just the riffle of 4skin remained between my sucking lips, then i would punch my face 4ward, taking his full length deep in2 my throat. malcolm had both of his hands behind his neck tuzla escort & was driving his hips 4ward 2 meet each of my strokes, driving himself in even deeper each time. the feeling of sucking this man’s gigantic, black cock, was indescribable. my head was swimming with feelings of passion & lust. my long-time fantasy had just become my reality !malcolm groaned, ” suck that big cock, baby, take it all the way down !!”malcolm kept fucking my face, harder & faster, until i could feel his smooth, shaved balls starting 2 rise against my chin. when i felt his erection getting even thicker in my throat & mouth, i knew that he was getting ready 2 fill me with his sweet, tasty cum. i didn’t want him 2 shoot in2 my throat, because i wanted 2 taste every drop of his juice on my teeth & tongue, so i pulled backward until just the fat head of his throbbing cock remained in my mouth & started 2 pump my hands back & 4th on the length of his thick, pulsating shaft. malcolm threw his head back again, groaning loudly as i felt the first spurt of his white-hot man-juice splatter all over the roof of my wet mouth & on2 the back of my tongue. it was so hot & sweet & delicious that i didn’t wanna lose a single drop. i kept pumping his pulsing shaft & sucking, swallowing as fast as i could, but it was just 2 much 4 me & the sticky goo started oozing out from between my lips, sliding obscenely out of the corners of my mouth & down 2 my chin. malcolm grabbed my head in his hands & slammed my face back on2 his cock as his ass lifted from the seat, driving his cock all the way in2 my throat again. i could feel spurt after hot spurt of his thick juice splattering in2 my hungry throat, as he emptied his massive manhood in2 me. it felt like he was going 2 keep cumming 4ever, his scrumptious orgasm lasted so long. i just kept sucking & swallowing as fast as i could, because what i had tasted, so far, was unbelievably delicious & i wanted 2 taste it all ! i wanted 2 drink his cock dry every chance i got !!when malcolm finally stopped spraying in2 my throat, i could feel his fat cock starting 2 soften & i slowly slid my throat, then my mouth, off of him. as he stroked my neck & shoulders, i licked up every lurid drop that had escaped my mouth earlier, swallowing his sweet seed. i could still not believe that my throat had managed 2 swallow that monstrous tool & i don’t think malcolm believed it either, by the amazed look on his face. as i stared up in2 his dark eyes, i couldn’t seem 2 stop smiling, no matter how hard i tried ! he moaned, ” no one has ever taken it all be4 !”my cock was still rock-hard & throbbing, oozing juice from the tip, as malcolm started 2 slowly caress me, his hand sliding up & down, squeezing & releasing. i was moaning, pushing my ass upward, trying 2 press deeper in2 his hand. malcolm said, ” sit on the stool ” & i placed my ass on the edge of the seat, with my legs on either side of him. i leaned back, gripping on2 both sides of the seat, as he leaned 4ward & slid his thick lips over the tip of my aching cock. as i watched my pale, pulsating shaft slide between his dark lips, i got even more excited by the contrast of his dark skin on my own whiteness. i closed my eyes & tipped my head back, enjoying all the hot, wet sensations. malcolm’s hands gripped my hips, as he slid all the way on2 my cock, taking me deep in2 his throat. i was so excited that i knew this would not take very long & as i pressed upward, pushing myself deeper in2 him, i could already feel my balls starting 2 creep upwards. the feeling of his hot mouth & slick tongue on my cock was so exquisite & so wonderful, driving me 2 the edge, as i whispered, ” suck me baby, suck the cum out of me !”malcolm had started 2 slide his mouth up & down, letting my erection fuck his mouth & throat. i slammed upward in2 his hot mouth, driving in as deep as i could. malcolm’s head started moving faster & faster, so i pounded my hips up faster & harder, until i knew that i had reached the point of no return. i groaned, ” i’m cumming ” & malcolm pulled his hot throat up off me, holding just my pulsating cock-head in his mouth as i exploded, splattering spurt after spurt of thick, ropy cum on2 his waiting tongue. he slurped & swallowed, taking every drop in2 his throat & belly, his tongue swirling, as his lips milked every drop from my pulsing pole. my breath was shallow & ragged, as i kept pressing upward, trying 2 get deeper in2 his hot mouth.when i was finally empty & my cock was softening, malcolm released me, letting my spit-slick cock fall from his lips, slapping down on2 my wet, slippery, spit-soaked balls. i leaned down, taking his head between my hands & kissed him again, tasting my cum on his tongue. i honestly cannot ever remember being so totally excited, or so completely & totally uninhibited !

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