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Mother Of InventionWhen I saw the advert in the local paper I was intrigued…MODEL REQUIRED FOR GLAMOROUS ENGINEERING SHOOT.What the feck is an engineering shoot,well Deena said I should ring,the thought of being a poor student for another Autumn was doing my head in.So I rang the number an elderly man answered, told me it was some lingerie and bikini modelling on motor bikes and other bits and bobs!Well he sounded nice, he told me he had M.S. and was confined to a wheelchair now.I decided to do it not out of a benevolent reason, purely for the £500 in readies!Suddenly my asian flatmate was interested!Well the day came, I slipped into my favourite heels and what I thought to be biker chic leather pants and tight white blouse, packed a vanity case with some frilly’s and set off for Hampshire by train and taxi.It was one of those gorgeous golden days in October as the train trundled through the English countryside,I arrived at the station and a surly overweight istanbul escort cabby opened the door for me of his rather smelly taxi, my flimsy jacket did nothing to cover my stiff nipples poking through the gossamer fabric, as my huge cleavage wobbled with every bump and turn in the road.I arrived just after 12 noon was supposed to be there for lunch, to my surprise a rather handsome slim man in a black wheelchair with silver fox hair waited at the gate.”Hi follow me round to my workshop, you must be Nicola”. he greeted me with a wry smile.I followed Steve up the garden path to a largish workshop,it was clean and immaculate, with a Harley and a Ducatti shining away under the lights on stands”Wow, this is a real professional set up”Even had a curtain up, where I could change, maybe a bit see thru, but adequate.I chose a savagely cut silver swimsuit that showed off my ample curves, I clambered avcılar escort over the leather seat astride the bike,girl power or what!Steve wheeled in and out taking shot after shot and yelling direction, th light box whined as it recharged for the next onslau of flashes, I didn’t feel fat or frumpy I felt glam and liberated, licking my glossy lips. 2let the straps down a bit”Steve cajoled.I let them slip a bit,from my shoulders and soon my boobs broke free swinging as I crouched over the handlebars.Steve went quiet. Thinking I guess.”You have magnificent breasts! I have another machine under this cover, would you like to ride it? Steve was animated, his left arm reached out and grabbed the corner of the cover-swishAll was revealed … it wasn’t a bike it was a …He explained it was an industrial robot he had made modifications to, it was a fucking machine!!!!I told him I would do some simulated shots but not the şirinevler escort real thing, he upped my fee by 200, as I made myself comfy on several beige bean bag seats.While I waited for him to set it up,I lit up a More cigarette as I changed into a minute bikini, so small the tiny triangles barely covered my nipples the thong immediately rode up,Edible cherry flavoured mikini from Japan, yes you could actually eat it, straps were made of liquorice and the rest a kind of stretchy shiny gum.I inhaled deeply on my ciggy as he lined up the silver shiny dildo on the end of the arm of the machine,he held a black remote in his hand.”ready””aha ” slowly the arm moved back and forth against my deepening cameltoe,After thirty seconds he hit the lever big time the damn thing thrusted away, tearing through, the gummy substance and right up my foo!!!Fucking faster and faster as I grabbed my boobs and pulled on the nipples, relentlessly fucking me,eyes tight shut as I welled up close to orgasm, it was at that point I opened them…. to my horror the workshop come studio had seven men all standing their watching and wanking, but I didn’t care in fact I wanted to suck cock so badly now….”bring it close to my lips, Its gotta be big, Tori Amos Professional Widow more like my theme song!

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