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Mrs JenseaMrs. Jansen is my 5th grade teacher. She is a beautiful blonde with long flowing wavy hair down to her shoulders. I often wished I was as pretty as she is.I have a hard time comprehending what she is saying, so there has been times I would stay after school to study more and ask Mrs. Jansen questions so I can maintain a higher grade average. There was a couple of times she said she would be right back needing to go to the restroom, and she would come back wearing the same miniskirt she has been wearing, seat herself behind her desk, and sometimes open her legs a bit showing me her shaved pubes. She was completely hairless like me, but, I don’t need to shave.Mrs. Jansen’s favorite subject to teach was Biology. I had to really admit, she knew her biology very well. During this particular section of Biology, reproduction, she taught us about how sperm fertilizes the egg and attaches itself to the uterine wall to develop into a fetus and eventually become a baby. “This also applies to other a****ls such as dogs, cats, horses, and what not,” she said.She was using terms I was not familiar with, so today I stayed after school so I can ask her questions about the terminologies she used, and what they meant, things of that nature.Today, when she seen I was staying after school she excused herself to go to the restroom, coming back sitting behind her desk as she always does. The thing that was so different today compared to the previous times I stayed after school, she made no attempt to hide her pubes from me, as if she invited me to look. I have to admit, I do like looking at the pubes of other girls, comparing mine to theirs. Sometimes I would get all tingly, wet, and hot in my lower belly and feel quite flushed in my face. Seeing Mrs. Jansen sitting there the way she was created one of those times.”Mrs. Jansen, earlier today you mentioned how the sperm penetrates the egg to fertilize the egg to eventually become a baby. You never mentioned how the sperm gets into the uterus to begin with. How does that happen?” I asked.”I know. Actually, I am not allowed to go that far in the classroom on specific subjects. Are you really interested how that happens?” she asked, as if she already knew how I was going to react to that question.Without thinking, I replied, “Yes, definitely. It wouldn’t do any good to know what happens if you don’t know how it happens in the first place.” She looked at me only to say, “Very good point. I’ll tell you what. You live two blocks from me. Why don’t you come to my house tomorrow around noon time, we’ll have a nice lunch and we can discuss this in detail. The only thing is, what I teach you at home has to stay between us.” I told her I would keep quiet about it, and that I would be there.I went home after this, still picturing in my mind her pubes looking directly at me, as if her displaying herself was actually an invitation of sorts. The remainder of the day went by rather quickly. I couldn’t wait for noon tomorrow, Saturday, to go to her house so she could teach me something she couldn’t teach in school. I had to admit, I really admired her desires to be a real teacher, going out of her way to teach on a weekend.Saturday morning finally arrived. I got out of bed anxiously awaiting for the time to arrive at her house. At 11:30, I couldn’t wait any longer so I told my mom I was going to Mrs. Jansen’s house for a while, and I didn’t know how long it was going to be before I came home. She said that would be fine with her since she had some things she wanted to do today, so with me out of the house, it would be better for her.I quickly found her lovely home. I knocked on the front door and eventually Mrs. Jansen opened the door inviting me inside the house. I was impressed with the furniture and other décor all throughout the living room. She seated me on the couch directly across from the TV. “I have a movie I would like you to watch, Suzy. This movie will show you everything you will want to know about how sperm is injected into the uterus.”She pressed the PLAY button on the remote and instantly a movie started. It showed a young woman with a man in the bedroom, kissing while laying on the bed side by side. He was rubbing her chest while slowly removing her blouse exposing her tits. I don’t have any tits, yet. He started to rub her belly lower and lower until his hand was going under the elastic band of her panty, and then working its way lower towards her pubes. I was started to feel flushed at this time, and still interested in the movie, I didn’t notice Mrs. Jansen leave the living room until she came back and sat down next to me wearing a thin robe. As I watched the movie, I felt something on my leg. I looked down to see Mrs. Jansen’s hand rubbing just above my knee in a slow up and down movement, sometimes lower around the inside of my thigh.The woman in the movie started rubbing something sticking out of the man’s crotch. Mrs. Jansen stopped the movie at this time to tell me, “The long skin covered rod you see is called a penis. Men have those so he can put it inside the woman’s vagina, only to work it in and out. You’ll see what I mean shortly,” she informed me matter-of-factly.So right she was, in a few minutes, he laid on his back and she sort of stood up facing the camera. Reaching down, she found his rod and aimed it up to her pubes, slowly lowering herself down. I could see her rubbing the end of his rod up and down her slit, causing her slit to open to some extent. She must have found where she wanted it to be since she quit rubbing it through her slit, and lowered herself down on this rod so the rod was completely hidden from my view. “Where did it go?” I asked.”It is inside her, Suzy,” she answered. “Where did she hide it?””Why don’t we go for a swim, and I can answer your question then,” Mrs. Jansen offered. “I didn’t know you had a pool, and besides, I didn’t bring anything to swim in with me.” She smiled and said, “We are both women, so it would be no big deal for us to swim in the nude, would it?” she asked. Being referred by Mrs. Jansen as me being a woman bolstered my spirits, so without thinking I stood in front of her and began to remove my clothes, as she was doing the same before me.When I was beginning to roll down the top of my panty, I did notice how Mrs. Jansen’s eyes appeared to be locked on me, watching my every move. Instead of being alarmed or anything like that, it sort of excited me to know she was about to see me fully nude before her. I stooped down to remove my panty from my hips and over my knees. I stood up to take my feet out of the leg holes and Mrs. Jansen’s eyes never left my pubes. I watched kadıköy escort her remove her panty just after this, and I never took my eyes off her pubes. Not saying anything to each other, Mrs. Jansen simply turned and jumped head first into the pool making a very little splash. I followed behind her, diving head first as well. When I was coming up towards the surface, I accidentally bumped into Mrs. Jansen. She helped me come to the surface by grabbing my waist. Once I was able to breathe, she held me at arm’s length telling me how pretty I am and that I will become an adorable woman, making me feel great about myself.We swam around a bit before going to the pool deck to lie down on the lounge chairs to dry off with the help of the sun cooking down on us. She left me momentarily to come back with sun tan ointment asking if I would like some ointment on my back. When I thanked her for the suggestion, she squirted ointment into her hands and started rubbing it into my shoulders and upper back. Getting more ointment, she continued her rubbing motions down the length of my back. She got more ointment into her hands and this time she started at my feet working her way up my legs. I noticed the higher she went on my legs, the longer it would take for her to get to the tops of my legs. Sensing she was looking at my hairless pubes, I began to feel an itch, a warmth, a glowing feeling within my lower belly, and felt as if something was beginning to leak out of my lower body.Mrs. Jansen then began to rub the other leg, and once again, taking her dear old sweet time rubbing the upper leg. Only this time, she went higher on this leg than she did with the other leg. I felt the back of her hand accidentally brush against my firm hairless pubes, and then the more she rubbed my extreme upper thigh, the more contact she made with the back of her hand against my pubes, to the point she was rubbing my pubes constantly.”Turn over, and I’ll get the rest of you,” she suggested, which I did rollover onto my back. She began to rub the front of my shoulders without the ointment at first, and then she took the tube of ointment squirting a long line of it onto my chest and abdomen. She worked the ointment into the upper part of my chest and when she reached my flat chest where my boobs would be growing someday, she slowed down her advancement only to concentrate her manipulation of my nipples which became quite firm, something I never experienced before.She then increased the speed of her rubbing lower down my abdomen, and when she ran out of the line of ointment, she surprised me by squirting more ointment on me, from where she left off and down the length of the slit separating my hairless pubes. It was cool, and even though it caught me off guard by not expecting her to put ointment there, it still felt good, and quite exciting, since I never experienced this before.She was rubbing the very lower end of my abdomen when she said, “I need to rub the ointment in “there” as well. Women more often than not, forget about sunburning themselves down there which can cause some very nasty sunburns.” Feeling as if she was telling me the truth, I told her, “I never thought about that before. Go ahead and do what you think is right.” Smiling, she began to rub beside my pubes and towards my thighs on both sides. Eventually she ran a finger the length of my hairless slit in an effort to collect the ointment she squirted between my pubes, only to pause at the top of the slit. She ran her finger in circles at this one magical spot creating some very good feelings throughout my entire body. She ran her fingers through the slit again, this time from the top of my slit down to the bottom. When she reached the bottom of my slit, she gently pushed and I felt her finger slide inside my very tight little hole. “Nice,” she said, taking her finger out of my hole to only push it back inside me. She did this several times before sliding back to the top of my slit.”Have you ever wondered what you look like down there?” she asked. When I told her No, I never thought about looking, she sat down on the lounge chair next to me only to spread her legs wide while facing me, giving me a completely unobstructed view of her shaved pubes. I noticed how her fat lips were somewhat parted with a little bit of loose skin hanging out between them. I asked why the skin was hanging out, so she showed me by pulling her lips apart giving me a full view of her most intimate area. She told me these were the smaller lips which helps protects her vagina from disease, water, air, and other things from entering her body unwillingly and that someday I will also have the same little lips she has.By this time, we both felt as if we had enough sun on us and being dry enough to return inside her house and not get her furniture wet, she indicated we should go back inside for a while. I followed her into the house only to sit in front of the TV as I did earlier. She picked up the remote control only to hit PLAY to continue the move we were watching before we went swimming. I was really interested with what the man and woman in the movie were doing, putting his penis into her mouth, her going up and down with her mouth on his penis, and then finally putting his penis between her pubes before hiding it from the camera’s view. “I guess she has it inside her again,” I suggested. “Yes, she does, and if you listen to her, judging by the way she is moaning, she is really liking the feeling she is getting feeling his penis move in and out of her vagina.”Will I ever enjoy that myself someday?” I asked. Mrs. Jansen replied with, “You will, and it may not be that far along from now, if you want.””I would like that very much. If she feels that good by doing that to cause her to moan like that, it has to feel good, and I would surely welcome that experience.”Not saying anything, Mrs. Jansen kneeled on the carpeted floor in front of me, gently pulling on my hips sliding my butt to the edge of the cushion. She looked at my pubes saying some ointment still needs to be “rubbed in, running her finger up and down my hairless slit. Only this time, she pushed her finger inside my little hole, she pushed up inside me far enough to make me hurt some. When I told her that hurts some, she said that is to be expected since I am a virgin. I asked what she meant by that, she said, “A virgin is a woman who has never had a penis inside her hole down there, and a growth of thin skin is across the hole to indicate she has never had anything inside her body. A man pushes his penis through this üsküdar escort layer of skin called a membrane, or maiden head, hymen, and it tears. When it tears, it can hurt a lot or very little, depending on how thick or thin this layer of skin is inside the woman. It can hurt a lot, or very little when it rips. Either way, it will bleed a little. After the virginity is removed, it will never hurt or bleed like that again and feel great when a penis is inserted into your vagina very deep into your lower body.””Have you ever seen a penis before, Suzy?” she asked. When I said NO, she said if she had a man around, she would have the man show me his penis. “The closet thing I have for a penis to show you is Duke’s penis.” When I asked her who Duke was, she said, “My dog. Male dogs have a penis to inject their semen and sperm into a female dog’s vagina to reproduce in the same way as humans do. True there are a couple of differences between a human penis and a dog’s penis, but, I don’t think you would be interested in this subject.”I think surprised her when I responded with, “No, Mrs. Jansen, I would love to see Duke’s penis. Not seeing one before, I am curious as to what they look like.”Getting off the floor, she went into the hallway, opening the bedroom door, “Duke, come her boy,” she called out. I heard what sounded like a tail beating against the wall and the door and this big dog followed her back into the living room. She sat down beside me with Duke sitting on his back legs, holding his forward part of his body up on his front legs. Within a couple of minutes I noticed this long narrow sack at the base of Duke’s belly having a narrow pointed meaty tip sticking out of it. “See that?” Mrs. Jansen asked. When I said I did, she said that is the dog’s penis. She began telling me how a dog will lick the female under her tail, getting him all excited, and then mount the female to insert his excited penis into the female, causing him to push and pull his penis in and out of the female. Once the male dog gets too excited, he releases his sperm into the female. “Do you understand what I am saying?” she asked me.”Sort of, but, it is very hard to imagine something like that since I’ve never seen anything like that before,” answered. She didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes before she got up from the couch and opened the door below the TV. Removing a CD from below the TV, she removed the movie we were first watching and put the new movie in the CD player and hit PLAY.Instantly, we were watching a dog go up to this nude woman, standing between her legs, lowering his head between her legs. I could see him sniff her slit and began licking her. This unknown woman was quickly becoming excited by the dog’s tongue licking her slit, and what appeared to be his tongue entering her little hole at the bottom of her slit.The dog must have gotten tired of licking her shaved slit, and put his front legs on each side of this woman in the movie. She pushed him down and put her knees on the floor while laying her upper body on the cushion of the sofa she was sitting on. Once again the dog put both front paws on both sides of this woman, only this time his forelegs reached around her waist as if he was grabbing her and hanging on as his back legs started to rock back and forth, causing his bright red pointy penis to get longer and longer, as well as getting fatter and fatter. I saw a big round bulb coming out of his long sack under the base of his belly, so I asked Mrs. Jansen about this bulb. “That is his knot. When he has his penis inside a vagina, he will try to be sure to push that bulb, as you call it, into the vagina, and when he does that, it will cause that bulb to expand so big he won’t be able to pull it out . . . . That is called a “tie.””I would love to see that.” Soon enough, his penis entered the woman’s vagina and he stepped forward to be sure he was all the way inside the woman, rocking back and forth really fast. I watched his bulb going in and out of the woman’s vagina, appearing to be getting bigger and bigger all the time, until one time the bulb went inside the vagina and not come back out. “See that, his bulb is now inside her getting bigger and bigger, and he won’t be able to pull it out of her for a while, maybe half an hour or more. Duke and I have been tied for over an hour before,” Mrs. Jansen volunteered.”You mean to tell me you and Duke have done this before?” I asked, now noticing how my fingers were tracking the hairless slit between my legs. “Many times, haven’t we Duke?” she asked of her dog.”You appear to be quite excited learning all of this. Why do you ask if Duke and I have done this? Would you really like to watch us do it?”I told her I would love to. “Okay, if that is what you want, but, I have something to ask you as well. Would you like to feel what it is like to have a penis inside you, no matter if it is a human’s or a dog’s penis?” Without thinking, “Yes, I would love it.”Smiling, Mrs. Jansen sat on the couch with her legs wide spread, exposing her vagina to the direction of Duke. Patting her thighs, “Duke . . . . Come here, boy,” she commanded, causing Duke to walk between her legs. With no encouragement, Duke lowered his head like the dog in the movie, quickly extending his tongue to Mrs. Jansen’s slit, and started licking it just like the dog in the movie. Ten minutes later, Mrs. Jansen’s body tensed up very rigid, nearly screaming in pleasure. Once she relaxed she kneeled on the floor like the woman in the movie. I knew now what to expect from Duke, and sure enough, he jumped up on her back to wrap his forelegs around her and started to hunch his butt back and forth.Just as in the movie, his penis got long and fat, and his bulb appeared as well. “See my little hole?” she asked. When I said I did, she instructed me, “Grab his penis and put the tip of it inside the hole. He’ll know what to do from that point.” I did as she instructed me, and nearly instantly, Duke pushed forward driving his penis into Mrs. Jansen. He stepped forward like the dog in the movie did and his bulb started going in and out of Mrs. Jansen’s vagina as like the movie. Finally the bulb didn’t reappear. Mrs. Jansen had the look of pure pleasure on her face. “Oh, yes, I feel your cum,” I asked her what is cum, she informed me, “His sperm. He thinks I am a female dog and he is trying to get me pregnant with his puppies,” she informed me. “The bulb will not only trap his penis inside me, it will keep his sperm from coming out of me to be sure his sperm all go in the same direction, into my uterus looking for an egg to fertilize. His tuzla escort sperm is so warm, it nearly feels hot inside me. I can now feel him shooting his sperm so very deep inside me, slowly filling my body with his sperm and semen.”Duke stayed still now, excepting when he was trying to get one of his back legs over the top of Mrs. Jansen’s butt. He finally accomplished getting his leg over her butt, only to stand perfectly still, just putting a pulling sensation on his penis as if he was trying to remove his trapped penis from Mrs. Jansen’s vagina. Twenty minutes or so later, Duke did remove his doggy penis from Mrs. Jansen’s vagina, allowing a lot of white liquid to flow from Mrs. Jansen’s hole. “The white stuff is his semen, his sperm are still inside me looking for an egg.”By this time, not only did I quit rubbing my slit, I had my finger going in and out of my tiny hole where Mrs., Jansen could watch me. This really excited me to no end. “I wish I could have Duke do the same thing to me as he did to you.””Are you sure, Suzy?” When I said yes, I would love it, she grabbed the phone on the table next to the end of the couch, dialing a number by memory. “Helen, why don’t you bring Bullet with you to my house. I have a job for him here.” Pausing for a brief moment, “Ok, see you then,” hanging up the phone. “She said she will be here in about five minutes.” I was excited, nervous, and somewhat scared now knowing something new to me was going to happen. I started reaching for my panty only to have Mrs. Jansen stop me. “Helen will appreciate seeing you in the nude.” I somewhat reluctantly leaned back into the couch, and no sooner did my back hit the back of the couch’s upper cushion, we heard the door bell ring. “That will be Helen.” Getting off the couch, Mrs. Jansen answered the doorbell by opening the door slightly to be sure it was Helen. Standing behind the door, she opened the way, “Come in, Helen, we are in the living room.” I first seen Helen looking at me, and a Bagel dog coming my direction. Standing in front of me, Helen said, “Hello… Why not show Bullet and me the goodies?” I spread my legs, moving my butt to the edge of the cushion, Bullet needed no instruction, he just lowered his head between my widespread legs only to lick my hairless slit. WOW!!! Did that feel great. I noticed Bullet’s penis sack getting bigger like Duke’s did. Bullet’s penis was quite as long, but, it appeared to be somewhat fatter. “How come I can’t have Duke?” I asked. Helen answered me saying Duke’s legs would be too long now allowing his penis to reach my vagina, whereas Bullet’s legs would be the right length giving me a dog with the proper height allowing him to push his penis into me comfortably. I welcomed this.Helen pulled Bullet back a tiny bit only to insert her finger inside my hole. “How would you like this to be removed? My finger? Mrs., Jansen’s finger? Or by Bullet’s cock?” I didn’t know his penis was also a cock, so I said, “By Bullet.”Helen replied, “That would be the best choice. Even though our fingernails are long enough to be sharp and penetrate your hymen easily, Bullet’s cock tip is small enough to enter your hymen and stretch it out and break it easily without much pain or discomfort. Why don’t you get on your knees now, and I’ll show you what I mean.” I did, and instantly I felt Bullet jump up on me in the same fashion as Duke jumping up on Mrs. Jansen’s back.Instantly, I felt the skin on my back going back and forth. I assumed I was feeling Bullet’s back legs hunching his butt back and forth as Duke did. I seen Helen get close to me, on her knees, reaching under Bullet’s belly. I now knew she was guiding Bullet’s penis to my tiny hole. I felt the tip spread my pubes to some extent, and finally he gave a big push. His penis entered me far enough to make me feel a bit of a sting inside my vagina, and then I could tell by the movements behind me he stepped forward as Duke and the dog in the movie did. When Bullet stepped forward, I felt the penis push deeper into me, and he started to hump like mad.Within a few seconds, I felt my opening begin to get big and small, big and small, in a real fast rapid succession, getting bigger and bigger with every push and pull. I realized it was his bulb going in and out of me. Finally, the bulb got big enough, it stayed inside me. I could feel it swell inside me, following the speed of his heart, feeling the pulse within the bulb, making it get bigger and bigger, even though he couldn’t pull it out now, and still getting bigger. “They are tied,” Helen announced.Bullet hunched back and forth for two or three minutes before he finally stopped. I then began to feel something like what Mrs. Jansen described, a very warm liquid being shot into her body. It felt great. I began to feel something really great, and soon enough, I think I passed out, feeling so good. When I came to, I noticed Bullet was not standing over me like Duke did Mrs. Jansen for a long time, Bullet was already pulling away from me, standing behind me butt to butt. I felt my insides getting heavy, warm, and a wet sensation. Bullet was doing the same thing to me as Duke did Mrs. Jansen, injecting his sperm into me. For a long long time, I kept feeling him squirt his juice into me. When the spurting finally quit, my belly felt really heavy. I knew enough to know my belly was full of his sperm and semen.After what appeared to be a long time later, fifteen minutes or so, Bullet’s bulb began to shrink inside me allowing him to pull his bulb out of me, and his penis, allowing a tremendous amount of white liquid to flow out of me and onto the floor. As the liquid flowed out of me, the pressure in my belly instantly was reduced. Looking at the clock, Mrs. Jansen said, “You will needing to be going home soon, so we better get you cleaned up.” She instructed me to follow her, and we went inside her master bathroom. She told me to sit on the toilet allowing Bullet’s semen drip out of my tiny hole as she turned on the hot water tap. As the water was running to get warm water, Mrs. Jansen removed a bag from her drawer with a long white hose on it with a funny looking tip on the end of the hose. She filled it with water and holding it with the hose coming from the top of this funny looking pink water bottle like bag. She tapped my knees indicating I should spread them. When I did, she leaned forward placing the white tip at the entrance to my tiny hole, easily pushing upwards.I felt the plastic tip spread my hole open and once it was inside me all the way to the hose, she turned the bag upside down and instantly I felt warm water rushing softly into me. I tried to hold it back, but, Mrs. Jansen said, “Just relax and let the water run out of you. Along with the water, Bullet’s sperm and semen will flow out as well, and that is what we want. It is called douching.”The bag ran empty, the water quit flowing out of me, so Helen reached down with a towel to wipe off my pubes. “Feel better now?” How could I say no?

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