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Meet an’ Eat#2Are you sure you want to go through with this? Steve asked his girlfriend as they approached the restaurant. A sense of curiosity and daring had led them to answer an ad from an older couple looking to meet and explore fantasies over a friendly drink. “Sure! It will be fun!” Ashley responded with excited nervousness as she held his hand tight. In their early 20’s, they hadn’t dated for long but were ready to explore together. “besides.. it’s just drinks and talk.. we’re not going to FUCK them” she laughed. He smiled back at her, impressed with her bravery and daringness on top of everything else.They walked hand in hand to the rear of the restaurant to find the couple who invited them. Relieved they looked just like their photo, exchanged greetings. Ashley straightened her short skirt and they sat and quickly sipped the wine already waiting for them. John and Brenda were an older couple in their early 40s but attractive and sexy. Soon the conversation revolved around subject matter that was refreshing unlike what their goofy friends liked to talk about. Travel, favourite movie directors, music even the environment. Mature and funny, Steve and Ashley both felt at ease with their new friends who, on paper, they would not likely be socializing the young couple.Brenda suddenly commented on how beautiful Ashley was which caused her to blush, suddenly aware of why they were there. She laughed nervously as John agreed, noting matter-of-fact he loves watching Brenda fuck sweet young girls just like her. Ashley looked at Steve who could only look back with wide eyes. Thoughts of his sexy little girlfriend fucking this older experienced woman instantly blanked out his mind. “Tell us what you’ve done so far” John asked to which Steve responded as per the story he and Ashley concocted beforehand, embarrassed at having not actually done anything before. “We’ve fucked in front of another couple and Ashley kissed the girl too.. It was hot”“it’s fun huh!” John said, resting his hand on Ashley’s burning thigh under the table. Following her husbands cue, Brenda tuzla escort rested her hand on Ashley’s other thigh and proceeded to describe their last adventure involving meeting 2 other couples in which she was fucking another man who then came inside her, then a woman licked the cum from her pussy giving her the hardest orgasm ever. Ashley was so overwhelmed with envisioning this story she didn’t even notice Johns hand was about to slip under her panties until it was too late. Ashley’s noticeable reaction confused Steve. He initially thought the detailed story was causing Ashley to turn red face until Brenda leaned over to him and whispered in his ear… “my husband just started to finger-fuck your girl.. you don’t mind do you?” To ensure she got the favourable answer, she started to massage Steve’s cock through his jeans, bringing it to instant attention. “I .. I guess..” was all he could come up with as he stared at Ashley across from him, looking down at the much older mans fingers slowly working in and out of her. Her mouth trembled as his thumb pressed onto her swollen clit.Steve looked around. He was actually more worried someone might see his girlfriend getting fingered in the restaurant MORE that the fact this “meet for drinks only” arrangement had suddenly turned into some else. John slowly removed his fingers from Ashley and inserted them into his wife’s mouth. “hmmmmm.. delicious” she whispered into Ashley’s burning ears as she was ½ relieved the fingering had stopped but ½ wanting him to continue. John suddenly tossed some money on the table, stood and led Ashley to her feet. Brenda did the same with Steve who refused to stand thanks to the bulge in his pants.“Let’s go out the back” Brenda motioned and playfully pulled Steve to his feet as they all quickly left into the parking lot where Johns massive SUV was parked. Without asking, they just opened the door and escorted the young couple into the back seat. Steve hadn’t even gotten seated when he saw Ashley liplocked with Brenda, who already had her top off, sucking her little sancaktepe escort pink nipples. Brenda opened her blouse and lifted her bra, giving Ashley her long dark nipples to suck. John and Steve stared as Brenda leaned Ashley back, deftly removing her cute soaked panties and driving her long tongue up inside Ashley’s tight pussy. “UUUGGGHHhhhhhh.. Ashley groaned, feeling a women lick her for the first time ever, sending shock waves up and down her spine. Sensing Ashley’s quickening approach to orgasm, Brenda leaned back and directed Ashley to her own burning pussy, her inexperienced mouth and tongue turning her on even more.Both John and Steves cocks were aching for action and alert to their needs, Brenda leaned a shaken Ashley back and motioned her husband to kneel between her open trembling legs. Steve stroked his own cock anticipating her was about to see his girl fuck John. He watched as Brenda took her husbands hard cock in her hand but instead of slipping a condom on it, she started to rub it back and forth on Ashley’s pink hard clit, soon making it glisten with precum.“Like that baby?” Brenda asked Ashley who stared down at the bulbous pink cockhead as it rolled back and forth over her clit, each time causing her to shudder. Ashley mutter “uhhuhh” as she wiggled and lifted her hips causing Johns cock to momentarily slip lower. Brenda smiled and changed the direction, grinding her husbands cock up and down along Ashleys slippery swollen pussy lips. Steve stared at this older mans cock being directed lower and lower by Brenda and struggled with whether of not he should say anything. Looking at Ashleys staring down, memorized, she seemed to like it so he kept silent.“Kiss her” Brenda told Steve who broke his focus on Johns teasing cock to kiss his girl deeply and passionately… Ashley kissed him hard and deep, suddenly VERY hard as he felt her grab his head and moan through their locked lips. Steve looked back to see Brenda had slipped her husbands cock down and the head was already disappearing into his girls tight üsküdar escort pussy. “uhhhhh ummmm I.. don’t…” is all he could get out before John made Ashley groan loud with his deep thrusting. “Look at how big it looks in her Steve” Brenda motioned. Steve was trying to think of how to defuse the situation as Ashley was too far gone to say no. As Steve watched his girls pussy engulfed and gripped Johns cock, Brenda took his own twitching cock into her mouth pumping and sucking it hard.Unable to focus on what to say to get John to put a condom on, Steve slouched back deciding he’d just ask that he doesn’t cum in her assuming he’d know when John was getting close. This good idea was lost as Brenda released his cock from her mouth and mounted him, obscuring all but his view of Ashleys face. Lost in the moment he directed his focus on fucking Brenda who rode him hard taking in all of his young hard cock. Soon the fucking was full intensity as Steve momentarily forgot he was to keep his eye on Johns cock inside his girl. It wasn’t until he heard him ask if she wanted him to stop did he clue in what he meant. “don t stop” barely escaped Ashleys trembling lips before John suddenly growled deep and loud. “ohh yess baby…” Brenda groaned, enjoying a perfect view of her husbands cock pulsating and swelling as he unloaded blast upon blast of cum deep into Ashleys pussy.Steve’s heart was in his throat as he saw Johns cock slip free, clearly slick with his cum. Brenda rolled off Steve cock and planted her mouth on Ashleys pussy, her tongue massaging her clit and cum slick pussy lips. Ashley grabbed Brenda’s head and directed her tongue right to where she wanted it as Steve stared at how much cum was starting to run out into Brendas waiting mouth. Under the targeted movement of Brendas tongue, Ashley finally crossed the threshold, feeling her orgasms building then taking over her body. Steve kissed her hard as orgasm after orgasm raked her body until she finally shuddered and begged Brenda to stop.Steve and Ashley quickly got dressed and having said their goodbyes, walked away as their new friends drove off. They went back into the restaurant where this all started for a drink to reflect on their night. 15 minutes into the hot discussion, Ashley caught the attention of another couple who had just parked their van in the back parking lot.

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