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Letter To HusbandI am 5’2¨ with shoulder length straight hair. My stats is 36-28- 36. I am married and this is my real life story and I am putting in form of letter since this was the way I told my husband how I had enjoyed in his absence. This was the starting of of many incidents.Dear JaanIt happened when we were going around and u were at Office and I had gone out. I was wearing a spaghetti strapped silver top. I am sure u remembers that top, half my breasts used to spill out. And white Capri pants. Half my legs were showing and the other half could be easily seen as the pants were slightly transparent. I wore no panties because the outline while wearing one was more obvious. It was more obvious since I was wearing my come fuck me 4 inch white heels also. Anyway we went out and I had just got my cunt waxed and it was nice and smooth and since I was wearing no panty the pants kept rubbing against my cunt and I was slightly horny. Initially everyone was having general fun and after some time every body got slightly tipsy.Then that guy asked me for a dance. I went with him and we started dancing normally on the floor. After some time I started to feel real horny and started swaying more than usual, bending to show my cleavage. getting close to him etc. he got the hint instantly as even he was leeching at me the whole evening. As u know he had the hots for me for years. Seeing the chance so he pulled me closer to him and started to hold me and dance. he first held my shoulder sand started rubbing them while we danced. then he took me to a corner where it was dark and his back was to the rest of the crowd while I was facing them. Since he was tall and broad he almost covered me and no one could see me. He started to squeeze my butt and was damn surprised when he felt that I hadn’t worn panties. He started to talk to me saying…was I expecting to get fucked and so made it easier for the person by not wearing a panty.. He was treating me like cheap slut.He just kept squeezing my butt and pressed his body against mine so my tits were flat against his chest and he started to talk real dirty with me. He was telling me how many times he had shagged thinking about me and whether i was horny too and wanted his dick. by now I could feel his hard on pressing against my crotch and throbbing against it. Since my cunt was waxed it felt even more sensitive to his dick. Then while still talking to me he started to grind his dick against me and started to gyrate with the music. by now i was soaking wet. and since he was still holding on to my butt and doing nothing else i took his hand and made him cup my cunt. He could feel how wet it was ‘cvos even the pants were wet. he removed his hand and smelt it and went wild. then i put my hand on his dick and started to play with it thru his pants just pendik escort the way like I do it to u . he loved my touch. he said i was the horniest cunt he had ever seen and saying that he started to bite my nipples thru my top. by the end he had sucked so hard that there were wet patches on the top. he grabbed me then and took me from the floor into the men’s loo. there we shut the door and mad me kneel down.I opened his pants and took his dick out. He shoved his dick inside my mouth and proceeded to fuck my mouth. Just before he came he made me stand up and made me kneel like bitch against the toilet and started to fuck me hard. I started to respond immediately and as usual when I get turned on real bad-I was damn noisy. I think someone must have heard us because there was a knock outside and someone pushed the door. there i was with my cunt wide open with a dick inside and my tits spilling out of my top and this guy saw us. He quickly said sorry and went off. but this guy said it was unsafe fucking in the loo and told me to put on my pants and we went to his car. There we went in at the back and again he made me lie down and before I could do anything he started burying his head between my legs thru the pants and all saying that he loved my smell. I let him do that for sometime and then I got him up and told him to sit while I removed my pants. he sat normally and I removed my pants unzipped him and sat on his lap with my butt touching his stomach and my cunt spread wide across his dick. he felt the wetness again and his hard on started to throb real bad. I kept rubbing my cunt along his dick without taking it in. he said stop it u Cock teasing bitch and while I kept rubbing he thrust his dick inside my wet cunt and I literally started to ride him.I started to come all over his dick and he could smell me. he wanted to taste it so he made me lie again and lapped up my cunt juices and cum and all. Then he rubbed his nose all over my cunt and when he came up he thrust his dick inside me cunt again. He has moving it in circles now and my cunt was filled up with his dick. He was squeezing my tits rubbing and kissing them and biting them while he grinded his dick inside me. It felt damn good. All the time he was calling me bitch , Slut cocksucker etc. then he turned around and while I lay under him he thrust his dick inside my mouth. Both of us were completely naked AND YOU KNOW HOW GOOD I FEEL when a dick is being rammed into my mouth.He started fucking my mouth like that and we both were abs naked and horny and the whole car was smelling of sex. I could feel he was about to come in my mouth. Then he made me kneel on the floor of the car and take him in his mouth. I started to massage his balls slowly while sucking him and he started to come in kartal escort liters inside my mouth. God it tasted real good. You know what a horny, slutty cock sucker i am. So drinking it all up made me feel great I almost came again when he came inside my mouth. Then we quickly dressed up and went back. on the way back he started to feel horny again seeing me walk without a panty and he dragged me to a loo again. There he started to finger fuck me. I started to feel horny again and pushed his dick inside me .He fucked me like that for 5 minutes before he came all inside me. By that time we were getting late, I took out his hard cock and started to rub it up and down, his cock was all wet and slippery with the fluids coming out it. He was sucking my nipples so hardly that I cried in pain. He bitten on my breasts and make blue and red spot of teeth on them. His mouth was on my nipples and with one hand he was rubbing my pussy. I was starting to moaning in pleasure and feel my pussy is watering. At the same time I hold his dick softly and both of his balls was now in my hand. I started to rub his dick and balls. His dick was swollen with excitement and became very hard. Now I was feeling his one finger in my pussy. He said with excitement “Tumhare choot kitni pyassi hai”. I also replied “Apne laund se iski pyas buzha doo.”His two fingers were moving in and out of my pussy. In pleasure I was moaning “please do not fingering me, fuck with your dick, my pussy wanted to take your huge dick inside”. I ask to do this on bed he agreed. I lay on the bed. My half body is on bed and my legs are on floor. I always enjoy to be fucked in this position, so that my pussy can take complete dick inside. I spread my legs. The dressing table mirror was front to me I can clearly see my pussy, It was a wet, hot and pink covered with thin pubic hairs. He reached between my legs in standing position. I hold his dick in hand and keep in the front of my lovely hole. He pressed his back towards me. His half dick is now kissing my pussy.He started to move his back slowly. I was clearly seeing in-out movement of his dick in my pussy. In pleasure I hold his balls in my hand started to press them. He presses his back fastly towards me. I cried with pain and feel that his full dick is in my pussy. He started stroking faster and faster. My bobs were dancing with every jerk produced due to powerful pumping of his penis. The feeling of in-out movement of dick made me mad. Like a hungry bitch. I grasp his buttock tightly. I started to move my hips with every stroke and moaning with pleasure. I was crying – ‘fuck me hardly, fuck me’. Now both of us pressing each other .The enjoy was so much that I can not describe. He was approaching orgasm I feel that his love tools were starting maltepe escort to released the stream of hot milky juice in my pussy. It was full with his white juice. But my hunger is not satisfied.He cleaned my pussy with cloth. I hold his hand and ask him to rub my hole. I sit on him and start to kiss his chest and mouth. I kissed his stomach and slowly moving towards his bottom. He was also started to kissing me. He was sucking my nipples and inserts two fingers in my hole He then dipped his thumb, and used the thumb to very gently circle my erect clit, while his two fingers were moving in and out of my pussy. In pleasure I also start to move my buttock to wards his fingers but after few minutes I was feeling pain in my hole. I ask him to take out his fingers from my hole.He was now on top of me. He started to kisses on my body now his mouth was on my belly and moved towards to my pussy. He spread both lips of pussy and kissed them. His mouth was on my holes. He started kissing pussy madly. He kept hold of soft meat of my pussy and with his tongue he started sucking it my pussy was becoming more and juicier and his tongue was sucking each and every drop of it. He started to lick lips of my pussy. This made me mad and I was moaning and started pushing his head towards my hole. His tongue was inside the hole. He licked my clitoris. He sucked my pussy about 15 minutes. I hold his dick in one hand and feel some hardness. I said I want to fuck your dick with my pussy. I was on top on him. I take his dick in my hand and rub with my sweet hole and finally put on hole.I pushed my hips towards his dick; I was feeling heat of his dick in my pussy. The pleasure was so much I started to move my hips towards his dick. He was pressing my breast with both of his hand. My pussy was watering. I did not want to stop. I felt fucking of his penis is most pleasurable to me. We both fucking in different positions about half an hour. Now my cunt was aching, but it was a sweet ache. I was tired but he was not in mood to stop. I pray him please stop, but he was stroking very fast. Tears were flowing from my eyes at the pain in pussy was unbearable, every stroke of his dick hurt my pussy, some blood was coming from my pussy. I was feeling leaking of juice from my pussy and in excitement I insert my one finger in his anus. This exited him and speed of movement of his dick was terrible. Suddenly he felt on me, His milky juice is spreading in my hole. I hold him tightly and both of us rest in this position some time. After that we enjoyed a long deep French kiss and slept naked in the bed so we pulled up our cloths went out and met with the rest. They asked us where we had been and we said we had gone to have coffee then he left me like that all wet and thirsting for more. On the way back when we said good night to each other and he hugged me tight and squeezed my tits. U must have wondered what made me last that day and also why I was so horny next day.Do you know with whom I had done my most enjoyable intercourse? It is Bikes again so here is your answer my sweet stupid husband.

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