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Lee Odyssey Chapter 2The Lee Odyssey Chapter 2If you have not read chapter 1 please do so.I had many firsts in my growing womanhood. I had not only been fucked and sucked, but I had sucked a black man’s cock. I couldn’t brag about it lest I be branded the town slut. I began to worry that Lee might tell his buddies and it would be all over town. I had to talk to him as soon as possible. He actually sought me out at school and we went for a walk in the park. I told him of my concerns and he assured me that he was not that kind of a person. Our secret was safe between us and he would tell no one. Well, that was fine but we had deep feelings for one another and of course we would love to continue our sexual adventure.I went to the d**g store and purchased a good supply of condoms. It was embarrassing but thankfully the d**ggist didn’t ask me about it. I had to be very careful not to get pregnant. And yet I did want Lee’s baby. When you are in love those feelings are very natural. Of course black and white couples in the 50’s were almost unheard of and we had to be very careful.Lee had an older sister who had several k**s and Lee asked her if she would hire me to baby sit. This was an ideal situation. I had a good reason for being in a black family’s home and of course Lee could come and visit. His sister and her husband would usually go out istanbul escort to dinner and a movie and maybe a late snack. That gave us plenty of time for us to have our fun. Lee made sure his sister always called before coming home so we would not be caught between the sheets so to speak.I really didn’t know what to expect the first time. Lee took me to his sister’s home and introduced me to her and her family. They were very nice, just like Lee, and we hit it off right away. Lee left with them as they headed out and I was left with the k**s. I always loved k**s and had no problems with them. We played games and I read to them until it was their bed time. They were soon snuggled in and fast asleep when Lee returned.He has a small parcel with him and said it was for me. Well I don’t know if it was for me or for him as it was a see through baby doll pajama set that he wanted me to model. I am not usually an exhibitionist but for some reason I was turned on and really got into it. I started humming a song and began a sensuous dance. I was thrusting out my pussy and tits and licking my lips with my tongue. Quite honestly I was turning myself on as much as I was him. As I was dancing I took Lee by the hands and had him dancing avcılar escort with me. I was close to being naked but Lee was still clothed so I slowly and seductively helped him get naked. I was nibbling on his ear as I removed his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and I tickled his feet as I removed his socks. I unzipped his pants with my teeth and they fell to the floor. It was just his shorts now and I was feeling his package as I slowly took them off. I began to tease his cock and licked his balls. He seemed to like that. I ran my fingernails along the length of his shaft as I began to lick the tip of his cock. He was oozing a little precum from the tip. I must admit I was very wet and Lee hadn’t even touched me yet. He finally grabbed me and lifted me off my feet. He held me up to his mouth and began to lick my pussy through the thin material. I was in heaven and I pulled the panties aside so I could feel his tongue. Lee has a wonderful tongue and I was losing it. I started to cum and I was shaking all over. Lee set me down on the couch and continued to eat me. I kept cumming and cumming. It was endless and I was hoping it would go on forever.I moaned to him that I needed his cock in me. He seemed much larger and harder than the first time. He knelt next to the sofa and gently placed the head of şirinevler escort his huge cock at the lips of my pussy. I begged him not to tease so he slowly began to enter me. I could feel every inch of him as he worked his way deep inside of me. I was in heaven. Finally he could go no deeper and slowly began to pull his monster cock back out of me. I thought he would pull my insides out as my pussy clung to his member.We were both foaming now and he began to fuck me in earnest. First nice and slow, in and out. Then the tempo began to increase just like a bolero. He was getting to a fever pitch and we were both covered in perspiration. I was begging for him to cum in me and he left no doubt that he intended to do just that. Faster, Deeper, Harder. The pace continued in a frenzy and I thought I would faint. Finally he gave out a yell and filled my pussy with his cum. It began to leak out and we tried to make sure we wouldn’t soil the sofa. He helped by once again licking up a mouthful or more which he promptly deposited into my mouth when he kissed me. I still wasn’t used to the taste but it was becoming more tolerable.Then it hit me! We had forgotten the condoms and he had cum in my unprotected pussy. This could be a disaster. I couldn’t afford to get pregnant particularly with a black baby. Lee also wanted to go to college on a scholarship and a baby would really mess that up. We searched around his sister’s place and found a douche which I promptly used. I was hoping it was strong enough.We cleaned up as best we could and Lee gave me a kiss and left for the night. He assured me everything was going to be OK and if we had a baby he would forego college and get a job. Now all we could do was wait.To be continued:

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