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Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde), Chapter 3Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter Three – New Friends*******It was after our ‘dinner date’ with Carol and Carl that we discovered that they were more than just casual players and that there was a lot more to our neighbours and their social life than we realised. Then again, I guess that in those early days Jacqui and me both had a naive outlook on life and that we both willingly accepted what we saw at first glance without question.Case in point, Jacqui’s surprise at being seduced by Carol in the garden, she never saw that coming, and then the whole thing with Miss A and being introduced into the world of her lesbian friends; we had no idea when we took up the tenancy of our apartment just what we were getting ourselves into. In addition to these situations was that in each case the ‘participant’ Jacqui (or should that read ‘Heidi’) was sworn to secrecy so that initially I had not a clue what was going on. A precursor to exciting times ahead indeed. Our dinner dates with Carol and Carl continued with the added spice that now we had extra spice on the menu and we got to know them a lot better in every sense! Our convivial evenings, regardless whether it was their apartment or ours, would conclude with either Jacqui and Carl going off to the bedroom leaving Carol and me to enjoy ourselves in the lounge or, vice versa, Carol would grab me by the hand and we would ‘get’ the bedroom leaving the others to their fun where they may. It was all very relaxed and we loved it, this being in the company of like-minded folks; the relaxed attitude to sex; the constant striving for the ‘next thing’. Little did we realise that we were being groomed by this intellectual couple and that this wife swop-thing was really an introduction into a world of which neither of us were previously aware. It was the beginning of us being drawn into a whole new way of life.It must have been after we had had 3 or 4 sessions with them when Carol and Carl made their separate approaches to each of us and mentioned they had this other group of friends that they met with on a somewhat irregular basis and would we be interested in joining them. Initially, I thought it must be something related to his work, him being a museum curator and having all these arty, intellectual interests but he soon disabused me of that idea. He told me with a smile that this particular group far from being just interested in the visual Arts was more interested in the living human form and in joining this group we would all get the chance to expand our individual experience. (Carl could be very obtuse and verbose at times!)I asked him to say in simple terms what they did when they met. He was almost exasperated at my failure to get what he was suggesting. “For Chrissakes. I’m inviting you to a Swingers party; a chance to enjoy other wives and get as much pussy as your stamina allows!”Ah, now I got it.Carol had a similar conversation with Jacqui and told her how she would get to enjoy a variety of stiff cock; how much fun it was that all the guys had a different approach and stroke, etc, and that she would absolutely love them. She told Jacqui that it would be such fun to welcome us two into their group of special friends.We both made a similar response to the suggestion which was that Jacqui and me would need to think about it and would let them know. Neither of us made any commitment although I was excited at the idea and hoped that Carol hadn’t freaked Jacqui out when they had their own little conversation. I was on tenterhooks when we got back to our apartment waiting to hear Jacqui’s reaction and I got the distinct impression that she was going to be saying she wasn’t interested in becoming part of a larger group than just the foursomes we had been having to date with Carol and Carl. However, I should have known for my devious, sweet Jacqui was just messing with my mind and giving this appearance of reluctance as part of the little games we used to play. She pretended to be not particularly interested; she said that she liked playing with Carl and Carol but wasn’t sure how it would work out with more than just the four of us; that she wanted to ‘think about’ it.I made no attempt to hide the feelings of dejection and, later, when I was doing something to Carol, she looked on with exasperation as if even these foursomes were now not to her liking. However, that was ‘Jacqui’ talking and I didn’t noticed when the change occurred but ‘Heidi’ whispered to me that she had given up on the ‘no interest’ and, yes, it would be a great idea to participate with them. I was elated and, at the same time, a little mad at her for messing around with my head like this but I should not have been surprised for once again she had demonstrated that her ‘play-acting’ of the past couple of days was just another indication of her love of games. In truth, a clear revelation of her split personality when it came to sex.It was a few days after we gave our decision to Carol and Carl that we were invited by them to pose for a few nude photographs that would be shown to the other couples. They had already told these other couples about us and they wanted to see some photos of us before they met us to see if we passed muster! We passed the test and next, it was agreed we would all meet at a bar for a few drinks and to be introduced. We had heard about this particular place and, shall we say, it had a reputation for being rather risqué!Accompanied by Carl and Carol, we met as planned with 3 other couples who initially gave the impression as the introductions were made that we were lambs being offered up for slaughter by wolves and about to be devoured. However, that attitude didn’t last long and suffice to say the meeting went very well and we must have been acceptable to them as it was suggested we adjourn and all meet back at one of their houses.We left with Carl and Carol and as we drove to the rendezvous house Carol told us not to worry about a thing and said that contrary to our initial impressions that we were a big hit with the ‘gang’ and we should expect a really, really busy night. We got to the house but there was nowhere to park so Carl dropped the girls off at the kerb and we went off to find a spot. It left Carol and Jacqui alone for a few minutes alone and later Jacqui told me that Carol had said to her that ‘it was obvious that the ‘gang’ wanted me as much as she wanted me when she first saw me.’ Jacqui thanked her for the compliment and I guess that was the moment when she went into her ‘Heidi mode’ for when Carl and me got back she had that glint in her eye and into the house we went. Upon entering the house Carl took my arm and steered me toward the kitchen where drinks were laid out with an invitation to ‘help yourself’. I turned around to ask what Heidi might like but she seemed to have disappeared. I didn’t have time to think about it but it was clear that us men were excluded from whatever was happening in the large adjacent rec room where the other wives were already assembled. I was intrigued when I heard through the open door the ‘lady of the house’, our hostess, saying something anadolu yakası escort like, “Let’s get to it ladies, panties off.”Carol had previously told Jacqui ahead of time to wear either a dress or skirt but definitely no slacks and now she knew the reason why. The women all reached under their dresses/skirts and pulled off their panties off quickly. Heidi not wanting to look like a prude followed suit and in a matter of seconds was standing looking around at the other ladies who were all holding the discarded knickers in their hands.The hostess then sternly instructed, almost admonished, the women to make sure they each remembered what their panties looked like before she went around to each of them and collected the offered panties in a dainty little basket. A few minutes later her husband left us men standing in the kitchen and I glimpsed through the door to see that he had taken the basket from his wife before he disappeared from viewAfter he was gone one of the other guys told me what happens next. He said that the husband was now upstairs and was randomly hanging a pair of panties on a doorknob of each one of the bedrooms. When he was done he would come down to us and we would be instructed to go upstairs and choose a room but not one that had our own partner’s knickers hanging on the door. Afterwards each woman was to then go round the house till she found a door with her panties hanging on the doorknob and the man inside would be her partner for the evening.Once we men were inside our chosen room the girls got the ‘all ready’ signal from our hostess’ husband and one by one they were told to go off to find their panties and, on opening the door, to discover their partner for the evening. Since Heidi was the ‘new girl’ she was selected to leave first. Our hostess took her by the hand and lead me her to where she should start her quest to find her panties. She began the search and was much amused at the sight of panties hanging on various doorknobs and before she spotted hers. Excitement had been building up in her mind and by the time she stood at the door she was breathing hard and shaking with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. Not quite sure what the proper etiquette for something like this she took a deep breath and went into the darkened room and lay on the bed. A few moments later there was a light rap on the door and a man who she vaguely recognised from the introductions down stairs came in. He seemed rather irritable and initially had a rather gruff manner but when he saw it was ‘the new girl’ his tone changed a bit and he said he was pleased that he had picked her panties and added that from the moment he had seen her that he had been wondering all evening what she’d be like in bed. He made it clear that he was very experienced in these games and that he was determined to make a production of it. It wasn’t going to be a quick wham bam, thank you Mam fuck.He sat down in an easy chair and started the proceedings by telling Heidi that he wanted to see a slow strip show. She instantly relaxed for if there was something that Heidi loved to do then it was to ‘play games’ such as this.She got off the bed and started to unbutton her blouse when he asked if she was wearing a slip. She said, no, she wasn’t.He said, “Good. Now take off your skirt.” She complied and let it drop to the floor. As she stepped out of it she slipped the blouse from her shoulders and then reached for to unsnap her bra.”Whoa, not so fast. Now walk back and forth across the room and turn around so I can see all sides of you.”She did as instructed and made a few quarter turns as she paraded before him. Satisfied with her little performance he then told her to take off her bra so that she was fully naked except for her heels and stockings. He told her to repeat the little parade. The ‘show’ really fired him up and as she passed by his chair he held out his hand and told her to come and sit on his lap. She wasn’t given a choice and as she fell onto his lap he grabbed her breast and squeezed it really hard as he gave her a kiss, almost a lip lock, with his tongue going deep into her mouth. She gasped and tried to give him tongue back all at the same time but he soon tired of this particular game and without any ceremony pushed her on to the floor on her knees and said, “You know what to do next.”She knew exactly what he wanted next and once she had slipped to the floor she proceeded to unzip him, reached inside and pulled out a rather short but plump cock. Not needing any further encouragement she quickly slipped his swelling manhood into her mouth. Almost as soon as she started to suck on him she was alarmed to feel straightaway that he was about to come and being the new girl on the block she wasn’t sure what to do with him but it wasn’t rocket science for her to figure out having him climax so soon would not be a welcome thing especially as it was her first visit. So she stopped, pulled off and asked him if he’d like to do oral sex on her. Clever Heidi; he practically jumped at the chance and soon she was on her back on the bed with his head buried between her thighs and giving her, as he called it, a tongue lashing for being such a bad girl. If it was meant to be an admonishment then he was wide of the mark. Heidi laid back and moaning her apologies for getting him too excited when she had been sucking his dick he proceeded to ‘punish’ her by demonstrating that this was something of which he was very good at supplying, very good indeed. Heidi sighed her way through the first of her orgasms that evening as his long tongue lapped up and down her wet slit. She later confessed to me that it was one of the best she’d ever had which made me felt a little diminished but then she told me that because her ‘beau’ had problems of his own and had recently had an operation which had resulted on him not being able to keep it up and that too much attention caused him to ejaculate almost prematurely. He confessed and almost apologised to Heidi for his shortcomings but she being the sweet girl she is continued her evening with chatting, letting him make plenty of foreplay and giving her oral sex and then when she figured it was the right time she guided his stiff cock into her very wet cunt and gave him what he really wanted. It didn’t take long and for Heidi it wasn’t the greatest but she confessed that this first encounter with a group of swingers was quite pleasant and that it gave her a taste for different cocks and that she was looking forward to the inevitable ‘next time’…….. then she asked, ‘how was it for me?’I admitted to her that it all seemed to be a bit ‘mechanical’, perhaps I was too preoccupied with wondering what was happening to her behind the closed door where I had seen her panties hanging to be able to concentrate fully on my own new encounter.I chose panties that I knew not to be my Heidi’s and knocked at the door just as I’d been instructed. A soft voice said, “Come in” and I opened the door to see Joanne, the blonde lady I had been introduced to downstairs, get up from the bed. She was still fully dressed except for the panties that were hanging on the doorknob and to emphasise the ataşehir escort fact she deliberately spread her legs as she rose from the bed so I could see her hair-fringed pussy. She had obviously done this before and she had a smirk on her face when she saw that she had caught my attention.We made small talk for a few minutes and then she started the action by embracing me and kissing. It seemed to be a bit clumsy but nevertheless we continued both standing there as the conversation went to what kind of sex we enjoyed, positions, oral and such before I felt her hand reach down to my crotch. I think she pleased to find that our ‘talk’ had bought me to an agreeable state of readiness. I reached behind her and assisted her take off her blouse and she returned the favour by unzipping my pants and helping them to fall to the floor.We both got onto the bed and for me it seemed that we then went through some kind of pre-defined ‘script’. She sucked at me for a bit; I ate her out for a little while; she pushed me to my back and mounted me and had, I think, an orgasm; I pushed her off and fucked her missionary until I came and then, we were done!How long the encounter lasted, I have no recollection. All I do know is that Joanne didn’t ‘light my lamp’ in the way that my beloved Jacqui could ignite and I spent the whole time wondering what my ‘Heidi’ was doing and whether we were doing the right thing. I should not have been concerned, it soon became clear that we were starting down a new path of adventure leading to happiness .I could hear noises that indicated folks were vacating their bedrooms and going back downstairs. Joanne and me picked up our discarded clothes, dressed and after giving a ‘thank you’ kiss we went and joined them. It all seemed very matter-of-fact when we assembled once more in the living room and Heidi was in the midst of the thong with an expression on her face that spoke volumes. Clearly she had enjoyed a good time and her previous apprehension about meeting so many new people at once had disappeared and, from the snatches of conversation I caught, that she was already looking forward to the next ‘meeting’.On the drive home both Carol and Carl quizzed us as to how we had enjoyed the evening. I didn’t say too much as I was still inwardly struggling with the idea that Jacqui (aka Heidi) had so easily embraced getting involved with what was to me a giant step. However, I wasn’t about to make any protest in the company of our friends and it was when we were in the privacy of our apartment that she admitted that she felt like she had been a disappointment to her partner, that she had failed to live up to his expectations of her. I told her that I doubted that and that we would both do better ‘next time’.It wasn’t too long before the next time came around when Carol told of another meeting that was scheduled for a couple of week’s time, “were we interested?” Jacqui didn’t hestitate to give her answer.This time it was to another couple’s house that we were taken and they had obviously been impressed by us from the prior encounter for they seemingly took an especially interest in Jacqui who was being her lovely self. The format of the evening wasn’t quite the same as our previous experience, it was more a straightforward game of making eyes with someone, by pairing off and then finding somewhere in the large house to have sex. During the course of the evening we both had the opportunity to fuck with different partners and it all seemed to be very relaxed and we fitted in very well.Come the end of the evening (when I have to admit to be feeling a little ‘drained’) we made our excuses and our way to the front door. Before we could leave our hosts took us to one side and out of earshot of Carol and Carl who were still saying their goodbyes asked if we might in the future like to meet with a different group with whom they played. Jacqui asked, “how different?” and was told that the difference being that it wouldn’t be just couples, there were also several single guys involved which the wife said with some relish, “… added a little more spice to the fun!”I was a little nervous at the prospect and although I could see that Jacqui was warm to the idea I thought I had managed to stop her agreeing straight out that we would sign up to what was being suggested. Indeed, before she could answer and commit to getting even deeper with these folks I had to interrupt and told our hosts that, once again, “we would think about it”.Jacqui was not pleased at my show of reluctance and she totally ignored the perceived lack of enthusiasm I was giving to our hostess and said, “Yes, that will be lovely. Give me a call.”It then became clear to me she had become a devotee to the whole swop/swinging thing and was now fully committed. What could I do but give way to her and hope that whatever might happen as we went down this path that I would be there to support and protect her from harm.******Jacqui took the call and the appointed weekend rolled around and on Saturday evening we went without the company of Carol and Carl and met at another couple’s place. When we got there we recognised our hosts and another two couples from our last time together but there was the surprise of being introduced to half a dozen single guys who clearly had come to the house unaccompanied. I had no idea what to expect but nevertheless was quite excited by the idea that maybe this was going to become some kind of ‘Gangbang’ situation with a string of studs lining up to fuck the few wives who were present and for the husbands to be taking their turn! I was soon to be appraised of what the format and the theme of the weekend was to be.First up was almost a declaration that we had to sign up to what was going to happen and make no objections. If we had any doubts about participating then now was the time to say so and for us to get our coats and leave.’Wow’, what have we got ourselves into? I looked around at the guys, the other couples and finally Jacqui. They were all looking at us awaiting an answer and whilst I struggled with how to respond the decision was taken from me when she said, “Sure, bring it on”.There were smiles all round and our hostess stepped forward, “Great, here’s what’s going to happen this weekend. You guys have to split into four teams with just one husband in each and then you have to select one of us ladies to join you. You can’t choose the wife of the husband in your group. Got that?” She looked around to see if the message had been received and understood and was rewarded by nods and smiles by everyone to indicate that they approved of the ‘game’. Jacqui’s response seemed to me that she was more enthusiastic than most but then again the mention that this was a ‘game’ fitted right on in there with her newly found love of ‘playing’.”OK, let’s divvy up and get to it. Once the teams have been sorted you can make your own choices of where to go but let’s be clear, you ain’t all gonna be staying here!”As it turned out I was conscripted to be one of the group that had the hostess as our woman for the night and I did indeed stay put. Jacqui (or rather Heidi giving she was now fully aroused and excited) found herself at the ümraniye escort centre of some intense bidding given she looked stunning and every man’s wet dream but eventually she was ‘won’ by our host of the evening and I caught a last glimpse of her as he escorted her out of the door accompanied by three other guys. The sound of car doors slamming and engine noise confirmed that she was lost to me for the rest of the night.The others all followed suit and I was left in the company of Lizzie, our hostess, and these three other guys none of whom I had met before and certainly although I had been introduced I could not remember their names. No matter, it made no difference for there was no need to speak or have any kind of conversation when without any ceremony Lizzie pulled off her dress and stood there naked except for her thigh-high stockings and said, “Let’s fuck. Who wants to be first?”Cue everyone pulling off their clothes and then for us all to take turns with screwing the delightful Lizzie. She was a blonde in her mid-40s, well endowed, very fit and trim and a very good fuck. She knew all the tricks and positions and despite my nervousness at being in such a new and unique situation she had no difficulty in keeping my cock stiff and, mostly, my mind off of what Heidi may be doing. If I did allow my imagination to wander then it was to think that she must be doing pretty much the same.The night passed in a mostly relaxed way with the guys, including me, taking their time in satisfying Lizzie’s insatiable cunt. She would encourage us by sucking and playing with our cocks and balls while she was being fucked by another and she made no objection when one of the guys stuffed his aroused cock up her ass. Indeed, she even encouraged him to do so in doggy-like fashion; I remember it well for she was sucking on my cock at the time!I forget how many times I took my turn with Lizzie, it all seemed to be a bit of a blur but I was impressed at my stamina and ability to return to the ‘cockpit’ and concluded that my worries and anxieties were unfounded and that maybe, despite my, by now, very sore penis, this was a marvellous thing that we were doing and had become involved with. Having said that I couldn’t wait to be reunited with my Heidi and to hear how her weekend had panned out.It was mid afternoon the following day when she returned to the house with ‘the host’. There was no sign of the other guys and indeed the others of my little party had all left so that it was just Lizzie and me that greeted her. We had a little chit-chat before we made our excuses and left for home. We assured both Lizzie and her husband (still can’t remember his name!) that we had had a brilliant time and thanked them both so much for inviting us. Inevitable we said that we would be looking forward to the next time which, I guess, kind of committed ourselves to the group and to whatever might be planned for the future.Our drive home was one of constant interruptions as we both tried to relate to each other what had happened overnight. Jacqui (as she now had reverted to being) said that she had been a bit concerned that she wouldn’t perform up to expectations, especially with all these new men but, as it turned out she was a big hit and performed very well. As she was telling me her account she produced some Polaroid pictures from her purse which had been taken by one of the guys. Oh my God, they left nothing to the imagination and I was treated to a small portfolio of my wife, now a Porn Star Model, who was displaying her open pussy; her ass; her tits cupped in her hands. There were few of her sucking on cocks, others of her pussy being comfortably filled by a stiff cock, a few showed her naked body with globs of fresh semen streaking her alabaster skin. Every one of the pictures showed her with a smile on her face.When we eventually got home we went straight to the bedroom where we stripped off and I demanded that she adopt each of the poses that was displayed by the Polaroids. It was a great game and even though my cock was suffering from having enjoyed so much of Lizzie it responded well to Heidi’s performance and I was able to bring her to another few orgasms to join the ones she had already pleasured from with her new group of friends.The photos intrigued me and I asked how they had come about; had the guy pressured her, had he asked her, what were his intentions, etc.Jacqui in her innocent way had thought nothing of it when the guy had produced the camera. She thought that it just added another element to what she regarded as being a lovely game and had been quite willing to pose and do anything he asked. Indeed, the camera had been passed around and there had been a bit of a competition going as to who could get the best shot, especially to be able to capture ‘the money shot’ whenever one of them was just about to come. Hence the pictures with spunk!She said that the guy, Martin, who bought the camera was professional photographer and he had been thrilled at her performances and the easy way which she had posed and reacted to his commands to do whatever. He had told her that the pictures he had taken that night only confirmed the suspicions he had had when he first caught sight of her that she was a natural and that he wanted to ’employ her’ as a model.I was kind of suspicious at what was being suggested here unlike Jacqui who was full of pride that she had been ‘talent spotted’ by this guy. I didn’t like to dent her enthusiasm but once again I tried to be the voice of caution and said that maybe she ought think this thing through before making any commitments. I tried to temper her view by saying that it meant that she would be exposing her naked self to the company of unknown strangers and how that wasn’t quite the same thing as what we had been doing with our recently new-found friends. I should have saved my breath for she was sharing none of my doubts and said, “Anyway, I’ve already told him that I would do it.”I had nothing to say as I tried to absorb the scenario of what she had obviously so willingly signed up to; my Jacqui, my sweet innocent wife, naked before a camera doing what she was bidden to do so that images could be shared for the gratification of who knows who. I tried to make this point to her but she then further surprised me by saying that being naked in front of strangers was ‘no big deal’ as she had often during her youth and upbringing been in such a state for her foster parent Aunt and Uncle were avid naturalists and most weekends and vacations were spent at nudist camps in the area where she lived. She didn’t say so much as implied that there were many encounters that went beyond simple sunbathing and swimming and, with a giggle said that as a teenager she had seen more than her fair share of erect cocks.Was I shocked? I don’t know if that was the right emotion. All I knew was that my Jacqui was once again letting slip that she was far from being the innocent girl that I thought I had married.So began our association with yet another new world of the erotic and we found ourselves (Yes, I was included) with an organisation that went by the grand title of ‘The Erotica Society of North America’. The society were very selective in whom they invited to become members and I was left in no doubt that Jacqui in her Heidi guise had met the criteria for membership.I took the call that invited us to our first meeting at Martin’s studio. When we arrived there was already another couple in attendance. It was another first for us, they were black.******

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