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Michael’s Cove…Chapter 3 – The stormAlthopugh the sun was trying to peak over the horizon, the angry gray clouds continued to fight back with a vengeance. Michael looked out of his living room window as he studied the wind whipped waves. Watching as the white tops grew larger and larger, spitting foam with every gust. Michael knew today would not be just another day in his private paradise.As he drank his third cup of coffee, Michael realized it was time to find his radio and think about securing all of his outdoor belongings…the kayak, bicycle and the lawn furniture. After searching for several minutes, he located it in the hall closet. He pulled it out and turned it on. “The National Weather Service has just issued a severe storm warning”…Michael had already heard enough. Here it comes, Mother Nature in her total furry. Someone or something pissed her off and she was going to let everybody know it.Michael slipped on a pair of shorts and headed for the back deck. He could already feel the wind whipped sand as it pitted his back and face with thousands of needles, the rain was coming and it was not far off. He could see the torrents of water as they swept across the waves, heading right for him. He headed down the istanbul escort small set of stairs to the ground and came around the side of the small house, his kayak was already banging up against the small storage room built under the house. He pulled it around and stuffed it as best as he could in the small shed. Next he took the bicycle and chained it to a pole that held up the stairs. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he headed back into the house, time to close the shutters. as he closed the first shutter to his bedroom window, he heard a starnge noise, a knocking, like something beating against the front of the house. Strange he thought…The storm was coming from the ocean, the opposite direction…then it stopped. He continued close up the house and just as he headed towards the stairs to go down into the living room, he heard the knocking again…this time it was louder, harder and had a rythem. Was there really someone knocking at his door? Michael went through the small kitchen and down the short hallway to the front door. He looked through the small peep hole, but the rain had arrived making it impossible for him to see anything through the avcılar escort blur. Slowly he opened the door and found himself looking at a drenched head full of dark brown hair. She was gorgeous, yellow bikini top, black gym shorts and looking like she had just stepped out of a wind tunnel. He was so shocked by the sight, he didn’t even realize that she was looking at him and waiting for him to say something.”I’m sorry, but may I come in?” she half yelled, half screamed as the wind was growing in intensity…Michael finally caught himself and opened the door wider so she could come in. ” I’m sorry to barge in, but I had a small accident with my car I’m afraid and well I put it in the ditch out in front of your house.” Michael struggled to find his voice, finally after what must have 2 full minutes, he regained his composure and spoke, “I’m sorry, I am just really shocked to see anybody out in this storm…Can I get you a towel?” he said as he went up the stairs to the hall closet. She smiled as she grabbed her hair to wring out some of the water. Michael came back down and handed her the towel. As she reached for it, their hands met ever so briefly and Michael realized he did not even know şirinevler escort her name. “I’m Michael” he sputtered. “Cathy, I love a few doors down, just moved in about a week ago. Didin’t expect this weather.” Slowly, she moved down the hallway, Michael could only stand and watch as her long, tan legs glided across the tile floors toward the living room. Her butt cheeks swaying ever so gently, ever so sensually from side to side. It was then that he knew that this was the woman from the kayak he had seen earlier in the week.”Please sit, down, make yourself at home.” Michael was still in shock, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Her smile was genuine, her tan complete, her legs seemed to stretch on forever. “May I get you something to drink?” he offered as he watched her dap her breasts dry. My god, her breasts! Perfectly round, firm, and her nipples — pressing against her top, pushing to break through.”I’m afraid, I may be stuck here for awhile with this storm, I don’t think I can get my car out until it subsides.” She looked at him with her deep blue eyes. “No problem, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere” Michael said. Just then they both heard a loud explosion and all of the lights went dark. She screamed and jumped up, he caught her as her foot, still wet from the storm slipped and she headed for the floor. Together they went down with a thud, Michael on the bottom, breaking her fall. He felt his head as it bounced off of the hard tile floor, the world began to spin as darkness set in…(End of Chapter 3…More to Come)

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