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he uses my wifeThis story is not real and not about meWe were a newly married couple, I was 20 and my pretty little wife Helen was only 18. She had been listening to older women chatting at the hairdressers about wife swapping and had been turned on by it. She eagerly told me all the gory details that she had heard and seeing that I was turned on as well, asked me if we should try it. Well the thought of being able to get my hands on lot’s of other women seamed a great idea. I hadn’t really thought about how I would feel seeing Helen with another man but my lust was up and all I could think of was all the fucking that I could be doing.Helen found out from some of the women at the hairdressers, how to go about finding other couples. A woman gave her a copy of a contact magazine and we where really excited as we looked through it, reading the ads and especially looking at all the nude photo’s. There was a photo of a beautiful girl of 18 with long blond hair and an absolutely fabulous figure. I was really keen to reply to this ad but Helen pointed out that the husband was in his 40’s. Seeing how dejected I looked, Helen agreed to write to them, she said his photo looked quite good, he seemed handsome and in good shape even though he was as old as her father.We corresponded and swapped photo’s and arranged for them to visit us at our house. We had been nervous all day and at the appointed time the doorbell rang. I eagerly opened the door only to be very disappointed, the husband (Larry) was on his own. I invited him in and he explained to Helen and myself, that he had lost our original letter with the phone number on and only had the address and directions I had given him over the phone. It seems his wife Tracy, had only this morning come down with the flu and not having the phone number he couldn’t let us know.We sat and chatted for a while, he told us of bakırköy escort the many adventures he and Tracy had enjoyed. At Helen’s suggestion, I had opened a bottle of wine. As the evening wore on, Helen was getting quite high and Larry, who was sitting next to Tracy, was getting bolder, rubbing her thigh, making Tracy laugh with rude jokes and innuendoes. I went to get more wine and when I returned they were kissing passionately. I was a bit miffed at missing out on getting to grips with the lovely Tracy but surprisingly found myself ‘turned on’ watching my wife being seduced by this older stranger. I just stood there as he lowered her top and fondled and then kissed her naked breasts. He then turned her to lay on the couch and lifted her skirt to reveal her pantyless pussy. As he got down between her legs and started to suck on her cunt, I put down the wine and took out my cock and started to wank myself. My face was burning up, my pulse was racing and my heart was beating that loud I was surprised they didn’t hear it.Helen moans got louder and louder as she neared her climax. As she came she screamed like I have never heard her before. Without undressing, Larry took out his cock and got between Helen’s legs and my heart stopped and I froze as I watched a strange cock enter my lovely Helen. She let out a deep sigh as her pussy was invaded by this strange (and rather large) cock. He started to shove his cock in and out of Helen’s pussy and at the same time sucked on her lovely small pink nipples.He looked around and saw me watching. ‘Come over here.’ he said. It was more an order than a request. I did as he said and stood over them still wanking on my dick. ‘Kneel down and watch me shag your wife.’ As I knelt beside them, he raised himself up so that I could see his cock going in and out of Helen. He had one arm beşiktaş escort supporting himself on the back of the couch and with his free hand he reached out and pulled my head down onto Helen’s stomach. My head was being squashed between their two bellies as he thrust in and out of my wife. He started to moan and I guessed he was about to cum into Helen’s pussy when to my surprise, he pulled his cock out of Helen and squirted his cum on my face and then stuck his cock back in her cunt and finished cumming into her. As he finished, he withdrew his cock and said to me. ‘Suck my dick clean!’ I found myself unable resist his instructions and took his cock into my mouth and sucked and sucked like it was the most natural thing to do. ‘That’s enough! Now clean out this sluts cunt!’ he said as he got off the couch. I got between Helen’s legs and licked away at her used, sponk filled cunt.As I sucked at her delicious pussy, she was moaning and urging me on. ‘More, more, please I want more.’ From the corner of my eye, I could see Larry go to the curtains and open and close them 3 times. Then he went out into the hallway. He came back into the room followed by 3 other men, all about the same age as Larry. I went to get up but my head was pushed back down. ‘Don’t stop now, the little lady is almost coming.’ and indeed she was, 2 more sucks and she was screaming in ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her. I was pulled out of the way as one of the strangers, who had stripped naked, mounted my lovely wife and proceeded to fuck her, hard and roughly, and it seemed the harder he went, the more she responded.The 3 men and Larry took turns fucking Helen, they did nothing else to her, just straight forward fucking. Each man fucked her twice and I was made to lick he well used pussy clean, several times. When they had finished, Larry beylikdüzü escort said to me. ‘Well I think it’s only fair if we let you have a fuck of this sex mad fuck slut.’ I had to agree that she was indeed a fuck slut, 4 men had fucked her and she didn’t even know that there had been a change. She was unaware that other men were here and that they were fucking her. All she knew was that she was being well fucked.I climbed between her legs and I cant describe the pleasure I felt as I sunk my dick into all that sponk in her lovely cunt. I started to kiss Helen on the lips but as soon as she tasted the sponk in my mouth, she started licking it up, she licked all over my face licking, sucking and swallowing it all down. From when Larry first laid her down on the couch up until now that I was fucking her, she had never once opened her eyes. I thought that she was perhaps locked into a lovely fantasy but (as she told me later) she was just enjoying all the ‘sensations that where invading her whole being’ her words.’It’s time to be going!’ said Larry just as I finished shooting my sponk into Helen. The men pulled me off her and stood her up and put a coat on over her naked body, one of the guy’s knelt down and put her high heeled shoes onto her feet. ‘We’ll bring her back tomorrow and there’ll be plenty of sponk for you to eat,’ and off the went leaving me laying on the couch.That was how it all started, it is a regular thing now for any of the guys, or their friends to stop by the house and fuck Helen. They come in ones, two’s or any number. She enjoys being their ‘Fuck slut’ and I enjoy cleaning her after she has been well used.The blond girl in Larry’s advert turned out not to be his wife but his 17 year old daughter, and yes, I have had the pleasure of fucking her. She was brought to the house so that she and Helen could be the entertainment for a Stag Night. The girls sucked and fucked each other as a preliminary show to get the guys work up and then they were both used by the 40 guests at the party.This is now our life style and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it when Larry uses my wife for his pleasure or when he gives her to his friends to use.

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