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Granny SwapTHIS STORY IS ALL FANTASY!I love older women, especially when they are over seventy and in shape. I’m a 52 year old guy who belongs to a Senior Single’s Group of genuinely sex-starved Grannies! And because they’re aren’t many younger guys in the club I have my pick of the best looking Grannies in the bunch. That’s my dilemma, I met 2 who happen to be room mates. Well my bad habits finally caught up with me, but it turned out to be a good thing. Granny Kim to the left in white and a cock lover named Amy in the red stripe dress are the best 2 lays of my life. I just recently met Amy a month ago. So far she’s sucked my dick and swallowed my cum, but she and I have not had sex yet. Amy kept saying she wanted to wait. “I’m sure your fucking any granny you want in the singles group” I told her I wasn’t and left it at that. So, one Saturday, I was on my way to visit Granny Kim. I met Kim 5 months ago and she and I have probably fucked at least 20 times. I’ve been asking Kim to let me fuck her in the ass, and she agreed to let me try it next time we meet.I get to Kim’s house and knock on the door. “Just a moment” I hear. The door knob wiggles as I stand there looking through the screen door opens slowly and I see Amy standing there.Come in, come in Amy says’… I enter the room and Kim is sitting on the couch, come here Kim shouts!So, I sit on the couch, Kim on one side and Amy bakırköy escort on the other… Kim puts her hand on my knee and say’s hey handsome, how do you know Amy. I look at Amy and just say… I’m so sorry. shshshshshs goe’s Amy..If you just wanted sex you should have said so, I and wouldn’t have made you wait. You told me you only wanted to see me so, I was gonna see how long you would wait. Kim already told me you were fucking I just came over today so I can get fucked in the ass too!Amy sitting there in her red striped skirt, red shoes on white stockings, looking like a candy stripe, ready to suck my dick, kicked off her shoes and got down on her knees between my legs. Kim unbuckled my pants and pulled my cock out. Kim also got on her knees I stood up and they both pulled my pants down. Granny Kim and Granny Amy both were sucking my cock, slobbering all over my dick, Kim stroking and Amy sucking. This was a great moment!Granny Kim stands up. She slowly takes off her white blouse, standing there in a white tank top and black pencil skirt sexy black high heals and stockings.. Kim turns around and unzips her skirt, steps out of it, turns around facing me she pulls her tank top over her head, now standing there in her bra, panties, and panty hose, my dick gets even harder.Amy now stands up, kicks her shoes off and turns around so Kim can unzip and beşiktaş escort take off Amy’s dress. Now Amy and Kim are both standing in front of me bra, panties and panty hose. I stand up and lead them both to Kim’s bedroom.I sit on Kim’s bed and tell Kim stand in front of me. I turn Granny Kim around and pull down her pantyhose… then unsnap her bra, turn her around and suck on her nipples, and squeeze her ass, slowly pulling her panties down.I slide over to Amy and do the same thing, but I make Amy bend over first. As she’s bent over, I pull down her pantyhose and panties! Unsnap the bra, titties hanging! I get in front of Amy and she starts sucking my cock.I sit back down on the couch, and pull Amy towards me, I turn her back towards me and sit her on my lap cowgirl style.. yeah for our first time fucking this is how it’s going to be! I rub my dick on Amy’s wet pussy and she eases down on my cock.. slowly pushing my dick in her pussy while she play’s with it at the same time. Kim is looking smiling in pleasure…Kim, go get me some lube I asked her.. she goes to some lube. Meanwhile Amy is still riding my cock on the bed.Kim ask’s are you going to fuck my ass first? I’m now fucking Amy doggy style, all up in her pussy.. I look at Kim and say of course. Kim get’s on her hands and knees in the bed, and hands me the lube. I give it to Amy and tell her beylikdüzü escort to put the lube on Kim’s asshole. Amy squirts the lube on Kim’s ass. Put your finger in her ass Amy. Ok Amy replies… Kim moaning, I put some lube on my 2 fingers and put them in Kim’s assI get up and mount Granny Kim’s ass slowly easing my cock into her asshole, slowly pushing it in. Amy’s on the bed in the doggy style position waiting to have her ass fucked next and I’m now riding Kim’s ass putting my entire dick up her asshole… Kim is gasping and moaning taking my dick up her asshole, I lay her down flat and keep fucking Granny Kim in the ass… I turn her over missionary, but I put my dick in her ass.. easing it back in.. floppa floppa floppa, I’m stroking Granny Kim’s ass in the missionary position and she’s taking the dick… with her legs cocked wide open I start to slow down and look over to Amy.I get off of Granny Kim and turn over on my back for Granny Amy to climb on board. She climbs on and grabs my cock, rubbing it against her asshole, Amy slides her asshole on my cock, and starts riding it. With her titties flopping in my face, I put both hands on Amy’s hips and guide her up and down my dick. The three of us fuck for about another hour before I decide to cum in Granny Kim’s ass. It was supposed to be her anal day anyway, so I wanted her to feel special. Kim bends over on the side of the bed, me standing up behind her, I put my dick up Granny Kim’s ass. Stroking, pounding getting inside her ass real good, I slow down, and shoot a big load of cum up Granny Kim’s ass.Now we fuck on the regular. Amy asked if I had any friends and friends I have ready to fuck a granny on call.

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