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I Have ArrivedHello everyone. My name is Penny Isabelle Wish. I’m a twenty-two year old female, living in London. I am a lesbian and have been since I was about 13. I have had quite an eventful year or so living in London, so I thought I would document it all by writing some short stories based on events so far. My first story is about how I met my wonderful girlfriend Melanie. I hope you like it and watch this space for the follow ups.Penny x. ‘I Have Arrived’.Written by Penny Isabelle Wish. December 2010.You know how it is at house parties, a load of people that you don’t know, all competing for each others attention, checking each other out, and making general ‘small talk’ as they cast their few seconds of judgement over you. This was the exact predicament I had found myself in, invited to a house party, hosted by a full timer called Melanie one Friday evening. I’m only new at the place, started on the Monday. A clothes shop, I won’t say the name, but you can find them on most high streets. Everyone new me but this would be my first chance at meeting everybody in an out of work environment, so I felt under immense pressure to impress, not so much for them, but for me. As I approached the house in question, I could here the loud conversations of the already well-intoxicated party goers, fighting to over power the sound of the distorted speakers blasting out of the living room. Men’s voices seemed to dominate the conversation, as they do! Talking football, talking women……talking shit. The front door was open and crowded by the smokers, as I walked through the haze, I politely smiled at them and asked, as you do, “Is this Melanie’s party?”. “Yes love, get yourself inside and get a drink”, replied a gentleman with a fag hanging out of his mouth. As I quickly walk passed him, I could sense his eyes checking out every inch of my body. I was wearing some black knee high socks with a skirt and a top. I have quite pert and well shaped breasts so I don’t often wear a bra. I knew he had his eyes on me, but, as he will soon find out, that’s the closest he’ll ever get to me. “Penny, you made it”, I heard as I walked through the hallway into what appeared to be the kitchen. It was Melanie, the girl who had invited me along to her house party. “Thanks for inviting me, how is it going?”. We chatted for a while as Melanie poured me a large glass of white wine. She then politely paraded me through the house, istanbul escort introducing me to all of her friends. To be honest, I still don’t know many of their names, the music was so loud I couldn’t even here what people were saying to me. I got caught in conversation to a rather disgusting man, who, on second glance, I realised was the “man on the door” from earlier, he spent more time peering down my top than actually bothering to care about who I was or I why I was there. By now I was feeling a bit mentally ****d by this guy and so began to wonder my eyes across the room, looking for any possible distraction that could drag me away. To my relief, I found Melanie giving me a very mischievous look, she then grabbed my arm and said, “Come on Penny, we haven’t put your coat away yet, see you later Ben”.We ran up the stairs both giggling, “Oh my god Mel, what a pig! I mean, did you notice how he just kept staring at my tits? Who let him in??” As we approached the bedroom door Melanie turned around to me and dropped the biggest bombshell of my 22 living years. “Actually, that pig is my boyfriend”, now with a stern look on her face. “Oh shit. I am SO sorry”, I replied, (a statement with double meaning), suddenly frozen stiff from fear, shock and total embarrassment. As I awaited her to respond, absolutely shitting myself as to the outcome, I noticed a small grin developing on her face. Confused, I also started to smile. “Why are you smiling? What??”. Melanie dragged me into the bedroom and locked the door behind us. “Don’t worry Penny, the guy is a fucking idiot. I have been planning on kicking his sorry arse out of the door for ages but, I just haven’t been able to find the right motivation lately. But, I think that may have just changed.” I think she was right.Letting it all sink in, I felt an immense rush, tingle through my whole body. I suddenly felt really excited, and my knickers were collecting a bit of moisture. I hadn’t told Melanie that I was a lesbian, or in fact anyone really. I like to keep myself to myself. “I sort of guessed that you weren’t really that into men. When I first met you last week, I could see it in your eyes. A look that I often see in the mirror”. “Ah, you mean that you are too?”. “Well, probably not 100% just yet, I’m still trying to figure myself out. I mean, it doesn’t help having that avcılar escort twat as a boyfriend down there, I do wonder if it’s just him, but then, I know deep down, that I find women a lot more attractive than men.” Feeling a little more relaxed, we continued to converse whilst I removed my coat and handed it to Melanie. “So, do you have a girlfriend?”. “No, no I don’t. I had one before I moved here but she didn’t like the fact that I wanted to move out of our small town into London and better my life, so I had no choice but to leave her behind.” I sat down on the bed and took a huge sip from my glass. Knowing that I had not had much action in a while, apart from my collection of vibrating toys. The problem with these girls who think they are lesbians is that it seems like a good idea, especially after a few drinks, until faced with the prospect of having a pussy and pair of tits on top of them rather than a pissed bloke with a sorry excuse for a hard on screwing you for 60 seconds, shooting his load and falling asleep, well, I guess it just hits home, more times than others, right at the wrong bloody moment as well! I felt confident here though. At that point, Melanie came and sat next to me and started kissing me. I then felt her hand rubbing my nipples and breasts. They were becoming hard by now, all of this excitement had me going. I began to loosen up a bit too and opened my legs a bit. She immediately saw this as an opportunity and slipped her hand up between my legs and on to my now, soaking wet knickers. “Hmmmm, you feel fucking amazing Penny”. She then pulled my knickers to one side and inserted two fingers up my slippery cunt. As they went in you could here the bodily fluids and my sticky fanny sucking her fingers in. As she went up to her wrist I let out a small yelp of pleasure. This was one of the most erotic feelings I had ever felt. I tilted my head back as she continued to rub my tits with her other hand. I leant back and lifted up my legs slightly, my toes pointing onto the floor like a ballerina. Melanie then started pulled my top off over my head to reveal my rock hard chest in all its glory. She started to lick them all over. At the same point, she started to brush closely with her other hand on my clit, now with a throbbing pulse rippling through it. I again yelped with pleasure. Her head then began descending down my stomach şirinevler escort towards my pussy, she gently pulled my knickers down my legs, past my feet and discarded them onto the floor. By now I was absolutely fucking gagging for it!! I felt two strong hands lift up my thighs from underneath. Melanie was on her knees, I was laying back on her bed with my legs hoisted up in the air, exposing my juicy, hairless honey pot. I took this chance to lift my head up ever so slightly to see what she was going to do next. I watched her as she stuck her tongue right inside my tight hole. The feeling was too much, I put my head back down and closed my eyes. Whilst inserting her tongue, Melanie now had two fingers penetrating me, her other hand was resting on top of my fanny, rubbing my clit. I was so wet you could her my juices with every thrust. And it wasn’t stopping there. I don’t know what it was, maybe the excitement, maybe the situation, or maybe the girl, I don’t know, but within two minutes I was about to have an orgasm. I have been known to let out a little juice on odd occasions but nothing like what I was feeling now. As the feeling was about to reach its peak I forced Melanie’s head down into my peach with both hands. My legs were wrapped around her head and started to violently shudder. “Aaaaaahhhhh fuuuuuckkk, I’m going to cum Mel I’m going to cum!” I screamed. And with that, my legs and toes contracted, my chest expanded and I let out one last, loud wince and begun to literally cover Melanie’s mouth and nose with fresh pussy cum. Thank god for the loud music downstairs because by now I was screaming the house down. After a few minutes laying arm in arm, we decided that, although we could have quite easily stayed in bed all night, giving each other orgasms until the sun rose, we thought it best to head back downstairs. My body felt electric, my pussy satisfied. I got dressed and we kissed again. “You do realise that you are due a good fucking by me tonight now don’t you Mel?”. She looked at me, smiled and said, “I hope so Penny, I’m so horny after that, you could just blow on my pussy lips and ill cum”. For the rest of that night, myself and Melanie spent the whole evening together, drinking, laughing and chatting. I could only wait about forty five minutes before I had to sneak her upstairs and fuck her brains out. She was right, I barely licked her swollen juicy pussy and she came hard. As for that arse of a boyfriend of hers, well, lets just say, it wasn’t him waking up with her in the morning, and I was right, we did spend all night making each other cum.So, that was how I met my girlfriend Melanie. Pretty fucking hot right?Please follow the rest of my stories to see what we got up to next…….All my love,Penny Isabelle Wish.x

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