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Ex Mother-in-LawMy ex father in law was in hospital and I was roped into giving my ex mother in law a lift home after visiting hour (long story, don’t ask). Divorce from her daughter was long and drawn out and I hadn’t seen my mother in law for a couple of years. Now, I had spent years trying to have some time with her, but in the 30 years I have known her I had never managed to arrange enough time in an empty house to try my luck. With the current dark nights and an empty house to go home to, this was my chance. As the house was in darkness, I walked her to the house from the car and made sure she was settled with the lights and heating on and that the house was secure. I was leaving and leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek when I thought I would try a gentle kiss on the lips. No slap on the face, so let’s try a gentle brush of the cheek with the back of my fingers. Ok, so I get the impression that she is leaning into the gentle stroking and looking for more, so, left hand behind her head and pull her into a long slow kiss, right hand unhooks the buttons of her blouse and cups her full right breast. It’s been a long time since I have bakırköy escort unhooked a bra one handed but it’s a skill you never lose so the bra is loose and the breasts are free. I Never did find out what size they were but, my God look at the size of those tits. In all the years I have known her, and no matter how cold it got, I had never seen her nipples poking through her bra and always wondered if it was a strong bra or soft nipples. Well now I know. These are the softest, flattest nipples I have ever seen. Taking her by the hand, I led her to the bedroom and sat on the bed pulling her between my legs. Not being very tall, her breasts were in line with my mouth and I took the chance to suck first the left then the right nipple into one inch soldiers, long but still so soft and so pale that there was no colour to them. The blouse came off followed by the bra and it was time for the big conquest. The skirt hit the floor, the tights and pants came down together and there they were, two beautiful lips covered in light wispy hair just waiting to be attended. My lips to her lips, oh my God that beşiktaş escort tasted good. Tongue into her cunt and a gentle moan from above told me I was getting something right. Licking the length of my tongue into her cunt and round her clit she hadn’t cum this way for years if ever and oh how she was desperate to cum. How long do I give her? Do I let her cum before I have some fun? Does she want to cum with or without a cock in her cunt? Aw fuck it, it’s my turn. A quick turn and she is flat on her back on the bed. Clothes off and cock into that beautiful warm wet cunt. It’s been so long since she last had sex so has forgotten the joy of a cock inside her and the excitement gets to her and she thusts her pelvis against mine not waiting for me to start. Oh fuck, can’t take much of this, got to stop myself shooting my load before she cums but as soon as I think about those tits and that cunt beneath me my load wants to escape. Thankfully her gyrations are hitting her clit and her years of waiting for an orgasm mean I can shoot my load just as she cums under me. My God she may be 75 but Christ that beylikdüzü escort was good. Now let’s try that again but this time let’s try some foreplay. Ten minutes of kissing, fondling, running fingers up and down her thighs and in and out her cunt and I was ready for another try in that warm wet cunt. Well she has had her orgasm this is my fun screw. Rolling her onto her hands and knees my cock slipped inside her, my hands went round her tits and I rode her for all I was worth. Look at those hanging tits swinging in my hands, look at that cock all the way inside her cunt, look at that heart shaped arse, my load shot inside her again and she collapsed face down on the bed with me still inside her. I rolled her over for a good look at her naked body and felt her hand on my cock for the first time. Christ she is trying to wank me off so I gently pushed her mouth onto my cock and felt her warm wet mouth slide up and down my shaft. She spoke for the first time since I kissed her to say she had never had anything like this in her mouth before. Nice to know the first cock in her mouth had been mine. She licked, she sucked, she gave amazing head for a first timer. It was time to go before the 85 year old lover waiting at home for me began to ask where I had been. Had I enjoyed screwing my ex mother in law? Yes. Was it worth the wait? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Will I do it again? Every day until the old bastard gets out of hospital.

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