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MY FIRST BLACK LOVERI,ve never considered myself a bigot as I,ve had many black friends and lovers female and the occasional male, some I,ve had sexual experiences with, most I have not. It was some years after I married British wife Sarah before I had sex with a black female and totally unplanned. In the early 1990s I was employed as night supervisor at a well known international office for a merchant bank with two security officers under my supervision. One of the officers surprisingly turned out to be twenty nine year old Johanna Morgan, a pretty black girl originally from Jamaica. Jo seemed a bit cold at first, but soon entered into,our sexy banter easily saying she was experiencing problems with her long term boyfriend Henry also of Jamaican ancestry as he kept cheating on her. I was mildly surprised how he could cheat on such a pretty girl, but he did. Because Johanna,s Father was British she did not have the fuller features facially of a black woman and her skin was much lighter than her attractive mother I met when she came to collect her once to go to a west end musical show. I found it much easier to talk to Jo than our other colleague Tom, a quiet man that kept to himself and wouldn,t say much though I eventually found out he was a Falklands War Veteran who had performed well under fire and won a medal for bravery as a squaddie though he wouldn,t talk about it. Being a Vietnam veteran I fully understood why he Didn,t talk about his experiences. At that time I worked twelve hour shifts so including istanbul escort travel and six shifts a week normally I Didn,t see my wife or c***dren very often and of course my sex life with Sarah suffered. Of course we tried to make up for lost time, but we then found often that one orT both of us were too tired to perform properly. Nothing more frustrating than getting your partner up for it with legs wide for your cock and the member hanging limp and unresponsive. Even my wife,s cock sucking talent couldn,t get me hard if I was too tired or fucking her when she was too tired and she just laid under me hardly moving in response so it felt akin to fucking a flesh and blood robot! Even more annoying was fucking her and not being able to cum, that seldom happened, but a big downer when it did as we were then Both left high and dry. Of course my fingers or mouth finished her off, but when my blasted cock wouldn,t respond it was sexual torture. One early morning when Jo and I were on our break at the same time I,d sneaked off to the First Aid Room for a Sly wank as I suddenly needed sexual relief and I had found a few porno magazines in the men,s toilet some weeks previously. Of course I forgot there was a spare key on the set the patrolling guard used and Jo had taken the set. It was also my fault to get caught by her as the light was normally switched off and to see the sexy pictures I,d turned it on so she used the master key to gain entry. avcılar escort “Sorry Joe. I saw the light on and had to check to see why!” Jo spluttered an apology. “It,s Okay Jo. My fault!” I tired to hide my stiff prick, but she,d already seen me beating it toward a climax. “Please Don,t tell Tom or anyone else about this?” “Of Course I won,t tell anyone, by the way you have a nice cock there!” she turned and left the room. “I,ll keep watch so no one disturbs you Joe!” she called to me. I was so desperate for release I soon resumed wanking and maybe because of Jo my load was heavier and thicker than usual as it spurted into toilet tissue. I had to take a long piss, washed up and switched the light off. Jo headed out on her patrol and I returned to my office returning the magazines before taking over from Tom at the Loading Bay so he could have his break before the final patrol prior to the cleaners arriving on the premises. True to her word Jo said nothing about catching me wanking and we seemed to flirt more knowing something could happen sexually between us. Meanwhile Jo confided to me that boyfriend Henry treated her badly often drinking too much or leaving with no explanation and when she asked he threatened to kick her out even though she paid for their rented flat. It all hit the fan when she went out to celebrate her sister,s birthday and caught Henry in bed with another woman. Enraged she threw all his clothes out in the street and told him to “Fuck Off” in no uncertain şirinevler escort terms. To prove how serious she was she had all the locks changed, Henry tried to force his way in knocking Jo over in the process and ended up in jail for common assault. Although Henry had treated her like shit for months she was still heart broken but the useless tosser who hadn,t given up easily and rather than Tom she confided all this to me. “You know Henry is a real SHIT, but I sadly miss the great sex we enjoyed together. He doesn,t have a giant cock like most black guys, but knows how to use it and he makes me cum for ages with his mouth!” Jo sighed. “BIt that,s the Only thing I,ll miss with him.” A few weeks later I was checking the ladies, toilet when I overheard someone sobbing loudly in one of the cubicles. “Are you all right in there Madam?” I asked sympathetically. “It,s me, Joe. Henry got sentenced today to six months in Wormwood! But I miss sex with him mostly. I,m bloody frustrated to Hell!” “I think we can help each other in that case, but we,ll have to be extremely careful?” I suggested. “So what do you suggest, Joe that we do sex together?” she asked now opening the door to her cubicle and showing her knickers between her legs so either she,d been peeing or masturbating, I assumed the latter. “Look I know I,m a middle aged married man and you,re a very attractive young female, but we,re both missing sex and this way we can help satisfy our strong desires!” “You,re not That old, Joe. You,re younger than my Dad and he,s a terrible womaniser, main reason my folks are divorced. Well we can try to see if we like fucking then!” she smiled. “Have you ever made love to a black woman before?” “No never!” I replied. “Then kiss me Joe. Get me in the mood for Fucking?” she pressed her lips to mine as she embraced me.TBC

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