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I put my daughter online for pervs to enjoy.I put my daughter online for pervs to enjoy.Not physically, but the offers are there and I think she needs to learn.Her dad bought her a super computer with high definition cam and suggested she can satisfy the perverts whenever she gets bored, so when she told me what he said I retorted, ‘Pervs give you the best times, dont knock them’, then I threw the Cuck asshole out.Heather is a little slow when it comes to males, preferring to stay home and study, instead of going out with her Essex minded friends and finish up each night out, using their panties as ankle warmers.I am a advocate of sex before marriage, and even though I enjoy quality time with my sex toys, they are no substitute for having and feeling a man move inside you, or men for that matter, discharging their pent up semen onto your body, after a good shagging.It takes an experienced mother to recognize their offspring’s weaknesses and foibles, and Heather’s admirable streak in education is her facade in hiding her fear of rejection from men, so rather than go out with her friends and experience being chatted-up and even a bit more, she would rather stay home and study.I came up to her room one night and caught her working on her computer, noting hopefully her state of undress, as she had just emerged from a shower prior to going to bed.So seizing the initiative, I grabbed my camera and took some photos of her sitting there, ‘Mum WTF’, she mildly protested, but undeterred I continued shooting.I think she thought I was just teasing her but when I sat down beside her and connected the camera to the computer, she fell silent as her nudity showed on the screen, I think she was secretly impressed.Of course the shots of her were in profile, but she was nude, and sitting nude at a computer does conjure up some exciting thoughts amongst men looking at them.’You want an honest opinion on how you look’, I challenged her, she looked at me, but said nothing, istanbul escort a turning point in her self belief, as she sat there and watched her images uploaded to a sex chat room to be viewed by men from all over the world.Within a short time the comments and chat offers started coming in, and I sat silently and watched her read each one by one, noting her nipples change hue from soft pink to dark red, harden and swell, a sure sign she was being aroused, as the comments were raw and rude to say the least, so I reached up and switched on her HD webcam, ‘Why dont you watch a couple do it’, I mildly encouraged her, dropping the cam to hide her face and show more of what the men needed to see, and my heart leaped as she reached up and adjusted it to suit her, still hiding her face, but showing her girly bits, then the cam offers came in and she opened them up, ‘Have fun darling, make them work’, and I got up and left her alone, closing the door and standing listening on the other side as her keyboard started clacking like mad, she was responding like a c***d in the proverbial candy store, I walked downstairs in an excited state, I felt like a devious mom selling her daughter on the internet, and it felt good.The following week I happened to go up to suggest a weekend break with a low fare airline and when I got to her room, the door was closed and a sign hung outside on the door read, ‘Quality Time, in progress’, I turned and went back downstairs, more quietly than I came up.Over dinner I remarked on it and she laughed, ‘What do you think it meant mother’, and when I shook my fist in a masturbatory fashion, she laughed again, ‘Well you started me down that road’.So now my daughter was a daily chat room user and in the nude as well as I stole a look through the keyhole and saw her bare backside only in front of the monitor, giving the lucky avcılar escort bugger a full frontal as he relieved himself with her nudity.Heather was learning fast and gaining so much confidence in her body, bringing men off in their hundreds, confessing to me she timed herself and prided herself in making it happen.I was pleased with our open relationship, ‘Learn to control your own sexuality’, I said to her, ‘Then you can control men, you have what they want, and they in turn will give you what you want’.My daughter changed as the months went by and I got a first hand look at her, when we took a weekend break in Amsterdam.’I want to get some toys, she whispered to me over breakfast, so we left the hotel and went down the ‘Erotic Shopping Center’ on Reguliersbreestraat 4, one that I first frequented when I was a stewardess, the cinemas up stairs let me once entertain a couple of horny men, during a porn showing.Heather’s eyes lit up like candles(Pardon the pun)as she perused the dildos and vibrators, some of them too large to contemplate inserting, but she was fascinated with being surrounded by so many life like cocks, ‘Perhaps my darling daughter likes gang-bangs’, I teased her, so smiled without denying.As we walked around she whispered, ‘Mom, there’s a guy following us’, and I continued to pick-up and run my hand up and down the shafts of some of the biggest life like cocks on display.’We are exciting him darling, he knows we are going to put one in our pussy’, and I gave her a sidelong glance, but she had a glazed look about her expression, I felt at that moment she was warming to the idea of sex, so I suggested she go upstairs where the sex cinemas were and see if he followed her.’I might be too young’, she protested, ‘Dont be fucking stupid Heather, they let twelve year old girls fuck here’, I told her, so she went to the counter and put her new toys on the top and endured the seedy mans leers as he lovingly şirinevler escort put them into a plastic bag, ‘You will enjoy them’, he said as he put her details into his database and watched as she ascended the stairs to the cinema, his smile turning straight as he realized there was a big possibility a fuck was on offer.I watched her disappear at the top and few men follow her up, so I waited and followed myself, my stomach knotted with a sexual excitement, I had fucked in this cinema and now my daughter was on the verge of deflowerment by two pervs, I would sit further back and watch her being fucked, this time her mother knew when not to interfere.I stood in the darkened entrance and looked across at her, her form and beauty in contrast to the men dotted around staring at the porn fucking on the big screen, then one by one as they took notice they started moving towards her, taking the seats around and beside her, she never contested and raised any alarm, as they reached and touched, then kissed, she was being overpowered and undressed, soon she would be naked and laid on the semen encrusted carpet and fucked by each in turn, just as I was sixteen years earlier, her home coming, she was conceived on such a night and the fruit of my loins was fertilized on much the same spot where her deflowerment just happened, her cry of pain music to the ears of the perverts enjoying her, I brought her home, back to the dirty floor where she was being fucked, life had indeed come full circle.The breathing was unmistakable, hot and on the nape of my neck, causing the hairs to rise, the hands sliding under my skirt and pulling my panties down.I closed my eyes as the years drifted back to that night, these were real and soon I dropped like my daughter had minutes earlier, my ankles held open by willing hands of strangers eager to satisfy themselves, I was naked and now the men entered and left, their urgency more evident once word got around we were mother and daughter, could I taste her on each cock I sucked that day, or her likewise, no doubt some enterprising pervs would like to feel they had is both, but that’s the nature of sex and good luck to the men who sampled us both, no doubt either one of us or both would be back here again if it still exists, but first we need to be fertilized, so I shall sign off and continue fucking.

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