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Katies Revenge part 3Read parts one and two first for the best effect.This story is fictional…. Katie let her mom rest for a few mins. Helen then asked Please let me up untie me please!!..No way Mom the weekend has just began and I have no intention of letting you free until you have been properly punished for calling me a whore and chasing my first real boyfriend off. Katie then heard her mom mumble..when i get free I will fuck you up plenty…..I heard that mommy!! Katie roughly pulled her moms fat thighs apart …smackkkkkk!!!! she slapped her moms inner thigh so hard her hand felt like she broke it,aghhhhh shit fuck owwwwwww arggg!!! istanbul escort screamed her Mom as a big red welt swelled up.Katie reared back and let another one fly right on the same tender blazing hot spot.swaack!Helen was openly sobbing now it hurt so bad.Take that you insulant bitch! Katie yelled.Katie retrieved her moms vibrator from the nitestand and jerked her moms legs apart exposing her moms well used cunt.She started the toy and gently stroked her moms fat pussy and got her moms clit poking out and hard. Her moms cunt was getting slick with juices and her mom avcılar escort was now gently moaning and couldnt help becoming aroused by her daughters ministrations with the vibe.After about 10 mins, Katie could tell her mom was on the brink of comeing..Just what i wanted she thought to herself she could see her moms brown starfish start to pucker as orgasm was imminent.Katie shut the vibe off and went into the kitchen grabbed a big pitcher filled it with icewater and returned.Katie drenched her Mom head to toe with that freezing cold water.Once again her mom was almost crying in agony.Thought I was gonna let şirinevler escort you have a good cumm Mom? Katie laughed.She turned and went to watch some TV leaving her shivering mother to her thoughts. After about a hour and a half Katie returned to her Moms room,Helen pleaded with Katie please untie me I promise I wont ever call you a whore or mess in your afairs again.Well you should have thought of that before you bitch your my prisoner for the next two days at least so shut the fuck up…Katie helen pleaded I really need to use the bathroom really bad I promise I wont try anything you untie me and I will go potty and come back and you can restrain me again I promise.Please i really need to poop so bad I am going to shit myself soon if you dont let me up..Katie though about what a stinking mess that would be..Ok mommy but no funny stuff or else.Helen thought to herself if that slut lets me loose I will kick the shit out of her…Part 4 next.

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