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Indian Hotel ExperienceI was staying in a small hotel in India while running some work there…the hotel was on the water front close to the very famous Taj Mahal Hotel ..Each night I would have to make various international calls to England, the U.S.A and to Singapore which I had to book through the operator in the hotel. She was a lovely sounding girl and we often laughed and joked both before I made a call and after when she would call up just to check everything was okay. Some of our conversations got a little saucy and I wondered what she looked like, she obviously knew what I looked like as she told me she had seen me in the small hotel lobby and reception area. It was one night when I had made some calls and we were talking, she said I sounded quite stressed and tired and should maybe try a massage to loosen up and relax. I told her I would love to have one but didn’t know where to go for one at this late hour…she told me she knew someone who would give me a nice massage. She told me to go take a shower and be ready in around half an hour she would be sending someone up….I had no idea who she had in mind…I hoped it might be her…but that was a high hope.Around thirty minutes later, there was a knock on the door and I opened it, there stood an older Indian man slim bit taller than me, he smiled and in very broken English said…massage…. bakırköy escort he then came in and closed the door… I only had a small towel around my waist and had showered as I had been told to….the guy moved me to the bed where I had place one of the large towels… he had a bottle of oil in one hand…..he got me to lay face down on the bed and he slipped off his trousers and shirt so as not to get oil on them. He began by rubbing my shoulders and then began quickly moving down my back, he wasn’t spending a lot of time actually massaging my muscles it was more like a quick body rub…. he moved down to my behind and moved away the towel so my bottom was naked and on show to him as he rubbed my bum cheeks his fingers seemed to find their way between the cheeks and brushed my puckered opening making me gasp quite loudly…. though he said nothing….he managed to touch me there a few more times before he made me move onto my back…..I had gotten quite excited by his touch and had a near hard on as I turned over… It was at this point any further pretense of a massage more or less went out of the window…he got on top of me and began to suck me while straddling over my head, presenting me with a very sizable cock of around nine inches in length but also over wrist thick in girth too…For a few moments I wasn’t too sure what beşiktaş escort I should do… but as his warm mouth almost devoured my hardness… I decided I just had to return the favor…I was soon sucking on his massive erect member and fondling and kissing his large ball sac…. He moved down and then began to lick around my tight puckered hole making me groan and gasp out loudly with immense pleasure as he did….even moving onto to inserting his fingers into me with some oil or grease on….my hips were bucking around as my body was writhing around on the bed… I tried to suck and lick him…even putting my tongue up to his hole…Within a few minutes…he got up and moved to kneel between my outstretched legs looking down at me with a huge grin all over his face….. he took hold of my legs and pulled them up so they were against his shoulders….and then leaned forward and was pressing me down…almost folding me in half as he did…I then felt the large head of his cock brushing against my opening as he bent forward further and began to kiss me on my face…. I felt him pressing harder against me and my ass was starting to stretch open making me gasp out as the large head began to stretch and enter me…. he quickly put his mouth onto mine and began to kiss me passionately using his tongue in my mouth and throat……He beylikdüzü escort must have spent the next ten to fifteen minutes fucking me like mad….I was writhing around on the bed as he pumped that lovely big cock in and out of me like a well oiled piston…I could feel him getting even faster and he pressed me down harder so that he could ram himself even deeper into me as I felt his cock begin to throb and jerk and felt him pumping his cum deep into me…I was seeing stars as this happened…it had been ages since I had been fucked like this and he was still laying on me and kissing me around the face and neck as he lay there till all the spasms from his cock stopped. He then got up and dressed and left. The following nite I was again making phone calls and when I had done as usual the girl called me to make sure everything was okay…..we chatted for a few minutes before she asked me….how did you like your massage….I stopped talking…a little shocked……she interjected all matter of fact…don’t worry.. Ranj said you were as horny as hell and he loved your tight little hole too…I just didn’t know what to say…. before she just added…he told me to say he will see you at the same time tonight…and rang off…There was a knock on my door later and I didn’t let him stand there very long either…we dispensed with the massage part and got right down to fondling and kissing before he fucked me again………unfortunately I had to go off to one of the sites I had business with and was away for a few days before having to move hotels on company instructions…I have to say that the few nights with this guy were fantastic…

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