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Here is bit about my wife.What is going to be written here in a minute is true this happened weekend in JuneHere is bit about my wife.My wife is 55 her size 22 in clothes & has nice pair of tits 40G, she likes have her pussy bold most of the time so is pics of her in my photos.Here bit about meI am 55 till 2015 I class myself has workaholic then had bad accident had pins in my hip & lost my job over it now we in 2019 & 2 years ago was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes & keep under control well until this year somehow my diabetes way out of control & now have little hard-on’s now.I start the storyIn March this year took my wife away for our anniversary for 4 nights & when we was way got to point we just playing with each other & no cock in wife pussy after we got back home we had I call small argument about sex how my wife was not getting any cock in her got so bad we slept in different beds, be honest I think I was going lose her because of this but after looking around the internet & talking to people was told look at a female strap-on harnesses & get them from most place.I be honest I went onto Ann summers find one but they was expensive but find website does them for less £30, so on the Saturday night watching a movie after I ask my wife if we could talk I told her am sorry about not able get hard-on for her but I think I may have somethink may work for us if she willing have look, I find a website talking about men problems & only what a guy can use on his woman, the video was only 15 minutes & my wife watched it all ask to show her what it was which I did.The next morning wife was still interested in this strap-on harnesses what can do with it but if you read all information about it tells you for woman but if go on net go to adult sex shops read what people write about it say a guy can use it has well, all Sunday afternoon we looked for one find a website does one with small dildo comes with it.The next morning my wife said I think we order one see how it goes so went on the net find bakırköy escort one with 5” peg so I ordered it & to come for next day & had free small dildo, most of the day wife was happier she been in weeks, the next morning wife was up by 7am waiting for postman but did not come till midday, soon has put package down on the table wife grab it opened it look at them.I think she was little disappointed how big dildo were one was black 5” other was thinner in kind of light pink & rubbery but still 5” after check the harnesses out & looked at O-rings checked see if dildos would fit O-ring & they did, about 2 wife said we going to try these dildos out then I went for shower got on the bed I put black 5” dildo into smallest O-ring & my wife help me get it on me, not going to lie to you I was on top of her & made her bring her legs up & without trying it just pop into her pussy after about 30 minutes I swapped to other one but that keep coming out of O-ring but overall was not bad it did the job for her.That night was allowed back into our bed & wife ask if we could try black peg again but on our sides with me cuddling up to her I be honest was nice feel wife body again & making love to her if only with dildo I got carried away a bit I must pulled back to much & it came out but did not go back in her pussy instead went into your ass which she jump but after few more pumps into her she let it stay in her ass let me fuck it but I did not know I was fucking her ass just her pussy, after an hour wife said that will do I pulled it out & wiped the dildo with warm cloth to clean it, this was the first time we slept together all night.The next morning wife was all over me kissing me feeling my cock & ass never seen her like this in long time she ask if could look for bigger dildo so I checked the bank see what we have left in we look on the website looking at strap-on dildos for harnesses & posted about item we got we find 2 one was purple curved 7” & other beşiktaş escort was realistic 7.5” flash pink dildo they came by Friday & she opened the box was surprise how they looked & how long they was I ask if could use them on Saturday night after we come back after the meal.On the Saturday morning I asked if she like get blow-up bed out sleep down stairs so we can try our new dildos & different positions with them she said that be ok with her about 11 a knock at the door was postman with a small parcel for me I open it was new 2 speed magic wand wife ask why got that just said to try on you, we went shopping & when got back went had rest for a bit. About 4 put heating on & went for a bath about 5:30 my wife put her sexy lingerie with stockings & suit I put my suit on as well.While I waited for the taxi came I got blow-up bed made it ready for when we got back in & put the heating on timer go off at 10, just after 7 taxi came & went to newton park restaurant had nice meal we got back just after 9 soon we got in Living room wife was all over me, be honest I started to take wife suit of her she started to take my clothes off less than few minutes both was down to our underwear I put my wife on the table & started to play with her breast over her bra then worked my way down her body till was between her legs.I stop got magic wand set it up so she got off the table went to sofa & sat at the edge I started wand work my way from top of her mound between her legs over her panties she told could not feel it much so I took rubber cap off use just solid head after few minutes she arch herself telling to stop & I did, she stood up ask me take her panties off her I did she sat back down opened up her legs so I can use magic wand on her I started at the top of her mound worked my way between her pussy lips she told me just leave it there has I did she fall back could hear her don’t stop after few minutes her voice was getting louder the next thing beylikdüzü escort I know was telling me lick at her pussy & I did after about minute could tell she had kind of orgasm to taste I was getting after bit more she told me to stop & kiss my lips thank me for not stopping.My wife told me get 7” purple curved dildo in harnesses she got back up went to table while I was sorting myself out I put condom on the dildo & use some KY gel just was about go between her legs told me put some on her & I did, I went back & just get about 3” dildo in her pussy I went upstairs got small platform stood on it & put bit more KY gel on us both this time I had good 5” in her I pulled to edge of table now had all dildo in her was I ponding her she know all dildo going in her, she put arms around my neck kiss me while I was pushing the dildo in & out of her pussy after 5 minutes fucking her like this she broke off asked if could try realistic flesh pink dildo.I step down took off the harnesses change the dildo’s I put condom on realistic dildo put lot KY gel & some on her pussy entrance I step back up place dildo ready to go in I took it slow at first due to was little more thicker & longer, somehow my cock got bit life into it & was hurting me little pressing against guard of harnesses I stop put hand down the front pulled my cock up straight up my belly, I restarted fucking her with it she hooked her legs round my waist lock them together told me fuck her has hard fast I could for few minutes I asked to hold me she did I wrapped my arms around her I started to go faster & harder I could hear her saying go on harder I must been doing somethink right less than 5 minutes I shot a load of cum all over us I must spirited 9 or 10 shot out of me I stop kiss her on the lips while I was shooting my load over us after I finished step down it was all over us white sticky stuff I got the cloth from kitchen wipe it off her first then I drop harnesses on the floor wipe myself down.We kissed she ask if could just go to bed now & cuddle we did we fall asleep in each other arms until 7am.I did us drink we sat on the sofa my wife started to talk about last night how she enjoyed it with me fucking her with dildo’s, then she said I hope not going to hurt too much when try them in my ass soon.That other story how I used the dildos on her.

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