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My gf taken by burglar as i watch…I`m 20 and my gf is 18. She just finished highschool and has gotten into a job, i`m studying in uni and working halftime also, since we both earn enough money we are renting a house together and we are having plans for future as a couple. Her name is J. and she is 5’7 brunette with tanned skin, small tits but big round ass. I was her first lover ever and i took her virginity and we have been together for pretty long time. It was saturday and we were both watching a movie in the living room. J was dressed pretty sexy since she just got back from her work in office for working extra hours. She was wearing short black skirt, lightly grey blouse and natural tan pantyhose. I loved that it was so short, i mean i know that guys look at her and probably think of fucking her but still… she is so fucking hot all the day. So we were watching a movie and suddenly the door bell rang, at first we didn`t hear it but then we noticed it going intense so i got up and went to answer the door. Suddenly out of nowhere i got hit in the face and fell to the ground and i heard “EVERYBODY keep quiet, this is a robbery!” “nobody move and put ur jewelry and money right here and nobody will get hurt!”. My gf was being silent and was looking at the burglar, who was wearing a ski mask and he was so huge, like 6″2 and all dressed in black. I was frozen and he got closer to her and said to her “damn u look pretty, is that ur boyfriend over there?” She looked anadolu yakası escort at him and whispered “yes..” to which he replied “hehe he is really lucky to have a hottie like that”. My gf suddenly blushed, i could see her staring at the burglar with that glare, he was so big and looked so strong. With a bit of fear i started to think of what is going to happen next.. He reached down to my gf who was sitting on the couch and whispered something to her to which she started to blush and try to look away. I know something was happening but i couldn`t tell what. He suddenly picked her up from the couch and started to carry her to the bedroom, i was in shock. I heard her saying “oh god..” when he was carrying her. Then before entering our bedroom he looked back at me and said “i`m going to check if u have anything worth there and i`ll take ur gf as insurance that u won`t do anything stupid”, i was silent and standed at the corner of the living room. After he carried her to the bedroom he closed the door a bit so wouldn`t see of what is going on. I approached to bedroom a bit closer and could see from the side of what is going on.. my gf was on the bed sitting and he was checking our closet. She had her skirt pushed up a bit since she was sitting on the side of the bed, i bet out of the shock she didn`t even realize that. After some time he approached her and she got up. He got in front of her and whispered something ataşehir escort in her ear and looked back if i wasn`t watching, he didn`t see me. I saw my gf whispering something back to him and he suddenly started to touch her. Omg i was so angry and nervous, i could just go there and beat his ass, but he was so big and i was afraid.. I saw my gf struggling a bit as he was touching her breasts and lifting her skirt up, i saw that she wasn`t wearing any panties under the pantyhose.. Burglar was taking advantage of my gf and i couldn`t do anything to stop him. I watched as he kept touching and feeling her and suddenly he kissed her through his ski mask hole, and pushed her into bed and got on top of her. I was waiting of what will happen next… I saw him kissing her and with time she started to give up as he reached his hand down and started to feel her thighs and pussy through her pantyhose. I started to hear her moaning a bit as she struggled with his lips on hers. He moved his pants slowly and i saw my gf get so red.. His cock… was so huge, like 9 inches or so.. Since i first for my gf and i`m only 6 and a half it was shock for her. She whispered to him “its so huge oh god”. My heart stopped a bit and i realized of what is going to happen.. He spread her legs with her looking into his eyes and at his cock, he ripped a hole into her pantyhose and pushed against her. He looked at her and whispered something and i saw her kissing ümraniye escort him and whispering something back. Then i saw his hips starting to go back and forward and her starting to scream i peeked through the side of the door and i saw him fucking her. She had her legs around him and he was literally pounding her and streching her tight pussy. Omg i was so jealous but i loved it so much, my girl having such a huge cock inside her pussy and it was streching her and making her scream. Suddenly he pushed it in even with a huge thrust and she looked into his eyes and screamed a bit “omg ur so big” and then whispered to him “i love you oh god”, he started to drill her so hard and deep as she was shaking on him and screaming so loud and cuming all over his huge cock. She started to scream “oh god ur the best i have ever had” “i belong to u”, i was so hard hearing that, him fucking her as a****l and her taking it inside of her all the way and loving it.. My gf was falling in love with this guy and i was amazed and loving it also. He pumped her so hard and i saw his cock being so creamy from her. She suddenly reached up to him and kissed him and whispered “i love you, ur the best” as he was her boyfriend. He thrusted one last time and started to cum inside of her, she was screaming “oh god fill me up, i want u oh god, ur the best, I LOVE YOU”. He collapsed on her and she had her legs around him. She looked at the doorway and saw me, she looked back at him and kissed him and moaned a bit while his huge cock was stil inside of her.. She whispered to him “i belong to u” and kissed him again, and i saw her pussy full of his cum… Now i`m trying to figure out of what will happen next..I will continue this story of u guys want me to (: Thank you and sorry if i made any spelling mistakes.

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