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Mistis’ Adventures Part 106Mike had been “hijacked,” quite willingly, by Annie. “We share tales of lovers ALL the time, between us, and when Sue told me how it was with you and her, I KNEW that I had to try, at least, to get you in bed with me. When I met Misti, I KNEW I wanted to have you. She must have read my mind, or something, ’cause she smiled and told me that YOU were the best she’d EVER had. She also told me the way y’all met, and that she fell in love with ya right on the spot. She was worried that ya might not come back, and that the next day, when ya came callin’, that she couldn’t wait to give ya the best she could, hopin’ that ya would fall in love with ‘er. She ALSO told me that when ya didn’t come back right away, she was almost worried sick. The long and short of it was that ya’ came back, asked her to marry ya, and brought her home with ya. She loves ya so much it hurts.She tole me what ya like, and tole me how ta turn ya on. I WOULDN’T be sorry I DID. She tole me, too, that she WANTED me to give ya some pussy, BUT, later on, I had to promise to do ya when SHE could WATCH us fuck. She likes to watch the girls goin’ crazy when ya fuck ’em. I promised. Mike was almost falling over, laughing so hard, at Annie’s story. He told her that it sounded like something Misti would do. He had got more pussy from other women at her urging, than he EVER got on his own. Both of them enjoyed watching each other with other partners. She, he guessed, inherited it from HER Mom and Dad. THEY were the SAME WAY.Annie was in her old bedroom, that she had grown up in, and had “entertained” numerous friends, male AND female in. Her room was on a corner, where she could get the sun in the morning, and was just as immaculate as any he had seen in his life. Her bed was made, just as their Father had taught them, as c***dren. He had seen beds more sloppy while IN the Air Force. Annie had stopped in the hallway, and took out 3 large multi-colored towels, each almost the size of beach towels, and laid them on the end of the bed. All the bedrooms were larger than would normally be expected. He commented on their size, and Annie explained, “Gramma an’ Grampa had 12 k**s, so ever’ one had to share. The house had to be remodeled, when they got indoor plumbing in the 40s Before, it had had 12 bedrooms, so it worked out just fine. Daddy’s Grandparents had 14 k**s. HE had been in the first war, and saw his first shower. It made sense to use a shower, so he had had THEM to go WITH the bathtubs. Gramma tole him he was crazy, but, after SHE took HER first shower, SHE was hooked, TOO. Bathtubs were good for sick people, or babies, but showers were better for ever’one else.”The two of them took their time, undressing each other, like unwrapping a special gift. Mike was astounded at how much Sue and Annie favored each other. The only real difference was the way they each styled their hair. Annie wrapped her arms pendik escort around Mike’s neck and kissed him. “In a few minutes you’ll see the REAL difference. I’m better in bed than she is.” she giggled. Mike smiled at her and kissed her back. “If you’re BETTER, then you better get an AMBULANCE out here. I’m gonna be needin’ a DOCTOR.” he answered. She giggled, again.They went into the bathroom holding each other, and kissing. Annie reached in and turned on the shower, and getting down the shower cap outside the door. “Don’t want to go to bed with wet hair, ya know.” She reached in to check the water, and, satisfied it was good, they went in. She scrubbed him first, taking care to clean his intimate parts, and stimulating him. She giggled, again. “MY, OH MY! I GOT A NICE ONE TO PLAY WITH. I’LL SHOW YA HOW TA TREAT PLAY PURTIES LIKE THIS!” She squatted down in front of him, and took her new toy in her mouth, and began to suck it. He was pleasantly surprised at her talent. She had her eyes looking up at his face, studying his reactions to what she was doing to him. Every time he gasped, her eyes smiled. Her mouth was too busy to smile. She soon received what she had been seeking. He held the back of her head as she swallowed every drop of his offering. NOT A SINGLE DROP CAME OUT!!! She turned and caught some of the water in her mouth, swished it around, and spit it out, before kissing him. “NOW!!! IT’S YOUR TURN!!!”Mike gave her the same loving, tender attention that she had bestowed on him, as he took the opportunity to explore her beautiful, exciting, and luscious body. He started on her back, working down the smooth, soft flesh, marveling at the softness, and pliability of her rump. Her beautiful legs received the same attention. He asked her to lift her feet so he could wash them, too, and kissed each cheek of her butt, as she raised them.He turned her, and began his journey down her exquisite body. Washing her throat, her chest, and her breasts, kissing each of them, and lightly sucking the brownish nipples as he rinsed them free of the soap. His fingers trailed down her tummy, making the muscles flutter with his touch. He continued down to her Mons and pushed gently to open her legs enough to was her inner sanctum, going to her feet. She had a beautiful Mons, too. He loved going to beaches, and sometimes, shopping to check them on the women her saw. Bathing suits were the best, but tight pants or leggings were nice too. He also got to see a few “camel-toes” at those times, too. Either, or both, were good for him. This was one of the features he loved most about Misti. Her large Mons, with its topping of straight, black pubic hair, OR shaved bald, was so beautiful to him.Once finished, Mike reached past Annie and turned off the water, while she reached out for the towels. They dried each other with the same care and attention as they had çekmeköy escort washed each other. Annie hung the towels to dry, and they kissed, and walked to the bed. He went to the other side to assist her in turning down the covers, and mounted the bed, rolling into each others waiting, and welcoming arms. She had immediately placed one leg over his hip, and he had extended an arm to pillow her head. They held each other, kissing, and caressing each other. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and her breathing was already getting faster, as they kissed each other harder and harder. She was anticipating, as much as he was, what was now a certainty. He pushed gently, rolling her to her back, and kissing her throat, her shoulders, and her face. He sucked and lightly nibbled at her earlobes, making her squeal in response. She was kissing his neck and shoulders. Their hands were exploring each others bodies, he, marveling at her softness, and smoothness, she at the hard muscles, and HIS smoothness. She had had lovers that were covered in scars from battles, and had pitied them for their past suffering. After hearing the stories from others, she had had a special place in her heart for returning warriors. It was one of the things that had drawn her to Ricky. She couldn’t understand what made some women look down on a veteran. Very seldom had she heard one of them speak of what he had seen, or done. She had asked one man, and his reply had made her blood run cold. He had told her, “If I told ya, ya wouldn’t understand, and if ya did understand, ya wouldn’t want ta hear it.” They had kept company for a long time, and when he finally departed from her life, she had held a special place in her heart for him. She prayed for him every day.Mike was fondling her breasts, admiring their size and softness. Not too big, and as perky as any he had seen, crowned by those small brownish, tinged with pink, nipples, that were the size and hardness of small marbles. Every time he sucked one of them, she squirmed and gasped. His hand was rubbing her soft tummy, feeling the underlying hardness of a well toned body. His hand went further feeling the hip joints, and tracing the lines to the juncture of her legs, which parted slightly at his touch on her Mons pubis. It was soft, and well rounded, but had been carefully shaved, exposing the tan of her skin. It must be that it was her natural coloring, as it had been too cool to sunbathe. ESPECIALLY NAKED. Her legs had parted as his hand closed in on her private parts, until they were wide enough to cup her in one hand. One finger had felt the moisture coming out of her and he had rubbed enough to lube his finger for more intimate exploration. It went to the tiny anal opening, and he pushed easily, just in case, and it went in to the first joint. He flexed it slightly and she gasped. “Do more, Sweetie.” she gasped. “I maltepe escort like how it feels in my ass. It’s making me want to cum.” He pushed it in deeper and heard a louder moan. “Work it deep, Darling. I’m coming.” He did as she asked, finger fucking her ass, as she whimpered and stiffened. He was making her cum with a finger up her ass. She shook and sighed. “Thank You, Sweetheart. That was nice. MY turn, now.”She rolled out from under him and got on top to offer herself in 69 position. She slid back, and her pussy was barely in front of his chin, as she took him in her mouth for the second time. “I’m not gonna make ya cum in my mouth, this time. My pussy is jealous of my mouth. SHE wants the SECOND load of cum. If I don’t let her have it she’ll start bleedin’, and will put me out of action for almost a week.” she giggled.They gave each other a good tongue lashing. Making her cum several more times, but every time she felt him stiffen, she would release him to allow him to relax. Even so, it was sweet agony.He finally rolled her over and put a pillow under her butt to raise her for what he wanted to do to her. He kissed her pussy several times, and licked the length from her ass to her clit. He pinned her legs over his shoulders, and began sliding slowly inside of her. Her eyes got wide and she gasped, “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GGGOOOODDDDD!!!” and grunted and gasped as he fully entered her. Her thighs were squeezing his neck, as she tried, in vain to move her legs. He had pushed up far enugh that she couldn’t move them, and his hands had her arms pinned the same way. Shw was totally at his mercy. She had to take whatever he wanted to do to her. She more than approve of what he did, as witnessed by the way her ass was moving. It was the ONLY thing she had control of. She was begging him, “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT!!! TEAR MY PUSSY UP FOR ME!!! FUCK ME LIKE A CHEAP WHORE!!! OOHHHGODDD!!! I’M CUMMMINGGG!!!! I’M CUMMMIINNNGGG!!! Her thigh muscles flexed a she tried to squeeze even harder. She was crying, moaning, and begging for more. He felt her body stiffen, as the sweet tickle of his own cum was pouring out, and into her body. He felt her go limp under him as she spent the last ounce of her energy. He moved, releasing her arms and legs, which fell limply, as if devoid of muscle or bone out from her sides. He manafed to fall to the side, so she, and he, could breathe, unimpeded. He heard the click of the door latch opening, and saw Sue’s smiling face peering in at them. Behind her he saw Doris, and someone else. He couldn’t see who it was. The door opened wider. It was Royce. They filed in and Doris reached down and smoothed the hair from her daughter’s face and she kissed her cheek. “Ya done a good job on my baby, Michael. THANKS!!! Ya give ‘er somethin’ ta remember ya. I gotta go downstairs. From all the ruckus, I think Mary’s gonna need some attention. Jerry, Lisa, an’ Pete are already on the way outside to look in on ’em. Jus’ don’t be surprised if she wakes up wantin’ more. She usually does when she gets nailed THIS hard.” Doris made her retreat, and Royce smiled at him. “Done ‘er proud, I see. She’ll be talkin’ about cha for a while.”Mike drifted to sleep.

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