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having fun with my girlfriend’s motheri had a very open relationship with a young lady named Wren. We used to get together several times a week and smoke pot, drink beer, and watch porn. These sessions would last for 7 or 8 hours, and then i would usually go home. My primary interest in her was being able to tell her about and show her my strong sexual needs, which included wearing sexy lingerie such as bikini or thong panties, and stockings with a nice garter belt. I also like to wear makeup and a wig too, but didn’t do that all the time. i don’t really consider myself a crossdresser, but i’ve had a fascination with women’s lingerie since i began puberty. Back in the day i liked big white girdles, which all the women wore with garters. it was a sad day for me when most women switched to support pantyhose and did away with their girdles and stockings, but thankfully their panties got a lot sexier. i actually enjoyed Wren’s company, and she always had music on in the background. After i got stoned i was very uninhibited and would get my cock out and start to play with it, while she watched. it was kind of a cfnm thing as I wanted her to be fully dressed, and she would frequently not wear a bra and her huge natural tits would move all over the place under a white tshirt. we would put videos on of either crossdressers doing 69, or getting fucked by huge cocks. we loved solo tranny masterbation videos with cumshots, and twinks fucking each other. There were only women in the videos when it was a femdom huge strapon fucking sissyboys, which she really liked, as did i. one evening i decided to really eat herr pussy and asshole , while she watched two beautiful femdoms spitroast a sissy istanbul escort crossdresser and do ass to mouth on him with their strapons. she was moaning and i was noisily slurping both her holes, when her cell phone rang. she never ignored the phone and frequently would talk to her girlfriends, all of which were 20 something and bbw, with big tits and asses. She would candidly tell them what we were doing, and if i was performing for her in my naked way of jerking off and hunching my hips right in front of her, she would sometimes text a pic of me to whoever she was talking too. i actually loved that and would put extra effort into my posing and jerking for them. This was a fantasy come true for me, jerking in ecxtasy for several women watching my every move. This time the phone call was her mother who rarely called, but who Wren loved, and told her anything she wanted to hear about, such as me. She told her mom that i had been servicing her pussy and asshole for the last hour, and she was really stoned and loving it so much that she had cum several times already. She didn’t talk to her mother for very long, and when she hung up i asked if everything was ok. She nonchalantly said that her mom was driving over to her apartment right now. She only lived about 15 miles away so she would be here soon. Wren said that she told her that her mother wanted to get stoned on my dank pot, and for me to give her pleasure like i had her daughter. I went and put on a thin bathrobe, and Wren pulled her white bikini panties and bluejeans up from her ankles, so we looked a little presentable. When Doris arrived she was very friendly and avcılar escort animated. We said nothing about sex, and this was really my first time actually meeting her in person. She was built in a similar way to her daughter, only about 5 ft tall, with huge natural tits, a big belly and a big ass. Wren had big brown nipples and i guessed so did her mom. i would guess her to be about fifty, since Wren was 25. At any rate, after a little time past with pleasantries, she mentioned that she heard i had some good pot. i said that I did , and i that became completely uninhibited when he smoked. She smiled and said “Really?”, to which i said that i lose all sexual control and want to get naked and hard as fast as possible. We lit up a big bud in my bong and took several hits. i usually am very stoned with about 8 hits, but wanted to really get fucked up, so i probably smoked double that. she took about 5 hits and stopped saying she was a lightweight, but enjoyed watching me take deep hits. Wren smoked about as much as me, as she really likes to get fucked up . The next thing I knew, I quickly took off the bathrobe , under which i was totally naked. My cock was getting hard without me even touching it. i laid my head down in Doris lap, and started jerking my hard cock and hunching my hips hard while looking up at her staring at my body. Being naked with a woman that i just met, and them being totally clothed is my passion, and i starting writhing in her lap making my best fuckfaces for her to see, and moaning loudly about wanting hot cum in my mouth and asshole. Wren turned on some gay porn that was an orgy of about 10 guys fucking and sucking each wildly, şirinevler escort with cum shooting everywhere. Wren turned it up loudly, and i got up in front of her large flatscreen and started hunching my hips, jerking, rubbing my tits, and looking at the video. Wren’s mom was right beside me and watched my every move. i turned to her and started licking my fingers on one hand, and then rubbed all over my cock and balls with my other hand, and then sucked each finger while saying, “mmmmm,” after sucking each finger. Then i stuck one finger deep in my asshole, then two, then three; and I licked and sucked each one as i sat right next to her. She and Wren started taking pics and video, and Wren called one of her friends and started streaming the video of me to her friend. i licked all my fingers out of my ass on one hand, and rubbed my cock and balls with my other hand and licked it too. i did ass to mouth with my hands while moaning and talking about drinking hot cum out of my asshole. Doris liked that, and then she said, “i’ve got a fat and hairy pussy and asshole that needs to be sucked, licked and kissed by you, so get to it please. I grabbed her jeans and unbuttoned them and slowly pulled them off of her. she had on a big pair of white granny panties which i also pulled off. The crotch of those went in my mouth for some good sucking, to get all her pussy flavor, then i went starting my worshipping of both hairy pusdy and hairy asshole. She said grinding her crotch and ass in my face saying “eat it good, you pantyboy! Eat it good and I’ll get my husband over to give you a juicy cock to suck and get a load out of. Wren was really enjoying her mother letting go, and had been rubbing her clit as i performed for her mom. She had set up a video conference call to her girlfriends snd all 10 of her friends had watched. after i had eaten Doris asshole for about 1/2 hour and rubbed my whole face all over it, i shoot a big load in my hand, and stuck my fingers in my mouth and rubbed the rest on my face.

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