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More Punishment At The Book StoreThis story is written by Jennifer, it may be fiction but I wish it were true. It was a lovely Saturday morning as I walked to work, the sun shinning on my face and a light breeze blowing my thin dress around and caressing my naked bottom underneath. It had been ten weeks since I started working at Mr Petersons book store and every Saturday afternoon at 2:00 P.M. we would close the store and make our way to the stockroom in the back of the store. Once there Mr Peterson would have left an adult magazine or erotic novel open to a particular scene that he would want us to act out, mostly it would be me acting like a naughty school girl or spoiled daughter and Mr P giving me a good hard spanking. This day he said would be different, he had a big surprise for me, and as I walked I tried to imagine just what he had in mind, but I never could have know what was going to happen this particular weekend.The day dragged on, I couldn’t wait for closing time and Mr P kept teasing me and giving me little smacks on my bum, I couldn’t get anything done. It was about 15 minutes to closing when this young girl by the name of Tanya came in, she comes every Saturday and buys the latest books and magazines on bondage and punishment, we chat a little and I know she has a crush on me but has never made a pass at me. As we stood there talking Mr P came up and opened a magazine that had just come in and asked me to read it. The story was about a girl working in a book store and the owner takes her to his secluded cabin and puts her through all kinds of punishment, at the end I noticed that the article was signed Mr Peter Peterson. My legs were shaking and I could hardly speak, he smiled and said yes dear I wrote that and had it published for you and then added what do you think should we take off to my cabin and maybe young Tanya would like to join us. Tanya jumped at the idea but Mr P could tell that I was a little hesitant, he simply asked me if I trusted him and sarıyer escort I replied oh yes Mr Peterson, completely, and he reassured me that I was in good hands. His Cabin was about an hour drive from the city, up into the hills on a long winding remote road. When we arrived it was the cutest cabin set well back in the trees and a small barn next to it, I could see what he meant by secluded, no one for for a long way to see you and no one to hear you scream. We unpacked our things and Mr P showed us around, when we went into the barn I was stunned by the array of apparatus designed for one purpose and that was to secure a young woman like myself in the most vulnerable positions so she could be punished and taken advantage of. Tanya was fascinated by the equipment, looking it over, seeing how it worked and then said to Mr P when do we get to tie up Jennifer to which Mr P laughed. Mr P sat down on a chair and had me sit on his lap, he held me tight and explained that if I was willing he would show me and take me to a whole new level of intense pleasure and again made it clear that I could trust him completely with my safety. I said nothing but while looking into his calm understanding eyes I nodded my acceptance, he smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said lets get you ready.I was completely naked as I stood in front of Tanya and Mr P, he took my arm and leading me over to a low table with metal bars on it had me lay face down. The bars were positioned so as to force my bottom high up, pin my shoulders to the table and spread my legs wide. He then blindfolded me and gagged me so the only senses I had were hearing and feeling and I was sure I was going to “feel” a lot. Next he covered my body with a warm oily substance, massaging it into my skin and telling me that this would prevent the whip from tearing at my skin. Tanya had positioned herself so she could see straight up between my legs and was so aroused esenyurt escort that she had started to play with herself. Mr P selected a long thin 2 tailed strap and as he swished it through the air I could hear Tanya gasp. He took his time measuring his distance and tapping it on different parts of my body, watching me tense my muscles in anticipation, but I didn’t have long to wait. Swish smack, right across the middle of my bottom, it was almost a relief that it had finally begun. Another swish smack, this one took me by surprise as it was across my back, the sting was different and then half a dozen quick strokes across my back, smack smack smack smack smack smack, I gripped the table and biting at the gag tried to yell but it was just a muffled moan. Next he directed the strap to the insides of my legs, one dozen from the left and then one dozen from the right. I was screaming into the gag in my mouth but it did no good, I could do nothing but absorb the unrelenting impacts of the strap. He moved back up to my bottom that so far had only been struck once and began to stoke a fire in my bottom that I had not know before. The whip struck hard and fast the blindfold was now soaked in my tears, the constant swish smack and pain was only interrupted by the squeals of delight and sounds of orgasmic pleasure coming from Tanya. My brain was becoming confused, the pain was too much to take but I wanted more, I was angry at Mr P but my juices were dripping from my pussy.Mr P could see that I was now ready for the next phase of my punishment, so he had Tanya help him remove me from the table and place me on my back on a small bench, tying my hands to my feet, again my legs spread wide so that I was now bent backwards and my plump pubic mound was now well presented. Tanya now massaged some more oil all over the front of me and spending considerable time working it into my pussy and breasts, causing me to moan my approval and make her giggle like a school avrupa yakası escort girl. That would not last long as Mr P stepped in and started to lash the front of my thighs renewing my cries and moans. He whipped my breasts and tummy as I thrashed and tried to get out of the way but soon my confused pussy betrayed me as my fluids began to flow again. This was the sign that Mr P had been waiting for and he applied the strap directly to my tender vulnerable open pussy. The first stroke made every muscle in my body tighten but before the pain eased another stroke and another, they fell in rapid succession smack smack smack smack, but then something strange happened, my brain no longer felt the pain but more like loving kisses applied by a loving hand. I felt new orgasms, not intense and powerful but gentle, flowing, traveling throughout my body. I lay there floating in a new found euphoria transported to a new dimension until the whipping finally ceased. Tanya was completely spent having fingered herself to countless orgasms, But Mr P needed to be satisfied. He released me from my bonds and had me kneel in front of him, I looked up into his lust filled eyes, smiled, and then looked back down at his erect engorged cock, I opened my mouth wide. He took hold of the back of my head and with great patience he slowly and methodically fucked my mouth. I kept my hands behind my back as a sign of servitude and allowed him to do as he pleased with my mouth. Long Gentle strokes as his thick swollen cock stretched my mouth, sliding in and out and then a massive eruption of hot cum filled my mouth and spilled down on to my breasts. I was surprised by the amount as I tried to swallow as much as I could but I was overwhelmed but the large amount of cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat. Mr P struggled to stand as he leaned on me and I struggle to support him until his orgasm subsided and he managed to regain his balance.As Mr P lifted me up I reached up and put my arms around his neck, pulling my self up and wrapping my legs around his waist I kissed him long and passionately letting him know just how much I love him and that is how he carried me back to the cabin. He said that was just the start of the weekend and he had a lot of ideas for me and Tanya.The End For Now, Hugs and Kisses Jennifer.

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