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Frank’s Barn Part Two DeeThis is part two of Frank’s Barn. That might be a good one to read before you read this one.I called back at three and Dee answered the phone. In a youthful voice she said brightly, “Hi! This is Dee.” I waited a second then said she had given me her card a few nights ago. She whispered, “Just a second, I’m going to go to the phone in my room.” A little while later I heard her yell out, “Daddy, will you hang up the phone in the kitchen? I am going to take a while on this phone call.” I heard his breath on the phone. When she picked up the phone she said, “Okay Daddy, I got it.” I heard him hang up the phone.Over the phone I heard the sound of someone bouncing on a spring bed. I pictured her falling back onto it. Her voice came into my ear, “Hello Peter?…is that right?” I said yeah I was Peter. Her voice was really sweet. “Peter, you were my favorite one in months. Did Frank tell you I never or almost never have a guy ask him for my card?” I told her he had said just that. Then I asked if I might be able to meet her for some coffee or maybe dinner.She thought it over and asked, “So…do you have a poor suffering wife who doesn’t know you fuck around? Or…do you have TWO poor suffering wives who don’t know you fuck around?” We both laughed at that. I told her I was in between wives since my last one had decided to get back with her high school boyfriend even though she had been out of high school for almost ten years. Dee said that must have sucked. ” Speaking of high school, I am going to be out of high school in four months and three days Peter.” I was silent for a while and she said, “Didn’t know you were fucking a high school girl did you?” I replied I thought she kadıköy escort looked young, but with all the jizz all over her face I couldn’t really tell. She laughed at that and said she does appear to age a bit when she does one of those shows. Then she told me she was graduating two years early. I thought about that for a minute then thought maybe I should run away from this situation. I thought about it , but said, “Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” She mulled that over and said, “Well, you would have to introduce yourself to my Daddy first Peter. He wants to make sure nobody takes advantage of his little girl.” I laughed at that then realized she wasn’t laughing at all.” I will tell him that you are coming over to meet him and that you want to take me out to dinner. If he asks how we met tell him you and I have Frank as a mutual friend. He is a long time friend of Frank’s. He will tell him you are a fine young man.” She paused then and said, “Daddy doesn’t know what Frank does at the barn. It’s been good for me though. I get half of all the money collected at the door. I will have enough money to pay for college…actually I have great grades. I want to go to Harvard. My SAT scores were high enough and they want me. I thought about that and how very special she seemed. I said, “Well, so if I buy you dinner do you think I might get to second base?” She roared at that and said, “Sure, but you will be working on a homerun while you are rounding second.” She paused a minute then asked,”What do you DO Peter?” I told her I was a high school English teacher. She thought that was great. I asked if her Dad would mind about the age difference. She said, üsküdar escort “Naw…Daddy is very literal. What I mean is, he wants his daughter to go out with a good guy. It’s okay to say you like his daughter…you do don’t you?…he doesn’t seem to mind having a guy ask to take me to dinner. He will ask what time you will have me home. He will want to know your name and all about your people. Any skeletons in your closet Peter?” Once again we laughed. I hadn’t laughed this much in months.”I’ll see you at four?” She said, “Four thirty would be good. That gives you and Daddy half an hour to forty minutes for him to grill you. Don’t worry though. Daddy’s a sweety pie. I’m his special girl. Always was, but since Mom is gone I hold a very special place in his life. He’s religious, but he won’t even bring that up. He will ask if you are a good driver, what you do…as in work…he will want to know where you grew up…and if you see your parents regularly. It’s a little tedious, but he means well. Just live through it and I will get some dinner and we will have some fun somewhere. Tell him you will have me home by midnight. Do you have a place?””Oh yeah I do have a nice place, she left me, so I got the house. Still paying on it, but it’s in a good neighborhood and has less the normal amount of nosy neighbors.” She giggled at that and said, “You are really sweet Peter. I could tell that Friday night. I saw you immediately as you and your friend walked in the door. You just have a sweet face. I could tell you’ve been hurt. I have this sense about me.””May I ask what happened to your Mother?” She was quiet for a bit then said, “She just left one day. We don’t tuzla escort know where she went. They never really argued. I think Mama just wanted more than being with a nice man who never curses or thinks negative thoughts. As I said, Daddy is a sweety pie…I think she was looking for a more tart pie.”I arrived right at four-thirty. I parked my Ford truck out in the driveway. I walked up to the house carrying a bouquet of spring flowers, and knocked on the door. Her father opened the door and slowly said, “Well hello there young man come on in and let’s get acquainted a bit.” We shook hands. He called out and said, “Dee honey, your young man is here.” He took the flowers from me and said “I’ll get a vase for these.” He did that while Dee came into the room. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her face was delicate, her auburn hair done up very nicely. Her blue polka dot dress matched her gorgeous eyes. She was breath-taking!I went to hug her, but she put up both hands, stopping me. When her father came back into the room she excused herself and went down the hall, I supposed to her room. He walked to me, his hand out again. “My name is Walter Spencer.” I introduced myself as Peter Smith. He indicated a couch to his left. We sat down and he waited a minute before he asked me where I was from.I told him all the things Dee told me to tell him. When I told him I had met her through a mutual friend he said, “Oh Frank has been a friend of mine for most of my life. We don’t get together as much as we did in the old days.”We talked long enough then it was time for us to go. Once we were in the car Dee moved next to me. She took my hand and put it under her skirt. No panties whatsoever. She waved at her Daddy as I moved my middle finger into her sweet pie. This was going to be a great night.(I wanted to write more on this story, but assure you that part three is going to be much juicier. I just wanted to flesh out the characters a bit. I know…you don’t read my stories to get fleshed out character.)

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