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k**napped and Tortured.David was on his way to Jeans house. He smiled to himself, he didn’t like his wifes new friend she was everything he despised. Very large and obviously bossy he was undoubtedly intimidated by her. David was an obnoxious man who had controlled his wife into absolute submission taking money from her and spending on booze. Universally disliked by both men and women he was a selfish scrounger who was known as a wife beater and crook. His idea of love was treating his wife like a slave and violently r****g her when he came in drunk.The only reason he was going to Jeans was to do a couple of odd jobs for money he could spend in the pub, if he got the chance he would steal any valuables to sell for more beer money, she was obviously not hard up.Arriving he rang the doorbell and smiled as she answered, sarcastically he smiled at the sight of her, God she was big. Standing at around 6 feet in her stockinged feet, each one of her thighs was as big as his waist and he looked directly into her ample cleavage. “Oh come on in David, please take off your shoes and thank you for offering to help me”. As he followed her down the hall he grinned inanely at the sight of her huge arse in front of him. She turned and smiled, “My late husband would have done these jobs but I am happy to pay to get them sorted”. Again he smiled to himself thinking that she had probably worked the poor bastard to death. “If you could start by unblocking the sink in the utility room, I’ll make you a coffee”, she smiled as she led him through.When she had gone he opened the cupboard doors and knelt down, lighting a cigarette istanbul escort thinking to himself. Take your shoes off, unblock the sink… nag,nag,nag, bossy cow ! As he knelt there in a world of his own staring blankly at the U bend, he didn’t notice her coming in with his coffee until she said, ” I’m sorry David but I don’t allow smoking in my house, if you give me the cigarette I will extinguish it for you”. He started to exclaim, “Fuck you if I want to smoke I…..”. Before he could finish the sentence Jean struck him hard across the face sending him sprawling on his back in shock and before he could recover had put down the coffee and jumped down and sat on his chest pinning him to the hard floor.He started to protest, “What the f…”, but she put her hand over his mouth and moving to kneel on his arms taking the cigarette out of his hand and dropped it in the coffee. “O.K. David now you have given me enough cause to do what your wife and I have planned. You are an obnoxious little twerp and I am going to keep you and punish you until you learn how to behave”. She took her hand from his mouth and he started, “Get off me you fat cow I am going”. She smiled as she replied, “Oh fat cow is it ? I am going to enjoy this so much David, teaching you that disrespect leads to pain you have never imagined. Let’s start with some softening up, we’ll start with 10 bounces”. She lifted a few inches off him, still pinning his arms and with no warning dropped her full weight bak onto him forcing the air he had sucked in back out with a large gasp. avcılar escort “One”, she giggled and repeated the process until she got to ten. By the time she stopped and rested her full weight back down David was groaning. “There David that was fun wasn’t it ? I’ll give you a couple of minutes then we will go for twenty more, but this time you are going to count for me. If you think about refusing then each one you fail to count will make me start all over again” ! Under some difficulty with Jean’s ample weight crushing him into the floor David gasped, “You can’t do this to me”. “Oh but I can David and this is just the start, enough now let’s start again”. She lifted and dropped again, just a loud gasp escaped from his lips. “David you didn’t count that means we will have to start again from one” and again she lifted and slammed back down. Another loud gasp, “David I can keep this up for hours, you are such a slow learner, we will start again”. This time when she landed he gasped out “One” and laughing she continued until he had gasped “twenty”.When she was done she changed position and stretched her legs out straight. “I need a rest now David, I bet you do too. The trouble is you are pinned down under me, I bet you are getting really uncomfortable by now but we need to talk, well I will talk and you will listen. Groan and nod if you understand, please don’t speak or I will have to start bouncing again”. A low groan escaped from David’s lips and he nodded. Jean laughed, “See you are not as stupid as everyone thinks. Right David your lovely wife has agreed that I can retrain şirinevler escort and educate you properly. I promise you will not enjoy this as I really love to see people I don’t like suffer and I really, really don’t like you. I am going to enjoy crushing, twisting and torturing you until you do anything I or your wife tells you without question. I will hurt, humiliate and abuse in ways you can’t yet imagine until I turn you into the same obediant and useful human being that my late husband learnt to be”. Taking her mobile phone from her pocket she added, “Now I am going to ring your wife and tell her what wonderful progress we are making, so be a good cushion and keep very quiet and still while we chat”.David could only listen as he was helpless to move Jean off him as she dialled his wife and their conversation started. “Hi Marion, yes he is here now I am sitting on him on the utility room floor, he is very red but is going nowhere with my 22 stones on top of him”. She laughed as she continued, “We have played a little bouncing game, quite gentle for a start but he was obnoxious enough to me earlier so we play a lot more games yet”, more laughter. “Oh don’t worry Marion by the time I have finished with him he will be ready to do anything you demand at the click of your fingers, I will teach him to be a complete slave to womens desires, he will beg to worship any time you want. After all I am well practiced, my husband used to dread upsetting me in case I decided to punish him. Must go now I am ready to carry on playing with David”. Jean laughed out loud, “No he will not enjoy it but I will, we have done discomfort now we will try some good old fashioned pain, I have heard him grunt and gasp now I want to make him scream and beg for mercy, bye now”.She looked at David who now had genuine fear in his eyes. “You heard all that David, let’s play some more” !Depending on the feedback (if any) I may continue this story.

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