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Frankfurt Amsterdam SaunaSome years ago, in 2010 exactly, I met a gay couple from Germany.They are living near Kassel city, in Hessen land.First periods, yes, we had sex, but after a time, no more. We are just friends now, no sex anymore.In one of my holidays at them (yes, they would pay my flights and all), we went for a day trip to Frankfurt.Usually, I was home alone, or going out, in the city. well, you can imagine, I was alone in the city but not quite alone.before I left home, I was talking with guys online and met with them for sex. :-)”Tomorrow we go yo Frankfurt, take your slippers with you.” One of them told me. Pack my bag for tomorrow morning.We went by train. We walk around the city, view things like visitors, eat something and drink.It was getting late, in the afternoon. As we were walking in the city, we took the s-line and we got to a big house, 3-4 tall floors.We were at Amsterdam sauna. We get in… For my delight, it was full of mature men, mostly.Since the locker room, they were looking at me, observe me. I think I was the only guys, around 20 years old in the sauna, and bottom also. Talk with my friends, “in case we get lost, meet us, here, at 19h.”(To go home.)So, I started wandering the sauna. I went for a shower and got myself in the steam room.Since I couldn’t see much, I started to search the area, to look for a bank to sit down. I found someone by mistake when I was looking for a place. I told myself that the bank is here and that I can stay. I sit on the bench, I was naked and I was already sweaty, from the steam.The man next to me realized that I was passive, and started to reach out to touch me.(Remember, this was the first big sauna I’ve been to.)He touches me slowly, then puts his hand on my ass, starting to put his finger in my ass. I’m starting to touch him, and I realize he has a hard dick. I put my hand on his dick, massage it gently and start sucking it. He didn’t let me suck her for long. He pulls me toward him, lifts me slightly in front of him, and puts me in his dick. I was horny, and his dick came all over me. No condom, if you ask me. He started to fuck me there, on the bench, until it ended in me. kadıköy escort My ass was full of sperm. He finished and left. I stayed on the bench, sweaty and satisfied with what I received.I raised my feet on the bench, my ass insight. I felt a hand on my ass to see if the sperm was flowing from me. I think he liked my ass full of sperm because he took me and put me in his dick. While he was fucking me, a guy shows up in front of me with his dick at my mouth. I started sucking him while I was fucked in the ass.I felt divine with so many mature men’s dicks around me, but also in me. They both cum in me, and I go out for a shower. That is what I was thinking. but around me there a lot of hard dicks waiting their turns for my ass, to fuck me and fill me up with another dose of cum.I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!Yes, not all the guys fucked me, some of them just wanna wank around me while I was fucked, love to watch. Some of them cummed on my ass and let others do the fucking.After some time I went out, it was too much for me for a period and went to the shower area.I find a free shower, I let go of the water and I start to wash. What I did not know that someone was looking at me as I wash. He stands next to the other shower, looking at me, and rubs his dick. I look at him, he looks at me and shows me his dick. He wants to get his dick in my ass. Of course, I let him. I didn’t know what to do, I thought maybe I couldn’t see him anymore and I have lost a dick full of sperm. There, in the shower, he fucked me, until he filled my ass with sperm.I was exhausted, so I went to a sauna area to recreate. To lie down a bit, to rest. I take the towel, lay it on the floor and sit down. In the room there were men who relax, others fuck, each as he could. After a few minutes, almost asleep, I felt a hand on my buttocks. In the room, it was cold, and the hand warm. So I let him touch me. I woke up with a tongue in my ass. He gave me tongues in my ass, put a finger in my ass, and the cum started coming out from my ass. Looks like when I showered, not all the sperm came out from my ass. üsküdar escort He stood over me, stuck his dick in my ass. He puts his hand to my mouth, not to scream. He had a long, thick cock full of sperm for 2 weeks. He fills my ass with hot sperm, takes his dick out of me and leaves. I remain on the towel, my ass was full of sperm.Someone is approaching me, he puts a finger in my ass to check if I have sperm or not. I look at him, a nice 50’s old man, a nice body. He asks: “Did you like it? Do you want more?” I nod as yes, he pulls his finger out of my ass and puts the dick in my ass. He fucked my ass so good, and I loved it. I was in no position to say no or to refuse any dick full of cum. He cummed in my ass also.I get up and head to the shower area. As I was I had another viewer with his sight on me. He was an Arabic type. Jackpot! In my mind, because I love Arabic men. He shows me the dick, and he says to me, “Come in a cabin.” We went to a cabin, just us 2. We sat on the bed, he begins to comfort me, to kiss me.At one point, he lifts my legs in the air and begins to give me tongues in my ass. He liked to do this, it excites me enormously. He pulls his tongue out of his ass, spits it twice in his ass, slowly lowering me to his dick and penetrating me. I was sitting on my back, my legs in the air and I felt all his dick in my ass. While he fucked me in the ass, we kiss. After about 10 minutes, he tells me, “I’m done in you. Is that okay?”. I tell him yes, that I adore the dick of mature men with cum in my ass. He kisses me for goodbye and says, “You’re a good boy, let your ass open for anyone to fuck you and cum inside your ass, be a good compdump.” Leave the cabin and leave the door open.They started coming, to check who’s in the cabin, but they were leaving when they saw me. I was lying, my eyes closed, and I heard the door closing securely. He was a tall man, short trimmed, had a worked body.He sits next to me, we start talking about one another. I tell him that I am not alone in the sauna, I have 2 friends here, with whom I came, and that I will leave soon. He tells me: “Well, if you leave soon, tuzla escort then let’s get started.” I start to suck his dick while he pulls poppers on his nose. He puts some lubricant on his fingers and begins to massage my anus. After that, he puts a dildo in my ass to dilate me. It felt so good, having something in my ass. He asks me: “Can I cum in your ass?. I would love to cum in your ass, to fill you with my hot cum.”After I say yes, he pulls out the dildo and put his dick inside my ass. While he fucks me, he licks my feet. At one point, my ass hurt from all the pounding. He had a long dick. “I will come soon,” he tells me, noticing my grasp. As he did, he came in my ass, filling me with cum, but damn, a lot of cum. “I was waiting for someone like you to give him my cum.” Pulls his dick out from my ass, wipe it and leaves. I get up, clean also and went to the shower room.On the way to the shower, I met other guys willing to fill me up. Of course, I did not refuse. Only I know what I have done. Letting 15 guys fuck my ass, fill me with hot cum. I just love to get fucked in the bareback, and filled with cum.I take all the dicks, love mature men dicks especially, let’s say I have daddy issues. :)) But I love mature dicks in my ass.In the sauna, I never said no to any mature men. Everybody was watching me, looking after me, after my ass to see if I am alone, to get a chance to fuck me. I felt like a queen bee, with honey in my ass.The more DICKS FULL WITH CUM IN MY ASS, THE BETTER.Once the sauna effect hit me, I was in a trans, you can say. I wanted more and more dicks with cum in my ass, no matter what race, age or dick size. Just fuck my ass and fill me with cum.YES, I DO OPEN MY ASS FOR ANY DICK TO FILL ME, you can say it is a bad thing, but I don’t care. I just wanna feel good.I love to do it bareback, to feel better the dick in my ass. My friends did not know, what and how I was doing in the sauna, especially that I take bareback dicks in my ass. They don’t know until this day what happened then.You can say that I have had some anon sex. In total, they were 15 guys, in around 6 hours.I went to the meeting point to meet with my friends. My friends didn’t know what I did 6 hours in the sauna, but they were laughing at me: “Can you still walk? ” In my mind I would have stayed there more, getting all the dicks in my ass, but that’s it. We need to go home now.In a sauna I never refuse anything. This story is real, from my experience, what can I say is never refuse anything.

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