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Mummy’s BoyI had fancied my mum for years (well doesn’t everyone secretly?), since I was about f******n I guess. I had never known my dad and to my knowledge she hadn’t been with any guys since. She had devoted all her time and energy to me.As I got older, I was always surprised that Mum had no guys on the go because she was just so cute. She was really pretty – petite, only about 5 feet tall, with shoulder-length auburn hair. She was very slender but with a good size ass and quite busty (they were at least a 32G cup).She had always dressed like a slut, not like a mum should really, with lots of flesh on show, presumably because she was still young. But I’d seen it all before anyway. I used to watch her getting dressed and I would always wander in and out when she was naked in the bath (we had always had a policy of no closed doors in our house). Well, as soon as I turned 18 I decided to do something about my unrequited lust. She was then only 33 having had me at the tender age of 15 – I was what is known in the UK as a gymslip baby!To begin with, I started to openly flirt with her at every opportunity and would make comments, not like a son but more like a guy hitting on her, along the lines of “hey beautiful, don’t you look gorgeous today”.When she didn’t object I’d say “those shorts really show off your great ass you know”.Still no put down so I tried “hey – that top is so low I can almost see your beautiful tits”. Well, she didn’t stop me and I noticed kadıköy escort that she started to leave off her bra around the house, and she surely needed one with melons like hers, and her enormous nipples would be permanently hard so, encouraged, I made a point of touching her when passing. I would nonchalantly rub up against her with my hardened penis!When still nothing was said, I got even braver and started to openly feel her up, seeing how far I could go. She’d be getting breakfast at the kitchen counter and I would come down in just my shorts and slip my arms around her waist and my hands would go up to her breasts, squeezing them whilst saying “good morning gorgeous” and my penis would immediately (and obviously) spring to life.On the third day of me doing this, she unexpectedly turned around and dropped to her knees. She pulled down my shorts, opened her gorgeous lipsticked mouth and started to suck me! Needless to say, I exploded into her mouth immediately! Embarrassing or what!She had laughed and said “well sugar, you need to learn staying power before you’re ready for a woman like me!” Totally humiliated, I pulled her to her feet, ripped open her top and started to chew on her naked tits – hard. She said “stop it Louis. I was only joking. I’m your mother. What do you think you’re doing boy?” I just answered “you’ve been asking for this Mum. You want this as much as I do and now you’re going to get it!”While she üsküdar escort was trying to push me away (remember she was only 5 foot and I’m over 6 foot!) I pulled down her shorts and joyfully discovered she had no panties on underneath – whilst still chewing on her tits.I lifted her up (now totally naked) and sat her on the counter top whilst spreading her legs wide. My penis was now rock-hard again and I forced it all the way inside her dry, unprepared pussy – all in one go.I could hear her crying “no honey. No – don’t do this! I’m your mother! Don’t do this! Please!” This just excited me more and I started to pound in and out of her very tight, unused pussy. I also continued chewing on her nipples and kneading her truly tremendous breasts with both hands. As I stiffened, obviously about to come, I heard her shout “pull out now! Now! Pull out. I’m not on the pill! No!!!!!!” I ignored her and deliberately shot my load of hot, teenage cum straight up inside her pretty pussy, aiming for her womb, whilst holding onto her hips. As I spurted, I felt certain that we were making a baby which excited me even more!For the rest of that day, I alternated between eating out her pretty, shaven little pussy full of my cum or fucking her as deep as I could, determined to get her with my c***d.I wouldn’t even allow her to go to the bathroom alone. As I watched her relieve herself I found it unexpectedly arousing and when she needed tuzla escort a second visit (no doubt due to all the fucking I was doing in her previously dormant pussy) I wouldn’t allow her to go until she was absolutely desperate and begging me.Then we stood in the bath and I fucked her knowing she couldn’t hold it any more. And she peed, the hot, pale yellow liquid spurting all over her legs and mine. It was so erotic I came again in her pretty, tight pussy accompanied by tears of humiliation from my mother! At the end of our marathon sex-session, I wouldn’t allow her to wash herself. I made her stay full of my cum and covered in her own pee all night. Her pussy and ass were dripping with cum and her mouth must have swallowed bucket loads. I decided that the feeling of degradation would work in my favour – which of course, it did.The next day, while she was still exhausted (we had fucked most of the night too), sore and every orifice was full of my cum I said “I think we can safely say that we’ve made a baby mum. I’d like to see you knocked up with my k** – with your belly all swollen and with your big tits dripping with milk. Wouldn’t that be something eh? From now on we fuck when I say. Understand?” Too tired to argue, she nodded and she has never resisted me since. To seal the deal, I kissed her on the lips for the very first time – pushing my tongue deep inside her mouth and down her throat. French kissing my own mother! The very thought of it made me hard and I fucked her again and this time she responded. And how!That night I moved into Mum’s bed and I’m still there 3 years later!And now there are two little girls in the house – Saffron (2) and Thyme (1). And Mum is 3 months pregnant again so ….. maybe we’ll get the whole herb garden in time!

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