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Hitch-Hiking SurpriseTwo nights ago,I was stuck to walk about 6 miles because my car broke down.I walked for about 20 minutes until a car stops.A man around 45 offers his help and as it was raining like fuck,I agreed.I kept thanking him and offering him money but he insisted that he was okay with the fact that he helped me.Even thought he would kick me out for offering a different kind of service,I did go ahead and ask him if a blowjob would be okay.He looked at me with a smile and said he would accept only if I didnt have any herpes or istanbul escort shits like that,and I assured him I was clean.He then proceded to unzip his pants and pulled out his cock.Small but large penis,just like I love them.I played with his cock with my thongue.I spit on it,rub the end with my fingers until he was hard and ready to get blown.I said that he could talk and ask for favors and he did ! He talked dirty and avcılar escort asked for many things like moaning when I blow,and that I would get naked too if I didnt have any problems with that.We went around my destination several times as I blew him,and I even fingered myself in the ass at some point.I blew him slowly,gently in my warm mouth.About half an hour later,he came in my mouth,as I didnt stop to blow him,sucking his cock with his own sperm making his cock a lot slippery.He asked to make şirinevler escort him cum another time,and I did.i liked the smell of wet cock and sperm,I dont know about you :). I made him come again an hour after,and I sucked his warm and delicious man juice to make his cock dry,no needs for kleenexes !!! He fingered my ass for minutes,and he fucked me gently for 10-15 minutes,before cumming in my ass to finish the pay-off.I will always remember this night,and I often wack myslef thinking of this night,and I swallow my load thinking that he’s the one cumming on me.I oftenly go by again on this road to catch him another time,or maybe I’ll make it on purpose and suck another warm and unknown cock.If anyone intersted to get his cock sucked or even anal,my name is Émanuel Bernatchez,just send me a message or a request,and we’ll try to figure that out 🙂 I’m 23 years old,so don’t worry about the p*******e issues 🙂

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