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Julie takes control (part 4)Here’s chapter 4 of this story. All my own writing, please read previous chapters for more. Check back next week for the next part.So that was it, Julie was on her way back to uni. I thought it’d be about a month before she finished and came home for good.It had been a couple of days since she had gone back I was sat watching TV and Carrie was in the bath when my phone vibrated. My heart jumped when I saw it was from Julie. She was asking if I’d been thinking about her. I replied and said ‘of course’.She said she had a confession to make to me. My mind was full of dread, what had said, who had she said it to. Who knows that me and her fucked like bunnies?It took a couple of minutes and my heart was beating faster and faster. Eventually a message arrived, it went like this.Sarah and I went out last night for a few drinks, a few turned in to more and then a couple more. She had noticed I wasn’t quite myself since I came back. Greg, hadn’t been around as much and I was looking a bit forlorn. I eventually said that I liked older men and I’d had a fling while I was home. I told her that the guy I had been with loved tights and had taught me the great things about anal and how exciting it was to flash while around other people.Sarah was one of Julie’s housemates. Sarah was a little bit bigger than Julie. Sarah and I had met once, Sarah had been wearing a skirt which was above the knee and tights. I had managed to sneak a few pictures of her legs when her and Julie had come round for some food.Greg was Julie’s boyfriend, he played a lot of sport, was tall and athletic. He’d won awards at uni for his sports teams. I hoped I hadn’t ruined Julie and Greg’s relationship.Julie said she was there with Sarah and they’d been drinking all afternoon. Julie wanted to know if she could tell her who she’d been with. Sarah was interested as Julie had told her about the size of my dick and she wanted to know if I’d be up for fun with her too. Sarah admitted that she had something about older men too.My mind was doing flips. Could istanbul escort I get away with shagging Julie and Sarah or even better, both of them at the same time?I eventually agreed that she could tell her. That would then be our secret out in the open and there would be no going back on that.I waited by my phone…..About 30 mins later, I got a picture from Julie, it was a picture of two sets of legs, from the front, short skirts and tights. I could tell one of the sets of legs was Julie’s and I figured the other set of legs was Sarah’s.The next message went like this:‘We both find tights sexy and we want to find out how they feel on another person so we are going to find out’.Oh my God, Julie and Sarah are going to start touching each other and feeling each other’s bodies through their tights.I got another picture with them both in the mirror with their skirts pulled up showing me both their knickers under their thin tights. You could definitely tell how skinny Julie was compared to curvy Sarah. My dick stood to attention seeing this picture. I wanted to be there and see it with my own eyes, touch and caress both their arses and pussys with my own fingers and tongue.Another picture arrived, this time it was one of them both from the back with them both bent over still with their skirts pulled up showing their cute young arses in tights and showing their knickers through the slightly transparent nylon. I almost shot my load right there in my pants.Julie messaged and said they’d take pictures and some videos of them for me and I’d have to send pictures of me looking at them, of course I agreed, who wouldn’t want to see two hot 20+ year old women finding their inner fetishes.The next evening my WhatsApp went ballistic with all the pictures and videos. Luckily Carrie was out at a friend’s for dinner so I had time to look through them all in detail. I did indeed wank to them, more than once.I will try to explain what I saw and the progress through the images and videos avcılar escort as I watched them.The first picture was almost the same as the last, the reflection of both Julie and Sarah bent over, this time, they had their hands on each other arses.The next showed Julie stripping, first her skirt leaving her bottom half with just her knickers and tights, I loved that view. She then took her jumper off, under her jumper she had a lacey black bra. She slowly took that off revealing her pert tits. I could see her small black thong through her tights, it hardly covered her pretty slit, you could tell she was bald underneath.This time it was Sarah’s turn, she followed the same pattern, first her skirt. Wow, she was a curvy girl, her arse was round and full. It looked liked it would wobble nicely if spanked. Next, her jumper, revealing her large 36E breasts covered her full bra. Her bra didn’t stay on long, her tits were out quickly and her nipples were positioned perfectly and her breasts didn’t sag very much, they looked like they gave a great tit wank.One picture was a coy one, stood up, one leg in front of the other and covering their nipples, Julie’s boobs were fully covered with her arm. Sarah only managed to cover her nipples.Next picture, both sat down covering their boobs like before but this time their legs were up, feet apart and knees touching. I so wanted to them both with their legs open. The next picture was just that. Both still had knickers on but could make out the slits of both their pussies.I didn’t believe Sarah would be so supple for the next one, both bent over, picture from behind, legs apart showing their boobs through their legs.I was seriously stroking myself. I took a picture of my hard dick and sent it Julie. Within a couple of seconds I got a reply saying Sarah couldn’t believe my size. Julie also gave me Sarah’s number so I could send her pictures too.Next image, almost the same as before but they pulled their tights down over their arses, still with knickers on.The next was with şirinevler escort them both after taking knickers off, from the front, stood up, covering their boobs with one arm and their pussies with their other hand.I so wanted to see more, the next was a message to say that they got carried away after that and they had started touching each other and they loved the feel of each other’s arses through their tights.Julie said they ended up feeling each other’s pussies. They both got horny and wet. They both tasted each other’s juices by licking each other through their tights.The next two pictures were a picture of each of their pussies, close up, showing their wetness through their opaque tights. Shit, I almost blew my load. I knew Julie was bald, Sarah had a little landing strip just above her clit.Julie said Sarah tasted so sweet and she wanted me to taste how good it was.The next picture was one of Sarah’s pussy, tights pulled down and a finger pushing Julie’s underwear in to Sarah. I didn’t know whose finger it was. The next picture showed it was Julie’s. She was stuffing her own knickers in to Sarah’s young tight, wet pussy.Julie carried on fingering Sarah and I could see how wet she was. Julie went down on Sarah, I could see her tongue playing around her clit and hole.They then got a dildo from somewhere, Julie pulled her own tights down and started by putting it in her wet hole and then putting it in Sarah. Oh my God, they were truly getting off with each other. I never knew Julie had thoughts of being with a female.The next message was that they had to put the camera down and just finger each other, Julie said they were saving anal for another day.Julie said they both came multiple times. I wish I had been there to take the pictures myself.The next showed Julie putting her knickers, the ones which had been stuffed inside Sarah’s pussy, in an envelope with my name and address on it.Wow, I can’t wait to get that package.I quickly printed off a picture which showed both their pussies, waited until I was about to come, turned my recorder on and took a video of me cumming over the picture of them both. I pressed send to them both.Sarah replied first saying she hoped to have my dick in her pussy soon. Julie replied a couple of minutes later saying she wanted to share my dick with Sarah. It looked like I might be on course for my first threesome.

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