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Meeting My Sexy New Neighbours On Wecam!!!I’ve been offline the past couple days as I my modem got fried in a storm. An interesting thing happened though a few days proir to that, and I thought I’d share it with everyone!One of the last nights my internet was working, I was online with my webcam mistress, (the one that I cut and pasted one of our sessions on here), when an interesting thing happened! Firstly, the night was cool, and since it’s been a scorcher of a summer, I haven’t had the A/C off a lot, so that night I took the opportunity to open all my windows and air the place out! Now the house behind me was just sold to a guy who bought it, did so for his daughter and her friends to stay in for college, and they have moved in over the last couple weeks. They party a lot and are pretty loud considering the neighbourhood we’re in, but we all figure they’ll calm down! They’re not all that “hot” but I think they’re pretty cute! They’re all pretty chubby and average looking, but I like that in a girl! Now I’ve been having problems with my internet for about the same amount of time as they’ve been moved in, it being really slow, hard to log on to msn and other online programs. Anyways, I didn’t think anything about it until the other night!The girls behind me were partying as usual, although this time I could hear them clearly as my windows were open and didn’t think anything more about it! I was half way through my humiliation session on cam with my mistress though when all of a sudden I heard ‘He’s getting ready to do it!” Now that was a bit wierd because my mistress had just told me to light my candle and get ready to pour it over my little dicklette! I chalked it up to coincidence and proceeded. Now as soon as I started dripping the wax, a rour of laughter came from the house behind me! I quickly stopped and told my mistress that someone was at my door, and logged off. Paranoid, I snuck to the window in the back and listened to the girls talk. They were for sure talking about me and telling a newcommer about this guy with a tiny dick and how he was being dommed on cam and how he poured wax all over his dick! I was SHOCKED!! I ran and unplugged my modem and went back to the window, to listen some more. The girl who’s dad owns the house came out to update everyone that the connection had been lost and when another girl asked her what happened she explained.When she moved in, she got her laptop to search for a wireless connection and it found mine right away. She said she used it for a few weeks, downloading music etc and it wasn’t until that night that she turned her laptop on to download some music and when she opened her msn, it said it was already logged in and so she kept an eye on it until my mistress messaged me! I’ve since talked to my IT tech at work, and even she doesn’t know what happened, just a fluke she figures, anyways, they watched me until I disconnected and didn’t have a clue who I was! Only that I lived near them! Throwing caution to wind, I stepped out on my back deck and pretended to water my flowers, listening to them to see if they recognized me. They didn’t! I went back in later and listened some more at the window, but they were busy partying! I turned my modem back on and logged back onto my msn, and ran to the window. One girl came out and said the connection was back but the msn wasn’t connected to mine anymore, I thought they’d leave it at that and continue drinking, but one girl asked if they knew my e-mail, and when they told her yes, she suggested adding me to one of their msn’s and get me to show them my little dick, and make me do things for their amusment! I quickly went back to my computer and after a few minutes, got a friend request. I accepted and the following is what I’ve cut and pasted!toosexy4u says:hiJessie says:hi there! who’s this?toosexy4u says:we got ur addy from a mutual friendshe says u gotta tiny onecan we see?plzzzJessie says:I’ll go on after I see who you bakırköy escort are!toosexy4u says:we don’t gotta cam thoJessie says:well I can see your cam icon!come on, go on cam and I’ll show you my small package………… loltoosexy4u says:ok but there’s a few of us here, dat cool?Jessie says:UH HUH!the more the merrier!!!You have invited toosexy4u to start sending webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.toosexy4u has accepted your invitation to start sending webcam.Jessie says:mmmmmmmm u two r hot!how old?toosexy4u says:redhead=21brunette=20u?Jessie says:mmmmmm nice!!i’m 37……..too old?toosexy4u says:nopenow go on cam for us!plz!don’t have much time!Jessie says:whatcha want to see me do?toosexy4u says:anything! we just wanna see ur little cock!we think small cocks r sexy on a guy like my thongs?Jessie says:mmmmmmmmm yeah!! I LOVE thongs! wish i could sniff them!can i see more then just the tops?toosexy4u says:l8rshow ur cock 1stJessie says:kYou have invited toosexy4u to start viewing webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.toosexy4u has accepted your invitation to start viewing webcam.toosexy4u says:can’t see anythingJessie says:wearing a robetoosexy4u says:oh yeah i see nowopen the robeWTF?????HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAit IS VERY TINY!!!can u make it grow bigger?Jessie says:mmmmmmmm i love seeing all of u laugh at me!toosexy4u says:oh yeah well we love laughing at u!u making our nite right now!! lolsatnd up and show us ur naked body!take it all the way off!now turn aroundbend overu got no ass!! ur ass is all flat and saggy!!! loland ur fatand grossbut ur little cock makes us laughllllooooollllllllllJessie says:what else u want me to do?i’m open for ANYTHINGjust want to amuse all of you!whare’d you all go?hello?????brbtoosexy4u says:sorry, just had to powder our noses lolu there?hey fat gross old guy!! u there?lolthere u are!Jessie says:i’m back!not old tho! loltoosexy4u says:ur almost twice our age! dats olld!!heheJKJessie says:toosexy4u says:awwwww don’t be embarresesd! lolso you’ll do anything we want eh?Jessie says:yep!toosexy4u says:ok……….we wanna see u stick a finger in your butt!Jessie says:ktoosexy4u says:YEAH!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!YOU GAY OR SUMTHING? LOLTHAT’S DISGUSTING JUST SO U KNOWGUYS SHOULDN’T FINGER THEIR BUTTS!LOLEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWTHAT’S FUCKIN GROSS DUDE!!!!!!!!FUCKIN SICKO!!!!! LOLLICKING YOUR OWN p*o?? FUCKING WEIRDO!!!!JUMPO UP AND DWON FOR US NOWHHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOOK AT ALL YOUR FAT GIGGLE!!!!!!!!!FUCKIN HILARIOUS!!YOU GOT A WEINER IN UR FRIDGE?Jessie says:hi there! who r u? haven’t seen u tonite where’s the red head and brown haired girl?toosexy4u says:THEY’RE HERE JUST IN THE BACKI’M STACYBEEN WATCHING FROM THE COUCH TILL NOW!!! WE’RE DRINKING RUM AND GETTING A GOOD LAUGH FROM YOU!Jessie says:……..koolyeah i got a hot dog toosexy4u says:GOOD! GO GET IT AND STICK IT UP YUOR FAT ASS!!Jessie says:okbrbtoosexy4u says:OK BUT HURRY!!SHOW IT TO USNICE!!LOLSUCK ON IT FIRST LIKE IT’S A COCKYEAH BABBY!!U LIKE THAT HUH?ALL THE WAY IN DEEP THROAT THAT WEINER!!!FUCKIN PIG LOOLNO BEND OVER AND PUT IT UP UR ASSNICE!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!ALL THE WAY UP!!!YEAHLIKE THATNOW PUT IT ALL THE WAY UP AND LEAVE IT THEREYEAH SIT BACK DOWN ADN TALK TO US NOW!!!THERE U GO!HOW’S THAT WEINER FEEL UP UR BUTT?Jessie says:good…. ……..toosexy4u says:LOL!!Jessie says:mmmmm i LOVE sticking things up my bumbum!!toosexy4u says:LOL!!!TOO FUNNY!!!WHAT THE FUCKS THAT??A PERRIER BOTTLE???!!!!HOLY FUCK DUDE!!!! U GONNA SHOVE THAT UP UR ASS????!!!!Jessie says:sure if you want me to!it’s a 750ml just to let u knowtoosexy4u says:I SEE THAT!!DON’T WANT U TO HURT YOURSELF THOUGHJUST KEEP THE WEINER UP TEHRE!HOLY FUCK DUDE!!!!DOESN’T THAT HURT!!!!!!?????FUCK ME!!!! I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO GET THE FUCKIN NECK IN MY PUSSY LET ALONE MOST OF THE BOTTLE!!!!UR LOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSEEE DUDE!!!!I’M beşiktaş escort AMAZED SERIOUSLY!!!WE’RE ALL AMAZED!!!LOLDAMN!!!!Jessie says:want me to put the hot dog back up there?toosexy4u says:IF IT WON’T FALL OUT!!!SURE!!LOL!!!!TOO FUNNY!!!STAND BACK UP!!JUMP SOME MORE!! WE WANNA SEE ALL THAT BLUBBER FLAP AROUND!YESSSS!!!!! THIS IS FUCKIN GREAT!!!YOU’RE HILARIOUS DUDE!DO SOME JUMPING JACKS NOWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!YOU OUTTA BREATH YET??BET THAT ‘S THE MOST EXCERCISE YOU’VE GOT IN AWHILE!! OLLWE SHOULD MAKE U DO THIS EVERYDAY!! BET U’D LOSE SOME OF THAT FAT!! BE ABLE TO SEE MORE OF THAT LITTLE DICK!LOLWE THINK YOU’RE FAT AND DISGUSTING JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!JKTEEHEEOK STOP JUMPING UR BLUBBER IS STARTING TO HYPNOTIZE ME!!LOLITS LIKE A LAVA LAMP!YEAH!MY FRIEND HERE SAYS U REMIND HER OF HOMER SIMPSON!! TEEHEESLAP YOUR FOREHEAD AND SAY D’OH!LOL!!!THAT WAS FUCKING FUNNY DUDE!YOU ARE HOMER!!Jessie says:mmmmmmmm i love to be humiliated by hot girls like you!toosexy4u says:WELL DUH!! LOLWE LIKE MAKING FUN OF YOU TOO!!NEVER MET A GUY LIKE YOU BEFORE!!YOU GOT ANY GIRLS CLOTEHS?Jessie says:uh huhpanties and lingerietoosexy4u says:LOL WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED!!!GO PUT ON YOUR SEXIEST BRA ADN P[ANTIESJessie says:ktoosexy4u says:LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!DUDE YOU LOOK HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!LIKE WEARING GIRLS BRA AND PANTIES?>UR MAN BOOBIES SURE FILL THAT BRA OUT LOL!!!!!!!!!HOLY SHIT!! THOSE ARE SEXIER THEN ANYTHING I EVEN OWN!!HAHARUB UR COCK THROUGH THE PANTIES LIKE ITS A CLITYEAH!!!!! LLOLFUCKIN FUNNY!!!Jessie says:i wanna cum for u!i wanna rub my little man clitty until i cum in my sissy panties for you all!!!toosexy4u says:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO SHIT! LOLYOU CAN CUM IN A MINUTEFIRST WE WANT TO SEE YOU DO SOME OTHER THINGS FIRSTTURN AROUND AND BEND OVER AND SPANK YOUR FAT ASS FOR US!LOL!!!!!!!!!PULL THE PANTIES UP UR CRACK AND GIVE URSELF A WEDGIEYEAH!!!!NOW SLAP UR FAT ASS CHEEKS!!!!HARDER BABY!!!LOL!!!!!!!GETTING PRETTY FUCKIN RED!!!!KEEP SPANKING!!!!PRETEND ITS MY ASSLIKE YHE VEIW?Jessie says:YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE your bum!!!!! wish i could sniff it!!toosexy4u says:IF U WERE HERE I’D MAKE U SNIFF MY ASS!!!BEEN WORKING ALL DAYHAVEN’T CHANGED YETALL SWEATYU LIKE THAT HUHJessie says:yes maam it’s my favorite to smell sweaty bumsmakes my little dicklette hard in my sissy panties!!toosexy4u says:LITTLE DICKLETTE?? HAHAHAHAHANEVER HEARD THAT ONESUITS U THO!!LET’S SEE U MAKE THAT LITTLE DICKLETTE COMELOLSTILL HAVE THE WEINER UP YOUR BUTT?Jessie says:mmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah i dotoosexy4u says:GOOD!!TAKE IT OUT AND PULL UR PANTIES DOWN AND WACK OFF ONTO IT!!LOLRIGHT ON!!!BETCHA THAT STINKS LIKE ASS DON’T IT DUDE?HAHAHAHAHOLY FUCK!!!!JSUT UR THUNB AND FINGER HUH? FIGURES!HAHAHAHAHAHANEVER SEEN A GUY JERK OFF WITH ONLY HIS THUMB AND FINGER BEFORE THIS IS FUCKIN PRICELESS DUDE!!!LOOK AT ALL OF US LAUGHING AT YOU!!!WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS???FUCKIN FREAK!!! LOLJessie says:can u show me ur panties?it”ll make me shoot fastthen i’ll eat it all off the hot dog after!!!toosexy4u says:OK BUT YOU ONLY GET TO SEE MY PANTIES I’M NOT SHOWING ANYTHING ELSETHAT’S FUNNY AS FUCK!!!MY FRIEND IS GOING TO TAKE OVER GET READY TO WACK IT TO MY PANTIES!!!HI JESSIE!LIKE LOOKING AT MY FRIEND’S PANTIES?HURRY UP AND CUM, WE WANT TO WATCH YOU EAT IT ALL UP!YEAHHHH BABY!!!LOL!!!!THAT’S SICK DUDE!!!GET THE CUM THAT’S DRIPPING DOWN YOUR BALLS!!THAT WEINER LOOKS DISGUSTING!!! EAT IT FREAK!!!EAT ITEAT IT!!YAY!!!!!EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! THAT WAS GROSS!!!!!!!NO GUY SHOULD EVER EAT CUM!!!!SPECIALLY FROM A WEINER THAT’S BEEN SITTING UP HIS BUTT!!!LIKE THE TASTE?HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!Jessie says:uh huh!yummy!toosexy4u says:GROOSS DUDE!!!The webcam session has ended.Jessie says:hey what happened?why’d u kill the cam?u there??????toosexy4u says:yeah we’re herecan we tell u something?Jessie says:SUre!!toosexy4u says:we’re from too!Jessie says:???how’d u know where i’m from??toosexy4u says:well to be beylikdüzü escort honest, we’ve been using your wifi! Anyways we saw u tonite with that kayla girl on msn, don’t know why but ur msn was logged into our laptop!So we were drinking and decided we wanted to see more, so we added you!plz don’t be mad!Jessie says:………..toosexy4u says:awwwwww don’t be embarressed lol!!we still don’t know who u r!Jessie says:really?toosexy4u says:no, but we are curious!what street u live on?Jessie says:drive,in the big apartment building theretoosexy4u says:really? that’s a bit far to get your wifi!Jessie says: well i do live on a the 15th floor, so maybe my signal goes over the sub division out back! what street are you girls on?toosexy4u says:maybe, we’re over on know where that is?Jessie says:uh huh! i walk my dog over at the park there!you seem young to be living over there on your own! you staying with your parents over summer?toosexy4u says:nopejust moved inmy parents bought this place for me and my girls to stay in while we go to university!Jessie says:KOOL!toosexy4u says:uh huhJessie says:so you girls just partying tonite?toosexy4u says:yeppers! gonna header out to da bar l8r though!we hafta know tho, why would you do that on cam?specially when we’re all laughing at u?arent’ u embarressed?Jessie says:really? which one?yeah it humiliates mebut that turns me onbeing humiliatedspecially by hot girls like yourself!toosexy4u says:awwwwww thx honbut i still don’t understand whylol like we got a good laugh but it was at ur expense!and we figured after u came u’d take off but now ur talking to us like nothing happened!just find it oddnever met a creature like u beforelolJessie says:……. lolsee i’m embaressed loltoosexy4u says:uh huhlolcan we ask what’s wrong with your penis?Jessie says:well……….I was in a motorcycle accident a few years back and had my insides crushednow i don’t have enough blood flow to keep my dick erecttoosexy4u says:that sucks!!so you used to be bigger huh?Jessie says:a little, I used to be able to get to almost 4″ when i was younger!but the fatter i got, the smaller my dick gotand since the accident it doesn’t get much bigger then what u saw. and i can’t shoot my cum far eitherit usually dribbles out ……..toosexy4u says:wowthat does sucku married?gf?bf? lolJessie says:no niehter one! lolfree as a bird!!toosexy4u says:coolwe’re all single tooJessie says:awesome!!!maybe i could meet up with you all somewhere and buy you drinks!!What bar you going to?toosexy4u says:not gonna tell u so u can stalk us!!!lolJKseriously though, we don’t know, only been in town a few weeks, so we’ve been bar hopping mostly!Jessie says:lolkoolwould love to buy you all some drinks though!we could hook up somewhere and party together!it’s in public so it’s not like you’re in any danger! loltoosexy4u says:not really comfortable meeting tonitemaybe once we get to know you!we can go over to ur place for drinks and we’ll make you sit in front of us naked!!jkbut maybe later on we could meet youhave to go now though bye jessie!Jessie says:sounds great!!! can’t wait!!hope you liked the show toinite!!ttyl! toosexy4u says:yeah we all thought it was hilarious!! thanks for the entertainment!next time though you have to do the wax thing!!we only caught the beginning of it before you turned off ur camera!!Jessie says:i can do it now!!toosexy4u says:naw save it for laterhave to go now!ciao!Afterwards, I went out back and they were indeed gone out, not comming back until early the next morning. I went back online, but I think they just went to bed! The next day I went out of town for the night on business and when I returned home the following evening, my modem was fried and Kimmy (my room mate) told me there was a huge storm the night before that knocked the power out! I just had the new one installed and the guy told me it’s damn near impossible to get the signal from it i*****lly. Not like the older one I had he said! So the girls haven’t been online because I think they’re waiting to get internet! I have e-mailed them, and told them what happened but they’ve yet to reply! I’ve been thinking about just going over and introducing myself, but I think that would creep them out! lol Best just to wait and see what happens online!

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