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DRAGONHEARTDRAGONHEARTINTRODUCTIONBY IKEMANUnlike many of my stories, this is a stand-alone, single, long chapter story. This is a fantasy story with sex but has large portions that is story-telling. I would appreciate not having it rated negatively simply because of the amount of sex having given this warning ahead of the story. I do hope you will enjoy it as a story, though.This story takes place in a mythical time and place. Mankind is the same as mankind seems to have always been. Mythology, beliefs, legends can guide their lives or be left behind quickly when other pursuits, motivations, and new beliefs might lead to a personal or group perceived advantage in wealth, power, or standing in the group.This story is in such a time. A small realm that has existed peacefully for so many generations the people have no other recollection, even in the stories told by the old people. The realm has been led by a single family of descendants through the collective memory. The people live in equality and common-comfort. Everyone shares work. Everyone shares in the fruits of that work. The leading family even lives in modest circumstances in the spirit of that attitude of common experience.Despite open trade with other realms, their prized valley between mountain ranges has not been conquered, which is not to say it hasn’t been attempted. The valley is rich in resources, fertile for crops, and abundant in water, forests, grazing land, and wild life. There are two routes for trade into the realm, one in the north and one in south. Both are severely restricted by narrow canyons that allow limited movement. Invading armies find themselves squeezed at these locations.The realm never had a sizeable army. They never had the need. If the people ever heard anything about an attempted invasion, they never suffered the invasion. It became an accepted truth that they were safe. They became complacent. The significance of offerings according to their beliefs were soon seen as an opportunity for more wealth and substance that could be retained. That drove a shift in the attitudes starting with the leader and filtering into the society in general. A shift of attitudes that would change everything in terrible ways.Ultimately, can someone distantly removed from the beliefs of the ages before, when they were more than mere myth, resurrect strength and common-will among others to make a change? Especially, when claiming that belief in old myth means personal sacrifice?DRAGONHEARTAriana was a striking beauty. That beauty did not serve her well, however. She was 5’ 5” tall, trim, and full of energy … despite her circumstances. Her long, wavy, blonde hair shined like gold from her head and cascaded over her back nearly to her butt. While most young women after reaching maturity would be thinking about a suitor to begin a new life in one of the villages s**ttered throughout the expansive valley formed between the two imposing mountain ranges, she was where she had been for her existence … toiling in the castle of the King, his family, and advisors. Nobody spoke of her, about her, or where she might have come from. She was the daughter of a woman who was herself part of a line of women who merely toiled in the castle in service to the current King.If nobody spoke of Ariana or her mother or the line of women Ariana descended from, it was because it an unlawful topic to be spoken of. Just as it was unlawful to speak of the belief the people of the realm had one time held so firmly to but eventually found so easy to relinquish into myth and legend. The line of Kings in the three generations since the realm was overrun by invaders made talk of the old ways a death penalty. Ariana was different, though. Not only did she have that spirit that burned but so did her mother. Her mother had repeated the stories at night, keeping the stories real, a tradition passed along the line of women from the old times to Ariana. She knew the old stories but they seemed like magical myth to her, too fantastic to believe.Unlike most of the women, young or old, Ariana’s beauty and spirit did not seem to be able to be extinguished by the hardship of her existence. Her beauty and spirit, upon her reaching maturity, presented her with new opportunities in service to the King and others of his court … new but unwelcome, undesired opportunities.She spent long days of toiling with the other women, young and old, who served the King and castle doing everything from cooking and serving to cleaning and laundry. Then, at night, the King frequently requested her from among all the women forced into service in the castle. Part of his preference for her was her beauty, of course. But another part was a well-kept secret that Ariana was believed to be the direct descendent of the old leading family on the maternal side. It had to be the maternal side, of course, because all the males of the family had been killed after capturing the castle. Once again, after the meager dinner allowed the servants, Ariana was summoned. As the young woman rose to leave the other women and prepare herself for the King, her mother reached out to touch her hand as she passed and whispered the words of encouragement that had become a ritual for them: ‘Be strong, my daughter, and believe.’ They were words of encouragement but also of hope; hope that a future of change might still be waiting according to the proficiencies … if you believed in the myths … myths that were criminal to express.Ariana was taken to a room where she was changed from her well-worn, ill-fitting dress and apron into light, free-flowing, gossamer gown that d****d from the shoulders and fell to the floor. She put on delicate slippers and brushed her long, golden hair until it seemed to shine in the faint light provided by candles and wall-torches. The King was very particular and it wasn’t even her own survival that compelled Ariana to comply with these demands on her. The King had made it very clear to her that her compliance protected her mother and any other remaining women on her maternal lineage. Or, to be more to the point of how the King expressed it, Ariana’s failure to comply willingly and enthusiastically would doom herself and others to very painful and torturous death.Ariana moved quietly from the lower servant levels of the castle up to the King’s chambers. The guards standing on either side of the massive, heavy wood doors leered at her as she approached. The gown was so filmy that she knew her form would be apparent as she walked with the many torches in the hallway behind her. Also, the chill of the castle, whose blocks of stone held the cool night air throughout the day, caused her nipples to harden which in turn pressed against the flimsy gown and highlighted the unrestricted sway of her breasts underneath. She had no doubt that many more men of the castle desired her to have her if the King allowed it. For now, though, he had greedily kept her to a small group.As she passed through the heavy doors opened by the guards, she scanned the large chambers for the King, finding him standing with a goblet of wine in his robe at the sunken tub where two other servants poured hot water by the bucket-load. The ties of his ruby-red robe hung loose and the robe gaped open as he stood near the tub and women. They glanced at her nervously as she entered and Ariana thought she caught a look of relief pass over their faces. The relief being that the King’s attention would not be forced on them as he took his bath.Ariana slowed her pace and took a deep breath to remember what her mother and the other older women who fussed over her had instructed. She was two years past the maturity age and for two years she has now been the preferred companion of the King in his chambers. The past six months or so she has been shared on occasion with several of his closest advisors. In all that time and all that experience, she has never enjoyed sex, never experienced the pleasure reaction from it that many of the women talk about. In confiding with her mother, she was told to pretend, act as if she were enjoying the experience in order to appease the King. She asked if her not enjoying it might not cause the King to leave her alone. She was told that might in fact be true but the outcome might be worse, as a result. So, Ariana became adept at acting out her pleasure in order to stroke the fragile ego of the men.When the tub had sufficient hot water, the other women gratefully and quickly took their exit from the room. Ariana stood at the opposite end of the tub from the King. He sipped from the goblet as he looked at her, then smiled and motioned with his hand. It was a short sweep of his hand at waist height as if he were parting an unseen d****. She had experience in this situation. She knew what the hand motion was intended to convey. She took another deep breath as she lowered her eyes. After only a moment of hesitation, her right hand moved to her left shoulder where she released a button and her left shoulder became bare. She repeated the opposite movement to the right shoulder and the filmy gown seemed to flutter down her exquisite body to the floor. She stood before the man she knew as King with the same trepidation she felt every time. Her hands moved in front of her crotch but were quickly pulled back before he could remind her.“You are an exquisite creature,” he said. He gazed at her form. A trim body with firm breasts that seemed to beg to be squeezed, flat stomach, and shapely hips. Her face had the look of innocence no matter how many times he called her to his chamber. Her hair was long, as if it had never been cut, and golden in color so it seemed to shine in the flickering light from the torches and candles. “Do you know why I ask for you so much more than any other?” Ariana shook her head. “It is because you are special. You are a very special young woman.” He laughed and it was the laugh of ridicule. “What makes a lowly servant girl special? You don’t know, do you?” She shook her head, again, to protect the ruse. “That’s what makes it all so special, don’t you see? You may be special and you don’t even know why.” He laughed, again. She honestly didn’t. In fact, there was nothing about her life that she could look at to think she was special in any way … except for her mother. There was something about her mother, the stories she insisted on telling, repeating, and continuing to repeat. Stories about the old times, times before a King and a castle existed. Stories about the times of the myths. Stories she was told to remember but never speak of to anyone … except a daughter if she ever had one. If the myths were true, she was told, there would be a time when the stories would be important to know and then share with everyone. She was rarely ever outside the castle as if it were her prison despite the movement she had within it.Her attention was brought back to the King, though. He set the goblet on a small table and the motion caused his robe to open further. She saw his penis had hardened since she was exposed. She covered an involuntary shudder that coursed over her body at the sight of it and the knowledge of what was following. She sometimes wished her body could react even in her dread of the act. Maybe, just maybe, if her body responded, the act might not seem so disgusting, even revolting.But she moved as she knew she must. She stepped up to the King and behind him. She put her hands on the collar of the robe and gently slid it off his body. Maybe if he were handsome or especially masculine or caring, it might make a difference. None of that was true, though. He was tall but overweight. His body was soft and round. She sighed in resignation.He took her hand confidently in his and stepped into the tub, leading her into the waist deep water. He sat and she reached to the side for a cloth to begin washing him, but stopped herself. She must use her hands, only. He wants her soft hands to wash his skin and body. Sitting in the water behind him, she strokes over his back and into his hair. She strokes water up under his arms and spends as much time at his back as she can before sensing his impatience. She presses forward so her hands slide over his chest and stomach, the preferred way to do it, according to him. This forces her breasts to squeeze against his back and he presses himself back against her. It takes her several moments after adequately cleaning his chest, stomach, and upper legs before she finally, reluctantly begins stroking her fingers over his groin and hardened penis.This is how it begins and she suppresses another shudder of revulsion in anticipation of what will inevitably follow. He presses more firmly back against her, leaning back so his relaxed weight is supported by her as he pulls her other hand to join in ‘washing’ his ‘cock’. He has chuckled at her defiance in using words he has impressed on her, words that the whores use. It is a small defiance but it seems that it is tolerable to him as long as she satisfies him like a whore. Well … maybe almost like a whore.She feels it grow more as her fingers stroke it. It is not overly large. She has seen larger ones on other men when she was used by him in the presence of men and whores. The King’s didn’t require two hands to stroke so the other one was used to massage his ball sack and scrotum. He began groaning and moaning from her stroking and thought, maybe, this time he might be satisfied with only her hand. Then, he abruptly rose with her hand firmly grasped in his. He pulled her to the edge of the sunken tub and abruptly pressed her against the side, bending her upper body over the ledge and kicking her feet further apart. She closed her eyes as she obediently pushed her butt back toward him, her legs spread wide, and felt his penis touch her bare, hairless pussy, which she was required to shamelessly clean of hair regularly for his inspection and touch.She felt the penis press against her pussy, part the delicate lips, probe for her opening, and plunge dominantly into her body. It was a mystery to her how her body lubricated itself in preparation of penetration when it would not achieve a level of stimulation for the climatic experience she heard women were capable of … like a man’s climax but somehow different. Her mother only advised that the lubrication was good and the climax, orgasm, can be faked. So, that’s what she did. She pressed back against the invading penis as it was thrust into her. The water splashing around their bodies as his hips impacted against her butt as the penis drove in to its deepest. She even learned to flex her muscle so her vagina, her pussy, tightened around the member. She would act the whore, if she needed to for the security of her mother and the other women. She would pretend at the pleasure, if she must. Her body would cooperate only in the activity but not in the result.She felt the man who was King strain and grunt as he pressed hard into her. She felt him take hold of her hips to more aggressively thrust his penis into her pussy. Then, he turned her aggressively and began moving her to the end with the steps, all the while his penis inside her. He pulled out and sat on the higher step and pulled her to him. She straddled his legs as she was pulled and his hands on her hips pulled her down. She understood his desire and reached between them for his hard penis, rubbed it against her pussy until it sank into her already open hole. She sat down immediately and firmly, drawing a gasp and moan from him as his penis was suddenly deeply embedded. He raised his hips as she sat down on each up-and-down stroke. He twisted her erect nipples and he began grunting with his thrusts. That was the signal she recognized and she increased the verbal sounds she learned to make, adding her own moans and gasps to the increasing sounds from him.She felt him swell inside, then his body and hips jerk. When she felt his cum enter her, she moaned louder and fell onto him. It was her game and it seemed to work on him.In minutes, the King rose, pushing her off as he stepped out of the tub and put on his robe over his dripping body. She hoped she was done, but he insisted on her serving him. She poured wine and offered him pieces of cheese and bread while remaining naked. He seemed to enjoy her discomfort by keeping her naked and frequently touching her body intimately. He even pushed a finger into her pussy, looked at it and put it up to her mouth, instructing her to lick it clean. Fucking her was something she had become used to but he had begun wanting her to suck his penis and not just to make him hard. He now wanted to cum in her mouth and for her to swallow it. After experiencing it several times, it was no better or worse than being fucked.He watched her suck off his finger and preceded to open his robe as he reclined in his bed. After the first few times of being used, she learned not to act dumb as it only made the situation worse. So, being shown his soft, flaccid penis, she crawled on the bed to his hips where she bent at the waist to take his soft penis in her hand and then to her lips. She kissed it up and down the length, then licked its length before taking the head between her lips after another kiss. She sucked on the head as if taking the last morsel of meat off a chicken leg bone.She felt his hardness throbbing, pulsing in her mouth as she moved her mouth up and down his length. His hand was on the back of her head giving assistance to her fucking his penis with her mouth. Being fucked by him was demeaning and humiliating; this, with her mouth, was more so as he watched and strained up with his hips. She didn’t know what could be more demeaning but it only reflected her relative innocence.His penis jerked in her mouth and pulsed as she felt him cum, his seed deposited on her tongue. She dutifully sucked and swallowed, then sucked and licked his penis clean. Past practice told her she would now be done but sounds from behind her made her tremble while she completed her duty of cleaning his penis. She heard the massive doors close … why hadn’t she heard it open? … and the sounds of feet moving into the chamber. As she pulled her mouth off his penis, she took a frightened glance back to find three of his advisors and generals dropping their clothes. She looked with fear and apprehension to the King who she found smiling, a low chuckle escaping from his throat at seeing her reaction.“You’ve always thought of yourself as better than the other wenches. Perhaps you’ve sensed that you were somehow special or it was your mother filling you with the old stories.” He smiled. “Yes, I know. There are spies everywhere in the castle. I will deal with her but it is time for you to learn you are nothing more than a wench.” He rolled off the massive bed and moved to a chair placed nearby, taking another goblet of wine from his advisor. He smiled as he raised the goblet to his lips as the three naked men crawled onto the bed around her. Her eyes wide in fear as the men approached. Their penises were already hard in anticipation of finally getting her. A common wench, she thought in horror. Was her life changing terribly in this moment and just how much was it changing?She was thrown on her back and the Northern Army General moved quickly between her legs. He jammed his hard penis at her crotch, bouncing off her pelvis before sinking brutally into her hole. She gasped, not by any pleasurable sensation but the forcefulness of the action, though they all mistook her reaction judging by the smiles on the three faces around her. As the general began driving his penis into her the other two appeared at her head which was turned by a hand and shoved into her mouth. Her hand was moved to the other penis. While being fucked, her head was moved from one penis to the other but both were always being held in her hands.The first man climaxed, shoot his cum into her pussy. He quickly pulled out and another man moved between her legs as her head was held on the penis in her mouth. After the next man plunged his penis into her gaping pussy, her head was turned to the other side and the penis that had just fucked her was thrust into her mouth. This continued back and forth, her mouth moved from one penis to another even as the one that had previously fucked her began softening in her mouth.When the second man climaxed in her pussy, the third shifted to immediately take his place. She could hear the squish of the penis thrusting into her pussy filled by multiple loads of cum from the King and the others. This one thrust even harder, possibly she thought due to her being looser and filled with cum. Her mouth was again moved to the penis that had just climaxed in her. She had swallowed the cum of the King and now tasted the cum of each of the other men to have fucked her. This had never happened to her before and she shuddered at the thought of what the King meant by his statement, ‘it is time for you to learn you are nothing more than a wench’.The shudder she felt in her body must have been visible to the men, too. They laughed that she was enjoying being used like a common wench by men.When the last man climaxed in her, she lay motionless beneath him. As he pulled out of her and moved to the side off the bed, she heard a loud gasp. During the fucking by the three men, she hadn’t heard the massive doors open or her mother and the two guards entering. But when she turned her head to the sound, there they stood. Her mother had entered the chamber led by the castle guards sent to get her. When she was ushered into the chamber, she was shocked to see the three naked men of status in the castle on the King’s bed with a woman. Her gasp of shock came when the men moved and she identified the woman … her daughter, Ariana.“Aww … wench, look … your mother has arrived.” The two women looked at each other in horror. This had to be the ultimate in humiliation, degradation. But the King wasn’t done as he turned his attention to Ariana’s mother. “I know what you have been doing. You think my spies don’t tell me everything that happens in my own castle? You’ve been filling this girl’s head with your stories and everyone knows those stories are not to be repeated within any part of this land. The punishment can be quite severe, but I have a more fitting punishment for you both.”He waved his hand to the guards and they moved with understanding and deliberation. While one pulled Ariana from the bed, the other pulled his dagger from his belt and quickly cut the mother’s clothes from her mature body. Both women were shocked by the events unfolding before the King and the other men as they soon were standing completely naked before them. Ariana’s young body showed the sexual assault she had already endured with cum of four men seeping from her used pussy, her skin blotchy, and her lips, chin, and cheeks slick with her own saliva from sucking the penises. Her mother’s mature body seemed to retreat in on itself in humiliation as the two women attempted to hug. They were separated and placed before the still lounging King, his advisor and generals positioned around him with the two guards behind the women.The King chuckled deviously, “Now you are both as you should be. I have been advised for years to have you two put to death and be done with the legend forever.” He looked at the mother. “You defied me in my own castle by telling the forbidden stories to your daughter. I wanted to show you it was of no use, though. I wanted to use her body as my play-thing to show you it was for no use. I am a generous King, aren’t I? I spared your lives thinking you would see the error of your ways. But you didn’t. You continued to defy me with the stories, the silly myth. You and the people … you think I don’t know you all still hold hope of being rescued by the myth? Where is your rescue? The myth is only a myth.”Ariana glanced to her mother and was surprised. In the face of unknown punishment and after being stripped of her clothes and dignity, her mother was boldly showing a defiance that surprised and empowered her. Her mother boldly announced, “We will always believe. I feared you and what you could do to us. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been as quiet about it as I was. I should have told my daughter everything.”The King laughed but there was menace in the sound of his laugh. He pointed to the floor before him and both women were pushed to their knees and then to all fours. It was only then that they realized the guards were naked behind them and the meaning hit both women at the same time as their eyes met. It was one thing to be used by the powerful men of the castle but to be given to guards ….Tears came to the mother’s eyes and dripped down her cheek as she mouthed a ‘I’m sorry’ to her Ariana. She in turn gave her mother a heartrending smile but mouthed, ‘I love you’. In the next moment, both women felt the roughened, strong hands of the guards take their hips and thrust their penises, quickly sinking them into the women. The mother cried out as the hard penis penetrated her unlubricated pussy. Both women hung their heads in shared shame and utter humiliation as the surrounding men laughed in a chorus of delight.This was a fucking unlike what either had ever experienced. The two guards had finally received the opportunity at a woman of some refinement and they were taking advantage of it. They had been told to dominate the women, to fuck them as roughly as they desired, and they did exactly that. Every thrust was powerful and dominating. They understood these two were from the line of women going back to the old days of this realm to the family that led the people in peace and shared embrace of fruitful living. That those days had ended for whatever reason didn’t matter to these men as they treated them in the moment as common wenches for their lust.The King watched the degradation of the women. His own penis began to harden, again, at the sight. For a moment, he considered perhaps using the women himself one more time, perhaps the mother this time. But he knew his limits. He was older and didn’t want to fail in front of the others or the women after already climaxing twice. So, he simply enjoyed the feeling of his loins stirring at the humiliation of the final lineage of this land. He would finally, in his own way, follow the advice of others and be done with the myth once and for all, and force the people to accept their destiny under his rule.First one, then the other. Howls of lust filled the room from the two guards. This was so much better than the wenches they might find at a pub or brothel. When they came after brutally fucking them, their grunts and shouts were exclamation points to the humiliation the women felt.“Put ropes around their necks and lead them down to the wagons. Let the people see what is left of their cherished myths and past. The past is gone. I am the thing for them to look forward to.” The King was exultant. The King followed the guards through the castle as they led the two women naked and leashed like pets or livestock. Others in the castle stopped and gasped, horrified at the sight as they passed by. Though it was forbidden to talk of the old days and myths that made up those days, the people had tried to hold onto them, privately repeating the stories within family groups as Ariana had been told by her mother and grandmother.Outside, more people bore witness to kadıköy escort their humiliation. The two women tried to bravely ignore their humiliation in front of the people but it was clear in the eyes of those they found outside that the hopes and dreams they harbored were being crushed with this final indignity.They found two wagons, one pointed south and the other pointed north. They listened to the announcement with the people gathered around them. It was against the law to harbor dreams of the past, to talk and share the stories of the past, and to keep alive the myths of the old days. The mother and daughter violated those laws and were being punished and would die.The two women clasped hands. The King spoke softly to them so only they could hear. “One will go to the northern army protecting that gateway. The other to the southern army. You will each be camp whores to be used and abused by any and all of the men there. You may die from the abuse. You may simply become pregnant. But … no more of your lineage will exist here … ever. If you become pregnant, you die.” He smiled in a sick and grotesque way. “The myths die. This is my kingdom.”Ariana clutched at her mother and she turned to the King. “Sire … please … give us just a moment, a final moment alone before … before you do what you will with us.” Surprisingly, he nodded. They moved a few steps away.“I am sorry, mother.”“Hush … this isn’t your fault. It is mine. I thought I was protecting you by hiding some details. Now, you must listen carefully before they pull us apart.” Ariana nodded, still numb by the turn of events. “Ariana, remember the stories, everything I have told you. Remember the Princess of the stories? You are the Princess. You must believe that. For the people, you must believe that. You are marked, a birthmark on you lower neck. It is the reason I have insisted you wear long hair. When you are on the road, expose your lower neck as much as possible. It is the only hope for the people. My grandmother thought she knew more than the legend. The Princess is marked every other generation. The stories say the Princess must be sacrificed to protect the people. My grandmother didn’t think it was necessary to sacrifice my mother. We had been safe for so long. That was when things went bad. Our protection was lost when the sacrifice was withheld. You are the Princess now. Maybe it isn’t too late.”They were pulled apart. Both women screamed for the other. Ariana was thrown into the wagon. She was reminded of her nakedness as she felt the rough wood sc**** her bare body. She turned to look behind her to see her mother similarly straining to catch a final glimpse to share between them. Ariana didn’t even register the shocked, hopeless looks of the people as the wagon was led through the town from the castle as it headed for the road to the south. She noted that one guard drove the wagon, another on horse led the way in front, and two more on horses followed behind lustily eyeing her.Leaving the town behind them, they entered a heavily wood section, the trees crowding the roadway worn into the ground by traffic of horses, wagons, carts, and walkers. A persistent cawing of a crow drew not only her attention but that of the guards following behind.“What’s with that damn crow? It’s like it’s following us.”Indeed, she thought, is was like it was following as it soared effortlessly above the treetops directly above her. The attention of the crow reminded her of what her mother said before they were cruelly pulled apart. She was the Princess of the stories. She was marked at birth as the Princess to carry on the sacrifice that would protect the people. What was the sacrifice, though? There was so much in detail she wished she could ask and learn. But the stories told of dragons, rarely seen except at great distance, that provided protection at the canyon passes at the north and south. The sacrifice must be to the dragons, then. Are the dragons still here, though? After her great-grandmother turned her back on them, are they still around and would they still accept a sacrifice after all this time? Sacrifice. That word crashed down on her like the full weight of all the people. Could she sacrifice herself selflessly like that?The burden felt heavy, excessively so, but she remembered another thing her mother instructed her before leaving, something that was put to her firmly and with the importance of trying to save the people. It must have something to do with leading up to the sacrifice. She was to expose her lower neck where the birthmark must be, a mark she never knew existed, a mark her mother had wanted hidden to spare her. If the King was so worried just by the lineage of the women, would he have executed her immediately if he had known? The thought gave weight to the myth. Maybe, the myth wasn’t a myth, after all. Maybe, what they called a myth was really the telling of what had been, the truth of why they had been safe for all the time of telling through the generations. The sacrifice carried over two generations. Is the sacrifice of one woman too much for securing safety and peace for all the people?She shifted to her knees in the rough-riding wagon as it bounced and jolted over bumps and through holes in the road. Her mind was made before much thought. She piled her long, golden hair on top of her head and pulled the stiffest pieces of straw from the bed of the wagon to pin her hair in place. It wouldn’t hold up too much, but it was the best she could do. Then she held onto the back of the bench in front, kneeling as tall as possible. She felt foolish in the effort. The myth was probably merely myth, yet her mother seemed to believe so strongly. Dragons … dragons have to be myth … right?She closed her eyes, feeling the peace of her decision wash over her, when she felt the wagon leave the road and bounce. She found the wagon moving near a flowing river. The guards dismounted from their horses, tied them to the wagon and pulled Ariana from the wagon by the rope, then was taken off her. One of the guards took notice of the dark mark on her lower neck and drew attention to it to the others. They commented on the peculiar, irregular shape of it, almost like something flying but it meant nothing more to them. They had other interests and it was sharing the naked woman before delivering her to the army camp. They took her to the edge of the flowing water and one by one she was ravaged by them. She was fucked in several positions, each roughly. On her knees, she was penetrated from behind and another penis shoved into her mouth. The only response from her body was protective lubrication but no thrill as she had noticed from wenches. Now, she too was a wench.When one came inside her, she was pulled to the side where a man was lying on the ground. She straddled him, sinking his penis deep into her pussy. Another penis was brought to her face and she obediently took it into her mouth. This was to be her life … unless something else happened. A sacrificial death would be preferred.* * * *High in the peaks of the bordering mountains, ever-watchful eyes had followed the progress of wagon and riders after the warning from the crow. The eyes watched, piercing the great distance with a clarity of sight far better than any hawk. The eyes watched from both sides of the valley, waiting, anticipating, hoping that finally the marked human female would come to them.They watched as the human males mated with the female. They watched as she was used, even abused, in the activities below. They watched for a clear indication, a sign, a view that would tell them if this was the one. How long have they waited? Generations of humans too long. Why had the humans rejected them and brought such suffering to themselves?Then, one saw it. At least, it looked like it in that flash as the female was turned over and put on top of the male. ‘There. I think I saw the mark. This might be the one.’ The voice wasn’t even a voice but a thought that crossed the valley and up and down the mountains to the others also watching.* * * *Two guards had fucked her and she knew the other two would do the same. She hadn’t anticipated something she had never experienced before, though. She was again forced to straddle a guard, his penis sinking into her pussy as she mindlessly, resignedly settled over it. She then felt powerful, rough hands pressing her shoulders down to the man below her. She felt his penis move inside her as she was pressed down until her breasts were flattened against the guard’s chest. She sensed another guard behind her but couldn’t look back as she was pinned by arms, her ass lewdly exposed. It still meant nothing to her until she felt hands on her ass cheeks spreading the cheeks apart and another penis probing between her cheeks. She was confused. She already had penis in her pussy. Then, the awful reality hit her. The penis was pressed against her asshole!“NO!” She squirmed in the grasp of the man below her and the hands of the man behind her but for all her struggle she was a relatively small person compared to the bulky men she was against. She felt the penis at her asshole somehow force it open enough to begin entering her ass. She cried out as she felt a tearing sensation. Worse, she was dry there. With a mighty thrust, the man behind forced his penis head past the tight gripping restriction of the sphincter muscle. Her scream of shock and pain seemed to reverberate across the valley between the two tall mountain ranges.The pain never stopped in her ass. She was being fucked by two penises at the same time in adjoining passages of her body, an act of defilement she would never have imagined. Her degradation, disgrace, and humiliation seemed now complete. It was an act that told her she was nothing but the lowest form of woman to these men. The penises sawed back and forth in her body but, except for the searing pain in her ass, she was numb.When the men came, pumping their semen into two holes that might now be used by others, she felt nothing as the one in her ass pulled out and the other underneath her pushed her to the side, his penis sliding out as she rolled to the side. The men laughed, commenting on the blood mixed with the semen escaping from her ass.The flowing water of the river was nearby. She heard it before her eyes fixed on it. She crawled to it and entered the cold water fed by the melting snow from the mountains. As she lay on her back in the shallow water, she sighed at the cool water washing over her abused holes. She rose to her knees and splashed and rubbed water over her still aching asshole. She saw some blood mixed with the water as it dripped and flowed away from her. It quickly seemed to stop, though. The water felt good and she wished to stay there even though the temperature of it made her body shiver, quickly becoming covered by goosebumps. She glanced at the men and turned away, not wanting them to wrongly think her erect nipples might indicate arousal. She saw the men already dressing and assembling the swords and daggers that hung from their belts. She knew she would be called out of the water soon but she relished each moment the water gave her soothing relief.Anticipating being called out of the water at any minute, she lowered her hips back into the water and closed her raised eyes as she again felt the coolness relieve the pain in her ass. The sun beating down from directly above against her closed eyes, she thought something caused a shadow pass over her and her bare body felt a swoosh of air, the water lapping against her thighs in the wrong direction from the current. A sudden scream from a man followed by shouts and urgent calls for help followed by more screams seeming to surround her with shadows passing rapidly over her causing her to drop her body into the shallow water. But as she lay crouched in the shallow water now fearing whatever caused the screams and cries more than the guards themselves, the only sounds she was aware of was the gentle motion of the water and the movement of leaving in the trees nearby from the breeze. It seemed utterly quiet, quieter than she had remembered it before. There were no birds calling and singing, no sounds from the horses tied by the road. Nothing but quiet.She peeked to the shore where the guards had been gathering their belongings and where the wagon and horses were tied. Nothing. The guards were gone, the horses were gone. As she rose higher on her knees, she saw the wagon bouncing and jolting across the valley away from the road, pulled by the horse in a panicked flight. She looked up toward the mountains to see dark shapes … large birds? … with something hanging in their feet below them. Her mind still not making a connection. When she heard the powerful beating of wings nearby, though, she looked up into the bright sun which became completely blocked by a massive shape with wide spread wings beating against the air to slow its approach. When it settled softly in the shallow water directly in front of her, her mind was slow to acknowledge what had just happened.She turned her head to gaze toward the mountains across the valley and the retreating figures in the air. Then, she turned her gaze back to the image in front of her. Her mind slowly adjusted to the change of events and the new reality of her condition. A dragon. A large, gray scaled dragon stood in front of her, its wings now folded against its body, its long neck and massive head stretching out toward her, its powerful legs and fearsome claws, its long tail slowly waving behind it. The shapes in the air retreating were dragons … carrying the guards away … away from her. Dragons. Dragons exist. They really exist. The myths are true. So, wasn’t she afraid? Shouldn’t she be afraid? But her mother told her to believe, that she was the only one who might still save the people if she believed.This was her destiny … for the people … to be sacrificed for the people. She slowly stood on shaky legs before the dragon. “I am ready to be sacrificed,” she announced. She noted the dragon’s head turn to the side like she might have seen from a curious dog. It inspected her up and down. She stood naked before it but proudly with her mind accepting her fate in the belief that what she was doing was for the good of the people as her mother had explained. The dragon, though, splashed in the water as it moved around her, its head only a few feet from her body. When behind her, it snorted a powerful blast of air against her back causing her long hair to fly up. She flinched at the sudden sound of it loudly trumpeting, a sound that bounced from one mountain range back to the other until it seemed to fill the valley with the sound. In a moment, four additional dragons, all similar in their gray coloring and size were circling above her, their powerful wings moving the air around her.What was happening? Did they return to join in feasting on her body? They remained in the air, though. They were watching her but also watching around them, as if providing protection. The dragon in the water with her lowered its head to the water surface but not directly at her as if to bite but alongside her so its neck was near her. It wanted her to get on? It wasn’t going to eat her? Maybe the sacrifice had to be accomplished somewhere else.Her nudity no longer held any consideration to her. Yes, perhaps it normally should since she was in the countryside but she was, after all, with a dragon. Dragons, actually. Could anything possibly be considered normal in such circumstances?Nervous, but resigned to whatever fate awaited her, she climbed onto the dragon’s lower neck and slid back to it body forward of the wings. She found it surprisingly easy to hold on. It jumped mightily into the air and its wings beat powerfully. She was both shocked and in awe. It rose powerfully into the air and she soon found herself looking down at a receding image of where she had so recently been abused by the guards for their simple pleasure. She looked back up in the direction of the rising dragon to see it was aimed for the center of the other four circling above. As she passed through the others, she looked back to see them pull out of their circling and take new positions. One moved to the front, one behind, with the other two on either side. She saw them glance over to her and, if she could believe her eyes, it seemed they had smiled at her. This no longer felt like she was being taken to her death but as if she were being protected as she was being delivered safely.Ariana had spent her life trapped in the castle. She had very infrequently even stepped outside and never outside the courtyard. Seeing the land her ancestors had once governed filled her with both wonder and sorrow. The land was so beautiful as it seemed nestled between the protective mountain ranges. She saw the farms with crops and a****ls, the fishing in the river, and the small towns and villages. But she was filled with sorrow and despair, also, at seeing how the King had taken from the people. Despite their hard work on the land their homes and land suffered visibly from the care and upkeep they could no longer afford after paying the King’s taxes, which she heard cut into half of what they produced.She soon found the mountains rising below her until she felt the dragon gliding, no longer trying to rise any further. She craned her neck to see beyond the massive head in front of her and found a large, level ledge before what appeared to be a series of massive caves. The dragons tilted their wings and slowed their approach and when they touched down it was smooth.Again, the dragon dipped its head and neck. Ariana slid forward and off the b**st. “Pull your hair away and show us.” The voice came from no place in particular. She looked around. Dragons were coming out of the caves and landing nearby. All seemed curious. “Princess, pull your hair away and show us.”The second time was when it hit her. She couldn’t tell where the voice came from because it wasn’t a voice. She heard it in her head. None the less, she obeyed. She pulled her long, golden colored hair to the front. It served to cover one breast but also exposed her neck. She held it that way as she slowly walked in a tight circle inside the crowd of dragons while others circled in the air above them. She saw dragons on perches on the mountain as the ledge was already too crowded. She saw gray colored and brown colored dragons. There were maybe dozens. The browns were slightly smaller than the grays. She thought the grays were large but they suddenly parted from the mouth of the largest cave and a huge dragon immerged. It was a tarnish gold color and there was something about it that indicated great age.“You are the Princess! But you are almost too late.” Neither its mouth or lips moved as the words were ‘heard’ in her head. “You were taken from those human males. They were abusing you?” She was stunned by everything happening, her rescue, that dragons exist, standing in the midst of them, the voice … all she could do was nod her head in reply. “Are you here willingly, though? Are you ready?”She gathered up all the strength and resolve she could muster. This was the moment. For the people, as her mother encouraged her. “Yes. I am ready for the sacrifice.”His laugh was booming and surprised her. “Sacrifice? You think you come here to be sacrificed? That’s why Princesses stopped coming?” He lowered his head to a foot from hers. “You humans can be so arrogant, so conceited. You think you know better than traditions of hundreds of years that held this region together in peace and prosperity when everything surrounding it might be in conflict and hardship.” He straightened to his full height. He towered over her. “Why do you come now?”She was truly intimidated. He had a low opinion of humans, yet they, the humans down in the valley, needed their support, needed to return to the old ways. She decided her only and best option was complete honesty. She was shamed by the actions of her ancestors but, if she was the Princess as they believed, she must take on that shame as her own. She explained what her mother had told her over time and at the end. She told about her great-grandmother’s decision. She told about the army that invaded, the King that took control and subjugated the people. She told, regretfully, how she only just recently learned of all this, learned of the mark on her neck, learned of its meaning, and was told of her destiny. She hoped it wasn’t too late to make amends for the terrible decisions her ancestors had made.The old dragon considered her. The others stood still. Clearly, they all deferred to this one dragon. He turned back to the cave but spoke over his shoulder, “We will see if you are ready, if you are truly willing to serve your people … and us. Come.”Serve us. It said ‘serve your people and us’. She followed behind the giant dragon while very wary of the twitching tail she was sure could flip her dozens of feet with ease. She was overwhelmed but encouraged at the same time. The stories her mother told and reinforced as they parted were true but had elements very wrong. The Princesses all left and were never seen, again. It came to be assumed they were being sacrificed to the dragons for protection. But there was no ‘sacrifice’, not in the death way of thinking, anyway. There was something else. There was something that involved serving the dragons that in turn served the people.The cave was indeed massive. The entrance was large, obviously enough for this largest of dragons to easily walk into. But the interior opened into a cathedral like chamber that towered up and opened into a wide space. A separate passage led further into the mountain and Ariana followed the great, old golden into that passage. Soon, it stopped at a ledge. Ariana cautious stepped up alongside it and peered over the ledge. About 20 feet below was a chamber with a floor of sand. This chamber was very warm, heat radiating up from below. She looked up and found narrow shafts in the ceiling where most of the heat seemed to dissipate. Below, walking in a circle around the outer rim of the chamber, was a brown dragon that appeared to be very swollen.The great dragon sat and began explaining the real story of the dragons, the humans of the valley, and the Princesses over their long, shared history. A long history broken by Ariana’s great-grandmother. Not even the dragons with their long, shared memory knew how the amazing relationship was formed. Or, why. They believed this was one of the last strongholds of dragons remaining. They were, are, hunted by monster hunters everywhere else. This was their last refuge and they thought this one was lost, too. If Ariana was indeed committed to rebuilding the alliance between them, there could be hope for both the dragons and the people of the valley.The brown circling below was a female. All browns are female. It is swollen because it is due to lay its eggs. The few browns remaining are expected to lay only a couple eggs each. The warm chamber with deep sand is their incubation room. Barring intercession by a Princess, all dragons hatched are gray or brown. The grays are hunters for the pride. He was quiet for a long moment as if considering if he dared believe in Ariana’s intentions for a shared future. Finally, he continued. Only a committed Princess, a human female marked by some ethereal realm of destiny, might have influence over the clutch of eggs.It all seems surreal to Ariana. This is nothing like the sacrifice she was led to believe it was. Over the next days, she continues to receive a crash course in what is about to happen. Dragon roles are established by their color. The browns are females, give birth and attend to the young communally. The young have an amazingly fast cycle to maturity of one year. At that time, the browns could begin the cycle of birthing, if the conditions were right. The grays are hunters who have the primary responsibility of finding and bringing food back to the browns and young. The silvers, of which there were none presently, where the only fire-breathers for warring needs. Then, the gold. The Gold was the leader of them all. There was only one gold who was matched to any one Princess. It was rare for a gold to live as long as this one had and why it was almost too late. Only the old Gold can teach the new Princess what it is she must do to continue the cycle.Ariana was having trouble with all this sinking in and accepting it all. It seemed that the Gold was the only one to be able to communicate with the human. But once the commitment was complete between the new Princess and new Gold, she would gain the ability to communicate with all the dragons. She asked why. She was told, because she then would be in leadership of all the dragons alongside the new Gold, her mate. That was the connection, then. That was the connection between the dragons and the people. The Princess could wield influence to help the people in times of need. The people never again saw the young woman who became Princess once she left. They misunderstood what happened.There was one word in all that that she didn’t focus on, though. Mate.Ariana not only spent her time with the old Gold to learn everything she could, she also put it into practice. She spent the rest of her time in the incubation chamber with the browns. They seemed to be in physical distress and the circling in the warm was indicative of that. Ariana began walking beside them, touching their bellies. Finally, one stopped and allowed her to stroke and massage her distended belly and soon the others allowed the same. She heard movement above on the ledge and found the old Gold. Again, it seemed weird, but it seemed like he was smiling.If this was intended to be her destiny, it would be what she would do and do it with her entire dedication. The dragons brought her food, though she had to cook the raw meat chunk presented to her. Thus, her time with the dragons passed and she found herself in peace and serene. Though she was free to go anywhere and periodically even took flight with one of the grays along the mountain range, she mostly spent her time with the browns. Her nudity, once a source of anxiety, humiliation, and shame, was now merely a matter of course. The dragons were also attentive of her. She loved sitting on a ledge overlooking the valley below, especially at night. The night sky was filled with stars on moonless nights and the valley where her people lived looked peaceful and serene, though she knew it wasn’t for them. She was surprised by the presentation of a blanket by one of the dragons as she shivered one night. Blankets had no purpose for the dragons so she knew it was something they had sought just for her. But except for the chill of the night high in the mountains, she was content to remain naked and part of nature in a natural way.When the eggs are finally being laid in the sand, Ariana was surprised to see the browns simply leave, but she ‘hears’ a monologue about the eggs, their development, and hatching. A glance above her to the ledge reveals the old Gold dragon. It is clear his remaining time is ebbing quickly and he spends less time trying to sit regally and more time lying with his massive head overhanging the ledge to pass on his wisdom and üsküdar escort advice. The eggs contain all the nourishment they require. The sands are heated by thermal ducts from deep in the mountain that keep the eggs warm. The eggs will produce grays or browns naturally. A gold will be produced only by the presence of a Princess. The strength of the gold and any silvers are entirely up to the commitment the Princess evokes from her heart. The true intentions of her heart and soul at the proper moment of development arouses the metamorphosis into the dragon types needed.During the week of her arrival, Ariana has searched her soul and heart. Was she doing this because her mother insisted she had to? Was she doing this so she could be the one to save her people from the retched King? Or … as she came to see within herself … did she want to achieve a balance in the natural order in the valley for both her people and the dragons? She had learned the truth of dragons and humans. Dragons were once plentiful in the world. They coexisted and cooperated with each other. In time, though, as happened in recent generations in the valley, human arrogance drove away cooperation and coexistence. Humans wanted dominance as they evolved with new inventions and desire of power and wealth. Dragons were driven away from every corner and retreat by turning the impression of dragons into monsters to be slain. Soon, there were human hunters, brave and courageous men who made a living by seeking and killing the dragons for kings and rulers. Her valley had become an isolated sanctuary where human and dragon still coexisted to the betterment of both. Her great-grandmother had ended that. Now, she understood, was the opportunity to right that misguided wrong, not just because of the invader King, not just for the dragons, but to return the natural harmony of coexistence.As a result, she spent long hours stroking and massaging each of the eggs laid, pulling the warming sands up tight around them. She became oblivious to all else and often needed to be pressed out of the chamber by a brown in order to sleep, eat, and drink. And all the while, she heard the instruction of the old Gold dragon in her head and she understood everything. And none of it scared her, any longer. The word she had easily avoided earlier was now a part of her understanding and expectation. Mate. It was through mating with the new Gold that balance would be achieved. The instruction from the old Gold was unflinching, uncompromised. Mating a dragon seemed impossible. The heart and intention of the Princess was again the decider. After the mating of a new Gold with a Princess, the dragons would serve as protectors. That would be true if the Princess died by the ordeal or suffered greatly never to repeat the action. The pure Princesses dating back many generations, though, achieved harmony with her mate and true harmony existed between humans and dragons. In those cases, the will of the Princess was equal to the will of the new Gold.Dragons came to the ledge in groups, alternating position to watch as Ariana moved from egg to egg, loving and attending to each in turn. They saw the metamorphosis before she recognized the change. Seven eggs had been laid by the browns. The shell colors transformed into a mottled Gold and the others silver. A chorus of wonder and exultation rose from the ledge through the groups. The entire clutch of eggs was special.When they began hatching, Ariana was the first to greet them. She cleaned them of fragments, then watched as the browns licked them clean as they took immediate first steps. She had been startled to learn that new born dragons walk within minutes, are fed solid food in mere weeks, and reach maturity in only a year. They hatch nearly as tall as she. She watched their first steps taken to a brown, it didn’t seem to matter which, to begin nursing. The first to hatch were the silvers, she didn’t know if that meant anything. Their bodies nearly glistened in the light as the silver scales of their body shone. The audience above on the ledge were as hushed by the sight of them as she was.When the now shiny golden egg began shaking and cracking, though, Ariana found herself somehow standing beside it, her hands lightly caressing the surface and crack lines. As the shell broke loose and the young gold emerged, she gasped, a gasp that was joined immediately by others above and around her. She hadn’t realized her breath had been held in anticipation. The young golden dragon shined like highly polished, newly minted gold. She was overwhelmed emotionally. It was a feeling she couldn’t have anticipated or prepared for. There was something special, a connection that immediately was felt and known by her and it. There was something more. A physical connection to the event that she didn’t even notice until the young dragon took action. His first steps were not toward a brown … but to her. She watched it take tentative steps to her, then was stunned to see how her body was reacting … drops of milk had formed on her nipples and the young Gold brought its lips to her breast and began suckling.Audible sounds filled the chamber and she ‘heard’ the old Gold, “Never has this happened. Never has a clutch been all silver with the gold. You are special, Princess, you can achieve anything.”After that, everything changed for her with the dragons but there lingered a powerful sense of anticipation. There was an undercurrent of suspense among the dragons as the days, weeks, and months passed. The kind of suspense that is felt when you are sure a wonderful thing is going to happen but until it actually does it is too much to accept fully. Ariana spent almost all her time with the young dragons but specifically with the young Gold. They grew with amazing speed and after only a few months were towering over her. A few more months and they took their first tentative flight off the main ledge like a small bird dropping out of the nest. Ariana would stand on the edge of the drop-off initially very anxious as they practiced their flight. Soon, though, she was in awe of the magnificence of the sight. Seven unbelievable creatures as they rose, dove, and glided with silver and gold gleaming in the bright sun. The old Gold continued the education but the young Gold was as much the student as was Ariana. It was obvious to all that the old Gold was weak and declining quickly as if the very act of instructing sapped the little strength remaining within him but it was imperative that the young Gold learn and the most important lesson was how to tap the consolidated knowledge and wisdom ancestrally passed down from Gold to Gold to protect and guide the others.As for Ariana, all she had done and shone the dragons of her commitment as the chosen one, the Princess, still hinged on completing that singular act with the mature Gold to bind them with her people. The act weighed on her over the entire time. From the initial moment of understanding the ‘act’, it produced a sense of revulsion (with a dragon?), to more curiosity as she watched the young Gold grow, to a feeling of eagerness and desire the more time they shared as they both understood their learning from the old Gold was leading to a life together that might be bound only by themselves. As the young Gold entered his last month of maturing, they acted like teenagers not sure what to do with the feelings rising up between them. As the last weeks and days passed, their attention to lessons waned, their actions drew bemused glances and smiles from the other dragons, and Ariana found herself looking to the time with increased anxiousness. It was no longer lost on Ariana that she was naked. She remembered the time of being used and abused by the King and his advisers. She remembered her inability to feel anything that might approach the wonderfulness of what she was told it could be like. But her body was telling her differently now. She frequently blushed around the young Gold when she found him gazing on her. She felt her body reacting to his attention, her nipples hardening, her body shivering with new excitement, her pussy flooding with lubrication. And her eyes, her own attention on him, shifted, too. She found herself more and more curious about his body. The shiny gold of his protective scales, his wings, and massive strength held her initial attention, but she was finally interested in his softer underbelly. She found her hands stroking and exploring, especially when they were separated from others. His underbelly was softer, without the heavy scales, much like a fish. She was rewarded by his tongue flicking over her breasts and nipples and they both seemed to go back in memory to the times when he suckled at her breasts.Their mutual curiosity and increasing excitement reminder Ariana of hushed talk from young women around the castle of courtship and pending marriages. The excitement the women felt about finally ‘being with’ their man. She was feeling that way now.Of course, those feelings growing between them also gave her insight into what lay in store for her … and it was intimidating. Their willingness to show their arousal with each other gave Ariana her glimpse. His penis might slip out of the sheath, suddenly dropping as a horse’s. On occasion, if her hands played over his belly too long, it might even become hard. She had often heard the term ‘cock’ and the King and his men would frequently use the term regarding their penises. But they didn’t have cocks, her Gold did, though. It was huge. The length of her arm or more if there might still be more inside if fully aroused. It was 2 inches at the tip but increased along the length. How much could a human female take, she wondered. The wondering changed from intimidation, though, to anticipation and desire for discovery.The old Gold confided in Ariana about the mating. It had started eons ago as a supreme act of bonding the two species. In some cases, it was a sacrifice. His belief was that those Princess’ feared it and their bodies couldn’t adjust. Most others felt degraded by the act, perhaps. They remained with the dragons and never ventured back to the people from shame. The dragons protected the people but it has been a long time since a true harmony between the two was achieved through the Princess. Ariana understood he was preparing her, allowing her to feel intimidated, feel fear, feel resigned to the task as most before her had felt. That wasn’t how she felt, though. She couldn’t explain it to herself much less to anyone else. Could she feel the same way about doing this with a dog or horse or another a****l? She couldn’t imagine it. Her Gold was different, though. He wasn’t an a****l, he wasn’t a thing … he was hers, her golden partner, her mate. She felt it deep inside her more powerfully than she had ever felt anything. The past year had led her to this coming moment. It had overshadowed her desire, her devotion to helping her people. But she also understood this coming moment was also the means to helping her people by renewing and strengthening the bond and purpose between the two species.When the moment finally arrived, it could have had a feeling of bizarre, if Ariana wasn’t so excited. The dragons were gathered not on the ledges of the mountain side but at a high alpine meadow and lake. Perpetual snow clung to the tops of nearby peaks and the lake formed by the waters from the melting snows shimmered in the sun. The meadow was covered in new flower growth as if it were a multicolored carpet laid out just for the occasion. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and excitement. It reminded Ariana of something like a prince and princess being wedded for ascension to the throne, a fairy-tale event she heard of but never saw. That’s what this was, though, and it overwhelmed her. She, the Princess, was about to ascend to lead with her golden prince who would take leadership over the dragons.There was a touch of sadness along with the joyfulness. The old Gold had finally but peacefully succumbed to his extreme age. But that void left behind seemed to only increase the joyful expectancy of the moment with the new Gold. It was a simple ceremony, if it might be called that. Ariana fashioned wild flowers into her long streaming hair that lengthened impossibly in the past year and now hung well past her butt. The cool alpine breeze caused her hair to rise and fall, trailing behind her almost as if trying to duplicate the swaying tail of her Gold as they walked side by side between the parallel lines of trumpeting dragons. At the end of the line, the six silver dragons filled the air alongside them with their magnificent fire. Ariana and her Gold stood before the others quietly, their minds filled with images of the past and promises of the future. It was one of those scenes where the future is looked at with all the glorious opportunities possible but in this case, it somehow seemed truer than merely good wishes and hopefulness. She had the sense it was from her Gold, but perhaps it was a lingering message from the ancient one.Ariana stood transfixed by the emotions of the moment finally coming to fruition after all the preparation and anticipation. And the emotions soared deeper and higher when her Gold, who towered above her more than any of the others, bent low to put his massive head in front of hers. She reached out with her hands, their foreheads coming together. The other dragons were utterly silent. For that moment, they could have been alone in the mountain meadow, the breeze rolling over the peaks rustling the leaves in the trees, the sounds of birds singing back and forth.Then, it was broken. One trumpeting voice sounded, then the rest joined in to fill the air with their own song, the wild noise crashing into the walls of the alpine bowl and resonating back in a crazy mix that seemed to vibrate the air around them. He pulled back his head from hers and she again saw that funny smile and she was convinced that’s what it was. He then shifted his weight to one leg, wrapped the other around her, and leapt into the air, his mighty wings beating the thinner air, seeming to gain height with ease. Always before she had been on his back as they soared together. This time, held gently, but securely, to his chest, she felt the pumping of his heart, the intake of air into his lungs, the flexing of his muscles. But they were up for only moments before gracefully landing again amid the others. It was as if this was their walking down the aisle hand in hand to the reception.The dragons leaned in to touch foreheads with the Gold, their new leader. Then, each lowered their head to Ariana. The line was led by the browns, perhaps because none knew for certainty which might have laid the egg resulting in their new Gold. It was amusing to Ariana. Unlike the human society she knew, these dragons held their females in positions of honor.When the procession of honoring came to an end, the group parted and Ariana saw what her eyes had not registered before. Near the lake was a boulder surrounded and covered with masses of wild flowers ripped from the ground and piled. This she wasn’t prepare for … the act, the representation of ultimate commitment, wasn’t private.A blush washed over Ariana’s body. Maybe she shouldn’t be surprised. There has been little that seemed private since she has been among them. They even ‘speak’ in group-speak mentally with private conversations possible with much effort through dedicated focus. So, why wouldn’t this act that represented so much for them and their dedication to the humans be a part of the communal celebration? Why wouldn’t it be a joyful celebration? Like the public kiss at the end of a marriage … only much more.Ariana turned to her Gold and raised her hands. He lowered his head to fill her hands. “I am yours, my Gold master.”He thought back, “And I am yours, my golden-haired mistress.”A soft murmuring filled her head. She knew it was from the dragons surrounding them and smiled. Little is private. Even not being private, though, this moment was filled with only anticipation and excitement. There was none of the regret, distaste, humiliation, or degradation she had felt with the King and his men. She was both calm and excited. She was filled with a sense of peace with this but also the wildest arousal she ever felt. She turned and walked to the flower-strewn boulder with purpose in her steps. She had been fucked by men repeated against her will and her body had never once responded. Now, she was to be mated by a monstrous dragon and her body was already responding in anticipation. Her nipples were hard like pebbles; her pussy was leaking with her lubrication; her body shivered with excitement. The monstrous dragon was her mate, though, not a monster at all. He had brought out feeling from her she never expected to feel. She had felt committed to being the Princess before, but once this Gold had suckled at her leaking breast, taking her miraculous milk of nourishment from her body, she’d known with her body, heart, and soul this was what she was intended for. Not a sacrifice, at all, but a wonderous bonding of their species.Reaching the boulder quickly, she turned to the trailing Gold. Her eyes flicked self-consciously to the other dragons who had stayed back but were intently watching. She found herself pleased to find his massive cock had dropped from its sheath as he approached her. Not only was she excited but he was as well. She moved up to him, stepping underneath his body easily. As she grasped his cock and lifted it, he rose upright, a rumbling groan rising from his chest above her head and escaping his opened mouth. She held his long cock in her stroking hands. She had secretly glimpsed it before as their intimacy grew between them but remained restrained for this moment to arrive. She had initially panicked that it might kill or permanently injure her. But her body’s immediate reaction told her it would adjust … it would find its own way … and she had accepted that.Now was the time. Images flashed in her mind. She didn’t know if they were transmitted to the others or not. The images were of other penises being forced on her … small penises. She had regretted having to hold them, to touch them, to use her mouth on them. It had been degrading. She marveled at this one, though. This monster of a cock in her hands filled her with lust; filled her with need; filled her with a powerful desire to please the one whose cock it was. The Gold was her mate, the only one she would love and his cock would be the only one she would ever again desire to have, to please, to have please her.All the dragons were hushed. It seemed eerie that such massive creatures could be so quiet. Perhaps her musings had been transmitted. She blushed at the thought of such intimate thoughts about her Gold being so openly shared. But it also somehow seemed appropriate. The old Gold had said she could achieve anything and she was intent on fulfilling that.During her musing, her hands had not stopped stroking his cock for the length her arms could reach which was not far enough to cover its entirety. Her lips and mouth had u*********sly found the tip of it and his cock was hard in her hands, the tip seeping precum into her mouth. Her tongue licked the tip and savored the taste of his precum. It was maybe a little different than men before. And, maybe not. She only really knew that her reaction to it was very different. She found herself greedily sucking at the tip to taste more of it and she wondered what it would be like to take his cum into her mouth. A soft giggle escaped from around the cock at the thought and knew she would indeed find out sometime. She immediately, now grasping and loving his cock, imagined all sorts of ways to worship his cock and to bring pleasure to him and it. The reality that she lived among them naked now took on an exciting element for her.With a final kiss to the tip, she turned and leaned against the boulder and looked up to him, his head turned down watching her. He approached, dipped his body lower and she felt his cock against her bare back. He adjusted his hips and bent his legs further. She felt his cock sliding down her back until the tip dropped off her butt between her legs. She reached down between her legs and found the narrower tip to guide it to her gushing pussy. She pressed back against it, moving her own hips around it until she felt it touching her opening and she pressed back against it. She groaned as the tip spread her opening with resistance. This was the smallest part of his cock. She knew a human female’s body wasn’t meant for this but she believed her body was … somehow … someway. Ariana gasped out her commitment and desire, “I want … want to restore … order as it was … meant to be. I … want … you and … and this.” She breathed deeply in through her nose and smoothly released it through her lips, calming herself and releasing tension with the breath. She pressed back against him, against his cock. Her pussy opened and accepted him into her … finally, wonderfully, gloriously into her body. She cried out at the thick penetration but her body was well lubricated by anticipation and hungry for more by excitement. Excitement of finally having him, mated to him; excitement of this mating before the entire group of dragons; and, excitement of rightfully fulfilling her destiny.His cock penetrated inches into her stretched pussy. She felt full even though it was mere inches. He sensed her need to control this for the moment and dutifully allowed his human mate to determine the progress. He ached, however. The most astounding, amazing form of ache. He was inside her. His cock felt squeezed, enveloped, cloaked by the warm, moist tissue of her body.She couldn’t imagine a more staggering experience. And she knew he was barely inside her … relatively to his size. She pushed back, again. Inches more entered and inches more spread her opening. She pulled back and thrust her ass against him. It felt like a foot of his cock plunged into her and she cried out, again. He had amazing control, allowing her to dictate this initial mating. In the middle of another gasp and moan, she giggled. She giggled at the realization that this was not a one-time thing. A single mating may well be the event that sealed the cooperation of the two species and may have been the prevailing expectation of the Princess … but not for her. After all the abuse and humiliation she had endured, this seemingly abusive experience was anything but.“Fuck me, my love … seal me as your mate … now and forever. Flood my body with your seed and make me yours.” She had never expressed thoughts such as those ever … the act had never been connected to such emotion.He pulled most of his cock from her gripping pussy and paused. She sucked in a breath and u*********sly held it in euphoric anticipation. He plunged it back into her and her body responded as it never had. It was shocking … surprising … amazing and powerful. Her body tensed and shivered at the same time as he pulled back and thrust back in. Every nerve in her pussy seemed to ignite at the same moment sending impulses radiating from her pussy to her legs, her abdomen, and up through her body. Her clitoris throbbed and was pressed against the roughness of the boulder. Her nipples throbbed and tingled on her bouncing breasts as she supported herself on her elbows and forearms. Her scalp tingled while her eyes were open but unseeing, her mouth gaping but silent, her lungs filled but not releasing. Her body seemed on the verge of exploding into separate pieces … but didn’t.Her body spasmed but it was felt most of all at her pussy. His cock already tightly filling it, her pussy clenched around the massive cock bringing moans and gasps from deep in the Gold’s throat. He held himself deep inside her as she quaked underneath him and she finally released the held breath in a scream that echoed off the surrounding mountain sides of the alpine bowl. The scream, though, immediately demanded, pleaded, enticed him to continue, to give her more, to fill her deeper … to seed her.Her orgasm, her first, was overwhelming in intensity but he hadn’t. She was already gasping and fatigued. He continued to plow into her and she regained her speech, both verbally and mentally. She encouraged him and he responded with ever more powerful thrusts into her pussy. He had been ramming his cock into the top of her pussy on each stroke since early in the fucking and each stroke continued to. What neither recognized at the time was each stroke expanded not only her opening as the cock pressing into her expanded in size but also in depth. Somehow, someway, her pussy expanded in depth, her body shifting inside, her pussy walls stretching, her vaginal cavity extending. And, all the while, her pussy muscled clenched around his cock as it slid in and out, her pussy like a tight sleeve around it.She didn’t understand her body’s reaction but her mind was losing ability to consider anything. She was orgasming, again. Her body reacting as strongly as before. She lost the ability to hold herself from the boulder surface and collapsed against it. His thrusts pressed her skin into the surface but she didn’t notice. All she felt was the massive nerve eruptions throughout her body, her muscles weakening her, her mind fogging. Each thrust into her elicited a groan, gasp, or moan. She was beyond thought or muscle control. Each thrust reignited an orgasmic explosion. Her pussy washed his cock inside and out. It felt like her fluids flowed from her tightly filled pussy, down his cock and down her thighs. Time after time, thrust after thrust, her body and mind quaked in orgasm after orgasm.She felt him thrust harder, stronger, faster. She felt him press deep and pause. Her numb mind cycled through other times, less wonderful times, when men did the same thing before sending their seed into her. This time, though, her mind and body recovered in recognition enough for her to add her own thrust back into him, to join her own effort with his. When he came, when he shot his seed into her pussy, she could swear it moved her body up it is was so powerful and filling. He came shot after shot and each time she cried out in joy … joy of sharing, joy of fulfillment, and joy of consummation. Mated. She was his. He was hers.His seed brought one final orgasm to her that closed the fog in her brain. The dark edges of her consciousness closed in until she was limp on his leaking and slowly softening cock deep inside her body.She came back to consciousness confused but strangely secure. She found herself lying on top of her Gold, a clawed foot holding her to his chest with his wings folded over. It was dark but the feel and sound of his heart pulsing under her head and body assured her of her safety, what had happened, and who she now was. She was the mate of the Gold, the leader of the dragons. With her stirring, his wings unfolded and his foot released her. She sat up and glanced around. They were still in the alpine meadow. The other dragons were still surrounding them, only much closer now. Her awakening released wild and thunderous trumpeting from the entire group, their heads thrown back as if to send the sounds of jubilation directly to the heavens.She shifted and moved over his chest to hug his head before standing tuzla escort on wobbly legs. As the Gold stood alongside her, the other dragons all dipped their heads to the ground. She slowly turned in a circle in wonder at the sight.“What’s happening? Why are they …?”“They show respect. They, we, are yours now. You are ours.”She turned from them to him. She reached up and grasped his head, their eyes locking. “I am definitely yours.” Her eyes moved to look down his body to his pelvis. Her eyes shifted back and forth from his eyes to his pelvis. His cock slipped out of the sheath, only a foot or so, but he was responding to her thoughts and she recognized the need to somehow hold some thoughts private. Was that possible? His thought returned to her that it was and he would teach her.“But we’re done. We have mated and it never has to happen …”She put her hand over his mouth even though the strength of the sound was mental, not audible. “No … not has to … but want to. I want you. I want all of you. Don’t you understand? This isn’t just a ritual to me, any longer. This is real. Being yours is who and what I am.” She was quiet for a moment, then absently uttered, “I wish I had a length of rope …”Suddenly, a gray took flight and startled her. She looked to her Gold. He gave that funny smile. “That show of respect before … you are one of us.” In moments, the beating of wings brought her attention to the gray returning over the tree shrouded ridge, a length of rope trailing below it. She looked back at him puzzled. Where do they find a rope? A rumbling chuckled came from deep in his chest, “Grays will hunt more than food sometimes in their curiosity of human things.”The gray swooped low and released the trailing rope. The rope dropped right over them. Ariana took protection under the neck of the Gold and the rope ended d****d over his neck. She looked and laughed, “Perfect.” He began to shake it off and she stopped him. “You are able to fly with me on your back. You are able to fly with me … uhmmmm … with me under you …?”There was suppressed noise from the other dragons. The Gold asked, “You are serious, my mate?”Ariana wore a huge smile. What couldn’t be seen was how her body was reacting, how serious her body was for more of him and his cock, how serious she was to be his mate to the extreme. As he stood somewhat perplexed, she arranged the rope by flicking it to drop down the other side until she could reach both ends. Then she pulled the rope down his neck and upper body until it was at the front of his wings. She only had a mental image of what she wanted to accomplish and it seemed crazy but exciting. If she could manage to get into position on the ground, she thought it would work in the air. Could there be a greater demonstration of her commitment and dedication? A greater demonstration of her surrendering of herself to him and them and her trust?She turned and walked deliberately back to the boulder where she climbed up and lay back, her legs spread wide in open invitation. She was still leaking his cum and her pussy was gaping wide as her legs spread. She knew he might have changed her forever but it didn’t matter to her. She had no intention of ever wanting to be with a man. He understood her intention but still gazed at her in question. She nodded insistently. He returned that funny smile and was now curious how she might manage this. He could carry her, there was no question in his mind about that, but could she securely hold on?As he moved over her inviting body, she reached down with both hands and guided his stiff cock back into her pussy. He pressed into her immediately, a solid foot of his cock in her pussy. She groaned loudly. She was amazed. She wondered just how much of his cock had been inside her before … the first time … if this penetration took a foot of his length. She felt stuffed, her pussy stretched and filled deeply. But she knew now she had taken much more. She shifted, the cock moving inside her. She encouraged him for more and he thrust his hips sinking another half foot inside. She gasped and groaned, her head falling back onto the rock surface, her mouth gaping open but her breath held in her lungs as he thrust another time. She felt the tip of his cock hit deep inside her and she gasped, yet again.It took her a moment to gather herself. She was already so near another orgasm just from the penetration. She rested, gasping, focusing on her breathing … in through the nose, out through the mouth … gathering her wits to determine if this might actually work or … if she just allowed him to fuck her brains out like this.She put her hands on his chest. He stopped moving both above her and inside her. It was hard to even think. The massive cock inside her, stretching her wide and deep. She pushed against his chest and he sensed her intention by easing back a few inches, relieving some of the overwhelming feeling of fullness and stimulation. She rested her head back, again. She breathed. She didn’t know how many times she had orgasmed the first time with him. Her first orgasm after a couple years of being used and abused by men and their puny penises … puny to her now, anyway. She looked up and he was craning his neck to gaze down at her. She smiled up at him. Just his breathing caused his massive, wonderful, amazing cock to twitch and move slightly inside her tightly filled pussy. And, every slight movement of his cock inside her sent startling impulses through her body. She felt his cock twitch inside her but he hadn’t moved. She hadn’t felt his body shift as her hands were pressed against his chest and she realized by the look of mischief on his face that he was doing it with just his cock muscles. Teasing her playfully. She gasped anew at the movement, small but powerful inside her as full as she was.She responded by strongly punching his chest, an action that was no more than a playful slap to him. He chuckled and that caused more movement and she gasped. He finally settled down and behaved. And when he did, she quickly gathered herself, took one end of the rope in her right hand and wrapped in around her wrist and hand, grasping it tightly. He lowered his chest to her and she repeated the action with her left while pressed between his chest and the rock.Now, to see if it would work. “Stand up slowly.”He rose with a bit of jerking motion, his balance thrown off by her weight underneath him. The combination of movements brought more loud moans from her. When he jerked to move his body up, it resulted in jamming his cock deeper into her. As he stood, gravity did the rest. Her already stretched and excessively lubricated pussy sank over his rigid cock until the top of her pussy was resting on the tip of his cock. The pressure inside her was constant and took her breath away. Her body quaked as another orgasm rocketed through her.It was several moments before her body quieted enough for her to resume this crazy idea. She moved her feet along his body seeking purchase against some part of him that might allow the use of her legs to control … just a little … the depth of his cock in her pussy. Her feet found the joint of his hip and she pressed giving her a bit of relief from the constant pressure into the top of her pussy. That also helped settle her body and instead of the pressure on the top of her pussy she could feel every inch of his cock, every ridge of it, every twitch and throb as her pussy clenched with each spasm of her body.“Are you sure?”“Yes, my Gold … take me to heaven.” She doubted the concept of ‘heaven’ or religion would have much relevance to the dragons. After her life experience, it had little relevance to her. But what she felt with him did have relevance … both emotionally from him and physically with him.He turned toward the lake and the gentle slope to it. He crouched low and sprang forward and up, the jerk driving his cock into her and bringing another cry from explosively erotic jolts as his wings pumped against the thinner mountain air. Each powerful pump of his wings jerked his cock deep into her body. His wings drove them higher and higher into the cooler air. Her body quaked as she again neared another orgasm. Her back to everything below and ahead of them, she had no idea where they were going or how high they already were until he settled into a glide and turned into a wide circle. She turned her head and saw the alpine bowl and lake far below them. The air was cold at that height but her body was on fire.She couldn’t believe how her body responded to him. She had accepted her psychological, emotional attachment, though that was a surprise, too. But the physical, her body’s response to his cock, shocked her. She thought she would never feel the things other women felt. His cock should reasonably be abusive and tormenting by its size as its thickness and length should destroy her smaller body. Instead, her body adapted, adjusted and expanded to not only accept his size but relish it and respond to it. She was close to still another orgasm and she was beginning to understand the power of the emotional and psychological elements to the sexual response. She pulled up with her arms to mash her body against him, her feet planted into the joint of his hips but otherwise hanging by her arms and the cock inside her. Even in the wide glide she felt his body make adjustments to the wings, muscles tensing, shifting, the occasional thrust of the wings all sending tremors from his body to hers … into hers.Her head turned; the view was magnificent. Above the mountain peaks, the lake and dragons far below, the valley of her people even further below extending north and south. It was all overwhelming, all-consuming, her soul filled with a new understanding, acceptance of who she was … what she was … whose she was.“I love you.” She gasped at the words that sprang from her lips. But they were real … honest. She felt that love for a male and it was to a dragon! But she was this dragon’s mate. He was hers. It was real … it truly was.He craned his neck to see her but couldn’t see more than the top of her head. “Love … we don’t know that word …”She chuckled. “I will explain but later.” She flexed her legs to move her body over his cock. It was insane how he felt inside her. “But not now.” Her voice became husky and deep, filled with emotion and need. “Now … I want you to make me cum … over and over … and I want you to fill me with your seed as much as you can.”“Your wish, my Princess.” And he suddenly dropped. His wings folded against his body, he turned over so she was on top and for a moment was lying on his body and they felt weightless. Then, they dropped. In that moment of transition, his cock drove into her pussy and it felt like she was being driven down toward the ground by the pressure of his cock into her body. They were in free-fall, his wings pulled into his body, her body pressed against his cock, then balanced on his cock, not pressed and not moving, just deep inside her. The wind howled around her, around them, her long hair trailing behind, whipping down her body, the ends flapping against her upper thighs and reminding her just how low her hair had impossibly grown. She craned her head to peak at the ground rushing up to them … or them down to it … and found the other dragons drawing closer and closer.She tensed as they shot down, feeling her body tense around his cock, her hands gripping the rope more tightly, her feet pressing into his hip joint as if any of it might influence their plummeting toward the ground.When his wings sprang out from his body and turned powerfully to both slow their descent and turn them into a strong, sharp curve, there was a moment when her body pulled away from him, the rope biting into her wrists and hands as it tightened, her body slipped along his slippery cock, and her feet losing pressure on his hip. Then, they were through the turn, his wings shot them back up into the air, her feet finding purchase and her pussy driven down over the length of his cock, slamming it back into the top of her pussy. An orgasm crashed over her. His pumping, thrusting, driving surging of his wings taking them back up into the air, thrusting his cock repeatedly into her. Peak after peak after peak of orgasmic wonder crashed through her body. Her feet sagged as her mind fogged along with her vision. She hung from the rope, her hand u*********sly refusing to relax. But her fussy mind was most aware of how else she was hanging … limply hanging from his cock buried deep inside her pussy. Each pump of his wings jolting inside her, shocking her system with more stimulation.She was gasping for air. Her body couldn’t stop quaking, shivering. Her feet had found themselves back on his hips. It was then that she heard them, the other dragons, expressing joy and amazement. She turned her head to find the entire group of dragons in flight around them. They were quizzing among themselves from one to the other … has this EVER happened before? The answer was a recurring, NO.She thought she was calming, but the scene was too erotic. She hung underneath their Gold partially by his cock! They flew with them. The browns who she had shared giving attention to the eggs. The grays who had rescued her. The silvers who she had tended to alongside the Gold. They flew, they watched, and they heard everything. A psychological connection that made it strong and powerful. She was going to orgasm, again. Every bump in the air, every thrust of his wings, every flinch of her legs, they all moved him inside her. And, the emotions.“Cum with me, my Gold. Fill me with your seed so much our juices rain down on our domain.”He uttered a single response, “YES!”He turned into another dive, spirally down, turning up, dropping and spinning. It was like a majestic aerial dance but it was also the most amazing fuck ever experienced. Ariana started another orgasm just before she felt his cock swell and pulse. His first massive spray of cum moved her inches up his cock and her orgasm surged more powerfully. He came and came and came and her orgasms were unrelenting, building on top of each other. And … all of it witnessed by the dragons.* * * *Ariana stood on the ledge in front of the caves gazing out over the valley but actually scanning the sky. She had heard nothing, no one approaching her when she heard in her head, “You miss him, don’t you?”She turned to find all the browns. Her Gold, some of the slivers and grays, had flown off earlier to investigate something ‘interesting’ according the grays. She didn’t know what was so interesting but they had been gone for some time. Standing at the edge of the ledge overlooking the steep cliff, she would probably look quite alluring. It was common for part of her hair to naturally fall over her shoulders and the rest hanging behind her. The hair in front on the effect of partially covering her breasts, at least. The length in back covering her butt. The breeze along the mountainside caused her hair to flutter about her. It might seem erotic if it wasn’t a normal condition for her. She gave the browns a smile and nodded.“When I am not near him, I wish to be. But I know he also has responsibilities.” She thought for a moment, then asked her own question. “You mate but you don’t have a mate? I mean … when you mate, it isn’t with just one?” They glanced at each other and shook their heads in unison. “Why?”One responded, “It is just the way.” One lowered her head. If a massive creature like these female dragons could project shyness, she did. “But … seeing you with him, seeing him with you … it is nice to feel like that for one?”Ariana smiled, again, and nodded. “Very nice, yes.”They seemed emboldened by her responses. Another ventured another question they appeared to have discussed among themselves. “Your … mother? … the one who laid your egg? … you miss her, too?”Ariana smiled at the image of humans coming from eggs. But in a sense that is how humans start if not ‘laid’. She pursued the question with her own. “You lay your eggs but you don’t watch over it after?”“We are communal. All share. It is our way. We mate with any. We take care of all eggs and young.”Another jumped in, “You connect with the Gold. You connect with your mother and she with you?” Another asked, “Is it good? That way of connecting … is it good?”It went on like that for some time until it was broken by the return of the others. And, it was something interesting indeed. The grays had noticed and been tracking a group of men sneaking past the army outpost in the south. Since arriving in groups, their number has grown and they have begun harassing army supply lines, stealing taxes collected from the people, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. The report to Ariana is very deliberate and she senses an expectation of her. They want to know what they should do, if anything.She stepped back to the edge of the cliff and gazing out over the valley. After more than a year with the dragons, she wondered if her going to them was too late. The King and his army were very strong and well established over the years being in control. The question had bothered her. What could a handful of dragons, even as massive as they were, possibly do? Nobody believed in them, anymore. The element of surprise … but how? She had to go see these men. Who were they? Were they mere bandits or were they willing to fight? The Gold was unsure. But as Ariana had committed to them, they were also committed to her.It was Ariana’s decision to go meet with these new men. It was the Gold’s decision that five other dragons would accompany them, several silvers and grays. Their shadow alerted the men of the approach as the Gold circled overhead. By the panic below them, it was clear the sight of a circling dragon had the element of surprise and intimidation they had intended. When the Gold landed near the river where their camp was established, well separated from the main route south and separated by thick forest, the men turned in unison to confront it. The other dragons landing around them immediately after, separated their attention and forced them into a tight group facing outward. For effect, the two silvers blew fire over the heads of the men, cowering them and taking much of their aggression out of them.The Gold lowered his upper body closer to the ground and it was then that the men became aware of Ariana’s presence. She slid off and moved in front of her Gold. Being surrounded by mythical creatures was stunning enough, being confronted by a naked, golden haired, beauty with them was possibly as stunning. One man stepped forward from the group and dropped to a knee.“It’s true, then. Rumors said the dragons of this valley were only a myth. Other rumors said this King held captive the last Princess, that even if the dragon legend was true, they were impotent to interfere.”Ariana hesitated and it caused the man to glance up from his lowered position. She hesitated not from consideration of what to say, but how. She needed to remind herself to respond verbally, not mentally to these men. “Do I not look real?”Nervously, the man responded, “Actually … to be honest, you look like a vision of a dream.” Ariana chuckled but she heard her Gold step closer to her and a rumble rose from his chest. She smiled at his protective reaction. The man raised his head to look directly at her. His eyes moved over her body. She stood comfortably and boldly before them. She was fully naked, her long golden hair cascading over her shoulders in front and back, the wind causing it to flutter and flow to expose her body and a piece of golden egg shell she had form into a medallion and worn around her neck. Hesitantly, he asked, “Are you really the Princess? Is the legend true?”She had to laugh. What else could she do? She stood before them with dragons. Was the legend true? She turned to face her Gold and her back to the men. She pulled her hair from her back, exposing her entire back but more importantly the birthmark at the base of her neck that she had never seen herself.All the men turned to her and went to a knee. It turned out these men were descendants of warriors who had escaped the invasion generations ago. Their fathers had instilled in them the legend with stories and commitment to wait for a sign to return to liberate the land when a Princess would again take control. They heard rumors and came. They had been harassing supply wagons, interrupting tax collection and generally being a nuisance. But their number was too small to have enough effect at liberation.They talked for hours. Ariana had devised a plan if the men were bold enough to implement it. The men had to recruit enough people to look like a rebellion was imminent to draw out the army. The people would not be required to actually assault the army in combat, just provide the appearance. She stressed, though, that the dragons’ participation had to remain confidential. Their effectiveness would be the element of surprise. She mumbled to herself as she turned to leave, “This will honor mother even if it is too late to have saved her.”The man heard what she said and called out to her. “Princess! Your mother is alive! We saw a pronouncement. The King plans to make a spectacle of executing her.”She stopped in her tracks and looked up at her Gold. “Then, we must move quickly.” He nodded. He sent the other dragons back to the caves to prepare the others. Ariana returned to the men to finalize a rushed plan.The ruse worked. She flew on Gold amid the peaks of the mountains along the east side. The dragons were spread out on both sides of the valley. She was too far away to make out more than dots of movement in the valley, but reports were fed to her from different locations around the valley, the benefit of the dragon’s eagle-like eye sight. To Ariana, the King’s army was like a shadow moving through the valley. It was massive. The King must have decided, as she had hoped, to put the fledgling rebellion down forever in one terrifying show of force. The meager assemblage of the returned fighters and brave souls recruited from among the people were massed in the shadows of the trees bordering the east side of the valley. The river splitting the valley was on the west side. It was hoped, this would box in the army. It was also hoped that the meager size of the people’s force would not cause concern about the river presenting itself as a barrier. Why should they think they would need to retreat?The Gold swooped into a glide that turned them over the valley, careful to stay in position to avoid casting a shadow on the field below. Ariana watched intently from atop her Gold as the army turned to face the east and the paltry people’s force noisily pounded old, rusted weapons and shouted with more bravado than they deserved to have. It appeared the generals were about to send the entire force at once, bypassing an exploratory advance to test the forces possibly hidden in the trees. It was then that Ariana gave her signal.The dragons moved into the designed formation so they would be swooping in with the sun at their backs. Ariana and the Gold were in front with the silvers following directly behind and the grays and browns following. Despite the flight of arrows released by the army’s archers, Ariana’s intention had always been to minimize the risk to the people who were brave enough to participate in the ruse.They dove down the middle of the formation, then the Gold banked and redirected his approach to the rear of the army’s formation … where the generals were safely located to direct the movements of their forces. The silvers spread out in a line, their wingtips mere yards apart. The grays and browns followed from further back to attack in separate waves. As the Gold leveled into a glide a dozen feet above the ground, Ariana dropped a net weighted with rocks. It bounced along the ground perfectly. Panic showed in both horses and men as the Gold swooped over the line of generals and leaders, the weighted net pulling anything in its way into a mass. The Golds massive feet and claws thrust down at the man Ariana identified at the supreme commander.Intent on her own responsibilities for the initiation of the attack, Ariana contented herself with listening for the sounds of the next wave. The rush of fiery hot air and the screams of both a****ls and men told her the silvers had begun their attack. With the general in the Gold’s grasp, perhaps already dead in massive claws, they turned up into the air. The Gold struggled, beating the air powerfully with its wings as he lifted higher with not only Ariana on its back and the general in his grasp, but the net pulling a****ls and men behind it. Ariana released the net and the general was dropped to the ground below at the same time. As the Gold rose into the air, Ariana turned to examine the result.The army was in chaos. The river on one side held them and the browns focused their sweep in front of the line of people. In the middle was a wide stretch of scorched land and bodies left by the silvers. The grays attacked across the valley, knocking down and grasping anything moving. All the dragons reformed on the other end of the field. This time, Ariana led down the middle with the browns on the side of the people again as protection and the silvers following through the massed remains of the army trapped against the river. The army that had seemed so powerful moments before was utterly destroyed in three well-organized and executed attacks. As hoped, at the cost of only a few of the people and those by arrows released at the beginning of the battle.The King, in a last-ditch effort at survival, retreated his remaining men to the castle under the threat of executing Ariana’s mother. The appearance of dragons perched on the towers of the castle and circling overhead, however, left the King with a mere handful of guards as most slinked away. With her mother rescued and the King killed, Ariana ordered the castle destroyed. Men and dragons combined their efforts to tear the stones to the ground for use in rebuilding the villages, bridges, and homes of the people. The treasures collected by the King were distributed among the people to stimulate a resurgence in the crafts and trade with surrounding realms.Ariana made sure the dragons became a common sight and functional in the lives of the people. Though a small realm themselves, trade with the surrounding realms spread the word about the dragons and their protection of the people. Alliances were soon formed and shared security became more assured than ever.Ariana remained with the dragons but it was a common occurrence to see not only her with the Golden dragon but other dragons, as well. She never again wore clothes of any kind, her nakedness and life with the dragons a reminder that the Princess and her role would forever be special.Several years later, Ariana and her Gold landed with a flurry of chaff and dust blown into the air by the powerful wings of the Gold. As Ariana slid off the back of the Gold, the home the people built for her mother flew open, a small girl racing out, giving Ariana a first hug before rushing over to grasp onto the leg and foot of the Gold. Ariana smiled as the girl squealed in delight as the dragon lifted his foot and the girl into the air. Ariana hugged her mother.“She wishes she had a dragon on her own.” Her mother chuckled and Ariana nodded.“Dragons are not owned by people, though. They share the future with the people.” Ariana smiled at the massive Gold so gentle with Ariana’s little sister. “Of all the people, she must understand and respect the relationship between us.” She grasped her mother’s hand in hers and squeezed. “After all, her future daughter will become the mother of the next Princess!”THE END Thank you for reading.

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