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HOW I MASTURBATE – Wet jerkingI first began jerking off wet about 15 years ago, at a time when I wanted to try different ways to masturbate to my magazine pictures. I first tried water-based lubes – lotion, cremes & KY – but they didn’t do the job because they dried before I was ready to cum & I didn’t like having to interrupt my pleasure to apply more lube.I thought that an oil-based lube would solve the problem but what to use? The only stuff I had handy at the time was cooking oil so I decided to try it. For the first few sessions I experimented with the amount of oil smeared on my cock. I eventually settled for just enough oil to reduce friction so that my hand slid easily up & down my shaft but without dick & hand becoming too slippery or sloppy.Because I was masturbating with my magazines I only greased one hand, using the other to turn the pages. I also experimented with variations in technique. I eventually settled for a grip using my right hand. I’d never masturbated with my right hand before then. I loved it! It was so different to everything I had done previously.I remember that for a long time afterwards, the first thing I did when I got home from work each day was to get out my mags, drop my pants, get some paper towel to use as a cum rag, grease istanbul escort up & go to work on my cock while paging through the magazines. On weekends I would do myself this way 2-3 times a day. The physical stimulation using my greased hand was just so much stronger than jerking off dry & the orgasms were excruciatingly wonderful.The one negative about jerking off wet is that I have to clean up immediately after shooting. At first I didn’t mind having to do this. I fronted up to the wash basin, poured warm water over my genitals, soaped up & then rinsed clean. Later I took to humping with my magazines, for which no clean-up was necessary after shooting. So humping gradually took over from jerking off wet whenever I masturbated to magazine pictures.I still love the intense stimulation & orgasms that are part of jerking off wet. I could never give it up totally but it’s now something I save for special occasions, perhaps 2-3 times a month.When I’m ready for a session I drop my pants, make sure my shirt is out of the way & commence greasing up, using a finger to dab just the right amount of oil on my knob & shaft. Then I use my right hand & a backhand grip & start stroking to spread the avcılar escort oil evenly over my shaft, right down to my balls.By now I am rigid, totally hard. Because I use a backhand stroke, I don’t pull my hard-on directly in front of me. Rather, I pull it to the right. I now parade around the house, making love to myself as I go, stopping in front of the mirrors to watch myself & admire my glistening hardness.It’s difficult to explain how exciting it is to watch myself masturbate. The reduced friction allows me to grip my cock much more tightly than when I jerk off dry. My hand moves up & down my shaft almost in slow motion. My fingers do a lot more work than when I jerk off dry & I’m able to work my knob, something not possible when I masturbate dry.It’s delightful to watch my hand & fingers slowly moving over my glistening, rock-hard, throbbing meat; massaging, caressing, squeezing, kneading every ounce of pleasure from it. If I become too excited, I move away from the mirror & ease off the handwork for a short time; then back to it after the crisis has passed.A much anticipated moment arrives when I notice the first bead of pre-cum emerge from my cock’s eye. I squeeze it out of the eye on the up-stroke, pick şirinevler escort ut up on my fingers & smear it over the head & shaft on the down-stroke. I repeat the squeeze-&-smear trick until the mixture of pre-cum & oil emits a squishing sound as my hand & fingers continue their work.I move to to a spot in my bedroom where I’m able to see myself in two of three mirrors at any one time. By turning slightly, first one way & then another, I’m able to watch myself in action from many different angles, from front-on, side-on & from below. It’s just like watching a jerkoff video with sound! And I’m the star!After 10-15 minutes it’s time to cum. When I first started doing myself this way, I ejaculated into a wad of paper towel but found the paper a bit rough on my knob as I shot into it. Later, I moved to the bathroom & shot into the toilet or wash basin. About a year ago I decided to take a risk & shoot freestyle so that I could watch my ejaculation in the mirror. The first few times I was very careful in case spoof made a mess on the floor. I’ve now perfected my technnique so that I don’t make a mess. I focus on the view in one or other of the mirrors. My hand moves with blurring speed as I work to bring myself off. At last! I’m cumming! My hand is around the top of my shaft, my fingers encircling the knob. Then I erupt! I shoot into my fingers & work my knob & shaft to milk all the spoof from my balls. Game over! My fingers, hand & the head of my cock are smeared with a gooey mess.After a few minutes recovery, I squeeze the last drops of spoof from my dick & move to the bathroom to soap up & clean up.

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