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Kim and James in Vegas Chapter 3Kim & James StoryChapter 3A Day to RememberTom told them OK, let’s get started. I thought we would go to the same store the strippers and dancers go to. We can save the fancy stores for later. Off they went. The days adventure had begun.Kim, sitting in the back was rubbing her nipples hoping that Tom would notice. She could see him peeking at her thru the rear view mirror. Tom ask her, that feel good? Looks good from here. Glad to see you dressed comfortable today as it is supposed to reach 105 today. In the little ice chest you will find some cold bottled water if you get thirsty. One learns living in the desert to never go anywhere without having water with you.James could tell Tom knew his way around this town. Tom had taken a back street, crossed over the busy freeway and headed West down Tropicana, past In and Out Burger, past the Wild West Casino that catered to truckers. There must have been 500 trucks parked there. They drove past a big Adult Superstore, Tom spoke up telling them, ?e will be stopping there when we get done at Show Girls Fashions, where I made arrangements. They are expecting us. I gave them a list of the kinds of things Kim told me she was interested in. Tom pulled up at a small shopping mall in front of the Show Girls Fashions Tom got out, opened their door, making them feel like VIP’s. The pretty sales girl Karen greeted them with a smile. Tom slipped something into her hand as he whispered into her ear, this is the couple I told you about on the phone. Is the Private Room as we talked of available for us? I have everything ready for you and your guests, as we arranged on the phone. We are going to do our best to spoil her today. We are going to make her to feel like a queen. Tom slipped $500 into her hand telling her this is just to get the ball rolling and any extra’s you might feel like doing today. Depending on how it goes there is another $500 for you. In the Las Vegas tradition, tipping big brings many benefits. Today was going to be a day that they would never forget.Karen went to Kim and introduced herself. My name is Karen, I’m here to satisfy your every wish. Karen was in her mid 30’s and stood about 5’6and 145 lbs, she had short dark hair. Karen wore a sexy lace tank top, that showed off her rather large breasts. Her dark nipples pressed against the see thru material making for an eluring sight. Karen wore a short skirt, that showed off her tan legs. It set the mood for what was ahead. Karen took them to the back of the store and into a private room as arranged. The room had a couch, a couple leather chairs a fridge, and a table that had a basket with fruit, a tray with fresh pastries, and a bottle of champagne chilling with several Champagne glasses. Soft sexy music was playing in the background. All was ready.Karen took Kim behind the red curtain where she had an assortment of outfits Kim to model for her men. Tom pulled out his digital camera, I am not going to let a day like this go by without taking some hot photos. Days like this do not come along very often.James and Kim’s fantasy was about to become reality. James and Kim had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Kim had been dreaming of this day for along time and had a very good idea of what she wanted to have happen. She knew that she was going to be the center of attention. She also knew that she was going to ex[experience some of her sexual fantasies come true. This shopping trip was just the start for her to get naughty and turn her men on like they had never been before. Peeking out from behind the curtain Kim was ready. Karen stepped out from behind the curtain. Kim strolled into the room as if she was a runway model. She made her way to the stage. Her breasts swayed under a flowing white dress. With a slit down the side showing off her thigh. The top of the dress tied around her neck. The top lifted bakırköy escort her creamy white breasts, creating a magnificent cleavage, her nipples pressed against the soft material. Kim broke into a big smile as she tossed her long auburn hair.Kim began to play with her breasts, offering them to the men she was showing off for. She could feel the juices from her pussy begin to flow down her leg. She could not remember the last time she had been so turned on. She cupped her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples making then stand out, hard and excited. Brushing her long flowing auburn hair out of her face she looked at her men sitting there. She could tell her show was getting them as turned on as she was from the growing bulge in their lap. You guys like? Would you like to play with them? Made a slow seductive turn as if she was a stripper, her hand moving over her ass, then over her tummy and down over her mound. Teasing the men, she untied the top. As she bent over she let the girls free. Wiggled her ass at the men, giggling she then turned facing them. She cupped her breasts in an offering to the men. Kim was playing with her breasts as she moved closer her tits in their face. The moment was better than what she had fantasized about. She had thought about this moment many times. This was better than any of her dreams had been. Kim could not remember when she had been so excited and turned on. She moved in front of Tom, as she pressed her breasts against his cheeks. Kiss them for me Tom. Suck my nipples. Feel how hard they are. Tom licked each nipple, around them as Kim fed him her tits. Suck them hard Tom. Then she moved to James and told him the same thing. OK guys, that’s all for now, I’ll be back in something even sexier as she slipped behind the curtain, Karen following her.It didn’t take long before Kim came out and moved to center stage. She was wearing a silken robe, tied together just under her tits. She did a spin, making the robe flow outward, she looked as if she were standing in the clouds. Standing facing her men, she let the robe fall from her shoulders, making a slow spin the robe fell to the floor in a pile of white at her feet. Under the robe she was wearing a very sexy bikini made of a stretch white knit. Her nipples clearly visible thru the material. The patch of fur over her slit also visible to the men before her. Kim was feeling so naughty, as she almost had an orgasm right there on the spot. The white micro mini bikini was a sight sure behold. A man would have to be dead not to look. The top of this sexy bikini had an invisible support, pushing Kim’s breasts up and out, on display. Kim loved the fact that her cleavage was one of her best features. She loved showing off her perfect tits. Tom was looking thru the camera taking pictures. The micro mini bottom had just enough material to cover the slit between her legs. Her clit and fat lips pressed against the thin material were almost visible. She felt like she was standing nude in front of Tom and James. The thin string around her waist, kept that bit of material from falling off. Kim turned around, teasing her men. Her hands on her ass, gave them a gentle slap. Peeking over her shoulder a big smiling lit up her face. Her eyes sparkling with delight, a giggle as she shook her ass back and forth. Turning slowly, moving closer to her men as Tom snapped away with his camera. Looking into the camera, she took her hands, filled them with her tits tugging her nipples just inches from the men’s face. Her fingers grasped her now rock hard nipples as she tugged on them, making them stick out even more. Moving to Tom, now inches from his mouth, Bent over pressing her breasts over Tom, Kim whispered, ?uck my nipples!as she made her breasts sway back and forth. Like that do you Tom? I have wanted you to suck them for a long time beşiktaş escort now. Taking Tom’s face in her hands she bend down in front of him, her lips meeting his. She kissed him with a passion that even surprised her. Tom kissed her back with an equal passion. James watched his wife kiss the man next to him. He found it very exciting as well. He wasn’t sure why, but after their previous adventures, this was turning out better than he expected. Kim then moved to James. Play with my tits James, as she kissed his lips with the same exciting passion she had just kissed Tom with. Whispering into James ear, as you getting as turned on as I am? Show Tom how I like my nipples played with my love.Kim stood slowly, her body swaying to the music. She moved back to the stage. Stuffing her tits back into the little top, she asked her men, Do you like this swim suit?”The men were speechless. Kim noticed a rise in their pants. Her plan was working perfectly. She was have fun. She could feel herself getting so wet, she was afraid her juices would be running down her leg. It sure felt like it was. Kim reached down between her legs rubbing her mound, yes it was wet. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so turned on.Karen appeared by the curtain as if by magic. We have more to show you. Kim left the stage disappearing behind the curtain once more with Karen. The men could hear the girls giggling behind the curtain. Kim came out this time wearing a very sexy black leather outfit. Thigh high black boots, A short black leather skirt and a black leather top. Kim was also wearing a garter belt, with knit black stockings. Tom was taking pictures. James sat looking at Kim then over to Tom. He smiled as he thought how hot his wife looked. This was James favorite outfit so far. Kim strode to center stage as she cracked the whip she was holding. She took the handle of the whip and ran it between her breasts, then lower as she slipped it under the skirt. The men spotted the lacy black panties under the skirt. They didn’t know yet that these panties where crotchless. What do you think about this outfit? Kim was getting more turned on by the minute. The men too were both sporting hard ons. Kim spoke up and told them, OK guys, pull it out, I want you to stroke your cocks as I come to each of you. I have a surprise for you both.The men rose up from the couch and dropped their shorts, their cocks standing out for Kim’s eyes to gaze upon. That’s what Kim had wanted to see. Two cocks for her pleasure. The nights she had been dreaming of this moment did not compare to the real thing. Kim moved in front of the two men, she dropped to her knees, and took a cock in each hand. She began to stroke them both. The smile on her face let both men know that she was as turned on as they were. Kim let the men’s cock go, as she slipped her breasts out from the leather bra. She took the men’s cocks in her hands, and rubbed the heads over her nipples. She was enjoying this more than she thought she would. She felt in total control, feeling the cocks in her hand pulse and grow even harder. She lowered her head, and took Tom’s cock and licked around the head. She got a little taste of the pre-cum oozing from it. She took his cock into her mouth, slowly, sucking on it like it was a sucker. Her hand grasped the shaft, stroking, her other hand took his big balls as she massaged them. Tom spoke up giving Kim a warning, ?ou have me so turned on, better be careful or you are going to get a creaming. Kim giggled, feeling so sexy in her black leathers. OK Tom, slip a hand under my skirt would you. Tom took his hand and slid it under her short skirt. Feeling her mound the panties parted as Tom ran a finger up Kim’s very wet slit. Kim tossed her head back, moaning softly, oh yes, Play with me you nasty man. Now take those wet fingers and have beylikdüzü escort a taste of my honey. Tom did as he was told. He had thought about playing with Kim’s pussy. The times he had dreamed of tasting her were many. He had masturbated to the thought of tasting Kim and cum so many times. He was afraid his cock would would just burst.James watched his wife tease Tom and smiled. This is what they had talked of many times, making them both so hot. The moment was better than either could have imagined. Kim grasped Tom’s head and pressed it to her cunt. Lick me, eat me, my pussy is on fire and needs to cum. Tom ran his tongue into Kim’s slit. Parting her swollen lips, up around her protruding clit, his hands moved to her ass, pulling her against his mouth. She tasted better than he imagined. Kim was so wet, her juices covered Tom’s face. Suck my clit, Tom, moaned Kim, stick your fingers inside me. Tom slide two fingers into Kim’s slippery slit. Deeper Tom, moaned Kim. Kim was gushing now. Yes that’s it. More.. deeper. Put your fist in me Tom. Tom worked four fingers into Kim’s pussy. Deeper commanded Kim. James get up behind me and play with my tits. Kim parted her legs even more as Tom worked his fist into Kim. Slowly in and out, Kim’s pussy spread open even more as Tom finally got his fist up inside Kim. Her pussy was pulsating, grasping his hand. Oh yes, twist it, that’s it, oh gawd I’m going to cum Kim shouted. Fuck me harder Tom, Go deep, Tom did as he was told. He could feel Kim’s pussy tighten, her body trembled, as Kim screamed, I’m cumming…..Kim was cumming so hard. Tom could feel the inside of Kim’s pussy let loose with a fresh flow of her cream. Her cunt grabbed his hand tight inside her as she felt her orgasm overtake her whole body. Her whole being was centered on her cunt. She felt wave after wave flow through her body. She was cumming harder than she ever had. Tom felt Kim’s orgasm slowing as he slid his hand out of her hole. He grasped her ass and pulled her mound to his mouth, he began sucking the cream from Kim. She tasted incredible. Kim could stand no longer. She turned her ass toward Tom. Reaching between her legs, she bent, and slid Tom’s rock hard cock to her hole. She guided his cock up inside her as she slid down on it. It felt so good as she clenched her muscles squeezing Tom’s cock tight inside her. Kim took James cock and began to suck on her husband’s cock as she rode Tom’s cock. Karen in the mean time had picked up Tom’s camera and was getting an abundance of pictures. Kim was riding Tom’s cock faster and faster as James was fucking Kim’s mouth.Kim was in heaven. She felt herself ready to cum again. Her cunt squeezed Tom’s cock, as she sucked on the head of James cock. Kim felt the waves of another massive orgasm take over her body. Nothing mattered at this moment except her orgasm. Her pussy burst as she cam again and again. Over and over as one orgasm after another over took her. She was ready to take the cum from her men. Cum in me. Give it to me, I want your cum Tom. I want to feel it splash inside me. James I want you to fill my mouth with your cum!.Tom drove his cock up inside Kim a couple times when his balls burst. He could hold back no longer as his cock erupted. Spurting his hot cum inside Kim, over and over again. He could not remember when he had cum so hard. James also felt his balls contract as he shot load after load of his creamy cum into Kim’s hungry mouth. Kim feeling the men exploding, their cum filling her, she felt another orgasm over take her body. Both men spent, their cocks shrinking, Kim continued to fuck Tom’s cock slowly. Feeling him get smaller insider her. James cock too was spent and shrinking. Kim stood, smiling as she fell back on the couch spent. James sat on one side, Tom on the other. Kim kissed Tom’s lips lovingly. Then she kissed James. Kim, fell back on the couch, smiling, grinned at both men, saying ?hat was better than I could ever have imagined.I can’t wait to do it again.Karen had poured them all a glass of champagne, took it to the spent 3 some, on a tray and told them that was the hottest scene I’ve even witnessed in a long time. Now what outfits did you want to purchase?All of them,

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