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SOLUTION AT Academic Writers Bay Unformatted Preview Final Exam MIS 303 Deans Spring 2020 Answer the following questions concisely. The questions require thought – you will be graded on your logic and understanding of the issues discussed in class. Visualization is also important. When you write your answers think about how you are presenting your answer. I like my information concise, to the point and uncluttered but not leave out important points (bold, bullet points, numbers, make it pop). It should be easy to follow and understand. Do not copy and paste from internet or other sources. Answers should be in your own words and references when needed should be provided at the end of each question. Exam Friday May 8 – Take Home Due May 15 midnight Drop dead May 16 midnight You may turn in at any time before that and I can grade. Question 1 Making the Business Case 15 points Evaluating business cases will be a valuable tool in your tool kit. You need to develop a sharp eye for technology solutions and business value. I would like for you to make the business case for some new innovative technology solution that could be used for some problem you have encountered or opportunity you noticed during this corona virus ordeal. Companies will be looking to emerging technologies to address issues moving forward. If you can add value to the company’s bottom line you are more likely to be viewed as a valuable asset. It could be a personal problem or issue that many people are dealing with. It might be something simple. Make the case for implementing this solution. Use the same framework we used in class for the presentations. Show the financial justification (10 points on this part). Question 2 Organizational Impacts of Technology 10 Points Developing and emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, 5G, Edge, etc.) will have a major impact on organizations, the workplace, people, processes and b-models. Company CEOs believe that the biggest challenge will be creating the culture that can embrace and adapt to the technological change of the next decade. I would like to take a course that will provide me with skills to lead in this new world. Find three courses that you think would fit this need. Search Coursera and other reputable online sties as well as university online offerings. Answer the following questions: 1. What on-line course sites did you consider? 2. What 3 courses did you choose? 3. What is the cost to value ratio? 4. Would you take on-line classes if given a choice between on-line and Face to Face? 5. Provide one way technology can improve the on-line experience moving forward. Question 3 The CIO and the C-Suite 10 points For a company you choose (it might be one you want to work for, will interview with, or currently work now) research the C-Suite and determine the structure and roles of C-level executives in the company. Describe the CIO role and reporting structure and the relationships you think the CIO has with other C-level leaders. You may describe in words or with a diagram and words. Name the company. Question 4 Technology Terminology 20 points Answer the following in about one sentence. These are things you may be asked and need a quick answer to show you understand the technology. 1. What are the advantages of 5G over 4G? Why should I be excited that Verizon is beginning to roll out 5G? 2. Give an example of a business application of Drone technology. 3. How does Internet of Things (IoT) intersect with the concept of smart cities. 4. What is machine learning? 5. Explain why blockchain technology is considered secure and recognized for this feature. 6. What is mixed reality? 7. Who leads the world in robotic technology? 8. Why are Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID) superior to bar codes? 9. What is the current state of telepresence? 10. Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing is advancing to 4D printing. What is 4D printing? Question 5 Waves of Technology over Time 20 points Suppose you have been asked to speak at the monthly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in the Washington D.C. area. Your audience will be business managers and executives from a range of industries. You have been asked to talk about the emerging technology landscape – the five technologies you believe will have the most impact on business in the next decade and why. Follow this with what you believe will be the 5 most pressing social or consequential issues based on these technological advancements. There is so much change right now companies do not know where they should focus their resources and time. This is broad but at the same time you have to prioritize. Do not use a list straight from some article. I want you to think and synthesize. You can decide the title for your talk. I want you to give me your five main points for each part of the talk and a brief reason why it is one of your points. You do not need to write the speech. I want to know what your thoughts are. Make sure that the points integrate. After you write this answer come back to it later and think about it again from the audience perspective. Will they walk away with some value that will make a difference? Question 6 Global Mindset 5 points You plan to have lunch with Abdula this week. You will have some input into his potential promotion. Your objective is to evaluate his global mindset because that is an important trait for executives in this company. You will have a general conversation but you have one question in mind that is a make or break question. (Abdula does not know your objective). What is that question? Question 7 Technology and Society 15 points On April 24 we had a discussion in class on the impact of technology on society and especially in the context of the recent COVID-19 events. Technology has played a big role on both the positive and negative sides of the issue. What do you think are the 5 most important questions we should be asking going forward? Technology will continue to play a big role as universities move into the Fall semester. If you were asked by the school leadership what you think the strategy should be for Fall 2020 – what would you say and what technologies would you utilize? Question 8 Take Aways 5 points What are five main take aways for you from this class? It could be learning to make the business case, facilitation skills, or a new way of thinking about something, etc. CLICK HERE TO GET A PROFESSIONAL WRITER TO WORK ON THIS PAPER AND OTHER SIMILAR PAPERS

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