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Honey We need toTalk never ends WellPT2Still shaken up and trying to recover from what I just suffered through, I quickly made my way downstairs to the kitchen. Thoughts raced through my mind with each step I took. How could I have let this happen? Why has Sarah suddenly changed so much? Will I ever be free from this humiliating pink chastity cage? I do my best to try to push these thoughts aside and try to make it through the evening. Perhaps if I do what Sarah says, we can move past all of this and forget any of it ever happened. Maybe this really is just some weird fantasy of hers.For the next hour I slaved away in the kitchen. I went all out, pan-searing an incredible steak with delicious sides and a glass of Sarah’s favorite red wine. Throughout the entire process my caged cock ached for freedom, and the jingle the little lock on the chastity cage made with each movement reminded me of my shame. I felt incredibly exposed while cooking, and feared that somehow someone would see how ridiculous and pathetic I looked throughout the process. Despite this, however, a strange previously-unknown part of me desired to please Sarah in ways I had never even considered. These thoughts were strange and confusing, and I did my best to keep them in the back of my mind.Finally satisfied with the meal, I placed it carefully on a tray and slowly made my way back upstairs to where Sarah was waiting. Filled with fear and anxiety, I stood outside the bedroom door for a while, afraid to enter. Sarah must have smelled the food or perhaps heard my nervous breathing, and angrily spoke from inside the room.”Slave, are you making me wait?” Sarah asked, clear frustration in her voice.”N…no. I am sorry!” I managed to stammer out.Not wanting to press my luck any further, I quickly stumbled into the room, nearly dropping the entire tray. Sarah rolled her eyes, and my embarrassment reached new heights.”What are you doing, slave?” Sarah began. “Do I have to punish you for not understanding how to worship your Goddess? Get on your knees and present me my dinner.””Yes, Sarah,” I replied, while carefully dropping to my knees.”Yes, Goddess,” Sarah quickly snapped back. “You will address me as ‘Goddess’, and any failure to do so in the future will result in punishment. Is that understood, slave?””Sarah, this is ridiculous,” I replied, meekly, barely believing the words coming out of my mouth. “I love and adore you, but…Goddess? Isn’t that taking things a bit too far?”As soon as I finished my question, the look on Sarah’s face made me question my stance. On the surface she looked angry, but a strange glint in her eyes told me she was expecting, no hoping, for this to happen.”Are you questioning me, your Goddess?” Sarah asked, a hint of playfulness in her voice.Before I could even begin to reply, Sarah reached down and grabbed my chin with a force I had never felt from her before. It took all of my composure and willpower to not drop the tray as she did so.”You belong to me, slave. Clearly your weak mind does not fully grasp this yet.” She spoke, sighing, almost with fake disappointment. “I guess I’ll have to teach you exactly what you are, the hard way.”Before I could react to her last statement, she snatched the tray from my hands, and pushed it aside. Sarah then let go of my chin, and rose up. I looked up at her towering over me as I quivered pathetically beneath her. My tiny caged cock seemed to almost shrink further and threaten to retreat inside of me as I did so. From this position, her large body emanated power, and I truly felt like nothing compared to her.”A Goddess like me, your Goddess, deserves to be worshipped and obeyed unconditionally” Sarah said, her voice nearly booming. “Before the night is over, you will understand what that truly means.”I had no words as thoughts raced around in my head. I truly had no idea what was in store for me, and I could not muster up the courage to move or speak, let alone try to run. I opened my mouth once or twice, but nothing came out. I must have looked like a truly pathetic fool. I just stared up at her, now unable to see her face as her massive beautiful body towered over me, glorious, intimidating, and kadıköy escort naked.Part of me wanted to prostrate myself, kiss her feet, and beg for forgiveness. But if I did that, Sarah would truly own me, and there would be no turning back. I had to maintain some of my dignity, but how? I finally built up the courage to try to speak.”Sarah, I…” I began, hoping my voice sounded powerful and courageous.”Excuse me?” Sarah interrupted. “I did not give you permission to speak, let alone use my name, slave.”Before I could counter, Sarah turned around, and bent over slightly. She then grabbed my hair, and unceremoniously forced my head between her massive ass cheeks.”You’re going to learn what it’s like to truly worship slave, whether you like it or not.” Sarah said, as she held my head in place.At first I was stunned. I had briefly seen a vision of Sarah’s wonderful behind, but before I could process it, my world went dark. I had always been rather familiar with Sarah’s body, but it never occurred to me that my enter head could fit between her large cheeks until now. My first instinct was to try to struggle, but given my position and Sarah’s surprising strength, it didn’t help. If anything, it made her press harder. I decided to stop resisting, if only for the moment, and take stock of the situation. My eyes began to adjust to the substantial lack of light as I relaxed a bit. I truly was completely enveloped, with my nose pressed close to her asshole and my vision limited to the sides of her massive, and somewhat hairy, cheeks. In our past sex life, Sarah was never a fan of me going near her ass, so she never felt the need to shave down there.It dawned on me that, until now, I had been instinctively holding my breath. Given the rather aggressive face-fucking Sarah had given me before, combined with her large size, I guess I knew she might be more than a bit sweaty down here. As the pressure and overwhelming desire to breathe overcame my reluctance to do so, I surrendered and took a breath. The musty odor of hot stale sweat filled my nostrils, and it was nearly overwhelming. Without thinking of the dangers of doing so, I coughed, and gagged slightly right afterwards.”Did you just reject the divine scent of your Goddess, slave?” Sarah’s voice boomed, seemingly in the distance.I felt her hand push harder, forcing my nose right up against her asshole.”Breathe deeply again, and this time behave.” Sarah said.Reluctantly, I obeyed and took a second deep breath. The sweaty scent filled my nose again, to the point where I could almost taste it. However, I noticed something else mixed in, an almost sweet and enjoyable smell. It still took every ounce of my willpower to not cough a second time, but part of me felt comfortable and aroused at the same time.”That’s better, slave,” Sarah said. “You’ll come to love and adore worshipping my divine ass.”I nodded, obediently, still reeling from the previous deep breath. Before I could collect myself, I felt Sarah’s hand lift my head slightly, my nose now sliding up her hairy crack.”Now slave, as you’ve probably noticed by now, that fucking you gave me earlier left me quite sweaty,” Sarah continued. “That’s no state for a Goddess like myself to be in, and it’s your fault. Use that slave tongue of yours and clean me up.”I tried to struggle again, this time more violently. Taking a deep breath was one thing, but licking her sweaty ass? I had far too much self-respect for that, and Sarah had crossed the line. I grabbed her massive thighs and attempted to use them as leverage to push away. For a fleeting moment, I could feel my head sliding out from between her cheeks, and I could see the bright lights of the bedroom starting to fill my dark blurred vision once more.My victory was short-lived, however. Sarah knew her hand couldn’t hold me in place if I truly resisted, so she simply leaned back and used her substantial weight to push me down towards the floor. In a mere moment I was on my back with Sarah’s full weight on my face. I could no longer breathe, let alone move.”That, slave, was a huge mistake,” Sarah said, her voice a mix of anger and amusement. “I guess you need üsküdar escort more training.”Sarah shifted her weight slightly, just enough to allow me to breathe without any chance of being let free. In spite of this I struggled in vain. Sarah was always a large woman, and in this position it afforded her a significant advantage over me. I gave up, and let out a sigh.”I can sit like this all night slave,” Sarah said. “Until you worship me properly, you’re going nowhere.”The reality of my situation began to truly sink in at this point. Here I was, naked, lying on the bedroom floor, with my massive wife literally sitting on my face, refusing to let me up until I licked her fat sweaty ass clean. How in the world had our relationship reached this point, and was it going to get worse from here? I concluded it almost certainly was, and that at least for now, I was going to have to do what she said.I reluctantly began to stick my tongue out. As I did so, I could almost feel Sarah’s smug smile. I was about to acquiesce and lick her ass clean, and she knew it. She leaned back a bit, spreading her cheeks further and giving me easier access to the depths of her massive, but gorgeous, ass. My tongue slowly made its way to the left cheek, a few inches away from the area I was hoping to avoid, her asshole. Sarah’s cheek was soft and supple, but as I ran my tongue along it, I began to feel the coarse matted hairs, and taste the stale ass sweat.The flavor was far worse than the smell, but I did my best to keep my composure as I slowly swirled and flicked my tongue around Sarah’s ass, making progress towards getting her clean. Soon my mouth and nose were filled with her taste and scent, and it made me feel dirty and pathetic, no better than a washcloth or square of toilet paper. Was I truly so worthless that I was now beneath these basic sanitary items in her mind?As I continued to lick, Sarah’s ass grew moist, and soon my face was drenched. She shifted her weight slightly, and the moisture made it easy for my head to slide around in her ass. Before long, I heard the clank of silverware as I cleaned. Had Sarah just picked up the dinner I made for her? Was she really going to eat while I was forced to do this filthy degrading job? The sound of chewing and the slight movement of Sarah’s body as she swallowed answered my questions. Somehow, this made the whole situation even more humiliating, leaving me feeling like a piece of furniture.Between hungry bites, Sarah spoke again. “Slave, I told you to clean my ass. That includes my asshole.”I froze. This was the moment I had hoped would not arrive, even if deep down I knew it would. I could hear and feel Sarah chewing and swallowing as my tongue made its way to the tight wrinkly spot at the center of her behind. As my tongue connected with it, I felt a wave of humiliation wash over me like nothing I had ever experienced. I was about to lick an asshole clean, while my wife, the supposed love of my life, sat eating a steak dinner I had so lovingly prepared just an hour ago.As I began to rim Sarah’s asshole, she let out a contented sigh of pleasure. The tight hole began to relax slightly, almost inviting me inside. I knew she wasn’t going to let me out from under her until I truly cleaned her, so I began to slide my tongue in. I could feel her asshole grip my tongue slightly, and it would relax and tighten as she chewed and swallowed nonchalantly above me. The taste was musky and bitter, and my tongue quickly grew tired from the effort required to stay inside. In spite of this, I began to swirl, probe, suck, and lick at her asshole. I knew she would accept nothing less.Before long my jaw began to ache, and my lips and chin became drenched in saliva and Sarah’s ass sweat. I pushed on, doing my best to ignore the taste and the reality of what I was doing. By this point my tongue was likely 4 inches into Sarah’s asshole, and I could feel her writhing in pleasure between bites of steak. I really was a disgusting pathetic slave being used like a bidet at this point. Part of me wanted to cry, but my small caged cock revealed the other side of my feelings. Something tuzla escort in me was almost enjoying this.I heard the sound of Sarah putting the tray down, indicating that she had finished the meal. She put her hands on the floor beside her, and began to move up and down in pleasure as my tongue fucked her ass.”You know slave, this feels better than your tiny useless cock ever did in my pussy,” Sarah mused between deep breaths. “Since you won’t be fucking me anymore, maybe this is how you’ll pleasure me each night from now on.”I did my best to put the thought of having to suffer this degradation nightly aside, and focused on getting the task at hand done. Maybe if I could make Sarah cum like this, she’d let me go and put a stop to this slave fantasy of hers. Perhaps I did truly owe her a night like this, and with it out of her system, things could go back to normal between us.I soldiered on, doing my best to ignore my aching facial muscles and the scent and taste of tongue-fucking Sarah’s ass. Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to moan loudly as her body quivered. I hadn’t experienced this often, but I knew this meant Sarah was about to cum. Suddenly, her asshole gripped my tongue, and she let out a loud cry as the pleasure of her climax washed over her. At the same time, her body moved with no regard for my comfort, and my face slid around in her ass, violently at times.Before long, Sarah began to relax, and I slid my tongue out of her asshole, doing my best to recover from the difficult moments that had just passed. Sarah’s breathing slowed, as she began to catch her breath. She leaned back slightly, my face still buried in her ass, which was now drenched in saliva and fresh sweat. Having done my job, I eagerly awaited the moment of freedom I was sure was about to come.”Not too bad slave,” Sarah said between labored breaths. “I’ll expect better from you in the future, but for now that was satisfactory.”This was it. Finally, the nightmare that was this evening was about to be over, and I would be able to take a shower and begin the process of forgetting this had ever happened!”However, slave, you did not behave well earlier, and there’s still the matter of your punishment to consider,” Sarah stated, flatly.Punishment? Wasn’t that disgusting humiliating act my punishment? I tried to slide out from under Sarah’s ass, but she simply leaned forward, putting all of her weight on my face. I was fully enveloped again, and not a single breath of fresh air was available.”That was quite the heavy meal you made me,” she continued. “I also moved around quite a bit, using your tongue as a butt plug. It upset my stomach a bit.”I froze. What was she getting at?”I think I know how you’ll pay for your misbehavior today,” Sarah said, as her stomach gurgled.I panicked. I know Sarah, she’s a big woman and she loves her food, so she eats fast. She’s also not exactly shy about the bodily functions that result from this. I began to squirm and struggle, trying to break free. It was no use, but I had to keep trying.Sarah’s stomach gurgled again. This time, I felt her ass clench around me as the most humiliating and emasculating moment I had experienced in my life up to this point began to unfold. First I heard the sound. I had never been this close to an asshole before, and I had no idea how truly loud this was. It rippled, nearly deafening, and it went on for multiple seconds. I then felt the hot air blast my face. Given that Sarah had enveloped my face on the floor, there was nowhere for the air to go either, so the sickening heat remained. I knew what would happen if I breathed, so I held my breath.”You’ll have to breathe eventually, slave,” Sarah said. “Additionally, it’s very unladylike to make such odors, so I’m not going anywhere until you take care of it for me.”She then took out her phone, and began browsing something. I couldn’t tell what, but I could feel her move slightly as she swiped left and right. I had my suspicions, but I had more pressing matters to deal with. My lungs were on fire at this point, I was going to have to breathe.”Oh and slave, I’d better hear the sound of you breathing through your nose,” Sarah said, playfully. “There’s plenty more where that one came from, and if you don’t do as I say, we’ll repeat this all night.”My initial plan thwarted, I had no choice but to take a deep breath through my nose. I braced myself, and began to breathe, as Sarah unbeknownst to me, began to hunt for men on Tinder.

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